This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Picture - (Puja)

I took this picture today morning, wanted to post another one but hua nahi. Anyways thats my mommy, Gollu and Prachi :)).

I don't want to say anything I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH :)) and i can never do anything without my mom. Gollu is one spoilt brat... Itna badmaash hai. If by any chance if i touch his toys he will just say "Dadi ko bol dunga Ghar se nikal degi" " Mar dunga" (means I will tell Granny she is throw you out of the house, I will kill you) :)))

Prachi is like my own baby... I play with her, tickle her, hug her, Kiss her , cuddle her MMMMMMUAAAAH :))

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

ek pe ek free :P ( uttara )

Me 'n' my bro Grooving.. We still groove wen we are out to a pub/disc :P

I'm quite overwhelmed to put this snap right now..
No words to describe mine and my bro's relation..
So you know why i love dancing?? .. :D
The second pic is a "million dollar kiss" muaaaah :P

Now, here is one of my fav song.. sooooooo phuleaseeee get on the floor n groooove ... *smiles*

Current Music : "Dancing in the dark "- Bruce Springsteen

Dew drops.... (Kathy)

Fairy Land I....

Over hill, over dale,
Thorough bush, thorough brier,
Over park, over pale,
Thorough flood, thorough fire,
I do wander everywhere,
Swifter than the moone's sphere;
And I serve the fairy queen,
To dew her orbs upon the green:
The cowslips tall her pensioners be;
In their gold coats spots you see;
Those be rubies, fairy favours,
In those freckles live their savours:
I must go seek some dew-drops here,
And hang a pearl in every cowslip's ear.

** William Shakespeare **

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Hug (DJ)

I love the brain child of Bill Watterson, Calvin & Hobbes. Some of the messages conveyed through the words of Calvin or Hobbes are so profound thoughts that they ring many a bells in my head for quite long.

So here I have a picture to share with everyone. This picture is important to me for I see the most carefree innocent hug that two friends can have. With this picture and a very short message, a warm hug to all BUFers here.

Rock on!!!

One Love (Keshi)

Humanity overtakes duty. Love conquers hatred. Innocence beckons protection. Your child is my child too. Soldier and baby, both are victims. Christian or Muslim, we are human. Civil war, uncivil acts. Life is the ultimate price. Hatred has lived too long. Love seems to be the biggest challenge, yet it's universal and so natural.

The women in my life (tulipspeaks)

Took this picture after a wedding dinner. That explains why both in saree ;)

This is not only one of my fav pic but its my sister's fav too. For those who don't know, the one in blue saree is my sis, 6 years younger than me.. and the one in white-red saree is my mommy, 26 years older than me :p

For one, they look alike. Two, they are the most important women in my life. Of course, we do fight! Which mom-daughter/sisters don't fight huh? But I can hardly imagine my days without either one of them. When I went to stay in hostel for 3 years, I make sure I never go to bed without talking to both of them - yes everyday ... although my home was only 30km away! My roomies used to make fun of me - being homesick though home is so near!

This is an important pic that reminds me of them, and it always will be.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Once in my lifetime (Shooting Star)

when i read this topic..only one picture came in my mind....and that's for all to see above.... this is a beach somewhere in western part of Gujarat..most probably 40 kms from Dwarka(the ruling place of lord krishna). Why this is important to me? For a number of reasons..but the most relevant of all is..when i was there at this beach staring at the sunset listening to waves...i felt free and in that moment i felt that this is life worth living about for such beauty,for such happiness.It is till date the most amazing beautiful sunset i ever have seen.I think i will never ever go there again even if i get the chance coz i simply dont know the location..i was coming back from Dwarka(we had gone there as part of office trip) and as the evening drew to close..we were driving back by the coastal highway..we couldnt even see the sea was just huge sand dune on one side of the road but one of my colleagues just happened to know that there was a sea beach on the other end and just as the sun was about to set he told the driver to race at breakneck speed into the sand dune..we ran like hell up the dunes and into the beach...and the first view i got was this sunset..and it was amazing...and i was stunned out of my wits for a while..just me and the horizon before me and the vast sea....i felt thirlled,happy,scared at the same time...i dont think the picture captures it beauty..but still it is beautiful picture..and for me its a once in a lifetime moment which i will cherish forever.

Something Out Of The Ordinary (Jewel Rays/Amy)

I was pretty clueless on what pic to pick for this topic. I am not much of a photographer despite loving taking pictures of myself etc. Though I Image Hosted by ImageShack.ushave to confess that I adore and admire other people’s photography. I like pictures that tell a story, embraced with emotions, speak what I feel and allow me to get in touch with it. I like something that ministers and connect with me. There were some impressive pictures that some of you guys put up. Really impressive!! The one that I can’t walk pass was the one put up by Harjee. It was just amazing. Totally captivating!!

I picked a pic that I took a while back. It was a pic of myself. It’s a pic that some would probably dump after taking it realizing that it’s a pic that went wrong. But there was something about that pic that drew me to keep it.I saw the beauty of the emotions that spoke through it. I guess everyone has their own opinions abt things. And as for me, this pic tells me a story.

The face has been wiped out due to extensive light. It was just a girl turning towards her side resting her chin on her shoulder and closing her eyes. It spoke art to me. That’s why I kept it. Friends think I am crazy since the face is not visible or has been blinded out. It makes me wonder if any of u guys can grasp the beauty or story I see? Or maybe u see something deeper than I what I see. Lol..Just a curious mind from within. That’s the pic I have to share with all of you today. Hope to gather ya thoughts on it. Pic has not been modified by photoshop or anything. It came out like that the minute I took it. Something that grasp me despite appearing silly to some beautiful mates of mine.
Something out of the ordinary often grasp me.Something that is not appealing sometimes draws me. Guess that’s some part of me still in the room called discovery.

Thanks for reading..:)

Sunday, May 27, 2007

You Drive Me Crazy (Michelle)

Thats right.These two nutcases in the picture are the craziest, whackiest, funniest, weirdest people in the world.They are also my best friends :-)

I love this picture for two reasons-

1.I clicked it

2.It actually defines them.

It really shows how crazy and fun they are.All three of us have one common hobby-We're big posers.We love being in pictures, we love clicking crazy pictures, bascially, we love capturing every memory spent with eachother.

Its been almost 15 years we've been friends and we've seen eachother through all aspects of life.We've supported eachother through different phases of our lives and I have noticed one thing that we've never changed.We've always been ourselves whenever we're with eachother.

I really can't imagine my life without these two.I look at old videos of us where we're acting completely barbaric, totally oblivious to the existence of others around us and I can't help reminiscing and smiling.

From crazy dares to gossips to tears to laughing till I pee.I have shared most of my memories with them.They are my girls and I love them to death =)

Saturday, May 26, 2007

mother - child (messy)

the relationship of a mother and a child is the most beautiful one in the world... and one without the other is incomplete! do i need to say more?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss!!(abhishek)

Yeah, Ignorance is Bliss, That is all I would say. No rhetoric, just that.
Posted by Picasa

Happy Birthday to YOU!! (Abhishek)

to John "The King"!!
herez one for you!..
Many happy returns of the day!!

( yeha I am breaking all the ROOLZ, and no labels on this post.. coz the label ( of JD) is on the post!!)

Of Blissfull Mornings (Rajiv)

The picture above was taken in Nov last. We were on a family vacation in Goa at Cidade de Goa. This was taken from our room patio one early morning by Ishi who loved to wake up to the sound of the waves. It’s a reminder of a wonderful vacation, of tranquil days and some of the best family times we’ve had. Goa by far remains our fav place to holiday at :-) ...

To view our Goa pics slide show visit My Pics

Ps: Ishi the pic may appear large but the file size has been reduced. Just so you don't send me an email telling me to fix it *grin*

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Smiley land....(Deepthi)

These 2 were fighting like cats and dogs till I screamed photo.That did it, they threw all the toys aside and stood to pose and make the moment worth it.

See she still is holding the pac they were fighting for ....there are many more that i wanted to share however could not miss on this one.

Lesson - a friend and i parted few years ago due to miscommunications,disagreement and so on.We did get back but after a major ego trip.How I wish we were like these litle ones!!!!!

The girlie is Kech's my niece and the Brat is my sonny Aks....

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Of clicks and claps! (Harjee)

Unconditional Love*

To start with this is the best photograph I have ever taken.

When I first published it on my blog, besides the kind words, I was accused of voyeurism and infringing the privacy of underprivileged people.

But this is a humbling picture.
Besides the pun in the title, this picture shows the personification of a phrase, used and abused over time to fill in the demand and supply issues of personal relationships.
And the twin sister of unconditional love - zero expectations, finds a home here too.
If nothing else, it works as a cynicism buster for all the broken hearts.

Your errors lie elsewhere.

There are a few other pictures that I would like to share with you.
Each one of them, at some level has given me a reason to smile.
And that, for me, is above all.

Even though I am itching to, I will not post any more pictures here. It will be unfair to poor John & Ishi. Considering I gave them both major static regarding the slow loading time of the BUF page. But what I will do is share one link with you :

Flights - The day my father retired from his services of 37 years, a huge 3 feet by 2 feet blow-up of this picture with the accompanying text was gifted to him. The purpose being to assuage the wonderful mans fear of approaching stagnation.
It worked :)

There are more pictures at | P H O T O C O P Y |
For me each one of them has a story to tell.
A reason to smile. A moment to cherish.

And in reality, a monument to my own ego, where I go around stealing frames from others lives, to tell my stories.

Would be great to have you all there.

Not Just a Picture (Ishita)

My favorite pic is nothing extraordinary in terms of “photography” but it has a lot of sentimental value. Read on and you will know why. Some of you who've been regular readers of my blog will remember this :-)

There’s this tree outside the window in the room where my pc is in and where I spend most of my time. Not a big huge impressive looking tree as such.

The tree goes all bare right about the end of winter. Then couple of weeks later, I love to watch the tree come back to life…new leaves…that fresh look!

And then through out summer it keeps the harsh sun away from my room…just as it lets in the very same sun light stream in and keep me warm when it’s cold... :-)

Like a good friend teaching me how sometimes we need to shelter others and sometimes we need to let them grow and bask in their glory. Much like I’d like to be for my baby as he grows up.

I’m quite sentimental about this tree having lived in this place for almost 14 years now and watching it grow from day one. There was a time when the management of our apartment complex was toying with the idea of cutting down some trees and putting in new ones…in a bid to improve the landscape. My tree (yes I call it mine!) was part of this whole demolition bid but I would not hear of it! That was few years ago and she’s still standing (yes I think of the tree as a “she” :-)!)

A funny incident with the tree was when our downstairs neighbor’s help ( a young guy of about 15-16) would climb the tree and impersonate a monkey to keep my son amused (Vedant was about 2 years old then)…it would make me laugh too…

Beneath the tree is a bench…a place Rajiv and I would sit and talk when we dated :-) in the past and where, now, my son sits and has picnic lunches with his friends…

Well, now my tree's getting new leaves and seems to have grown even more since last summer…and as I sit and write this post for her, I can’t help but smile…watching her outside my window... I
n all her Glory… (pic taken in 2005)...The same tree again…but this year she’s looking bigger and with the most beautiful blossoms on her ! *smiles*

More personal pictures in my pic blog "My pics"

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

ideas and pics(vishesh)

So here i am again.But this one is a real tough one for me. To chose a single photo is like trying to chose the best grain in a mountain of rice.Fortunately for me few of the photos in my mobile can't be uploaded now,so the field is narrowed down.

I decided that i will not post any flowers.So before i do the pictures part of the thing,here are a few ideas/suggestions/whatever it is :-

- please update the pics that are scrolling in the side bar.

-you guys have done a amazing job in increasing the speed,but it would still be better,if the sidebar doesn't need to reload every time.

-and since it is given as 3 whatevers, try creating kinda a video page,where all of us can add our favorite videos/songs.

here go the pictures(sorry i can't choose just one,its too tough).


here is a poem i wrote about this sometime ago:-


I am a waterfall.
I fall from the sky,
deep into the soil,
hills and sands i pass-
feeling my self roar past
forests and graves to the far
of never land.Wind and I
brothers of nature brush apart
and drive through the steeps,
filled i become with vapours,
from deep within a mans heart.
I am a waterfall i reach the plundge,
I see a deep fall into a abyss past
a flicking rocks deep in to the newerness
into the journey to the far of neverland.
I am made of all the watery might of hills'
streams of me -together i become one.
I see you in awe of me,but you dont no
I fall and rise,i come again and again from
the sea and search again and again
for you my lost love.I reach home and
find you sleeping and snoring away.
I am a waterfall let us go together.
I am a waterfall let us rise higher
and higher.I am a waterfall let you be you
and me be a waterfall,let us travel faster and
faster,i will meet you oneday,remember
me the waterfall you saw.


This one's my blog's BG.It is a sunset,which i took when i visited in MUMBAI,oh ya and thew first one is called as rat tail falls,it is on the way to Kodai.


I love this one.I think it speaks for itself.And oh ya whats memorable about this,i had a dog following me so i was pretty tensed when i took this.

So thats three.I stop now ,but if you want to take a look at all my pictures visit :-

this is vishesh




oh ya i forgot this:-

this the shadow of the kalish temple in ellora.i simple can't understand,but this represents a lot to me.

Ditzy Irreparable Curious Element = Dice

I always felt uncomfortable when seminars, classes or meetings started with:

“Alright first of all, we all should get to know each other. Introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself."

“Something” is always so vague. And on the same time that something has to be a little bit insightful but not too deep as we do not want to skitter into some sort of soul striptease.

I mean none of my fellow students/ colleagues/ humans could judge me of too revealing if I inform them that I like pistachio ice-cream. But that would sound weird, wouldn’t it? “Hello, my name is Dice and I like pistachio ice-cream.”

So you go with something safe like “Hello, my name is Dice, I moved from Germany to Hong Kong ca. 3 years ago. I'm a non-smoker.” Then I sit down, relieved that I did not misspeak and barely listen what the person next to me says about him-/herself.

As you can see I suck at introducing myself. So the next BUF topic “A picture to be posted by each member and explain why it is important to you” comes in handy. A picture says supposedly more than 1000 words. And maybe you, the sharp-witted bloggers that you are, can make out my character.

O.k., here's a picture of my husband, me and my sister, in which we are moderately gaga… which is actually a state we are unconsciously always in.

I feel most comfortable with people that like my sister or my husband do not take themselves too serious… and have gnomish laugh, are attracted to good food and tend to annoy their loved ones with tomfooleries. Hence in front of people like that I do not have to keep up the façade of being sensible, sane or sapient (And yes, I like alliterations. 100 points to the reader who concluded that.)

So, I guess this picture shows my comfort zone and my preference for cropped jackets. Yap … … … … well, I must go now. In my timezone it’s time for lunch. Actually, in my timezone it's always time for lunch. Hehe.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog Update (Ishita)

Update day again people and this time we'll try and keep it short and sweet!

New topics starting effective 23nd May, 2007 till 5th June 2007

1. A picture to be posted by each member and explain why it is important to you (won the poll)
2. 3 tech features/ideas/suggestions to add to BUF (put up by us to get your feedback)

You can do either one of the two or both the topics. Also start voting for the new topics!

Thank you all for the overwhelming response to Puja's post…and hoping our prayers will help lil' Prachi.

Thank you again for the warm welcome extended to the new BUFers - Vishesh, Amutha, Nadya - who joined in since the last update and for your wonderful response to the previous topic!

What else is new at BUF? Read on…

>>>Check the new BUFer's page on our website (link below)

It lists all members based on their location and provides links to their profile / blogs.

>>>If you notice the blog loads faster :-) … *applaud for our tech team* … and we're also working on more ideas to improve the blog technically which is where you can help us through your posts on the second topic mentioned above.

25th May, 2007 - The birthday boy this week is none other than our very own JOHN :-) … so time to pull out your party hats and sing him the birthday song….! Wishing you a wholleeee lot of luck, happiness, joy, fun and everything you could wish for….!! Enjoy your special day! And he was sweet enough to let me have the pic below to share wid all of u. Usually he's quite hesitant to share his pics and more so have them put up as display pics or in blog posts. So here's another exclusive look at Mr J :-)

27th May, 2007 - We also have another fellow BUFer (now missing in action for sometime due to personal reasons) celebrating his first wedding anniversary. Many here were regulars on his blog. Which in it's time was the most happening blog around! Yes ppl, here's wishing Puneet and his lovely wife Archana a Very Happy Anniversary!!!

Ok ! That's it…Happy Blogging everyone!


Here I am at last! (Nadya)

Ok ok, so I nearly did not make it to write a post on this blog, but life has been extra busy lately. Ok enough moaning and complaining.
My name is Nadya also known as Hsejjes meaning noises. Who knows me enough would say that this is an apt name for me as I am a very very noisy person. I come from this teeny eeny little island called Malta. If you had to look it up on the atlas you would probably mistake it for an irregular spot on the page. But if you look closer, you will see that we are actually there. We are pleasantly situated in the mediterranean sea, somewhere between Sicily and the north of Africa. We are surrounded by the sea, being an island of course, and I can assure you it is a country full of culture, beautiful scenery, and also beautiful gals and boys....but that is another
Ok to the subject of the week. Getting to spend a day with someone from between us friends. Actually I am going to cheat here, as I have already met the person whom I would like to spend the day with. That person is John, our very own between us friends administrator.
Now I encountered John quite by chance. Actually he left a comment on someone else's blogg, a fellow malteser, and I was curious enough to visit his blog. There I found out that Mr.J was actually going to move for a while to Malta, so that made me even more curious.
Over the months I have met Mr.J a couple of times, and he always struck me as a deep and conscientious person. So yes, a day with him would suit me nicely.
The itinery for spending the day with John would include the following: Taking him for a spin in my car, and if he survives that, I will then take him to the beach where a professional instructor will give him a few lessons on how to attack the mediterranean waves on a wind surf. After this strenous exercise, a nice meal would be in order. And as he has been to the most expensive restaurant on the island anyway, I will take him to our lovely fishing village in the south of the Island called Marsaxlokk where we woul indulge in a nice lunch of fresh fish in a restaurant called Rizzu. During all this, I would endeavour to make John appreciate more the beautiful aspects of Malta, make him understand more our culture and our way of doing things, and also maybe even order the Lord above to send snow in the winter, to make him happy to remain here. But seeing that that is quite impossible, I will have to settle to try and impress him with the simple things that this island possesses.
In between all this, John and I will engage in arguments and discussions that would cover all sorts of subjects, beginnning from his work, the kind of music he likes, his aspirations, his plans for the future, and also his family. I would like to get to know what makes John really and truly tick, and exist. What makes him happy, what is he looking for in life and why he has to travel the whole world to find it. I believe that John is on a journey, and one day, when he arrives at his destination, he will have gained great things. Once I even joked with him that in ten years time I will see his name quoted as shares on Wall Street, even making more of an impact then Nasdaq and Ftse. He laughed. But I still stand by what I said. Only time will tell.
After all this, I would then take John to my humble home, introduce him to my danish husband and my son. I do not know how he would react to my son, as John proclaims that he does not really enjoy children, but so what. That would be the only downside to his day with would be made up for by engaing in conversation with my husband whilst drinking beer and whisky together. This would mean that a good friendship could be forged on the grounds of the mutual liking of alcohol consumption
The night would proceed with a good home cooked meal of rabbit and potatoes, with crackers and cheese afterwards. Maltese bread of the crusty type would also be on the menu, and maltese wine would flow extensively
John would then have to endure another drive back home in my car, but he would probably be too drunk to be afraid.....
And that would end my perfect day with John. A man whom I am very proud to know, and to get to know better.
PS: that's me in the pic.please dont leave any comments on the

A special day with a fellow BUFer (Switchblade)

The one person who stands apart when it comes to picking a person who I'd like to spend my day with just happens to be Ishita.

So Ishi...When I first came across her blog about a year ago I was fascinated by the colors, sounds and pics she had used to decorate her page...after reading through a few posts I thought to myself...hey here's a really cool girl...Then I read that she was married and had a son too!!

This totally shattered my image of married women...somehow I couldn't conceive that a woman with a husband and a son could be 'cool' coz in my mind she'd get slotted into the 'aunty' category.
In short, Ishi helped destroy the rather narrow-minded and false image that I had...Thanks for that Ishi ;)

Ishi and Puki

Over the past year I've come to know her an extremely sensitive and caring person who totally loves her family and friends and is simply an amazing person to have as a friend. She has a lot to say and is very expressive in the way she pens things down...just have a look at her creative blog! How she manages to be a full time wife, mother and blogger at the same time never ceases to amaze me.

For our one day out we'd probably go walking through the market places in Delhi, letting the sights and sounds seep in...then we'd head off for a mushy English flick (along the lines of Notting Hill) and finish it off with nice dinner at some obscenely expensive place where we'd both complain about the sky high prices but still end up enjoying ourselves thoroughly :)

Looking forward to meeting you dear...Cheers and God bless!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

If Only...... (kathy)

Heyyyyy! Konnichiwa minnasan.... ( Good afternoon everyone!! ) ^_~ goshhh! it takes ages for me to decide on this topic lol!! And also, i haven't met anyone here na. Well, i came up to my very best..... they're the one's whom the closest to me eversince i started blogging. Here they are........ oops...... yeah, m breakin' the rules too hehe.... coz i cant just pick one! Lemme start now or else i'll be suffering from..... "maybe-i-can-do-it-again-later?" mode awwww...... :P

Keshi----- first and foremost.... she's my "soulmate-friend" yeah, we have the bond.... its hard to explain, its beyond words ^_~ i dun need to say anything ...... i love her and she always gives sparkling good vibes for me and for everyone... if only God make more Keshi in this world, maybe there wud be more love, happiness and peace around! Am really dying to see her and spend precious time with her.... i want to start from morning, that when she open her eyes... she can see me sittin' right next to her in her bed sayin' "good morning Kesh!!" breakfast is ready.... awwwww!! and she will give me bone-crushin-hug coz she'll be surprised what the hell m doin' in Sydney haha..... yeah! And the rest will be a crazy imagination..... i can see her how she do the rush, doin' all from........ shower, eatin' breakfast, make-up , changin' clothes, singin' while she's runnin' the house and last but not the least how she drives car? awwww.... that's quite scary coz i still remember her random lil incidents post goshhhh!! For sure i'll shout at her if she will try to do a " back to the future" drive lolzzzzzzzzz!!!! Take care sweetie have a safe drive always...... muahhh! Well, the rest of the day... wanna see her too how she works in office and wud love to meet her other friends and have lunch together outside. I wanna meet the hunk waiter too at the coffee shop lol! (see i remember that?) haha.... and later of the day.... i just want to walk with her at the beach nearby her place, talk about anything or just sit there looking at the sea and just hearin' the sounds of life and say ahhh..... how lucky we are to be friends! How beautiful life is when there is peace and love everywhere..... oops i shud not forget that i need to be back to Tokyo at six pm. coz i need to prepare dinner or else hubby will kick me out of the house lol!!! ;)

Sudeep----- ahem! do i need to say anything? aww just look at his pic. goshhhhh!!!! he got "super cool" nick from me, the only guy i know who's lookin' good while sleepin' in hammock lol! ^_~ he dun need to do anything too.... i can spend the whole day just lookin at him haha.... sounds crazy right?? coz after havin' lovely day with Kesh, i think i'll never have the power to entertain this guy for another day! hehe.... or if he will really give his precious one day for me, i wanna go to some good places there in Pune...... a drive to some cool hill station or just have ice cream anywhere, sit and listen to his crazy jokes while eatin' lol!!!! Miss ya dearrr..... hope u'll be here in BUF more regularly so we can have more fun..... do come here na sudeepuuuu! ^_~

Puneet----- woww!! look at the guy.... m speechless lol!!! i'm callin' him " the-good-lookin-guy " eversince!! We became friends here too instantly in blogger. I can say, he's the sweetest guy i've ever met in blogworld.... the one who flirts soo nice lol!^_~ I mean he's the one who won't make u angry and u just can't help not to talk to him and accept his pullin' leg everytime hehe.... kiddin'! He's really a wonderful person... makes u feel soo special everytime he's around! He just got married last year and been busy at work too so he dun blog regularly now...... i really missed his company and wud love to meet him and her wifey and spend one whole lovely day with them ..... to taste many Indian foods and Indian sweets awwwww..... thats mouth watering na^_^ wait for me there in Mumbai guys..... i'm comin very soon! ...hopefully...........;(;( ^_^

Ish------- she's my other soulmate-friend.... we became friends here too in blogger and maybe we get along easily to each other coz were both Mom's!!! Yeah.... m soo happy to know that im not alone blogger-mom hehe .... since then we shared a lot of things in life by reading and commenting to each other blog, talking, chattin' and orkuttin' !! But the best thing happened is when she came up with this idea of makin' "BUF" possible..... wowwww! now were all here enjoyin to the fullest na!! I wud love to meet her, Rajiv and Vedant and spend one whole day of fun..... wud love if we can go to Goa too awwww like all those lovely pics. u have there in ur album sweetie.... and i will be with my hubby and lil rina too woowwww! isnt that cool ? two families together...... nice na! Stay blessed dear!.... So to all singles there........:P:P why not try to marry once? lol! kiddin..... see it for urself!! awww...

Michelle------ ohh when u whisper her name.... u will just feel heaven instantly ^_~ yeah, i can only think of beautiful things around just by lookin' at her .... makes me you feel in-love actually! She's such a doll .... one who has the full energy of life. Wud love to spend the day with her dancing, singin and do the non-stop talk about hunks lol!! Of course i'll try talk to her in japanese coz she's studying the language right now!!!! You're such a sweetheart mich ..... wud just love to hug u and kiss u like crazy like what i do to rina ..... till u cries and shout at me sayin' Stoppppp ittttt Kathhhh!! :P lol!! hugsssssss........

... of course guys, wud love to meet u ALL here and spend one or more day when i come over to India! let see ..... ^_~


One day with someone special *smiles* (Uttara)

I have met up soo many of them here.. where so i start from?? :P.. now they are more of real friends than blogger or virtual friends right now.. :)

I have met...

Arjun: What should i say about him.. one nerd guy.. always cracks stupidest jokes on earth n we more stupid ppl go HAHHAHAHAH over it.. lolz.. am sure mala and neha will second on this :P

Neha: Beautifulll lady i will say. she is a beauty in n out.. her eyes r really messmerising :D ...hugggz sweets

Mala: She is intelligent, smart, quite frank.. n yeah.. she is more than what she portrays ( a mystery ) go n discover for urself ppl :P we are the typical vela ppl of mumbai.. as she rightly said we are out no matter what the season is like heat/ rain/ winter..u will find us in the roads of mumbai.. :p

aha.. the married man :p .. lol i know him b4 i joined this place.. its cos of this guy am in this world.. he made a point that i join.. n was behind my life to do so :p .. hehehhe thanx dude!..

Ishita: ab inke baare mainkya bolu ( what do i tell about her) she is too bubbly, n patient.. ( nowadays i see it she is loosing it quite often).. we spent a lot of time eating n shopping :p.. i spent the new yr eve with them( ishi, rajiv. mala, puneet missed suchi :( .. ) .. most memorable time i have ever had .. she is way too full of life..:) understanding, gotto kick her at times to get her bk in the right track.. :p

Rajiv: ahem ahem.. meet the most rocking person.. lol.. rajivji :p..very matured, nice human being, and he will see if u r at ease n way too caring .. thanx rajiv :)..

Suchismita: she is my amma.. lol... we spent a lot of time together during her last trip.. n she is way toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo caring, sweet , loving.. she will take care of me like a lil' baby.. i get pampered .. n i purposely try n raise her BP by irritating her.. sorry such :p cos i will do exactly what she hates me doing :p.. hehhe.. u r a sweetheart suchi.. huggz

Last but not the least ..

Gabbar.. hehehe *grins* (i mean Rajbir/Sothpaw): he is my friend/ mentor.. whatever u call it.. he is my best friend... we fight almost everyday ( right raj :p) but it will never last for long.. n he is my punching bag whenever am irritated he gets all the trashing from me hehhe.. n he listen patiently n will see to it that i calm down immediately .. :) i really cant express how special he is to me :).. I'm the only blogger who has met him till date :D :D :D.. he is very caring.. n a sweetheart too :) huggz

Now coming to the main topic :P

This is indeed a difficult one to choose one from the whole lot.. But i was sure whom to choose right from the time this topic came up unfortunately didn't have much time to put it up.. so here I'm . I would love to meet my amylicious darling :P (Jewel Rays/Amy)

Her presence gives out positive vibes and to tell u guys a fact we have similar way of thinking too :D ( am i right amy? )
now coming to what i would do when we meet ? Firstly i would carry a bunch of flowers then give her loads of chocolates and pies ( since she has been dieting :P) n a warm hugg :)

We would go on yappin ( ppl who have met me will tell u how much i do so :D ) then make some lunch for her n feed her ;) ( in between will keep yapping as well :D )
then we would head to see all the fav places ( i mean at singapore :P ) look at the place through her eyes n listen to her experience about the places .. :) .. then we would go out to have coffee, do some shopping :D.. then go outting for a party at her fav place go discking :D..

Then for dinner we will go to the exotic place.. where she will sing a song ( ahem ahem ) but yeah we need some music right? so i will call upon Rajbir for the guitar, Deepthi for the drums, DJ for the piano .. now something is missing.. ummm the audience right? :P soooooooooooooo we will have Ishita, Rajiv, Suchi, Neha, Neha C, Yashita, Jeetendra, John, Abhishek, Harjee, Poo, Mala, Arjun, Vipul, Royston, Sudeep, Puneet, Pavan, Sushmita, Kathy, Thumbee, Burf, Vishesh, Divya, Michelle, Amutha.. n then we will have a special performance by Keshi.. (belly dancing) lolz...

We will have lots of masti.. n dance n singing.. wowwwwwww.. :D :D :D

Girls n guys please choose ur dancing partner now :D...

The night has just begun... :p

And here is one of my fav song specially for AMY :)

Leann Rimes - Can't Fight the Moonlight)

Saturday, May 19, 2007

(こんにちはここに私は来る) hello here I come!!( abhishek)

I just hope i did not go wrong in the subject , coz If I did, Its Babel's Fault!

It would have really been a tough call to choose one among so many amazing People( read BUFerz) In case I knew (m)any of then prior to joining this super duper blog!

But the case is not so!! ..

So I choose to goto Japan and spend a day with "^_^"!
Yes (Li'l) Kathy!
and hope that her guy ( soulmate!!?) will not throw me back into the sea or something!!

I am sure it would be an amazing experiance to just listen to and spend a day with someone who is brought up ( and born) in Japan ( and hey!! has so many indian friends that she nearly understands most of the hindi.. wow)

Japan is an amazing country with a rich history and culture, and i am definate, it will be great to hear Kathy, where-ever we meet !!

Dunno when..

For starters lets see when the great Mumbai_buffers can meet up!!
Oie Uttara, Messy, Mala, Puneet...!!

AND hey HARjee Paaji you in Mumbai!!
Thot U were in Blore!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Ishi...aati kya khandala? (Rajiv)

As always I will keep this short and simple. I would like to spend 24 uninterrupted hours with Ishita.

Yes I know this is about picking someone I don't know personally or rather have not met personally. But Ishita post BUF is a new person for me. Someone I am still getting used to here at home

Honestly, ever since BUF started I don't get Ishita alone. It's BUF 24X7 except when she is fast asleep and that too is something she's not getting enough of. And all our conversations revolve around BUF :P

Soon enough I shall whisk her off ... away from all of you to a place far away. Where we can spend nice quiet hours between us. I think she'd love that ;-)

So Ishi? चले हम ?

On a more serious note, like Ishi said so in her post abt meeting up John...A big BUF party would be ideal. I would love for that to happen someday :-) and get to know you all a whole lot better!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What can it be? (Deepthi)

So,I love this blog and i admire most of the bloggers in BUF.However dilemma was "what to post? should i write a topic just for the heck? should i comment just for the heck and so on...

Then i started to read all the topics and realised that junta here take a lot of effort to keep in touch with each other.i mean look at you gus u do have those admirable share love,laughter,tears and stand by for each other,watch over and do much more then real friends at times.i for my self have not interacted with anyone personally.hoping i would one day....that day shall be soon.

so,can i write bout spending a day with one? can i just take time out for one? hmm impossible :)

do i write a one liner bout you guys,that would be cheating.i really do not know u guys well to write hugs and kisses and warm wishes to all.

One day,one day i am sure i will have a story to write about you and that would surely be a neat one from within...

p.s - ishi and jonny boy can we have a list of all the personal blogs or BUF?

Bas Ek ? (Harjee)

First and foremost let me start by saying that I smell something fishy here.

The earlier topic stipulated 10 things.

This one is about one person you want to spend a day with.

Whats with you Ishi? Whats with the Kanjoosi?

I can't restrict my narcissism to 10 things. Unless you allow sub-heads.

And I definitely can't take a pick of just one person from BUF. There are so many lovely looking ladies here. (And some less lovely but passable looking men too.)

Anyways… on with it.

I shall in all the generosity of my heart spend more than a day for BUF.

It shall be a week.

Monday – Keshi.

How predictable. But nothing better than an overdose of oomph to start the week.

Geography aside, this was one that wasn't tough to decide.

I heard this story from Australia where a world class photographer was shooting the Pallazo Versace. And Keshi walked by.

No prizes for guessing what part of the picture was in, and what part was out of focus.

Donnie (Donatella ) goes green, Group Versace screams,

C'mon you fools, you should know Keshi rules !

Tuesday – Neha C (Chhabra, not Counsel. But both work :D)

She's a sweetheart. The fact that she owes me a box of chocolates and this would be a 'mangal' day to collect them is not half the reason. Chocobox (the third 'C' twin) as I call her is definitely one of the most elusive people I have ever known.

This, will make up for it.

Wednesday – Ishi

To avoid angry glances from hubby dearest she gets Wednesday.


Thursday – Mala

I have a thing for blurry things: D

Some call it ambiguous. I call it deliciously vague.

And I will be moving to Bombay soon and this is one buffer I need ;)

Friday - Michelle

Adventure lover. Music lover. Fitness lover. Writing lover. Talking lover. Food lover.

Jeez…I'm already a lover.

Saturday - Puja

Sorry. No details here. Only for Puja to know ;)

And she can call to know more ;)

Sunday – Mr J

And finally, after having spent a week in the company of some lovely ladies I shall dedicate the Sunday to a very witty Mr J. Partly because I like the way he writes / comments. Partly because I am no sexist and do interact with men (fractionally though). And yes, a part because all women on BUF seem to be falling for this guy.

So I need to know, besides a house on a European island, dude…. What's your Mojo?

But now….. Kahaani mein twist hai !!!

If I were to spend an entire week with someone from BUF who would it be?

And the winner is…



The fact that we fight every time we talk (everyday) irrespective.

The fact that she accuses me of stalking her irrespective.

The fact that she loves the idea of me stalking her irrespective.

The fact that she is a complete kid at heart irrespective.

She is one of the best friends I made on blogland. And am immensely fond of her.

She is part reason I am moving to Bombay. Stalking her in Pune all the way from Bangalore was getting tough.

Moreover the chance to comprehensively torture her for a whole week is something I won't miss for anything.

Intro from diyadear :)

hello guys n gals..

This is diya from dallas, Texas.. i'm a 24 yr old Scorpio currently doing no work, other than movies, books, blogging, orkutting, chatting n ya my primary work supposed to be housekeeping ;-) I am very passionate about travelling and music.. Singing has been a favourite hobby n so r instruments like guitar n the violin.

Got married recently(5 months ve flown by..) n landed in this big big Us of A. Felt like Alice in wonderland but now its boring land at times.. u can find all abt my days here in my blog dreamgalznest.Before that i was an SAP consultant with Satyam computers, Chennai.

To be frank i feel rather nervous writing this intro blog here for all u bloggers out there. Cos i took up blogging on an impulse n because i like interacting with people from different part of the globe.. N now from Mr j n keshi whom ive been blog rolling since a few months, I've ventured to join BUF.. Hope to make a lot of friends n have loads of fun here..

This is a cool terrific community ishita has started here.. real smart site i must say.. Hearty congrats to her n all admin members n also to all member friends.. :)

Coming to the topic for the fortnight, one BUF member i would like to meet is Mr J. I didnt know much about him until recently.. But i came to know abt BUF from his post and also i feel Europe is the coolest place on earth.. May be seeing too many bollywood movies prompted in me the desire to c Switzerland right from childhood :)

n Mr j of course i wud love to meet u too.. n i better make it fast cos i know ur moving!!! :)

Thats it from me for now.. have a gr8 day everyone!!!

86400 Seconds With An Angel (Keshi)

Considering the fact that it's very hard for me to choose just one blogger here and that I have never met any blogger in real so far, I found this topic truly DIFFICULT. Never in my life did I find blogging this traumatising (I looked like this kitten for a few days, gazing at the wall not knowing who to choose). So if I were to stick to the rules of this post and pick one person only, the best thing I could do here was to type up all you lovely people's names on notepad (in random order, each name multiple times, well-spread across the page eg: Amy Poo Vipul Ammu Ish Thumbee Star Kath Amy Poo Vipul Ammu Ish Thumbee Star Kath Amy Poo Vipul Ammu Ish Thumbee Star Kath etc etc - told ya I was a drama queen!), then close my eyes, say ABRACADABRA and place my index finger anywhere on the screen while my eyes are still tighlty closed. The name my finger lands on would be the person I'm going to choose for this post. Cos like I said before I find ALL of you here equally precious, beautiful, smart, talented, real, sensible, caring and unique in your own special ways and it's really not me to choose just one of you on special grounds. So this little game was done exactly once and so who was the person my finger chose? Drum roll please...drrrrrrrrrrrrr drrrrrr drrrrrrrrrr! It was Neha! The lady with the most beautiful eyes.

I was thrilled about it cos I've known this chick for ages and she has always been the kind of friend who never strayed. The kind you could go back to any time and still be loved and cared for with the same quality. As most of you would already know, Neha is a lovely person both in and out. She's a very honest, caring, sensitive and beautiful soul. If I were to spend one whole day with someone like her, we'd basically CATCH UP. Cos I think though all of us meet each other in Blogville almost everyday, meeting in real is going to be way different than meeting in Blogs. Meeting face to face will trigger a whole new intro altogether. Physical presence calls in for a whole new r'ship. So we'd first chat chat chat, wont we Neha :). She'd also teach me so many new things. I'm so sure of that cos she's got an absolutely relaxed disposition and she tends to take her time to react. Those qualities I lack (did I say I'm quite hyper). So I'd learn from her how she manages to stay so calm and resilient in any given situation. And then we would drive to the beach, just watch the waves and relax for a while and talk about our families, dads, friends and BFs ooh lala! We'd take some music (Bryan Adams especially for this chick), coffee and lemon cake with us too and have a little bon-fire (she knows the reason behind the lemon cake hehe). And ofcourse she'd have to go home and teach me how to cook that jeera rice she claims is so yummy. I'm sure we'd make every second of the day count that we'll definitely extend the whole thing. All in all I'd LOVE to spend more than just one day with Neha cos she's a total darling!

Now I'd like to mention that everyone here is equally treasured for who they are cos I have learnt so much from each one of you, and I'm just dying to meet all of you...and I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Thank God for you, cos each and everyone of you has shed some LIGHT into my life!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Opening my Pandora Box Now... (Jewel/Amy)

With so many wonderful people around, it sure was hard to pick just one. However, I worked it out and decided that i want to meet this someone and Image Hosted by ImageShack.ushave a wonderful time. It is none other than our very own Dharmesh Jani (DJ) whom i have chosen for this topic that is on the roll right now.:) If there is one day i would like to spend a day with someone from BUF? It would be DJ.:D

Why? I am attracted to the fact that he is self expressive in music, plays the piano, seems like a good personality and reads philosophy.:) There were some things that he said in all of his posts that made me all the more interested to spend a day with this guy over here.
I want to work the notes, hear his pieces and probably work a tune just for some laughs and a beautiful memorable time that marks this day forward and out.:)

One of the things that he said that caught my attention.:)

I feel music is the only language that is spoken at every corner in the world. People, no matter how disjoint cultures they belong to, always share at least the thinnest link of music between them. Music is one of my ways to vent out my feelings at times. My penchant for music sprouted right from my childhood and it had a great influence on the way I grew up. I do not classify music according to genres. I believe there are only two types of music - Good & Bad. - by Mr DJ

What would i do with him if i just get 24 hours with his man over here of course without counting the flight hours from Singapore and out:P

Since food is a delight to him. I would like him to take me to his favourite kinda food somewhere he knows in LA.( Am not very fussy when it comes to food. am open to trying.) I wanna have a good lunch with him. Have some good chat, laughs, get comfortable and know him a little more during this first part.

Secondly, i would like to visit his neighbourhood.:) Heard much about LA. Read about one of his sentence where he mentioned its dangerous. I would like to take a walk down with him in broad daylight. Show me around. Places he like. Places that are cool to hang out. etc.

Third, I know its just a few hours & just our first time. And its abit weird to want to go to his house. But i juz have twenty four hours. And this moment is the very reason why i am looking forward to meet him. So i would like him to take me to his house cause there i can see his music come to live. Wowie..haha.:D

Fourthly, I would like to listen, get a taste of what kinda pieces this guy whips up. I want to hear his musical pieces, favourite kind of musics, singing voice. And especially hear him play the piano live.:D Given that we have a somewhat different style in music. It would be great to see him and myself open up and whip up some spontaneous music , lyrics and finally a song that we worked out.:)

Fifthly, i would like to check out his calvin and hobbes collection, the kind of books he reads . Its interesting that he reads everything and anything. Am just like that. So i am interested in the collections he read. Sometimes the books a person reads makes them up. And i would love to get a peek of that to know him much.

Sixth, Maybe we can go out and catch a short and light bite for evening time or dinner. But before i get out of his house. There will be one thing that i would very much want to take with me as i head out. The recorded piece that both of us whipped out. Its something that i know will speak much for the reason i am out and about and waht a wonderful time it was to make music, sing and explore the minds, hearts and passion of another one.:) I would definitely want tat out.

Seventh, As we head toward the best recommended place next. Some laughs, jokes etc would be fun.

Eighth, And just before i leave, I would say thank you for that wonderful day out with ya Dj. And i would leave with him a little something that i brought from Singapore. To remember Amy/Jewel was here once. :)

That would be my day with DJ.:) And last but not least, in all these parts that made up the day. Pics will be taken to identify. And i will make sure i am not late aites. I read tat he doesn't like to wait.Haha....

I hope its good enough to pass through the day with Dj without hitting the 24 hrs time limit. And not tire the poor guy out. :P And hope he would have fun too.:)

Alrighty something to say bye.
Here's a song for You.:)Read that its in your favourite list. Hope u like it.:)

*Music is my way of representing many emotions. I regularly express my feelings through the songs I play. I sing too; but only when I'm alone. -DJ

:) like wise and the very thing that drew me to choose you.:)

~Jewel Rays Out.
P/S: Hope the post is not too long..

Monthly Book Review: Children of Hurin

Walk into a bookstore. There's a huge pool of people around one shelf. You peep in to see what's gripping these people. What else, but..................Tolkein mania again :))))))))))))))))

Children of Hurin, Tolkein's latest book to hit the world bookstores, has taken the readers' imaginations by storm. However, this time the mania didnot quite work its magic on me. Children of Hurin proved to be a disappointment, to say the least. Perhaps because the benchmark for comparison was the LOTR trilogy. Children of Hurin doesnot match the standards of LOTR, but what is commendable is the way Christopher, JRR's son, has taken cues from notes left behind by JRR, and compiled those to weave yet another fantasy tale. While reading Children of Hurin, you will be left in limbo at times because of the break in the flow of the story. However, to give credit to Christopher, he worked on a vision, that of his father. He beautified the story conceived by someone else.

So, what is Children of Hurin about?

Set during the First Age of the Middle Earth, Children of Hurin is a tale of time when Men was still a respected race. Hurin, the Chieftain of Men, is held captive by Morgoth. Hurin must now live his biggest nightmare, for his family is destroyed by the curse of the Dark Lord. The story then shifts focus on the children of Hurin, Turin in particular. Turin displays greatness from a very young age, and grows up to be a force to reckon. Turin is aptly supported by his sister, Nienor.

How Turin and Nienor come out as the heroes is something that cannot be described in any writeup. You have to read the book and experience it.

Go ahead.. Sue me. I dare you!! (Mr J)

Hmmm.. spending a day with someone from BUF. Firstly I have to admit that when this topic was in the poll counter, I was crazily voting for it. Since the poll counter had a 24 hour block from an IP after voting, I would vote twice a day. From my home IP and Office IP.

I actually wanted to skip this topic but at times, or should I say most of the times, I end up doing what I don't want to. :@

So anyways enough of BS, here goes. 8-)

It was quite a tough choice to choose the person and it took me a while to carefully scrutinize my 'victim after a few tests of elimination the Oscar goes to....... Neha C.

For starters, she's studying to be a lawyer. Something that I totally admire cos some of my friends at one point suggested that I have the right stuff to become one. So anyways since i'm not into this field, I guess the closest I can get to is to spend a day with Ms. Lawyer herself. :D

So what would we do.. umm, considering that she claims to be impatient and gets bugged easily, perhaps we would start with a full course golf (my golf card is due next week) during which I will have loads of questions on the Indian judicial system, the various fields in law and other such 'intellectual' stuff.

As quoted by her- Not an easy person to noe.. u got to keep asking me stuff if u wanna noe anything about me... I like a certain element of mystery in people and perhaps this is just a reason I need to start talking and talking and talking. Well she asked for it :P but don't fret, i'll ensure to make my conversations as entertaining as possible. ;)

After all the whole point of meeting her is to ensure that I know someone who can watch my back in case I get into trouble, not to forget the sue-ing spree I could go on to settle some scores. And yes I have used smileys in this post. :D :D :D

Spend a Day (Puja)

Just a short note, I am in tears, the way you guys have helped me is so amazing and I really want to thank each one of personally. So many people praying for my baby (Prachi) I am sure nothing is going to happen to her. Thank you all for all ur help and wishes.

Do you know, I feel refreshed in mind, when I come here. It really is my "Almost Heaven". I tell my friend (Satya) I'm going to my "secret place" do you want to join and he says YES!!. (betweenusfriends)

Spend A day .-

Hmmmmm something very tough. But you know what since this place (betweenusfriends) has given me such wonderful forum to meet just Angels here. I want to meet all of you. Yes all of all. I can’t choose anyone .Really tough. But will mention few of them. And seriously I will make sure that I will not bore you.

Keshi - Just one word for you “You are an Angel”. I will come to Australia and meet you someday. Promise!!! Drop me ur number please I want to talk to you. Its bcoz of Keshi Darling that I have known such wonderful people. I used to comment only in her blog and thru her blog I have know most of you.

Ishita,- Spoke to Ishita for the first time on 16/05/2007 and her voice was so nice, She is such nice person, really !!! When I am going to come to Delhi with my sis-in-law and prachi will surely meet her.

Harjee - Aap kab mil rahe ho humse, I spoke to Harjee also, WOW what a sexy voice :) Jaldi se batana kab mil rahe ho app

Amy - You are so beautiful. And you have such a beautiful smile. No wonder why guys keep falling for you ;) I would loveeeeeeee to meet you. I want to party hard with you. Drop me ur number please I want to talk to you.

Uttsy - Can I get an appointment madamji …please to meet the sexy lady . I don’t know why but I Love you dear. Drop me ur number pls I want to talk to you.

Rajbir - I would love to meet (Paw man), since he is married, I am not going to flirt with him … but for cooking!!! . Please cook something special for me.

Mr J - You have to meet me. Please I am so attracted to you. Don’t know why may be bcoz of ur small and witty comments. Short and really nice. Sometimes i get scared to comment in ur blog. Dont know why ??

Elina - When I meet you I am going to spend the whole day playing and eating lovely food. What say?

Deepthi - Don’t know why but I just adore you. Being a single mom is very difficult sometimes. Lady with Drums :)

Thank you all and have a nice day :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Ode to Me™ ;-) (Ishita)

I still remember the first day I sat down to write the first post in "BetweenUsFriends". Whatever I may have been thinking right then, I never thought I would see this day. This place has grown beyond anything I had thought of and continues to grow. Requests keep coming. I will be totally honest ok. I had a lot of hesitation about taking in a lot of people here. “BetweenUsFriends” started off as just a place for getting in people I had befriended in the two years that I’d been blogging. But of course that is no longer the case.

I know that this honest confession may sound extremely selfish to many here. But I am terrible possessive about “BetweenUsFriends” – the blog. I’ve been so from the first day I started it right to this very day when we have new people joining in every other day. And ironically, I sometimes feel a little lost in the very blog that I so enthusiastically started off!! Hmmmm!! :P

That point stated, let me get to the topic…

I’ve known a lot of you for a long long time here. Some from my initial days of blogging. I have Rajiv (hubby) and Suchi (me best friend) here. I have blogger friends that I met up with last New Years Eve in Mumbai – Uttara, Mala & Puneet (U can read my post and see pics of the trip here). And then there are many friends I have made and cherished but not yet met – Rajbir, Vipul, Sudeep, Keshi, John, Amy, Kathy, Yashita, Roy, Pavan, Jitendra, Arjun…*sigh*…! Tell me how do I even think of picking just one of you???? And there are many here who I’ve just met and who I’d love to know better too!

But I guess yes…there’s one amongst all of you who I just have to meet! Someone I spend practically most of my weekdays chatting with. Someone who’s made “BetweenUsFriends” the place it is today. In fact Rajiv sometimes teases me saying I spend more time talking to this person than to R himself :P … Yes who else but JOHN!

Most of you know John right? U can’t be a BUFER and not know him! :P

I’ve known John for what now seems like ages but is infact just about a year! I got a comment from him on May 20th, 2006 (I told you a year!) which went like this,

Me™ (that was the nik he used then) has left a new comment on your post "Rains...MakeOvers & American Idol...":

Howdy!! Happen to drop here by chance and HAD to take that test on your blog. Apparently i'm a warrior and was advised to consult a paladin.

Now that i'm here, whatcha gonna do? :D

(Im sharpening my sword already)”

LOL…the funny thing is in all these months we’ve never really had a fight or even a difference of opinion as such!

I am quite a strong believer in destiny and I believe John and I were meant to be friends and when we first thought of a concept somewhat similar to BUF, I knew someday we would realize this and make it happen. It’s proof enough that I am writing this post here on this blog for all of you to read :-)

Now if you were to ask me how I’d spend one whole day with John. Let me tell you I’ve never been a planner as such. But I know that it would be a fabulous day and we’d have a whole lot of fun. I’ve warned him that I talk helluva lot, sometime I laugh way too much and I love eating out :P and I know John’s got a wonderful sense of humor, makes great conversation and time spent with him can be nowhere close to dull!!

The one thing I promise we won’t do (*ahem* get that look of your face ppl!)….lolz…! We will not talk WORK! Okk by that I don’t mean his job or my household chores! I mean we will not be talking about BUF :P … which is what we do all day nowadays! We live, eat, breathe BUF….!

BUT how I’d love to end a day spent with John….now that’s where the fun is….

I’d love to have this totally FUN party with every member of BUF! All of us in one place…partying the night away….Now that would be the icing on the cake!! :-)

What say John? :-)

The song below is specially for u!

It's ME (tulipspeaks)

The hardest post will be one about ourselves *grins.. May be I can start by thanking you guys for giving me an opportunity to join this wonderful circle of FRIENDS! cool stuff!!

About me.. I'm Ammu, all the way from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of beautiful Malaysia. Currently I am working as a researcher with a private university here. I've been blogging for little more than 2 years now, you may check my bloggie HERE ; watch out for posts on women, current issues and of course alots of junks there!

I'm a sensitive kinda person. Sometimes it works on my favour, sometimes it doesn't. Well.. life is not always rosy nah? I'm looking forward a brand new chapter in my life right now, complete with a postgrad qualification, new job, new friends, and who knows .. may be a new husband! Hehehehehe... but blogging is something I am not going to trade for anything in this world. Seriously.. I just love what I am doing right now.

Coming to the current topic... one person I really wanna spend a day with would be KESHI, and looks like I have to 'compete' with quite a number of fellow BUFs for that! Sex & Shah Rukh sells and now I think Keshi sells too! *get my helmet.. Kidding.. kidding.. A lovable person whom I never get tired of talking/writing about and of course e-mailing to! :) Guess others have said everything which I wanted to say about her. In short, she is a darling!

BUF BFF(That means Best Friends Forever lol)

Ok, this is really difficult for me because I don't know many of the BUFers personally-except a few.

Anyway, given a chance I'd love to meet

I think she is a very genuine person with a very vibrant personality and she seems like the type you always get positive vibes from.

I love the way she talks! Its so animated and cute! Shes been very helpful with my Japanese, she helps me improve my language and sends me links to cool songs.

I used to love her comments on my blog, really made me smile :-) not to forget her orkut scraps hehe.

I think if I got to know her better, I'd be lucky to have a good friend like her because she seems like the type you could get really attatched to.

I love her pictures, they really depict what a fun person she is! Her daughter is so cute...I think she must be a very cool mom! :P

I'd love to meet up with her soon and talk a lot about Japan over sushi (or prawn tempura ;-)

I love her posts on Japan! I really like learning about different cultures and it really helps me during class because my teacher loves me even more now after I read your post on Sakura(cherry blossom).

Stay the way you are Kathy!!


Anata wa kirei hito desu :-)

(your a beautiful person)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Virtual to Real.

For me, the BUFer member list comprises two kinds of people: those I have met, and those I have never spoken with. So, it's a case of extremities, really.

Given the rules, I cannot choose a person I have already met, and that reduces my choices by almost 40% :P

Therefore, I choose Michelle. Because, among those I haven't yet met, Michelle is the only one I have at least spoken with on a one-to-one basis, even though for a brief while. I have known Michelle for almost 2-3 years now. It all started at Indiatimes chat room one night - and we got talking about the Pierce Brosnan-Julianne Moore starrer 'Laws of Attraction'. It's been funny that in so many years I have still not got to watch the movie. Michelle gave up on me, and promised to hand me the DVD :P And soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I want to meet her. hehehehehhehehehe

On a more serious note, having known Michelle for a while, I find her as someone who is sweet, honest, and yet have a spunk, an attitude about them. I really love such people - real people. So, Michelle, when should I drop by? :)

A Day with Someone Special from BUF :)

Hey people!!! I am more than certain that this post will surprise many (definitely when it surprised Lady Ishita)..... ha ha ha...well Royston will be perplexed as to why I chose to write about him.

‘Switchblade’ as I have always known him, came across as a wonderful human being and has always given me reasons to frequent his blog in my good old blog hopping days. I like the candid way he explains things or addresses issues even as sensitive as religion.

Being a brutally frank person myself, I would like to meet someone who does not have traces of hypocrisy in his elucidation.

I would like to meet him in Bombay, take him out for lunch to Mahesh Lunch Home (Juhu) for seafood (hope he likes it too otherwise he can have whatever he pleases). Then we go to Mocha (Bandra) for coffee, snacks/ dessert (my favorite) and some chit chat about different things. From there we would go to St. Andrew’s Auditorium to watch a play. Finally a quick pizza dinner at Smoking Joes (Meat Feast pizza is what I will have) followed by ice-creams at Naturals and then a safe “see you again sometime Roy”.

And the entire treat would be on me Roy…… you can get your special someone along if you please.

The gift I would get for him will be The Bible.

GOD bless you boy! Ride safe. My dedication of song to you will be "Friends will be Friends" by Queen.....another of my all time favorite songs....