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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Beginning to ramble.. (Neha C)

Finally :)
Though I have no idea about what I'm going to write!
To think of it, its been ages aince I really wrote.. i'm actually ashamed of my last few posts.. they've just been so nonsensical.. it's almost like iv forgotten how to write.. if i knew it in the first place that is :D

Well, Neha here.. the second by that name here I think.. not a'm a lawyer, just startd working a few months back and since then I've just not had the time to do anything that I want to..

I'm a very impatient person, n i get bugged easily.. I don't think I'm a very tolerant person.. i speak out and at times it hurts ppl.. but i cant stay quiet if i see soemthign which is not right.. and i am a bit of a rebel.. I hate to do things just because I'm supposed to or just because everyone else is doing it!

I'm verry emotional, laugh and cry equally easily.. get very attached to things.. am very possessive too. I wanted to be a lawyer because I truly believed in justice.. freedom, rights.. but for now I'm stuck in corporate law.. still unsure of whether i should continue or move on to the real thing..

Not an easy person to noe.. u got to keep asking me stuff if u wanna noe anything about me, cause i dont talk even though iv been going on and on here.. :) and therefore.. very few people in this world know me really well! I can talk to just about anyone and be friends.. but i take a lot of tiem to open up to anyone..

Thanks ishita for inviting me here n making me a part of this place! I hope to contribute :) even if its all ramble ramble..! :)

PS. I use too many smilies in my posts.. always! :)

Adding my pic here :)


  1. Neha.. your post has inspired me to include the yahoo smileys. Hmm, now the post looks a bit more smilier ;)

  2. finally is right :P!! welcome :))

    Good seeing u here and hopin u'll enjoy the whole experience...

    lukin forward to ur posts!:)

  3. Hello Neha..


    *** I can talk to just about anyone and be friends.. but i take a lot of tiem to open up to anyone..



  4. to my namesake...

    i guess all nehas laugh a lot... hehe.. im the same u know... by the way... where r u from??

  5. Hey Neha...welcome!! Great to have you here.
    Heres to many more ramblings and smileys...

  6. @mr. j, that will just encourage me to use mor en mor eof them ;)

    @ishita, thanku once again! will put up the pic in the evenin.

    @jewel rays,poo, southpaw, switchblade and uttara, thanku!!

    @namesake, me from delhi.. n u?

  7. Tough luck lady... :( It apparently slowed down the page. Got to come up with another way.

  8. hi there Neha... welcome dear ^_~


  9. hi neha,
    im an addict to smileys too.. guess we both will hog the quota of smilies here ;)

  10. well i never!! neha chhabra!! lawyer from delhi!! i remember coming across you on orkut long back.. and we actually got chatting.... more on law and IT.... and to think i had come across you again over here!!
    the world is a small place indeed!! :)

  11. arrey, u r here also....hd been reading this blog for sometime but dint know u wuld also be here..anyways take care..keep rambling:-)mani here...