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Monday, May 21, 2007

Here I am at last! (Nadya)

Ok ok, so I nearly did not make it to write a post on this blog, but life has been extra busy lately. Ok enough moaning and complaining.
My name is Nadya also known as Hsejjes meaning noises. Who knows me enough would say that this is an apt name for me as I am a very very noisy person. I come from this teeny eeny little island called Malta. If you had to look it up on the atlas you would probably mistake it for an irregular spot on the page. But if you look closer, you will see that we are actually there. We are pleasantly situated in the mediterranean sea, somewhere between Sicily and the north of Africa. We are surrounded by the sea, being an island of course, and I can assure you it is a country full of culture, beautiful scenery, and also beautiful gals and boys....but that is another
Ok to the subject of the week. Getting to spend a day with someone from between us friends. Actually I am going to cheat here, as I have already met the person whom I would like to spend the day with. That person is John, our very own between us friends administrator.
Now I encountered John quite by chance. Actually he left a comment on someone else's blogg, a fellow malteser, and I was curious enough to visit his blog. There I found out that Mr.J was actually going to move for a while to Malta, so that made me even more curious.
Over the months I have met Mr.J a couple of times, and he always struck me as a deep and conscientious person. So yes, a day with him would suit me nicely.
The itinery for spending the day with John would include the following: Taking him for a spin in my car, and if he survives that, I will then take him to the beach where a professional instructor will give him a few lessons on how to attack the mediterranean waves on a wind surf. After this strenous exercise, a nice meal would be in order. And as he has been to the most expensive restaurant on the island anyway, I will take him to our lovely fishing village in the south of the Island called Marsaxlokk where we woul indulge in a nice lunch of fresh fish in a restaurant called Rizzu. During all this, I would endeavour to make John appreciate more the beautiful aspects of Malta, make him understand more our culture and our way of doing things, and also maybe even order the Lord above to send snow in the winter, to make him happy to remain here. But seeing that that is quite impossible, I will have to settle to try and impress him with the simple things that this island possesses.
In between all this, John and I will engage in arguments and discussions that would cover all sorts of subjects, beginnning from his work, the kind of music he likes, his aspirations, his plans for the future, and also his family. I would like to get to know what makes John really and truly tick, and exist. What makes him happy, what is he looking for in life and why he has to travel the whole world to find it. I believe that John is on a journey, and one day, when he arrives at his destination, he will have gained great things. Once I even joked with him that in ten years time I will see his name quoted as shares on Wall Street, even making more of an impact then Nasdaq and Ftse. He laughed. But I still stand by what I said. Only time will tell.
After all this, I would then take John to my humble home, introduce him to my danish husband and my son. I do not know how he would react to my son, as John proclaims that he does not really enjoy children, but so what. That would be the only downside to his day with would be made up for by engaing in conversation with my husband whilst drinking beer and whisky together. This would mean that a good friendship could be forged on the grounds of the mutual liking of alcohol consumption
The night would proceed with a good home cooked meal of rabbit and potatoes, with crackers and cheese afterwards. Maltese bread of the crusty type would also be on the menu, and maltese wine would flow extensively
John would then have to endure another drive back home in my car, but he would probably be too drunk to be afraid.....
And that would end my perfect day with John. A man whom I am very proud to know, and to get to know better.
PS: that's me in the pic.please dont leave any comments on the


  1. Welcome abroad Nadya.:)

    Beautiful post and cute

    A little step up in understanding a little on Super J there. Sounds like great fun. And wow u surf??!!

    Thats really attractive for a lady..

    Hope to get to know u more as u enjoy ya stay in this special place.;)

    ~Jewel Rays

  2. @ John,

    U know i am with Nadya about ya name appearing on wall street. I don't know u much but yet i think u could rock Big time.

    U go John!! * my poms pom are alive and up*


    ~Jewel Rays.

  3. Welcome Nadya :))

    Lucky you to meet MR Johno huh !!!

    Nice to you know you


  4. welcome aboard:) wind surfing sounds fun,i want try it....may be one day i will be catching that huge wind and yupiee i fly.....btw,how high are the waves there?

  5. welcome onboard nadya..
    i liked ur name :)

  6. OMG.. you're finally here.. :D

    Wallstreet.. not really, as long as I can make enough money.. how much is enough is the big question. :P

    So when are we going???

  7. welcome to BUF nadya :)

    oh wow...another mommy aboard!! :)

    ahaa...u've met john... that's nice! m lukin forward to meetin him sumday:)

    enjoy blogging here !

  8. pretty name :) welcome nadya!

  9. hi nadya..
    another person from the beautiful europe!! glad to know u.. and wat a wonderful day u've planned for mr j.. i really feel j ;) lol..
    awaiting to know more from u..

  10. welcome aboard...
    well u seem to be living in a very beautiful place... :)

  11. hi Nadya... welcome here on BUF!! aww interesting place u have there... hope u share more things in ur up-comin post! ^_^

    looking forward to know u more!
    see ya around!


  12. WC Nadya!

    Ur all the way from! I have Maltese friends here in Aus. They r great ppl and I love the culture.

    U have met Johno? WOW thats nice.

    Looking forward to seeing more of u here.


  13. Welcome Nadya :)

    Thats a very nice name.

    See you around.

  14. Hi Nadya!

    Welcome to our big family!

    Hope to see more of ur posts here :)


  15. welcome aboard nadya.

    ok here it is, John kidnapped,deepthi is the one in malta now and she gets to take his place,,,:) you pln was so irresistable i had to kidnap the poor

  16. well-comeeee
    super kool..
    you have some mighty questions..
    "the kind of music he likes, his aspirations, his plans for the future, and also his family. I would like to get to know what makes John really and truly tick, and exist. What makes him happy, what is he looking for in life and why he has to travel the whole world to find it."

    teach me the technique to find answers to these question!!!