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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Of clicks and claps! (Harjee)

Unconditional Love*

To start with this is the best photograph I have ever taken.

When I first published it on my blog, besides the kind words, I was accused of voyeurism and infringing the privacy of underprivileged people.

But this is a humbling picture.
Besides the pun in the title, this picture shows the personification of a phrase, used and abused over time to fill in the demand and supply issues of personal relationships.
And the twin sister of unconditional love - zero expectations, finds a home here too.
If nothing else, it works as a cynicism buster for all the broken hearts.

Your errors lie elsewhere.

There are a few other pictures that I would like to share with you.
Each one of them, at some level has given me a reason to smile.
And that, for me, is above all.

Even though I am itching to, I will not post any more pictures here. It will be unfair to poor John & Ishi. Considering I gave them both major static regarding the slow loading time of the BUF page. But what I will do is share one link with you :

Flights - The day my father retired from his services of 37 years, a huge 3 feet by 2 feet blow-up of this picture with the accompanying text was gifted to him. The purpose being to assuage the wonderful mans fear of approaching stagnation.
It worked :)

There are more pictures at | P H O T O C O P Y |
For me each one of them has a story to tell.
A reason to smile. A moment to cherish.

And in reality, a monument to my own ego, where I go around stealing frames from others lives, to tell my stories.

Would be great to have you all there.


  1. ..
    I wish i could have punched in loong silence into this comment for this pic!

  2. this picture is so intense.It is like the unspoken silence of emations(if u knwo wht i mean)thanks for sharing it with us...

  3. Harjee it is indeed one of ur BEST shots. Broke my heart to see them but somehow I could relate to her...I may not be as financially incapable as she is, but Im a woman too.

    Lovely thoughts from u!

  4. your pic has left me speechless!

    all id say is beautiful :)

  5. Ya Pic is captivating and beuatiful. Tells a story.

    I'm captivated by it. Thanks for sharing.:D


  6. harjee...

    i have seen them live... but never thought of taking a pic of it..


    i too always wonder how their love is so unconditional. even after not having the right 'roti' 'kapda' n 'makan'...

  7. Dude! I have said volumes about this earlier, on our conversations, and i will say some again.

    This IS your finest shot of all i have seen so far. It is fine, because it is a moment that goes unnoticed in our everyday lives.

    Besides the pun that you speak of, there is this bigger picture, of having comfort, an inner calm when everything is is shambles, and the sun too warm.

    Roll on dude (even if you use a DSLR :p )

  8. Hi Harjee How are you?

    " Picture speaks thousand words"

    Na Ghar
    Na makan
    Phir bhi ek doosre ka saath !!!!

    Lovely picture :))

  9. I like that pic. They look so serene.

  10. "Love has no other desire but to fulfill itself.

    But if you love and must needs have desires, let this be your desire:

    To wake at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks for another day of loving."

    Kahlil Gibran (slightly modified)

  11. awesome...
    this is a perfect example of "true love"... :)

  12. hmmmm....I honestly was waiting to see everyone's reaction to this :P

    I rem the comments when u first put this up.

    What I just can't rem is what I had to say back then!!!! *m gettin old* ':(

    Right now looking at this pic, I have to agree that most urban relationships have become quite superficial...sab kuch lena dena hai...pity *sigh*

    and yes I luv all ur pics but wen i went back the other night and went through them all.. i liked the one of the lil boy a real lot... u captured that expression on his face... one luk at the pic and just can't help but smile... :)

  13. It was a pleaure spending time at photocopy and getting lost in the chakraviyuh....

  14. ... haan, indeed pic. speaks a thousand words! was speechless lookin' at it!

    ... i did check ur photo blog too, m simply luvin those awesome pics.... ur blessed dear!

    keep up the good work!