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Sunday, May 27, 2007

You Drive Me Crazy (Michelle)

Thats right.These two nutcases in the picture are the craziest, whackiest, funniest, weirdest people in the world.They are also my best friends :-)

I love this picture for two reasons-

1.I clicked it

2.It actually defines them.

It really shows how crazy and fun they are.All three of us have one common hobby-We're big posers.We love being in pictures, we love clicking crazy pictures, bascially, we love capturing every memory spent with eachother.

Its been almost 15 years we've been friends and we've seen eachother through all aspects of life.We've supported eachother through different phases of our lives and I have noticed one thing that we've never changed.We've always been ourselves whenever we're with eachother.

I really can't imagine my life without these two.I look at old videos of us where we're acting completely barbaric, totally oblivious to the existence of others around us and I can't help reminiscing and smiling.

From crazy dares to gossips to tears to laughing till I pee.I have shared most of my memories with them.They are my girls and I love them to death =)


  1. Awwwwwwwwwwwww how sweet is that!!!!!!

  2. Quite a nice pic with lotsa giggles.. Here's to many more years of fun with them.

  3. =>loony - lol

    => mr j - thanks :)

  4. lol they are so happy and yes pretty ;) it always rocks to have very very personal and close friends...but i was very very lonely network has extended only for the past 2/3 yrs....and blogging has played a huge part in has given me the confidence to talk out and say things and be frank...ops sorry...

    again they look really pretty and happy ;) ...

  5. ur lucky to have such wonderful frnds... :)))

  6. =>vishesh - yes, blogging has helped me express myself better too :) and i'll let them know that you think they are pretty ;-)

    =>messy - yep :)

  7. Thats a very nice picture.
    You took it in B&W or neutralized the tone later?

    It's a picture that cannot 'capture' anything. it isnt static...

    'Live' is what i'd title it...

  8. the pic reminds me of the crazy women i am surrounded with...hugz to the girls and you and cheers to the frndship u share..

  9. Awesome pic!!:D Great friendship. Its a treasure really.:D

    It brought me back to my time when i had those crazy fun. I miss them. :( Hope i am able to catch up with them soon!

    Keep that friendship of urs flowing!!

    I love this post biggies..pic AWESOME Really!

  10. Cute devils in the pic...:)

  11. FUN pic. Just LOVELY!


  12. =>southpaw - cute devils is right lol...its the most appropriate way to describe them

    =>keshi - lol thanks

  13. michyyy thats a cuteee fishhh picc.. :P

    it soo much reminds me.. :D :D :D

    chooo cute .. :)

  14. blessed are those who have frenz like these...u are lucky :)

    and this pic really speaks...makes me break into a smile when i luk at it:)

  15. ssssssssuperb pic..
    just look @ the spontaneity!!
    Superb Mich!!

  16. awesome pic... :)

  17. giggling is fun! i know.. :P



  18. =>altering abhishek - yep yep it all comes wit my self obsession :P

    =>dj - thanks :)

    =>ammu - hehehe

  19. Friends.....awww i love the picture :))

    Friends smile at you.
    They like your face.
    They want to be with you
    to any old place.
    Friends have fun with you.
    Friends share everything.
    They’re glad when you’re happy
    When you’re sad, they care.

    Nice picture :))

  20. awww i like ur little poem :D

  21. aww thats soo sweet and lovely pic. there muaahh! ur lucky to have such wonderful friends Mich...

    ... oops what happened to ur orkut acc. sweetie? u deleted it? cant access ur blog too awww ;(;( let me know na...


  22. yeah kathy orkut got hacked :( anyway ive changed my blog url...its :)