This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Call of the Wild

No!! This is not about a trip to the wild jungles and stuff like that. This is about what's there and what we are going to loose, what our future generations may never see. A couple of weeks ago I saw this report on NDTV (I guess) where they were talking of the diminishing number of Tigers and Gharials. While the number of Tigers have gone down, its the Gharials who are really the matter of concern. With an alarming death of more than 100 at the Chambal Sanctuary in the past couple of months for reasons unknown, the Gharial is now one of teh critically endangered species. I've been trying to dig up more on them, but its a painstaking work, what with our daily obligations in place. Anywyz, amidst all this I came across one such enthusiast, Apoorva Joshi, who has actually gone out there and is trying to do something about this. Please go through her blog: the wilderness n its wild kid.

Now after all this talk, I'd like some inputs from you as to how we can contribute to such issues. We can write, yes!! But apart from that, what?? Speak out, I don't care how absurd your ideas are, how naive, impossible illogical they are. Provide information if you have any. And if you are already involved do tell us about it. Every thought that you'd share counts. It's because of us that they are in the condition that they are!!!

This is not about us, it's about the environment that we live in. It's about the ecological balance. It's about what we pass on to future generations. Please, let's do something about it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Miss Missing Missed! (Keshi)

If my Sunday went missing, this is how I'd be praying on Monday to give me 2 extra Sundays to cover up the mess done by the crazy Week-management God! No I'm not gonna sit and cope.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

reflections III(vishesh)

well here's what i feel about truth and lies....its not that i don't lie,but i try to avoid.I will not lie when it really matters.I don't care even if ti is life or death.I believe in telling the truth and being frank,but then sometimes you have to be more discreet,according to the situation.Why all this about truth,donno,just thought about this.Why do certain people lie.As a "kid" sometimes "adults" feel its alright to lie to.I am teen now and still you can find people not being all that straight on the face.I think telling the kids the truth will help get away from unwanted things.Now if the parents of kids who go around shooting has told the kids that ragging and teasing are a part of life and had been truthful in the efforts to help them out then there wouldn't have been problems...

but how truthful is the world to itself? we all lied to ourselves about so many things and now we face so many problems...

anyway here's a poem...

truth and lies

from nowhere came lives

and from no where come lies.

the truth is hardly to be spoken

lies are the best presentable token.

life has turned into full of gambits-

you cannot survive without wits.

truth and lies are knit,

so that they perfectly fit.

if you want to be,

the very best,

and have cash in the bank’s chest,

and push away from the rest,

then lies are the best.

if you want to be

the trusted friend-best,

then learn to guard people like chest,

and don’t push way calling them rest.

truth is the best.

truth has no form,

so people might think it is wrong.

we belong to a throng,

yet have to sing our own song-

for life isn’t too long,

and sometimes its just prong.

but till our swan song,

we need to believe truth will live along.

or life’s worth will be gone.

this is one of fav songs:-

Monday, February 18, 2008

Missing Sunday: AmitL: Part I

HELLLP! I have a vague recollection of some events. Let’s see…I got up at 530 AM, went through the routine err, routines, coming to office, and then it began. A veritable bombardment- phone calls followed by phone calls followed by- you guessed it still more phone calls…from the landline to the mobile to the landline to the…In between, I have a vague recollection of eating salad and LF curd, and, then it was back to the bombardment as soon as I returned to what appeared to be my desk. Did I also manage to do some work in between?*muses*…I also remember walking and cycling sometime after that, in a despo attempt to forget the ache in my ears…

Did it happen? Did I dream it all? Or, was it all an extended Saturday night dream, and I slept through the whole of Sunday?

…and, today is Monday, when I’m alive and awake and feeling much fresher.

LOL. It happens, it happened yesterday, it could happen in the coming days as well. A Sunday gone missing, I mean. And, I’m left wondering whether the vague recollection was an illusion, a dream which I'm remembering nicely or reality.

Of course, it has happened with me only in Dubai. What happens is, Sunday is the first day of the working week here(Fri, Sat being off). So, all those suppliers who have also had two days off, or, those who could not contact me on Saturday( I avoid picking up the cellphone on Saturdays), have me on their ‘hit list’ for Sunday. So, from the cell to the landline to the cell, the day flies by, clubbed with the usual paperwork and all related project works, many times, the day ends before I can say ‘Ahchoo’.
At the end of it all, this is what it feels like, wondering how Sunday flew by:

Cheers! A bit more on Sundays, in the next part.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Thousand Splendid Suns (Michelle)

After The Kite Runner, I knew I was a Khaled Hosseini fan.I had decided that I would read A Thousand Splendid Suns, come what may! The way Kite Runner tugged at my heartstrings made me positive that every book he writes would leave me overwhelmed.I got to admit, reading A Thousand Splendid Suns got me so hooked to his intricate ways of weaving through words that every page was a new thrill, every scene formed into virtual pictures.It takes you to the reality of a world that exists, out there, in Afghanistan.Far away from our day to day comforts.
It narrates the story of two women.Mariam and Laila, who are brought together by fate, to hold onto eachother through the series of events that present themselves that are beyond horrifying.Its during this time, that they find solace in eachother.

Khaled Hosseini also sheds light on the culture in Afghanistan, the different dialects, the people, the food.
I finished the book in 2 hours because I just couldn't put it down! At the end, I cried.It took me on such an emotional journey.
To think that girls my age, go through a lifetime of pain and sadness and things that I can't even imagine!
I would totally suggest everyone to read this book.I can feel the emotion with which the author has written the book.I can't wait for his next one!
For a more detailed synopsis, go to
* Kite Runner has also been made into a movie, so be sure to watch it.Its in Farsi with English subtitiles

Friday, February 15, 2008

reflections-II (vishesh)

these are reflections to whats happening around the country.(yup know it is ...its a matter of the tongue..) i know many of you live in Mumbai and i am the only BUFer from Chennai,i might not be in the middle of things,but i have been reading a lot about well here are my thoughts and what i think we need...

If not now maybe never.

in need for unity,

trying to forget animosity.

in need for comradeship

and love beyond friendship-

in the land of a billions,

the land which showed resilience-

to the empire which never set.

the land which did not rest

now has forgotten what is the best.
we are in search of a leader,

who is not a wager -

who will not gamble

with our preamble.

we built our land

with sweat in our hand,

now we fight our kind,

we have almost lost our mind,

we are in search of a leader,

who is a peace-maker.
all we ask for is one among

all in the throng

to rise and fight

be wise and protect our right.

we all are looking-searching

for one human being.

unity is something we never won,

though we import petrol-a million ton.

brotherhood is something bubble,

the US is ready to give us missile.

language has become our barrier,

KFC and Mc have hit our carrier.

we all are ready to pick a side,

we slaughter animals for their hide.

to ourselves we have lied,

chevy and ford have become our ride.

there are many filthy rich,

poor earn selling fish.

few indulge in champagne

others end up in political campaign.

we have left no one,

soon there shall be no son,

one-who will call this land home,

we all will then be left to moan.

brands have become world wide,

we will have no place to hide,

guns and barriers forged again,

everyone will have nothing but pain,

our homes will all be boo-thank you nuke,

if you have survived it is by fluke,

music will never be the same again,

we all will wonder why this bane-

on the brink of sanity,

unless we forget enimity,

we all shall die,

before we know why.

all we need is unity,

and we need a personality,

why not you ,

why not me,

are we to afraid

and counting fate?

this can be the last sing-song,

very few have done wrong,

there are lots with cloths torn,

while others have borne,

what a few have thrown.

We need a unity,

forget your eccentricity,

we have in our blood,

one common mud.

together we can rise and defend,

it maybe our last chance to mend.

poem originally posted here.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

me again with all smiles(uttssyy)

Reflections, Sunday missing n Smile.. somewhere all these 3 go hand in hand.. wonder how???

if Sundays weren't in existence i wouldn't have smiled cos it's a reflection of my mind :)... I wouldn't be able to out for weekend trips.. whoaaaa

Meaning i wouldn't have been able to meet many of them during weekends.. Not do what I want to do ( which I usually do on weekends)... n mostly Shopping.. hehehe... It's just like the way i did this time :P.. i went to Ahmedabad for my personal work but. how the hell I couldn't have met up with Rajbir :p.. it was just way too rejuvenating whenever I meet him.

"Thank you for showering all the love and care you shower and putting me up at your place.. It was just way too sweet of you and your hospitality if awesomeeeeee" .

Also.. I really can't forget the bed tea (i'm not used to ), breakfast and lunch which he prepared.. yummyyy.. i still remember the taste.. :D.. long drive in the chilly night .. hmmmmmmmm thank u soooo much once again :) muaaaaah (peck on ur cheeks .. copying u :D) hehehehhe

Ain't I'm happy with all these? yes it's the reflection of a happy heart, a lovely person showers all the love, who makes one feel sooo comfortable and special..

Now you all agree with my first statement? :D "
Reflections, Sunday missing n Smile.. somewhere all these 3 go hand in hand.."

Happy valentine's day to you all :) :) :)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines Day BUFers, Friends ... :-)

Wishing you all love, happiness and joy!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Silvara: Reflections

I wonder what my life would have been like if I was different. If I wasn't Indian. Or Australian. If the colour of my skin was different. If I was taller. If I was the same but born in a different place. Like Europe. Somewhere where the world was more connected. Would I be the same person?

What if I was an only child? Or the youngest, instead of the oldest?

Would I love science and art and fashion and history?? Or would I hate maths??

Would I still retreat into the world of books when I was lonely? Would I like the same books?

What if I was born poor? What if I had to scrimp and save for everything - where survival was more than just making in the business world - it was surviving life?

What if I didn't have one parent - or either? Would I be the same?

If I took away everything from my life that had the potential to shape me - who would I be? Just another human - like an empty canvas, void of anything.

It almost is exciting to think about the potential of starting over again - fresh and new. But what about what makes me now - would I change that to have a second chance?? I don't know.

Tell me what you think.

Is it the journey that makes the person, or the person who makes the journey??

Monday, February 11, 2008

reflections (vishesh)

need i say anything?

isn't it beautiful?

btw.I have changed my "home"...well my blog address has changed - This is vishesh

Friday, February 8, 2008


Hi,all..I've been wondering which 'reflections' to write about...while I scratch my head and think of the best ones, here's some triva on the word,for you:
The word is pronounced'(rĭ-flěk'shən) '

It has some unusual definitions,besides the normal reflection in the mirror kind,which go:

- Something, such as light, radiant heat, sound, or an image, that is reflected.
- Mental concentration; careful consideration.
- A thought or an opinion resulting from such consideration.
- The folding of a membrane from the wall of a cavity over an organ and back to the wall.
The folds so made.
- An indirect expression of censure or discredit: a reflection on his integrity.
- A manifestation or result: Her achievements are a reflection of her courage.


Ok,so,after doing some mental concentration and giving some careful consideration,I arrived at a thought. The reflections I want to,err,reflect upon in my first post on the topic,relate to the oft-ignored(beyond a certain extent) part of the anatomy-our teeth. The reason?I was at the dentist's yesterday,and after an excrutiating filling,I couldn't help reflecting on what must have been on God's mind when he gave us teeth.

I mean,look,we brush them daily, we take whatever care we can,of these whites(Or,yellows,as happens in some cases,or,beetle-stained coloured ones,in still other cases)- some of us even floss them,get them shined regularly,treat them as well as we do our crowning glory(hair). Then, why do these batteeesis(32s) end up troubling us so many times?
Firstly, I wonder why all the teeth were not made identical? I mean,why not the front teeth(incisors and canines) be of the same strength and type as the back ones(molars)?Ok,you'll say,the incisors are for biting,the canines are for tearing and the molars are for chewing,right?Anyway,so,assuming that God,in his infinite wisdom,decided that man(and woman)kind need all three kinds of teeth,gave them to us. But,then,there seems to be an acute shortfall of the molars-yesterday,I was wishing that there were more of them than the 20 which exist currently,(And, from these,the last three-four usually take the onus of being the main chewers)so that the burden of chewing would be more evenly distributed. Err,I did forget to mention the wisdom tooth?

Secondly,I wonder why they aren't more accessible? I mean, one of the main reason cavities occur is that despite our best efforts(cakes and chocolates and colas notwithstanding), we still do not manage to brush perfectly,leaving those danged bacteria in the plaque moving around and having a field day (or night) at our expense, finally resulting in a compulsory visit to the dentist.

Imagine the mouth being able to open still wider(Laugh your loudest laugh and try brushing then-it's still inadequate) so that the brush could reach each nook and cranny and scrape out the plaque- which otherwise our friendly dentist does with his unfriendly machines.(The sound of that bzzzzz machine really makes me go brrr!).

Thirdly, do you think it'd be better if we had all been given dentures from the time of birth? Then, it would be so easy to just remove them at will, clean them thoroughly,ensure no plaque is there,and go clackety clack whenever our heart desires.

Fourthly, I wonder what I am complaing about? I know people who have had painful extractions, root canals, and absolute torture from other tooth infections...I've just had 'simple' fillings so far- touchwood! There,I guess these reflections made me feel more cheerful than I've been feeling,after the visit to the dentist yesterday evening. Thanks for the patient listening,nee,reading,all!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008


Oh well... I had thought on the book review bit, but then had to chuck it coz i haven't rad anything new in ages I suppose. I really need to get around to the book store now. Now, That brings me to the other topic: Missing Sunday.. or for that matter anyday.

Hmmm.... now, I'll be honest this entire chain of thoughts was spawned by the flick of the same name when I saw its promos on the TV. After having watched the film, I must say it is far from what I was thinking. I mean, in that movie a girl is drugged, adn then she loses track of an entire day during which she scares the wit out of two people, takes a ride with a drug abuser, get hit for being too smart, witnesses a murder (who later has mercenaries going for her) and finally somehow reaching home only to sleep off the entire Sunday!!! She remembers nothing and starts her day on Monday, thinking it to be Sunday!!! And thus the story weaves around her. Good job, I'd say!!! But then, I digress.

So, what was I saying? Yeah.... what if Sunday was wiped off from my life, the calendar? How would thing stand?? In fact, why do we have seven days in a week?? What is the logic here? With the Sunday missing, which day would be a holiday? And when would I catch up on sleep?
Oh, I couldn't think further expet absolute mayhem!!

Absolute, I tell you!! I think forgetting entirely about a day is better than to have it missing!!!

By the way, to all of you, when you are out somewhere do not accept drinks from strangers... they may be spiked. And for all that you know it might Rephnol (the rape drug!!). So be careful when you hit the pub the next time!!

Take care people and keep smiling!!! :)

*smile smile smile :)*

Long awaited news i so much want to share the joy and see you all smile.. :) :) :) I believe in spreading smile and happiness .. It's not what one thinks it's what one feels .. so feel the joy .. feel the happiness. go ahead and smile :). It's something which one can't get enough with .. right?

and the news issssssss...........

God blessed my Bhai and bhabhi ( bro and sis-in-law) with a princess on the 5th of feb.. YES ! A beautiful b'day gift :). I wanted to take the pics of all my gifts one would be her .. but unfortunately i
can't :p cos she is at the hospital.. all playful and getting naughty.. Isn't this a wonderful feeling? I was in the 7th heaven ( suchi u were right about this :) )

WOW !! I still can't believe this.. It hasn't digested yet .. hehe

"SMILE" and as it's rightly said...

"Smile is the shortest distance between two hearts" :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Uttsy! :)


"Special wishes of love, joy and happiness to our sunshine girl :)! Hope the year ahead brings true all your wishes and you find the happiness you truly deserve. Stay smiling and warm the hearts of all of us with your eternal cheer!"

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hope it's not too late to apologize....

Hey guys,

Yes, I come back slinking in here, tail in between my legs, quite shamefaced as I know that I have been away from BUF for a while. So first of all - I am sorry.

*big toothy grin*

Now, how can you resist that smile??? Hmmmmm??? Hehehe, I know you all forgive me (I am crossing my fingers as I type that, so please please please forgive me) and I want to give a bit of an update on life as it has been, what's happening now and a bit of a ramble on the topics and BUF in general.

So....over the last couple of months I have:

  1. Gotten married :D

2. Honeymooned in New Zealand where one of the crazy things we did was bungy jump 400m over Queenstown

  • Moved in with my in-laws and settled into married life
  • Gained weight :(
  • Am now currently waiting to start work as corporate bigwig (I wish :P)
Life has been a bit of an adjustment to settle into, as any newly married person will tell you but I am trying to learn how to cook, drive a car, being on steroid medication for my hair loss, lose weight, find a house and not go insane with my time. I am still fairly regular with updating my personal blog which helps me vent, but more often than not I do feel my creative juices have sorta dried up by the time I come round to posting for BUF. Not that that is an excuse because I have seen many wonderful topics come up recently that have got me thinking and enthusiastic about posting - which is why I am getting back into the saddle today.

I have had lots of reasons to smile lately. Waking up in the morning with my darling husband. Reading the paper and drinking coffee. Playing tennis. Taking the dogs for a walk around the lake. Lots of chocolate (which is making me cry at the moment....grrr). My family. Weddings and friends.

My birthday on the 22nd of Feb *HINT HINT* I turn a quarter of a century. Noooooooo! :D

I don't exactly have a smile. With GREAT effort I keep my mouth closed - otherwise it usually turns into a full blown grin as you can see in the pics above. Everyone says I have glow-in-the-dark teeth, that really there isn't any need for the light to be on, because all I need to do is grin and I can light the way for anyone in the dark. It has gotten me into trouble...and out of it :P

So this is a bit of a request to Keshi and all the other BUFer's out there.... SMILE. Or grin. And come back.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Ok, I hope I am allowed to post updates.

Don't worry, I'm not leaving or anything.This post is a sincere request for Keshi to please not leave.

Look guys, I know you have busy schedules and issues but EVERYONE DOES so I am urging all you sleepy heads to please wake up! Don't tell me you can't write on one topic cause right now its not Between Us Friends.Its Between Michelle, Amit, Loon Gal, Southpaw, Keshi and Jitendra!

Anyway, Keshi, you have always been one of the major reasons I have stuck around to write not only here but also on my blog and you are always around for everyone all the time.I know you are frustrated, but I am really hoping you come back.Cause right now we need you.Please.I was so upset when I read your post.I signed off altogether.

I have a suggestion.Why don't we write on just anything? If you want everyone to still write on certain topics that is also definitely cool cause then you get a variety of thoughts on the same topic but you can also write on other stuff you think is interesting.

Sam suggested some nice topics.So how about we write on

1. A Book Review
2. What if a Sunday went missing in your life

I know I can't force anyone but I just had to let this out.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Word:Smile: AmitL(Part II)

(Is one of the above 'smileys' you, by any chance,BUFers?)

After reading some neat posts from Keshi,Raj,Michelle,Uttara,Vishesh and Loon Gal(See,that makes it six active BUFers,I'd say) on smiles(Your second post,awaited,Loon Gal),and waiting for a few days to see more 'smiles' from others,I thought I'd 'smile' and finish my second post. So,here goes:

5 Questions people ask that make me smile:

1. At a bakery: Is the bread fresh?
(Imagine the baker saying 'No,Sir,I was about to throw it in the bin,but,please buy it).

2. At a cinema hall: Hi,there,come to see the movie?

(Imagine me,putting on a straight face and saying' Nah,I love to see serpentine queues at the box office,and come here everyday after visiting the temple.' Or' Nah, I'm doing black ticketing- 100 ka many do you want?)
3. On a jogging track: 'Hi, out for a walk?'
(Imagine me replying' Nah, I was on an AI flight and the pilot ejected me and I landed here-where am I?)

4. At the railway station, boarding Rajdhani Express to Mumbai: "Hi, going to Mumbai?"
(Imagine me looking horrified- 'nooo...I thought this was the Delhi Rajdhani- will the driver turn it around if I request him sweetly?')

5. At work:(Me,deeply absorbed in work,as I was all of last week,hence,couldn't blog/post much): *Phone rings*- 'Hello, Mr. Amit. Are you busy?'
(Imagine me saying' No- I'm just sitting here,killing flies and waiting for you to call')

5 Scenes which made me smile in the first month of 2008:

1. KG-going kid of a friend,watching "Om Shanti Om" on TV and telling me' Uncle, do you know, Shah Rukh gets fire in his bums,when he rescues the heroine?'

2. Seinfeld the serial- Kramer invents a male undergarment for George's Dad,since he has jiggling,err,orbs,and calls it the 'male Bro', and, George's Dad calls it the 'Mansierre'.(It sounds much funnier when the demonstrate it while speaking,though.LOL)- I love that show,even though Seinfeld is pretty obnoxious sometimes.

3. Me trying to pick up the garbage bag from our garbage bin,which was overfilled,and,the bottom of the bag,err,bottoming out,and me trying to frantically salvage the falling debris.(LOL-it was annoying when it happened today,but,in five minutes,I was smiling at the scene.)

4. Reading about the 'lungi brigade' in a local paper. Read about it in my blog.

5. Loon Gal's post,and,the pic of the lil guy wrinkling his nose and asking' did you smile today'?(i must print that one and keep it under my keyboard at work!Thanks,LG)

What makes me smile usually:

Oven-fresh posts from BUFers,each time I drop by and see a new post.
What made me smile today and feel thrilled(When I read the first parts of Ishi's post):

The thought that this is post number 450 on BUF...I hope,I pray,I wish I'll write the 500th one,too,and before March....but,that means,let's see..*goes to archives,sees first post of 08.03.07 from Ishi,does some quick mental maths*-for that, we would have 29+7=36 days to go-2 posts on 14 days and one post a day on the rest,till 07.03- not sooo tough,na?

So,buck up,folks- a post a day(minimum) keeps the ennui away,you know.
Ishi,after a few months of being a part of BUF,I'm sure I know which people BUF really makes a difference for,I'm not sure about why some just pay 'flying visits' and disappear for days on end,but,rest assured,I'm going to be around-very much so. Keshi,are you listening?You'd better be back,too!As Ishi says,BUF wouldn't be the same without you around.(And,don't you feel guilty-you inspired so many of us to join in,and,now you want to walk away?*smiles*-it's 'just not cricket' as they say.

Till next time,keep smiling,all!

I, me and BUF... (Ishita)

Hmmm… Not that I intended to get here today and do a post. But I guess it’s become necessary to do so. For one thing I haven’t made a formal announcement of my extended break from BUF though I have blogged about it in my ‘personal’ blog to which some of you do have access but it’s a different story that not many get around it. And of course another reason for this post is simply to question the absence of many of us from BUF. I think I know why Kesh feels the way she does right now because I’ve been through the same feelings many times over here on BUF. Every single time someone’s walked away with or without a reason. I don't know if reading this will change your mind about staying or leaving Kesh. But I know for a fact BUF won't be the same without you....

BUF by the way…just in case any of you didn’t notice…will be completing a year in March (and almost touching the 450 post mark...this one's no. 449) and amazingly it feels like more than a year has passed by when I look at the way BUF’s been. Personally, I think I lost more than gained here. But the optimist in me chooses to look at the positives rather than the negatives. That’s simply the way I’ve conditioned my mind. It may not always be realistic but it works for me.

I guess in many ways the loss of friends from BUF doesn’t hurt as much because I do still keep in touch out of BUF. What hurts is the loss of BUF as I thought it would be…could be….should have been. A huge part of my resentment lies in the way I probably handled it. I sometimes get confused as to which is the right approach. When I would email frequently and do updates and send out personal mails etc etc, some termed it pushy and asked for more freedom to post per will. When I made BUF more flexible and open, I found BUFer’s losing interest. I’m not sure what works best for BUF….or maybe BUF doesn’t work at all? It’s an idea like many that just fizzles away once the novelty is gone…maybe that’s it?

But I don’t want to sit and analyse it all here. I’ve been more or less off blogging and the virtual world for the past month…though the blogger in me does do the random post now and then on “Daily Dose” (my personal space). It has a lot to do with some changes in my personal life. These are days of complete relaxation and anticipation for me. I’ve been told to stay completely stress free so I intend to keep it that way!! I’m superstitious I guess which is why I won’t blog about it openly but you’re free to make your own guesses :)

And yes, my past experience in being an active BUFer has been anything but stress free :P … No seriously, I enjoyed it (despite the many mistakes I might have made) but the times when issues cropped up took a huge toll on me and people living around me, which is why I’ve been advised to stay off BUF in terms of handling stuff around here.

Of course that would mean having someone else or everyone taking the onus of keeping BUF going. I’d rather everyone did so. Make your suggestions in the shoutbox., do an occasional update, wish each other on your special days….etc. Just be interactive and hang around chit chatting. No one gets around here anymore…. It’s simply sad :( *sigh*

I will be back you know. I can’t be kept away forever. But I’m wondering what will I come back to? That’s the thought that plays on my mind….the answer to which I dread.

That’s all for now…I’m hoping some of u will drop by to read and comment and maybe come up with some answers.

4th February and 5th February are special days … Deepthi and Uttara’s birthday respectively! Nope I’m not wishing you yet :P but I hope to be around and write on your day uttsy :)!

9th February is Rajbir and Kavita's anniversary...another milestone...another year of togetherness :)

24th February is also an old long missing BUFer and dear friend to many...Kathy's anniversary. Miss u girl!

I haven’t accessed the team mailbox in ages. If I’ve missed any special days, I sincerely apologise. It’s not intentional at all and I want to thank Rajbir for the lovely dedication for Messy. Hope you had a lovely day and have many more such special and happy birthdays :)

Wishing you all a whole lot of reasons to smile :)