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Saturday, June 30, 2007

My favourite post (Richa)

Here is something I'd written a long time back... and something I keep going back to once in a while. It defines me when I fail to comprehend myself. And well... its the closest I can be to 'me'.

thr r noises within me
then thr is activity,
does that imply
that i cannot complain im alone?
or for that matter
feelin' lonely?

if only,
the noises were not noises
but voices
then it wud confirm this thght
n then agn
or even voices
or crowds
dnt symbolise involvement
jst a stray onluker
n far more aloof
wit decibel levels.

so 2day if i claim
to b lonely
wud u pt. ur finger at me?
wud u scoff,
or simply turn away?

if i stopped carin'
if u cared or not
wud i be free?
or closer chained
to my own opinion?
does my own opinion exist
independent of yours?

if i left my self naked
before ur thghts
wud my self esteem be bound to u,
ur opinion?
wud i then simply exist
as part of ur thinkin' world?
n my happiness
in ur reactions?
is happiness
bein' able to enjoy
the small joys of life?
or the process
of self discovery,
the path
or an accomplishment?

so, wud i truly b happy,
if i told myslf
to enjoy gng to coll
n attndin' lec
n makin' patterns
n cutting fabrics.
or enjoy bein' alive everyday?
or discovering another voice in me?
or enjoyin' attn?
shud i b happy
for any
or all the above?

can u teach me
to listen to myself?
or ignore myself?
or watever.
can i learn to understand
wat u call life?
can i learn to understand?
can i learn to implement?
can i learn
to listen to myself
wen i teach myself all this?

will it stop?
n then,
will it begin afresh?
will it continue
n exist?
but no,
the important question is,
will it all stop?
will they all stop suddenly,
or one by one?
ok, will they co exist patiently?
more or less.

will i ever get answers?
will i ever
get a unanimous answer?
will they always fall silent together
n talk togetehr?
till wen,
tell me
in measures of time,
will it go on?

wats the definition of 'lonely'?

Mumbai Dhamaal (messy and abhishek)

(ring ring).. Hello
"I am at shoppers stop, where are you"
1st floor, lets see who finds whom!- Said Messy

I was a little apprehensive, Three Bufers to meet!! dear Rich couldnt make it due to "not well Flag"!!

Coming out of the lift, I passed "the pair" in Green and Brown! She seemed like Messy, I smiled, lightly, She did not quite respond and I moved on the floor to check out some stuff. But then turned back coz I knew they were around.

Ha Ha.
We all met with a "HALO" wali hello.
As I was new, and the lovely ladies had known each other for , there was some ice that needed to be broken.( which was taken care by the sound of my groaning stomach) and I declared that I am very Hungry and needed to eat , Just about anything.

Ghoom fir ke we reached Bombay Blues

The Huge stylish glass of Iced tea ordered by Messy made my Pizza look a little small!Slowly we moved from quizzes on paper to Wishes by Genies and we were all laughing to glory.Mala, though had decided to get her Nirvana now finally ( though for a short time only), could not help dig into some pizza. She exclaimed, that her wants seem to have been fulfilled. Its a different matter that SOME Long Lost Chicken Sandwich kept haunting her!! After stomachs( partially full) we decided that we needed to decide where to go next.Juhu being Messy's illakka, we handed the reins to her ( actually the command to the auto-wallah).The weather so mare than amazing. All you need to imagine is just dark grey cloudy skies with super cool breeze, and LO we reached a surprise corner of Juhu Beach. The water was so clear that.. err..umm well it was basically very clear..The Thrill of having discovered a long lost Lounge soon went phut, when we were kindly informed us that there was a"Private party" going on. We reached the SEE-Sea-D ( CCD) opposite the Beach, only to discover that the place was surprisingly "VEG only" and we were not quite impressed with the LYCHEE juice it was serving!!We moved on, with a plan to decide on the way. :))then we headed to have the Famous ILRA's Pani Puri ( Gol-Gappas, for the un-initiated)MalaJEE's blisters did not come between her and the GOL_GAPPAS!!After our dose of Vitamin "C"( We were doing CEE CEE after the CHilli Pani-Puri's).. we decided so to check out this BIG Mind Blowing ART Gallary!! Well the painting cant be descibed with words here, so I will not attempt!! We laughed so much that the clouds had to compensate and started pouring just wettiing us a little bit before we reached Barista.....

(contd by messy)

whew!! before i start with what happened next let me describe a few things abhi missed....

when abhi crossed my path at shoppers stop i was busy talking to mala and we were giggling over something silly... and then this guy (with awesome dimples) gives us an apprehensive smile... by the time i could make out it was abhi and smile he had moved away from us... now guys u cant blame me... i thought he was taller than what he really is!

and i understand his terrified smile too... i had told him whenever we meet someone new, we rag them left, right and centre... so i guess he was terrified of meeting us... luckily for him utsy wasnt around... or we would have really messed up with him :p (lucky chap) [Abhi: Hee Hee]

when we went to bombay blues abhi got the idea of asking us 3 wishes which we would like to have in life... mala ofcouse wanted things related to nirvana.. when abhi and mala started debating about what nirvana really meant... mala said eating food at that moment was nirvana for her and started chomping on her pizza! nirvana for sure !!!
[Abhi: MalaJEE wanted to have the weather in her total control, anytime and everytime among others, and Messy is going for this world exploration tour, amd me apart from going back-packing to Europe am Going to DISCOVER SOMETHING!! :D , :D ]

while in the auto, when we were going to the beach we thought we would get into the kiddy mode... we started playing a game! yeahhh comeon dont give us weird looks... it was so much fun... we played the name game... kind of antakshari with a difference... and abhi tried to catch us with the letter 'a' and we would try searching for names with that alphabet! ohhh abhi we werent so bad right??? [Abhi: not at all yaar, infact I was stuck with some "H" or something.. but you were two yaar...]

at the beach we thought we would get in some pic for the benefit of the bufers... chk out my pic with mala... isnt it sweet?...

(psst... most of the pics were deleted as they came out so bad that we couldnt stop laughing :p)

ccd opposite juhu was really boring... not for me... as im a vegetarian... but mala was stuck up on eating a chicken roll.[Abhi: Sandwich sandwich!!] .. n the place didnt serve non vegetarian food... so we decided to skip ccd n move on to barista...

on the way to barista mala and abhi were discussing pani puri and how mumbai never served the kind they got in delhi... i told them i would take them to a joint that atleast served some good pani puri... (ufff still i guess no comparison to delhi pani puri... mala couldnt bear the hot chilli paani because of her blistered mouth!... abhi and i enjoyed it a lot)
[Abhi: but the suji wala Gol-Gappaz are also too good!!]

we decided to walk up to barista... and on the way there was this seedy shop[Abhi: WHAT!!it was a ART Gallery... what seedy .. ;)....] that had some paintings.. and we decided to explore it just for the fun of it... by the time we planned to leave it was raining a lot... so we picked up an auto again to barista...

now we had a surprise for mala... since it is her birthday today we decided to celebrate in advance... i had got a cake for her and had carried it with me all day... the minute i got it out mala says, "nooooooo please dont sing."... now for those who dont know our mumbai gang much... this all started with how we celebrated z000nies birthday before he left for manchester... we were at a pizza hut and the minute the cake was out the guys there started singing at the top of their voices and got the whole place down.. it was really embarassing! thats y the reaction from her...

i promised her we wouldnt get into much 'halla gulla'... and we had a silent cake cutting ceremony... ofcourse we missed all of u! the cake was yummy and we ate almost half of it between the three of us :p...

[Abhi: Hello, what about the babe, who was sitting behind Mala, with the sardarjee, who could not stop winking at me.. :P]

we had some more pics clicked just for ur benefit... do check out our drinks... and decide which one u would like to have... (psst... i had the green mint one and it was awesome :D)

in a while it started pouring... and we decided to leave.. it was 8.30! almost 4.5 hrs together! just the 3 of us! and we didnt realize how the time had passed... we left barista and abhi n mala tried getting an auto... i said i would walk home as i lived just a few blocks away... so it was time to say bye as i started wading through the ankle deep water to go home... i nearly got drenched by the time i reached home, wondering if abhi and mala had got an auto to go home....

thats it about our meet in mumbai... i hope this post isnt not tooooooo long... all in all it was a fun meet... we really missed richa who couldnt make it at the last minute... utsy who was having fun in delhi... and harjee, loongal and sam too... i wish someday we all get together... we would need a whole day to catch up... 4 hours is too less!!

happy birthday mala... we decided to skip ur part of the meet as we wanted to surprise u with the pics and the post on ur birthday today... hugssssssss girl... have a lovely day and a fabulous year ahead...
wishing rajbir a very happy birthday too... i wish u were here too we would have had a double celebration... ! (now u know what we did there rajbir)...

bbye laterzzz

My Favourite Post (Suchi)

Whenever I think of my favourite post the first one that comes to my mind is this one...... I had written this a day before my birthday last year when I was going through the worst phases of my life..... and I was sure that GOD had forgotten me.......or was not looking at me.....

Each storm brings me closer to you
Dont know what happens but I find myself confiding in you
You may be troubled or you may stressed
but I still come running to you
You care or you dont
You listen or you dont
but I still find myself crying in front of you
You have lots to take pay attention to
You have others in the que too
but I still will be there to whine and grin
Just to tell you that I am here and I need you.......

This poem was an outburst of my anguish for the Lord Almighty and an attempt to make him look at me, which I think he finally did but by then he had taken away a lot from me ...... love, career, money, health, happiness, life, friends and above all my father.......

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Favorite Post (Ishita)

I have a lot of favorites amongst my posts. To pick just one is tough. It narrowed down to 3 eventually and I settled for the one below coz it's about what matters most to me and one of my most spontaneous poems :)... the other two posts can be read here (dedicating this one specially for AMY..."rethink ur decision swthrt...!" )and here (my "when harry met sally" story :P) ....

One look from papa...
One spanking from granma…
One scolding from granpa...
And that familiar wail...

Toys strewn all over...
Running helter skelter...
For cover...
When he's caught...
His lil’ face with fear fraught...
And he yells again...

Strokes of his crayons…
Writing A B C…
Smile on his face…
And a Star…
In his copy…
And he shouts in glee

Stories of here ever after...
He sighs...
Sleep in his eyes...
I hear it…again…
As he whispers softly…

Ps: I won't be around for the weekend so putting up this post asap...and will be back with the blog update on Monday!!....New topic announcements etc etc...

Have a safe weekend all :)

Ta Ta Guys (Jewel Rays/Amy)

Hello Bufers,

Just as I came in with a “hello” greeting, it would only be polite for me to leave with a “goodbye” greeting. It has been a great experience joining BUF. Definitely Image Hosted by ImageShack.uswas a step up for me to experience making friends from over the seas, whom I have never met personally. An experience that took me a level up and broke my boundaries definitely. Even managed to get personal with some wonderful people around here. Its pretty interesting as I watch myself listening to different personalities as they share their thoughts, hearts and feelings out. It has been an awesome experience really.And definitely a good learning ground.

I just want to specially thank Ishita for giving me an opportunity in this great blog. And I also want to specially thank everybody for receiving me as a person in this blog. All the encouragements, compliments etc. Its been a wonderful moment really.Thank you for all the opportunities.

If you would like to know more about me leaving blogsville. Feel free to check my latest post.

Thank you everyone.


~Jewel Rays out

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fav Post (Puja)

I don't have much to say
I miss you...
I miss US

Why this post ??? Bcoz this post means a lot to me. Cant express it!!!!
This is for everybody who love Ghazals

""shaam se aankh mein nammi si hai
aaj phir aap ki kami si hai
shaam se aankh mein nami si hai

dafan karr do humme ke sans mille
nabaj kuch derr se thami si hai
aaj phir aap ki kammi si hai

waqt rehta nahin kahi tikk karr
iski aadat bhi aadami si hai
iss ki aadat bhi aadami si hai
aaj phir aap ki kammi si hai

koi rishta nahin raha phir bhi ek tasvir lajmi si hai
shaam se aankh mein nammi si hai
aaj phir aap ki kammi si hai""

:) **Huggzzz**

Gardening Tips (by Keshi)

This is my favorite post for many reasons (written long time ago). I have come across many kinds of people in my life and I'm not saying that I'm better/worse than them. But this post was inspired by the experiences I have had with them. And it's a great eye-opener for myself too. Hope you like it.

I'm not much of a gardener myself but lately I developed a strong interest in maintaining it to provide a little bit of sparkle to myself and to everyone around me. Now, have you stepped into your garden lately? If not this is the time for you to check it out, the careless way in which it may be growing and the weeds that may have deep-rooted themselves destroying the health and beauty of it all. I came up with some gardening tips for myself and for you, lets hope it helps all of us in some way.

Keep the plant of Ego pruned every so often. You must have this plant but you shouldn’t allow it’s branches to grow too long that it prevents the sun from reaching the plant of Selflessness. Water the plant of Selflessness every now and then, so that it grows healthy enough to sway it’s branches giving some cool breeze to the plant of Generosity. Feed the plant of Generosity with enough nutrients so that it won’t be malnourished by staying hungry for too long. Have those merry garden gnomes to excite the plant of Humor. Relocate the plant of Greed to a dry corner so that it will just survive with nearly no effort. Next to it, place the plant of Conscience so that they can talk often to each other. Check the plant of Conscience every now and then so that you know it’s in good shape. Make sure the plant of Honesty grows in full strength so that it shadows the plant of Deceitfulness. Keep the plant of Deceitfulness in the dark so that the plants of Loyalty and Faithfulness can get a bigger share of sunshine. Build a pond of tranquil waters to keep the plant of Humbleness always damp and alive. Trim the branches of the plants of Jealousy and Envy as soon as they start to grow too thick. Have stones and rocks as solid friends for the plant of Strength. Bud the plants of Friendliness and Kindness so they bloom happily together. Let some grass grow to retain your plant of Originality. Cultivate the plant of Peace close to your window. Install tiny garden lights to cast brightness to the plant of Despair. Wean the plant of Foolishness off the walls. Bring down the plant of Pride to a moderate height from where it used to hang. Take the bugs off the plants of Hope and Dreams and let them grow without others throwing obstacles. Grow some Cactus that add to the variety of the garden, that may also help slow down the plant of Prejudice. Nurture the plants of Care and Beauty by using the best fertilizer you can find. Let the plant of Expectations grow without much care. Use a scarecrow to shoo away the pesky birds that chatter nonsense and attempt to ruin your plant of Courage. Move the plant of Hatred in to the wilderness so that insects will diminish it's life. From the wilderness bring the plant of Love back in to your garden, because it’s time for it to start living and growing again. Once these tips are taken into consideration and adopted into your daily gardening routine, you will have a new plant growing there soon…the plant of Bliss. Immerse in the Lotus-like flower of Serenity and the Mango-like fruit of Contentment that this plant of Bliss brings to your garden of life.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Weird Me (Jewel Rays/Amy)

Browsing through my old posts has been a pleasure and i really can't make up my mind on the one post that is my particular favourite. However, there is one tag that i did in the year 2006 that never fail to humour me till this day. And being someone who loves to laugh and humour herself i picked this tag/post as my favourite post to share with all of you guys. Hope you enjoy the read as i let u in on some stuff..:P

Please note that i don't do these things now. I believe work, tired days and the fact that i have grown up has put a stop to them. Its really weird when i read them now. Wonder what i was thinking at that time.hahaha.

Here is the fav. post to share with u guys!! :)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usLOL! This was not my plan. But i can't resist but post this. Was Tagged by Michelle. It honestly cracked me up when i read what i wrote and didn't know i was so weird. LOL..I actually took a test. And it said that i was 70% weird. I couldn't believe it. I tot i was normal or deserve a 50% at least or lesser. So i concluded that the test was weird itself. LOL but after this awakening from michelle's tag. GOSH I realise that I was probably wrong abt the test being weird. And oh yeah..I am the one who is weird..LOL...:D

Loving it indeeds people! :D

So HERE IT IS THE answers to Michelle's Tag on her Comment Box.

Hmm..OK ..I actually needed to crack ma head on how weird i can be..
The Six Weird Things..:

1. You can make me really happy when u buy me earrings. EARrings are a big booster to my mood. Just buying earrings can make me happy. Is that weird? haha:P

2. I could be walking down the street and suddenly talking to a stranger, laughing and smiling like as if i knew him for years.

3. I would be in shower imagining the shower to be rain falling on me as i act out a scene in front of the mirror in the bathroom. Sometimes i put on my clothes to get the rain wet my clothes effect. :P Drama Queen. MY mum use to scream at me cuz time always runs out when i am showering.:P

Three more to go...

4. I can be really crazy when i am happy but i can be really quiet and people would think i am angry or sad. I dun know man they just always think that..HAHAha

5. hmmm...I sometimes dance on my bed when i can;t get to sleep. And i dance with me lying down. Wonder how i do it. But i did it..LOL..Gosh

6. i look into the mirror to see how i look after crying so much. And sometims i look into it while i am crying to see how i look. And i wonder if i exaggerate my face when i look at myself in the mirror just to make it look even more picture perfect..HAHAHAHa

Some of my friends dun even know this! especially the Bed dance and the crying in front of the mirror..GOSH!! *BLUSH* well my ex-boyfriend is aware abt most of this..LOL. And he always teased me abt letting ma friend and the world know abt it..LOL..those were da days haha! :P

did da test again..It does not want to differ..haha!

U GOT A peek into Miss Jewel Rays..!:P

SHE IS....

You Are 70% Weird

You're so weird, you think you're *totally* normal. Right?
But you wig out even the biggest of circus freaks!

How Weird Are You?

That was one of my favourite post. The post that tickles me much. This is in the past. I don't do most of these things now:P I did this post in January 2006. So u can imagine the changes. I can gladly say i have grown up..:P haha. And these tags do rock sometimes. haha!

Have a good week everyone!

Monday, June 25, 2007

BUF Delhi Meet 24/06/07 :-) (Ishita)

On Sunday 24th June 2007, we had our first Delhi BUF Meet…not exactly the most planned meet coz it was fixed up on rather short notice and not everyone could make it…! But there were 6 of us - Rajiv, Suchi, Uttara, Sushmita (Shooting Star), Vyom (Aakash) and Ishi (me me me!) and of course the super brat Vedant who to our surprise was quite well behaved and had a fun time with us!

For a first time meeting, I must say we got along very well indeed and I guess all the virtual chit chat and BUF posts/comments had us not only kinda familiar with each other but eager to know each other better!

We met up at the food court Eatopia @ India Habitat Center. For those unfamiliar with Delhi, this is where the movie “Rang De Basanti” was shot….what you thought was the DU campus is actually IHC!

We all reached almost arnd the same time…late by ½ an hour :P!! But once we settled down at our table, conversation flowed easily…the nice thing about a food court is that everyone finds something suitable to munch on.

Sushmita (Shooting Star) was a surprise coz of course she with her pink tee and long flowing skirt was a far cry from the “biker dudette” image I had been carrying. Friendly and definitely interesting (*ahem* guys!) she was a delight to know better :)! Oh yes she was a careful eater….nothing high on calories and at one point she was off to try a yummy desert but settled for Iced Tea instead. Now I have to learn how to exercise self control with my eating habits….from her *grin*

Vyom (Aakash)….Now I knew him like right away coz I’d been through all his pic on his Orkut profile :P He looked relaxed and very nice indeed in his Kurta…with him, conversation flowed easily and he has a really cute smile :)! And yes a total foodie! He suggested I try the stuffed potatoes and I wasn’t disappointed! I learnt he’d been blogging a long time indeed…started out in 2004 and to think I only just got to know him @ Blogsville…!

I won’t write about Uttsy, Suchi and Rajiv….lol…coz well, I’ve known them personally for a long time. And we have our lil BUF meet almost every night over dinner :P

Now let me share the really fun part of our time together … first we got a call from Rajbir (The outlaw) and he had chat with all of us turn by turn….it was really nice talking to him and I’m sure he had a great time catching up with us too…coz soon after came his sms which went as follows,

“It was a pleasure talking to all of u and adding to my list of voices that affect, sush makes it to my list of best voices along with Mala, kay, Sophia and sangita.:)and Vyom joins u with u, Rajiv and Suchi :) and for the rest my opinion stays the same. :)”

Then we smsd John … he he .. A rather frantic sms coz it had him worried for a bit :P but once he called we had fun…played a lil game…passed the fone around and he had to guess who was who :P ! Yep he got it alll right !!! Must say it was quite exciting ! And of course J will have to give us his own feedback to that call … my guess is he had a blast!

I’m sure the pics tell the story itself. Enjoy! And hoping u guys drop by to Delhi soon so we can all have another fun filled meet …. We delhiites insist u do!! :P

Sunday, June 24, 2007

"my fav post " ( Uttara )

A year back on the same day i had written this for a beautiful person on her birthday .. so here i'm putting my fav post... and wishing the beautiful lady Keshi a Happy Birthday and wishing her the most beautiful year ahead :)

"she is the fragrance of the flowers,
she is the sparkle of the eyes,
she is the freshness of the fruits,
she is the beauty of the nature,
she is the waves of the ocean,
she is the colour of the rainbow,
she is the song of the bird,
she is the sweetness of the honey,
she is the heart of many,
she is the breath of few.

she is my soul mate…:)
she is my twin sister
she is the beauty
she is the angel "

~utssyyy .. :p

PS: this is the 1st poem i have ever written :D

I dedicate her my fav song and hers ( Keshi's ) of course :D " Sweet Child O' Mine "

HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ Keshi.. Have a Gr888888888888 day!!!

My favourite post (tulipspeaks)

First of all guys, I am terribly sorry for being irregular here. I feel really bad not being able to put up regular posts and reply to comments here. But my work is taking its toll on me and I end up travelling to rural areas where Internet connection is not available! I am off to a place far away again later today and will only be back on Tuesday :( I will try my best to be consistent anyway. Please bear it with me.

Coming to current topic (I hope I am still in the time frame), my favourite post will be the one I wrote about Malaysia. I put it up in conjunction with our Independence day and I can remember that I was still new to blogville at that point of time. Not many knew Malaysia and I thought its only appropriate that I introduce my country to them. It was a series of posts and my personal favourite will be on the capital of Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur. Thats where I am from! :P Read on my post:

KL (pronounced Kay-El) capital..

Boasting landmarks which become the talk of the world..not bad for a country which is still trying to catch up with more effluent and developed countries..

Been my home for the past 24 years and 51 weeks :P...(guess when is my birthday..z000nie..shhhh..)

I am proud to introduce to capital, the colourful KL ;)

On the right, is the Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara KL)..a 421m telecommunication also doubles as one of KL's best ambassador (second only to KL Twin Tower)

Petronas Twin Tower on your left...the tallest twin tower in the world..look awesome in night..believe me, it looks beautiful in real as well..88 stores high with a bridge connecting both tower, it will shine both in day and night...It houses Suria KLCC..a wonderful shopping mall..The place Icey wanted to be!!


This is Bangunan Sultan Abdul Samad..This Moorish-looking building actually hosts our court houses..situated in front of Merdeka Square, this is where the National Parade usually takes place..


This picture..showing the 272-steps leading to the main temple in Batu Caves..remember? thats where majority of Hindus and tourists will flock for Thaipusam festival..

Also a place you want to be whenever there is a festival for Lord Muruga....

But if you would like to visit the temple (minus the crowd), try to avoid coming down in January or February..


If my documentary about Malaysia is not enough, you can always visit our National Museum (warning..its only if you want to know more about this country..)..personally, i won't recommend it..because i will be there to explain every detail of Malaysia to you!


Putrajaya..our administrative capital..initially a forest and rubber estate, it was developed by then the Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad into what it is today..This is a part of our Multimedia Super Coridor..which even accomodate University Putra Malaysia (UPM) campus :)

The Putrajaya mosque by the man-made lake..

The Putrajaya bridge..
spectacular view in the night..

The Prime Minister's office


The new train station...KL Sentral... The old train station


For those who are fans of Schumacher.. :)..You will definitely can recognise the world-class Sepang Formula 1 Circuit


If you are looking out for a bargain, Chinatown (Petaling Street), is the place to visit..It's practically a street..with Chinese vendors selling various items like clothes, watches, foods etc..but one word of caution here..DO NOT leave the shop without buying the items you have already bargained for..the consequences will be 'something' you will remember for a very long time


Modern day shopping centers can be found in every corner of KL..after all, it is the shopper's paradise!!

Please believe me when i say this is a shopping mall..Called Sunway Pyramid..the building (or should i say the sphynix) was inspired by The Pyramid..You even get to ice-scating here throughout the year...Not bad for a tropical country..

Next to this shopping mall is a lagoon (water park)..which i love a lot :P..Barely 10mins from my home..a place i love to hang around..

Midvalley of the biggest shopping mall in the Asia..hmm..till now, i haven't visit all the floors in here is that big!!

It houses my favourite bookstore, MPH..

There is an Hindu temple next to this huge mall, it is believed that, that temple was due to be demolished but since the developers decided to demolish it, cracks had been appearing on the wall of the mall which can be clearly seen from the road..then, they decided to rebuild the temple and the cracks had since stopped appearing!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Nano Love... [My Favorite Post] (AakASH!!!)

This story, that I wrote one silent evening of a late spring 2 years back, has always been one of my favorite stories. Today I'll share it with you. Though there is nothing great or unique about the storyline, but the way I see it - it stands out. It has been one of my most popular stories as well, one that got me many friends. Read on and let me know:

Nano Love...

It is a small station somewhere between New Delhi and Moradabad. The station name has been eroded by gnawing fingers of time, the once black letters are now just specks on a faded yellow, like random spots on a panther's skin. The paucity of railway tracks when compared to the needs of a burgeoning population, translates into many trains apportioned onto single lines. And thus often one gets to be a victim of the so called shunting operation, when a superior train is given a priority over another which has to wait in the sidelines. This train is the victim of one such operation, it has been shunted.

The discomfort of the dying spring days when the summers are just a tinge in the offing is apparent. The slight humidity and the unexpected warmth in the sunshine sends travelers scuttling out in the open to catch the colder wafts of fresh air. While he sits behind at his window seat, cursorily scanning the dusty platform outside, at another world made up of a potpourri of people in the motley of India. Beggars along with the First-Class waalas all jostling for space at the coveted patch of shade beneath a spring painted verdant green tree. One whose name he had once asked from his father, but now no longer remembered. The novel that he was reading lies open, inverted in his lap to hold the pages where they were. Giving a pause to a story that is already static.

A twelve year old thrusts a water bottle through the window, ‘Thanda Pani’; and but he shakes his head. The scene from Swades swims slowly across his eyes, yet there are no tears, what was a revelation for the hero is everyday for him; and he knows that the water bottle that now poses as mineral water, is actually tap water wearing a false mask. Like humans do. A man in a torn yellowed cotton vest deftly makes samosas, out of the flour and mashed potato; his hands follow an automated routine practiced over years, a habit forced by hunger and time.

It will be two more hours before he reaches New Delhi. Hours protracting with every stagnated minute.

An engine whistles in the distance, its sound signals its steady advance. He looks outside at the sudden energy pumped into the platform. Like a stone hitting the bottom of settled dust in water. And then as he looks, another train pulls itself on to the other side of the platform. The hawkers and vendors, who had given up their hopes from his train, now move to the other side.
In his fight with ennui, he looks at the window opposite his own. There she sits, with her back to the window. Her hair, like dark waves caressed by the rushing wind. She seems to be talking with someone. As she talks, her head gently shakes, making wavelets in the cascade of her tresses. She lifts her hand and pulls her hair, to tie them in a loose bun. The warm day gives him an excuse to gaze at the slender curve of her neck, and its gentle nods. The fair skin contrasted by the navy blue with red paisley patterns of her dress. While her crushed dupatta lies dragging from her shoulders. From here, he cannot imagine the texture of the fabric; neither can he look at the smoothness of her skin. From a distance, imagination is the only substitute for reality, and interpretation is just a faithful surmise. When she shifts a little, he can see the curve of her cheek morphing to her chin. A silhouette of a profile that is part obscure and part evident. There is something about her that seems familiar. Something that asks to be seen in totality, even if for a moment.

The water boy is two windows away from her. He hopes that she will turn when the water boy approaches her. The ennui is reborn as delicious anxiety. A subtle sense of mystery that emerges as a nagging desire to see her face; like the want of a little wish, a glass of cold water in the hot summer days, or a child asking for a slab of chocolate when he sees one. Wants unfounded in logic, yet confounded in being. There he is now; and the next window should be hers. She suddenly gets up to fetch something from the upper berth, where she might have put her luggage. He breathes in relief when she settles down, and maybe for a half second he had a glance of her face. But glances like these are not satiating, they are like catalysts to a chain reaction. Like trifle accelerators to the alchemy of desire.

The engine whistles again, while the water-boy looks in his pocket for change to complete the sale he just made. There is a slight jerk as the loco slowly starts to gain momentum. He knows his train is moving, yet now he wants it to stop even if just for a moment. The water-boy is at her window now, he sees her turn her back to face the window. As her hair move out of the frame and her face starts to reveal itself, the TTE comes and asks for his ticket.

Life after all, is not lived in days, or hours, or minutes, but in ironic moments. Yet some of them possess the magic to repaint the entire canvass. It just takes a moment to love, and another to die. The stories like cell-phones get smaller with time, and evanescent dreams live their entire lives in nano. Born and dead in the blink of an eye, but some carry on. They thrive in the reflections within the glass house of thoughts fueled by the fires of burning imagination. There lies the essence of beauty, in being a joy forever, in a treasured strain of memory of a stranger, whose face one could never see. Of a nano love, that even if for some moments, did give a reason to live.
Though nano.

A severed life!!(diya)

I hardly remember the day I came here...Its seems so many years back.. but it hardly has been an year even.. The day when i was taken away from my family.. I didn't even realize that i was to be severed from them forever..May be i miss them so much now because i don't get to meet anyone like me here.. i cant say i don't have friends though..

i love playing with the kids and the new family, (my family now) is very caring and good..i know they all love me a lot and i am being well taken care of.. But at times when everybody else around me gets busy i long for company.. Its pretty frustrating to be inside the house all the time.. N even the times when i go out to the patio or by the pool, i get jealous when i see birds in a flock merrily enjoying their freedom beyond all boundaries.. I love going out.. long drives are really refreshing.. But that happens once in a blue moon.. :(

I guess my autobiography is looking very morose.. So let me tell you about the happier things i do..i love the days when i get to eat rice with yogurt cos tats my favourite.. I love it when the boys pay their full attention to me and are not called away by their mom.. I love to play the ball with them..I love the days when there are pool side parties when i get to roam freely upstairs without getting scared of being alone...Some days even the kids r left with me.. That's when parties are best..N i get to eat chicken.. Ah wat juicy bones!! The very thought makes me smile:) And i must say, that these days do come frequently.. So i guess i lead a happy life.. :)

Before i sign off i have a small confession..Its about the mad crush i have these days.. I just cant help drooling when i think of him..N this is the picture of his i have by my bedside.. Oh.. How i'd love to be on TV like him :-) Ok time to take a nap now..

I'll leave you all with a autographed picture of mine. Click on my name to view it ;-)

Love you all,

Daisy lu (Oh how i love my name...)

PS: I love my friend called diya who introduced me to u all..

This was a post i enjoyed writing.. N daisy is a real darling!!! oh i miss her a lot since we 've moved form there.. But still we do visit her often n plan to soon get sumone like her ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Favorite Post (DJ)

Luckily I did not have scan too much for getting my favorite post. When the voting was in progress for selecting the next topic, I had already decided what would be my take on the topic if this one is selected.

Just before writing this post, I had completed reading "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho; though it was not the first time I was reading this book. But somehow I went into some thinking mode and suddenly I started making my own sense of the author's words. This is what I had gathered around from my knowledge and tried to interpret philosophy with science.

This might be quite boring for most of you who are not interested in science or are not into technical fields, but please try to bear it somehow. :)

Here is the link to the original post! Click here.

World in terms of Probability
"When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream" - from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Recently I read, once more, one of the finest books ever written - The Alchemist. The above sentence appears more than a couple of times throughout the book. And this gave me a thought in the context of philosophy as well as science.

Some two years back, I was studying Artificial Intelligence at school and I came across this concept of Probability Distribution Graphs, what we call PDGs. Modelling any situation with the help of PDGs is fun. It is very interesting to see how the conditional probabilities of certain events get raised or lowered under the influence of some evidences which are disclosed or masked at some point of time or their individual probabilities are altered. And in fact, with the vision of evidences on the graphs, the complete probability distribution on the graph changes quite a lot. We used a tool named Genie to model the probability of getting a good grade in any class. I collected a set of events that I could think might have influence on getting a grade. With the help of the tool, I could set the initial probabilities of all the conditions and then after selectively unmasking several evidences, I could see the variation in probability of getting a grade.

Later on, I read a book titled - 'God's Debris' written by Scott Adams. I found several explanations to be really interesting in this context. The reasons that Scott gave for the existence of universe and interpretation of every other thing in the universe in terms of probabilities was engrossing. I could recollect PDGs at that point of time.

After reading "The Alchemist" once more, I again tried to relate the above sentence with PDGs. One can model the world as a really big PDG. But the world is very complex now and things continue to add to the complexities of it. With every step forward in every field of progress, we are adding several conditions to the PDG that makes the interpretation of the graph even more worse. But if it is possible to collect enough knowledge base and resources so as to create this titanic PDG, most of the events can be surely projected as wished. Although, the same thing is happening right now and at every moment of time, we are not in a position to decode enough information so as to reveal accurate predictions.

That's why "When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream". And it surely does. Though most of the parts of the world go unnoticed, one can relate everything once the desire gets transformed to achievement. It is only then that the connected dots are visible which can be traced through the path of time to the initial spot where it all began.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Love Today (Michelle)

This is one of my recent favourite posts and of course the favourite of the person who its dedicated to, and who also suggested I post this particular one.Thinking about how I was feeling when I wrote this post makes me smile.Hopefully, it will make you smile too :-)

Ever had that one person in your life for who you have thanked God a million times? Ever had that one person, whos number you dial almost automatically every time something good or bad or upsetting happens? I see my friends who have loved and lost, who have hurt and have been hurt, who have given up on this wonderful thing called 'love' and those who still have hope...I used to be that confused person.Confused about if life ever will give me a break and just let me be happy or confused about how situations mock me so horribly or confused about karma that always turned right back around...confusion confusion confusion.But, despite all this confusion, I always found happiness in the smallest of things...I began to expect so less, that every small thing seemed like such a huge deal!

I see my friends who have had their share of bad luck in love simply give up on the aspect of finally meeting that 'ideal' person, they scorn and scoff about those 'fairy tale' like endings and often just lock up their hearts and throw the keys as far as they can.I see some of them refer to love as 'bullshit' or 'crap' or the ever famous parent line, 'your too young'.Let me ask you a can people that never found the true meaning of love, judge such an intimate and wonderful feeling? How can you just dismiss the entire prospect of loving someone after just one or two bad experiences.If you do believe someone is out there for you, bad experiences should simply be brushed off your shoulder.I used to be that person.The person that just GAVE UP.I wasted all my time wallowing and hurting myself over something that was NEVER mine.Something, that was never worth my tears or my love.

I just want to tell those that have given up, NEVER give up cause the person that is actually meant for you, is around...and when the time is right, you will know.He will open up his hand and will have that key to your heart in his palm :-)
I want to thank someone for making me feel so special...and for always holding my hand tighter and never letting go whatever the situation maybe...Thank You...You mean the world to me!

My Favorite post...Rathna

This is one of my favorite posts.

It was my bday as well as Mother's day...and I had dedicated this post to my mom.

My mom mean a lot to me!

Here goes my favorite....

Let yourself be open and life will be easier. A spoon of salt in a glass of water makes the water undrinkable. A spoon of salt in a lake is almost unnoticed. - Buddha

Every year this day, I will ask only one question to myself.

Why was I born on this day?

Is there some link missing?

If yes, what is that?

Thank you, mom

For all the strength & courage you give me,
For all the faith & Trust you have in me,
For dressing me down when I did mistakes,
For all the kudos from you for my silly and small achievements!

You are my super MOM, I Love You!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

mother india(vishesh)

it was my 7th post.I realised this only now.I don't believe in coincidence and i consider 7 as my lucky number.

This poem was and will always be a huge part of my life.For the first time,in my life,i worte something with "art and adoration"(from the frog and the nightingale by vikram seth).IT inspired me ,to come up from the mess i had landed up my self in.I had hit the ebb of my school life academically,managing even to flunk in maths!!.The poem helped me get to know my self better and how fortunate i was.It helped me get a insight into myself and surprisingly,even the peers who used to look down on me appreciated it.It gave a sense of joy which i had never felt before.

IT also got published in my school magazine last year.So herd it goes,though it is a long one :)

i had previously mentioned the good things blogging has done to me and one of them being improvement in my language,you can see it in this post :)
MY best poem so far.....
it took a lotta effort to write...
so thought u should see it.....

-by Vishesh Unni Raghunathan

As young as the earth, started
A land, seven others unified
Roamed by dinos. Newerness dried
Slowly to a pair. Then with its
Lands alone started a journey, life’s
Lasting ground. Kings crossed a chess queen’s
Nine gems profound. Bows for archers,
The Aryan script. Pen heavier than sword
The Vedas. Buddha to Mahavirha,
The avataras of celestials, Alexander’s
fears, Ghazni’s seventeen ponders. Kalinga’s
Ashokan penance, past Kahn, lame, Babur’s
Petit army. Benevolence with gems
Akbar the great. Taj Mahal
A paradise of love, eye
dropping forts the red one and the
Mountain rat’s. The Brits’ canons faced
With braveness of the mightyness. Never
Say die, we shall rise, the wise old
Men, the pride of India
Bharata gauravaya namaha.

A history bigger than its constitution-the
World’s largest. Too many to name, you can
Count them if you want-the languages, dialects,
Beliefs and gods. Mantras from the oldest
World, hold the hearts of millions. Life
At its greatest potential, with morals
Of the Gita and Thirukurral.complexions
Made simple by Chanakya, discovery
Of Yoga and Sankaya, father of surgery
Sushruta, Bana’s and Kalidasa’s magic,
Inspiring our minds still. The scars of great
Kurukshetra,Panipat and other wounded lands
Changed the world. The power of words
Proved history. Vyasa’s and Valmiki’s
Simplified past. The bhagavatham-for
The past, present and future enclosed. Gitanjali
And other inspirations of Tagore, the vivid
Lines of many more to count and name.
The pride of India.
Bharata gauravaya namaha.

The hue and beauty of our flora and fauna,
The singled Rhino-the marshy wet northeast.
Even when seeing west not to take rest
The hyenas, jackals and foxes. Teak
Sandal and rosewood furnish the world,
Eucalyptus and others for health, watered
By the Ganges, Indus, Kaveri and other
Water maidens. Our crown, our protector.
Ancient sands, reminder of the vibrant
Echoes. No shadow too long, yet an
Elephant’s memory. Our Bay on East,
The Indian with corals and fishes, with the West
Ward Arabian. The Bengal shers
The Gir lions, the horse faced forest
The lap of luxury. The rising
Wind form storms for a dance
Of our peacock. The antique lands,
Our masonry inspirations. The
Crawlers, flyers, swimmers, walkers
Our protectors, friends, the
Pride of India
Bharata gauravaya namaha.

The depthfull caves outside-in, the headstone
Of discoveries. The natural hues and stone
Emotional faces, smooting to our mind
The work of fore fathers of our kind.
The sculptured rocks in Ellora,the Kailash
Beauty carved to embed human imaginations.
The Ajanthan caves, statues of Buddha-past
Future of the peaceful god painted on walls. To
Commemorate their worship and kingness
The temples of love, power, beautyness’s
Heart Belur, Halebeid, Somnath and equitants.
The radiant towering Mahavirha at Sharavanabalgola,
Temples in the ranges of the Konkan West,
Seven hills god, the ananthasana Vishnu,
The snowed linga, the sun temple, Jama Masjid,
Churches and every other sanctum, behold
The one power mesmerizing sorrows,
Replacing them jovially to the one fold faith
Our motherland. The pride of India
Bharata gauravaya namaha.

Symbolism synchronising dances,
The cheerful voices with faith,
All in respect of the omni present.
Like the lotus blooming at the sun,
Every heart sensing the riches and love
Of our evergreen culture. The will
To work at the highest zenith, powered
By the songs of everness; to protect
Her, the daring protectors; to connect
The super natural to the mortals, the
Men of prayers; to richen her wealth
The sellers; welcome aliens to the
Land of nirvana and peace.
Giving’s personification, the power of will,
Theories existing’s discovery minds.
Harnessing the universe, building life,
Creator’s homeland, the lap of luxury,
A man’s dream place of birth.
The power of unknown’s life
Enfolded in you, pride of our Mother, India
Bharata gauravaya namaha.


and to top it off :)

here is a photo of moi :)

My Favourite Post (Sam)

Now this is a toughie... but I'll try. I scanned through my earlier posts and came up with this one. This poem was written after i was really down and actually was going into a mind-frame to chuck it all..... but then I thought otherwise, delved into my past.... came up with a solution and in turn this poem.

To Burn is His Destiny!!

and so darkness descended on his soul...
as the heart was fed to the devil....
and the shroud of night took him in her arms...
he lost consciousness but still fought on.
fighting a losing battle may be...
but the gamble was to be made...
may be it had to be this way....
but this shall not be the end....
the night has to give way to the day.....
the skies have to clear after the rain....
the fear of the dark shall be too great...
for in darkness does the heart really glow.....
lest he should loose his way.....
he tethers his mind to an existence....
should he get reduced to ashes....
he shall rise... rise again.....
the devil can never have his heart....
the Satan can never claim him....
he is the phoenix........
to burn is thus his destiny!!

let fate conspire against him...
and throw him down to the deepest mires...
let the world test him....
and wound him all the time....
he will move on... and take his flight...
his heart will flutter till it can...
and sing as long as he breathes...
for he believes in the light....
the light of the soul...
for he believes in a brand new day....
for he is the phoenix....
and he shall rise...
should he be reduced to ashes!!

tease him... tie him...
suppress him.... undo him...
he will breathe in your soul...
for he will mark you forever..
the vagaries don't scare him...
and the truths don't daunt him....
coz, to burn is his destiny....
for he is the phoenix!!

The rest of the works can be accessed through this link : Poetry

Btw, this is what wikipedia has to say about the Phoenix.


Happy Reading :)

A June Rose (by Keshi)

(This is a special dedication for a very special person. Hence I didn't think I needed to get permission to post this. Please don't delete this ADMIN :))

She is a beautiful rose born on the 20th of June. She is a wonderful mother. She is a lovely wife. And most of all a golden friend to have. I've known this rose for a very long time now. She's been one of my earliest friends in Blogville. She and I made an instant connection cos she and I are so much alike in many ways. Maybe cos we are both rather emotional Cancerians? :). Ishita has a way of making you feel special...she respects you for who you are...she has an innate ability to take you just the way you are. That's what I love about this Rose. Her delicate fragrance, her unmatchable beauty, her soul-searching writings and her honest opinions got me closer to her in ways that are not easy to put into words. She changed my life from just one line that she wrote to me in one of her the time I was feeling down and I was going to stop blogging, so I was informing her that I wont be around in BUF for a while...then she wrote to me and said this: Kesh whatever it is that happened, I'm sure the others have moved on, so why don't you too? That one line was enough to change me instantly. I swear it changed me just like that - so I picked my self up and continued just the way I was before. Not many people can say something to you that would truly change you. Ish is a rare soul and she isn't just words only - she means it. She's also the founder of this ever-famous BUF blog. She's a legend and I want to wish her a beautiful birthday and many more happy and warm bdays for years to come! HUGGGGGGGGGZ and MWAHHHHHHHZ!

I want to dedicate this song for Ish. Not only cos she loves this song very much (and it is also one of my favs) but also cos I think of Ish as a HOLIDAY. She's fun, relaxing to be around, refreshing, a beautiful wave, a heavenly getaway, a soul-awakening experience...

Music: Holiday by The Scorpions

Happy birthday (by Seema)

Happy bday Ishita

All of us are waiting for you to cut this cake dear.....Dont forget our treat..........
Come on guys lets sing for her
Happy birthday to u
Happy birthday to u
Happy birthday dear Ishita
Happy birthday to you
May the good lord bless you
May the good lord bless you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you

My weekend (Seema)

When i read Ishita's post to write about your favourite post, i cdnot help putting this post here. It is a very small and ordinary post but this is the post or rather this was the day my life changed...... Though iam putting in the post as i had written it then, i would also be adding in a few details to it now...For those of you who want to read the original post the link is below:

My weekend(05/08/06)

As usual my days were not so good. The only good thing that happened was i meet my new friend. He is a Doctor. So young. And he is so down to earth...Wow he had a laptop...An Acer laptop....Oh am i crazy for laptops...It felt good to work on his laptop for those half hour...When would i get one of my own?????? We had icecream and noodles...Wow i enjoyed them...Hoped to go for a movie on Sat but then it was Varmalakshmi and he was too busy....And then i sat and watched Gangster..It was a great movie...Though i dont like Imraan Hashmi....The movies was okay...Oh the songs are awesome....Specially Bheegi Bheegi. Bangladeshi singer James makes an impressive debut with Bheegi bheegi.This one's not a Pritam creation but based on on a song called Prithibi by the late Gautam Chatterjee (a cult Bengali rock songwriter who was the leader of a band called Mohiner Ghoraguli). An interesting arrangement that alternates between minimalist and soft rock, powerful lyrics (by Mayur) and James' inspired performance ensure Bheegi bheegi is another winner.


The post ends here...but this is were my life actually started.....

Let me tell you all how i met him.....

31/07/2006 17:06:59

Iam in my cab on my way to office. Almost near the gate of my office when i get a sms from an unknown number. I dont exactly remember what it said but yes it was a hai hello msg. That particular day i was in a very bad mood since my promotion was not getting thru...I was very rough with him...I called him and screamed at home. Sent rather nasty replies. Still he kept sending me messages and tried to get friendly with me...

01/08/2006 00:39:33

Started feeling sorry for the person who has been msging me for so long even after my harsh treatment. Decided to talk to him. Believe it or not after that talked to him for half an hour and dozens and dozens of msgs. I found the person to be a very sweet guy.
And since then we have stood by each other thru thick and thin. He made me realize that iam not a worthless female and i need to love my life....
Jaan i owe u a lot..And i dedicate this post to you..just you....

Monday, June 18, 2007

Fantastic Four: The Rise of The Silver Surfer Movie Review (Switchblade)

Movie: Fantastic Four: The Rise of The Silver Surfer
Directed: Tim Storey
*ing: Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, Michael Chiklis, Julian McMahon

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

When I first heard that a part 2 of the Fantastic Four was in the making I nearly soiled myself with excitement...coz not only were they bringing back the family of cosmically empowered superheroes, they were going to face off against one of the greatest heroes of the Marvel Universe...The Silver Surfer.

So what we have is The Silver Surfer aka 'Norrin Radd', a humanoid alien from the planet Zenn-La. When the peace-loving folk of Zenn-La were faced with extinction at the hands of the planet-devouring Galactus, Norrin traded in his freedom for the safety of his homeworld becoming the herald of Galactus. When Galactus needed to feed, Norrin as the Silver Surfer would scout the universe looking for planets to be devoured by the insatiable Galactus. Able to travel the vast interstellar distances with his silver surfboard and armed with the Power Cosmic (the same power that made our four heroes fantastic) the Surfer spent several decades serving his new master...until he came to Earth!

The movie kicks off with the wedding of Mr. Fantastic (Ioan Gruffudd) and Invisible Girl (Jessica Alba). However the arrival of the Surfer puts a monkey wrench in the marriage machinery and the Four are off to kick Silver butt and drive away the intruder.

As with most of the super-hero movies that come out these days...the special effects in this installment are absolutely brilliant but sadly the story line is a bit too weak. From one fight scene to the next, the story flows quite smoothly but it lacks depth. At times it feels like there's just too much talk and not enough fighting.

Carried over from the first movie are the playful fights between the Thing and The Human Torch, The Invisible Girl's public wardrobe malfunctions and Mr. Fantastic’s inability to control his stretching powers making you feel like the director is at his wits-end trying to come up with new gags to keep the audience entertained.

The Silver Surfer, portrayed by Doug Jones and voiced by Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus from the Matrix trilogy), is one enigmatic character. In a struggle between saving the Earth and doing his master's bidding, he is the only character in the movie that the audience can really relate to. Good news for the villain lovers...the handsome Dr. Doom (Julian McMahon) is back! And he's badder, meaner and more powerful than ever before!!

Overall it is a good movie and a decent entertainer but it lacks the 'oomph' that the first movie had. This one had the potential of being a true summer blockbuster but sadly wont make too much of an impact at the box office.

Amazing special effects and fight sequences.
Julian McMahon is a really good actor and truly brings out the character of Victor von Doom.
Few elements of humor courtesy the Thing and the Human Torch.
The Silver Surfer...need I say more??

Once again...Shallow character development.
Jessica Alba looks fake! Too much make-up and very bad acting...IMO Charlize Theron would have made the perfect Invisible Girl.
Stan Lee (creator of the Fantastic Four) and his cameo appearances that are kinda getting on my nerves!
Why do they insist on making super-heroes dance?? Didn’t we have enough of Spidey doing the Salsa?? Now we have Mr. Fantastic shaking his elastic booty!!

Overall Rating: 7/10

PS - For those of you who are interested in getting to know the finer details of the movie, check out the Silver Surfer cartoon uploaded on youtube. The first and second parts of the first episode detail the transition from Norrin Radd to the Silver Surfer.


Favorite post...hmmmmmmmm (Shooting Star)

The topics this time got me not much of a spoofer so thought lets not try it and fall flat on my face...and i dont have a favorite post in my personal blog coz each and ever post is a maifestation of my feelings at that moment....but still...the post i choose to share is close to my heart coz i love rains and this was written just after i had wonderfully got drenched in rains was written i think exactly a year back

A thousand needles pricking my skin….no it’s the raindrops the wind blows into my ears..and into my soul……..i feel alive ….more alive in the moment than I have been in the whole day….or maybe whole week……I feel one with nature….one with myself and one with the wind…..i am the wind I am the rain…..and I can be what I want to be…in this moment…a thousand desires such as these…and only one lifetime to fulfill them……………..

My Favorite Post

My favorite post so far has been a poem I wrote more than a year ago. It resonated the state of my mind. I named it "fighting it out"
whirlpool of emotions
and yet she dives
into the nothingness
that defines her being.

calm of the mind
and yet she gets pulled
into the turmoil
that rules the heart.

silence of the lips
and yet she's caught
by the words and shadows
dancing in the eyes.

turbulence of the past
and yet she gets lead
into the placidity
of the future.

all she lives for.
Well, there are so many posts that I hold dear to my heart for reasons known only to me. Some of them are this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this, this....

Okay, Mala, STOP!

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

My Favourite Childhood Memory - With my Grandma (Thumbee)

A Big Hello to my deary friends & mates in BUFers!

(((BIG HUG))) for everyone

I have gotten so so busy with my new job until i hardly have time to write my blog. Anyway, here's my favourite childhood memory....

From young, i was brought up by my Grandma. She took care of me from baby til i was in primary school. I remembered how she first brought me to the kindergarten... For the first of the whole week, i cried every single day when i reached school. She would stand outside the school & look at me from the window grills. The more i see her standing there, the louder the cried. When my teacher told my Grandma to go home & come back for me after school, i cried even louder. My Grandma's god-son, who is only a year older than me was also studying in the same kindergarten. So whenever i wanted someone who i know to be around me, i would run to his class and sit behind him. HaHa! Until there was a time where one of my classmate actually patted me on my back and said, "Don't cry already. Your Grandma is waiting for you. She is not throwing you here and running away." Imagine first week of school for me at kindergarten.. LOL! Those were the days.....

Every morning, Grandma would buy/prepare breakfast for us (Me, Charmaine my cousin, & Jia Jie the god-son). On weekends, she would bring us out for morning walks or exercises with her. The 3 little ones will run off to play in the playground or play catching while she watches us from afar as she do little exercises. :) Grandma always cooks delicious foods for everyone she loves. She also loves to clean the house. Her house is always so clean tat from far it sort of "glitters". HaHa.. Every week, she would prepare herbal soups, bird nest soups or herbal tea for us to eat and drink. She is never stingy to the little ones. Always bringing us out to have fun. :) At times, i would follow Grandma into Malaysia for a little short trip. We would go there to visit some friends and have a meal together. Sometimes, i would follow her to Mount Faber to meditate. Although i don't meditate with her, i would seat in a corner & watch her meditate. With such nice surroundings, birds chirping, wind blowing against the trees, leaves rustling..... Its so relaxing over there even though I'm not mediating.

When i got older, i didn't stayed with Grandma. We would always visit her on weekends and sometimes stay over at her place :) Even when there's not enough beds, we would not mind at all. We would lay mattresses on the floor of the bedroom, even living room too if there are too many ppl staying over. (Tat's how much warmth & love the family felt & had - in the past...) When my mum wants to cane me, Grandma would stand up for me & tell her not to cane me. Sometimes, she would even scold my mum when she canes me. I love to snuggle into Grandma's arms and feel her body warmth & hear her heartbeat. I loved to hug her everytime i see her. :)

Sadly, Grandma got ill. She had cancer, cervical cancer. She had gone for operations but the tumours just kept coming back to her. To a point where she actually didn't want to go for any more operations cos she feels its useless. Wasting so much money & time, but can't get 100% healed. So she opted to take injections & medications regularly trying to slow down or stop the cancerous cells from multiplying. All these while, my uncle was the one forking out all the money to cure Grandma. He had spent so much but he didn't complaint at all. Instead, it was Grandma who told him not to continue to spend money on these medications & injections anymore. Grandma wanted him to save up for his own family for future use. (Tat's how much Grandma loved all of us)

No more injections. Her condition deteriorated. She turned from a healthy, bubbly, happy and active Grandma to a thin and weak Grandma. She knew her time was gonna end soon. Thus, she had made plans for each and everyone of us from her sisters and brothers to my uncles, aunts and even all the little ones she was going to leave behind. She has bought for the little ones a gold necklace each which will only be given to us when we get married. She gave away all her jewellery to my aunts and mum. She transferred the flat to my uncle who was not married at tat time. She did wat was deemed necessary and correctly for all of us.

Unfortunately, on 1 July 1994 evening, she left us. I didn't get to see her for the last time.


She has brought for me & my cousins loads of wonderful memories. Even until now when Maine & I tok abt Grandma, at times, my eyes get teary. We really missed Grandma so so much! At home, we have an altar for her. Sometimes when i'm feeling down, i would "talk" to Grandma & tears will flow.... I miss her smile. I miss her cuddles. I miss her smell. I miss her food. I MISS HER!

In my blog, i have also written a post abt Grandma before. In there, i wrote alot more.
U may wanna read abt it here :

I miss her so so much....