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Sunday, May 20, 2007

If Only...... (kathy)

Heyyyyy! Konnichiwa minnasan.... ( Good afternoon everyone!! ) ^_~ goshhh! it takes ages for me to decide on this topic lol!! And also, i haven't met anyone here na. Well, i came up to my very best..... they're the one's whom the closest to me eversince i started blogging. Here they are........ oops...... yeah, m breakin' the rules too hehe.... coz i cant just pick one! Lemme start now or else i'll be suffering from..... "maybe-i-can-do-it-again-later?" mode awwww...... :P

Keshi----- first and foremost.... she's my "soulmate-friend" yeah, we have the bond.... its hard to explain, its beyond words ^_~ i dun need to say anything ...... i love her and she always gives sparkling good vibes for me and for everyone... if only God make more Keshi in this world, maybe there wud be more love, happiness and peace around! Am really dying to see her and spend precious time with her.... i want to start from morning, that when she open her eyes... she can see me sittin' right next to her in her bed sayin' "good morning Kesh!!" breakfast is ready.... awwwww!! and she will give me bone-crushin-hug coz she'll be surprised what the hell m doin' in Sydney haha..... yeah! And the rest will be a crazy imagination..... i can see her how she do the rush, doin' all from........ shower, eatin' breakfast, make-up , changin' clothes, singin' while she's runnin' the house and last but not the least how she drives car? awwww.... that's quite scary coz i still remember her random lil incidents post goshhhh!! For sure i'll shout at her if she will try to do a " back to the future" drive lolzzzzzzzzz!!!! Take care sweetie have a safe drive always...... muahhh! Well, the rest of the day... wanna see her too how she works in office and wud love to meet her other friends and have lunch together outside. I wanna meet the hunk waiter too at the coffee shop lol! (see i remember that?) haha.... and later of the day.... i just want to walk with her at the beach nearby her place, talk about anything or just sit there looking at the sea and just hearin' the sounds of life and say ahhh..... how lucky we are to be friends! How beautiful life is when there is peace and love everywhere..... oops i shud not forget that i need to be back to Tokyo at six pm. coz i need to prepare dinner or else hubby will kick me out of the house lol!!! ;)

Sudeep----- ahem! do i need to say anything? aww just look at his pic. goshhhhh!!!! he got "super cool" nick from me, the only guy i know who's lookin' good while sleepin' in hammock lol! ^_~ he dun need to do anything too.... i can spend the whole day just lookin at him haha.... sounds crazy right?? coz after havin' lovely day with Kesh, i think i'll never have the power to entertain this guy for another day! hehe.... or if he will really give his precious one day for me, i wanna go to some good places there in Pune...... a drive to some cool hill station or just have ice cream anywhere, sit and listen to his crazy jokes while eatin' lol!!!! Miss ya dearrr..... hope u'll be here in BUF more regularly so we can have more fun..... do come here na sudeepuuuu! ^_~

Puneet----- woww!! look at the guy.... m speechless lol!!! i'm callin' him " the-good-lookin-guy " eversince!! We became friends here too instantly in blogger. I can say, he's the sweetest guy i've ever met in blogworld.... the one who flirts soo nice lol!^_~ I mean he's the one who won't make u angry and u just can't help not to talk to him and accept his pullin' leg everytime hehe.... kiddin'! He's really a wonderful person... makes u feel soo special everytime he's around! He just got married last year and been busy at work too so he dun blog regularly now...... i really missed his company and wud love to meet him and her wifey and spend one whole lovely day with them ..... to taste many Indian foods and Indian sweets awwwww..... thats mouth watering na^_^ wait for me there in Mumbai guys..... i'm comin very soon! ...hopefully...........;(;( ^_^

Ish------- she's my other soulmate-friend.... we became friends here too in blogger and maybe we get along easily to each other coz were both Mom's!!! Yeah.... m soo happy to know that im not alone blogger-mom hehe .... since then we shared a lot of things in life by reading and commenting to each other blog, talking, chattin' and orkuttin' !! But the best thing happened is when she came up with this idea of makin' "BUF" possible..... wowwww! now were all here enjoyin to the fullest na!! I wud love to meet her, Rajiv and Vedant and spend one whole day of fun..... wud love if we can go to Goa too awwww like all those lovely pics. u have there in ur album sweetie.... and i will be with my hubby and lil rina too woowwww! isnt that cool ? two families together...... nice na! Stay blessed dear!.... So to all singles there........:P:P why not try to marry once? lol! kiddin..... see it for urself!! awww...

Michelle------ ohh when u whisper her name.... u will just feel heaven instantly ^_~ yeah, i can only think of beautiful things around just by lookin' at her .... makes me you feel in-love actually! She's such a doll .... one who has the full energy of life. Wud love to spend the day with her dancing, singin and do the non-stop talk about hunks lol!! Of course i'll try talk to her in japanese coz she's studying the language right now!!!! You're such a sweetheart mich ..... wud just love to hug u and kiss u like crazy like what i do to rina ..... till u cries and shout at me sayin' Stoppppp ittttt Kathhhh!! :P lol!! hugsssssss........

... of course guys, wud love to meet u ALL here and spend one or more day when i come over to India! let see ..... ^_~



  1. in between do take the indian train....after your bullet or whatever...we should have your response recorded here....;) maybe a video comparing both the again i am running of the track...sigh

  2. awww kathy arigato for the sweet kotoba loll...and i loved ur post was very sweet and creative hehe the pics of vedant and rina were so cute!!! haha trust me i wudn tell u to stop cuz i kiss n hug my mum 1000 times a day and shes the one tht keeps yelling all for love ;D

  3. kathy,
    the slide is just awesome.. but i cudnt figure out who rina is.. :(

  4. i guess she is ur daughter rt???

  5. Ai shi teru Kath!

    Wut a beautiful tribute to ur friends. Only u can come up with something this special. Well u r one person I'd LOVE to meet too Kath...u already know how much I wanna meet u. And to see lil Rina and meet ur hubby...go see Sakura gardens with ya WOW!

    I love the plans u have for watch me wake up to ur brekky? LOL ur sooo sweet! U dun have to make me brekky...we'll make it together and then for sure head to the beach. How nice it'd be if we can really do all this ha? I hope some day our dreams will come true.

    U wudnt wanna be in my car when I drive...not that Im a bad driver but I dance while Im driving LOL!

    Sudeep OMG! I wanna meet this charming dude too. And where did u get that pic of him from...he looks ahemmm...gooood there! :) And Pu too...he's gone very silent after marriage...must be the married man germs LOL! We gotta get him outta his closet.

    Beautiful girls Michi, Ishi and all the others here wud be so lovely to meet Kath. I hope we get to some meet some day.

    ty for this lovely slide-show! I LOVED IT!


  6. @ vishesh

    oops... comparing indian train to bullet of japan?awww... yeah, u made me think na, considering bullet (shinkansen) reach speeds of over 300 km/h. now.. ^_^ !! ok let me search of some video to show u hehe... ;)

    well, i wud still luv to experience how is it to take Indian train when i come over!


  7. @ mich

    aww... my pleasure sweetie ^_~ so u do kiss Mom the way i do to rina?? haha... good! ^_^

    ... yeah, nice pics. of lil prince and princess of BUF... the next generation lol!!! ^_~


  8. the fastest train goes @ abt 100 km/hr....the rest you can guess :) india will need a few of those bullets in the coming fight with the booming air line sector....

  9. @ diya

    ... oh glad u liked it! ^_~ yeah, she's my lil princess Rina! She's wearin' there the typical japanese dress called "kimono"!


  10. Hello Kathy..

    Konnichiwa Evening. (I don't know how to say evening in Japanese:P)

    Or how abt this? Mushi Mushi!!:D

    Such a splendid and heartfelt post Kathy. Really awesome and overwhelming.

    I was touched reading it. I wonder how the people whom u specially and wonderfully picked would feel.

    Awesome really..

    Nice to have such a lovely Lady around. Need to know u more..


  11. Wowieee what a sweet post and i love that slide show
    really cool :))

    Keshi is on the top list of most of the buf's :)) Thats why i say she is a Angel.

    Nice list Kathy

  12. When you do come to India, i'll bet you'll be having a grand party waiting for you.

    So when you gonna start planning your trip?? ;)

  13. kathy! oh my :) wat a lovely slideshow :))) ... it's beautiful sweetie!

    and yes yes... we will meet pukkka! and Rajiv's here with me as I am writing this out. And we would luv for u, hubby and rina to come visit us :) ! and Goa wld be a fabulous plc for us to take the kids too.. a total fun family vacation plc! :) it wld be awesum!

    think abt it ;)

    rina luks adorable in that pic! and vedant wz so excited seeing his pic...he he..!

    gettin to know u here in bloggers and orkut and via mails... has been a blessing indeed! u are special and luv u fr the person u are:)


  14. @ kesh

    mama oyata adarey, patiyo! muaahh!^_~ yeah, wud luv to meet u sweetie very sooooon!!

    ... u dance while driving?? awwwww ok! will just try to stop u hehe! lol!

    ... stole that (sudeep pic.) in his album on orkut shhhhh!! haha ^_^ he will kill me if he knows it! :P

    ... and yeah, miss puneet na, hope he can come here once in a while!

    glad u liked the slide show sweetie! thats my fave snap of u ^_~


  15. @ vishesh

    ... try to check this one dear! ^_~ enjoyy! Japanese Maglev 581km/h


  16. @ amy

    ... Konbanwa! (good evening in japs) and moshi-moshi means hello when ur talkin on phone!

    awww wud love to meet u too dear, u sounds soo sweet and nice person! keep that smile... muaahh!


  17. @ poo

    ... agreed dear, she is indeed angel! awww glad u liked the slide-show and the post itself muaahh!!

    ... wud love to meet u too sweetie and see that lovely smiles in person! give my hugs and kisses to lil angel prachi!


  18. Oops...Thanks for the new words. Kathy..:D

    *hugs Right back @ ya. Lets hope the journey is buf will help us get to know each other.

    Take CAre..have a rocking gd day.!


  19. @ mr. j

    ... when m plannin' to come?? awww... dunno yet but hope soon, pretty pretty sooooon! :P

    ... and woww! grand party awaiting for me huh??? that's great! damnnnnn! u made me more excited sweetie ^_^ pheww!!!


  20. @ ish

    ... awww glad u liked the slide-show sweetie! ^_~ Rina loves lookin' at vedant's pic. too and this slide pics. itself!... and its really cool and for sure a fabulous once in a lifetime treat for us if we can have that Goa vacation together na...wowww!! lots of fun for the kids too!

    ... hope dreams come true very very soooon!! muaahh...


  21. @ amy

    ... my pleasure sweetie! ^_~ and wud love to know u more too... muaahh!

    have a great day ahead!

    take care!