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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Intro from diyadear :)

hello guys n gals..

This is diya from dallas, Texas.. i'm a 24 yr old Scorpio currently doing no work, other than movies, books, blogging, orkutting, chatting n ya my primary work supposed to be housekeeping ;-) I am very passionate about travelling and music.. Singing has been a favourite hobby n so r instruments like guitar n the violin.

Got married recently(5 months ve flown by..) n landed in this big big Us of A. Felt like Alice in wonderland but now its boring land at times.. u can find all abt my days here in my blog dreamgalznest.Before that i was an SAP consultant with Satyam computers, Chennai.

To be frank i feel rather nervous writing this intro blog here for all u bloggers out there. Cos i took up blogging on an impulse n because i like interacting with people from different part of the globe.. N now from Mr j n keshi whom ive been blog rolling since a few months, I've ventured to join BUF.. Hope to make a lot of friends n have loads of fun here..

This is a cool terrific community ishita has started here.. real smart site i must say.. Hearty congrats to her n all admin members n also to all member friends.. :)

Coming to the topic for the fortnight, one BUF member i would like to meet is Mr J. I didnt know much about him until recently.. But i came to know abt BUF from his post and also i feel Europe is the coolest place on earth.. May be seeing too many bollywood movies prompted in me the desire to c Switzerland right from childhood :)

n Mr j of course i wud love to meet u too.. n i better make it fast cos i know ur moving!!! :)

Thats it from me for now.. have a gr8 day everyone!!!


  1. WC aboard Diya!

    It's a pleasure to put a face to 'Diya'...u look absolutely charming! The sweet, innocent, pretty and poilte lady (unlike me ofcourse LOL!).

    Well u just got married ha...and u landed in the US after that...WOW pretty big changes in ur life happening altogether. U r a very brave girl.

    Meeting Johno is one of my life's dreams too...some day in a lil Maltese Cafe, we will be sipping coffee (or Jack Daniels Im not too sure) and I hope u and all the other lovely ppl will be there too.

    Nice intro girl, n love having u here HUGGGGGGGGGZ!


  2. welcome aboard diya.... :)
    enjoy the journey here...

  3. welcome aboard...good to see someone else from chennai :)

  4. welcome aboard divya..

    guess Mr. J is on demand now.. :D

  5. OoH lala Mister J....Woot!!Woot!!

    Welcome Abroad Diya..:)) And congrats on the recent knot..;)

    Hope to know ya more. ;)


  6. welcome diya!! and we have singing as a common favourite hobby ;-) cheers!

  7. Welcome to the blog!!!:-)

    That's a very pretty pic indeed..

    Waiting to read more from u!

    and yes luks like john's TRP's r soarinnggg! :P

    Enjoy BUF much as we all do :)

  8. hiii welcome here Diya ^_~

    ... lovely pic. there!! :) hope to know u more dear! i'm lookin' forward to read ur up-comin' post too! enjoy BUF!!!

    see ya around!


  9. southpaw,
    actually in my nervousness while writing the intro post missed to mention how much i wud love to meet u.. seeing the horde of people waiting to meet u, i thought i'll meet u later in leisure ;) australia is one of my dream destinations too :)lotssa hugzzz to u too keshi dear.. it feels gr8 to be friends with u as well as all otehrs here :)
    yup DJ,
    hope to enjoy it to the fullest..Dj da promise ;) ur name reminds me of rdb ;)
    ive spent only 2 yrs in chennai.. but thought its not my native, i simply love it.. lotssa fond memories :)
    nice name u've got.. n yeah guess Mr j is flying now :)
    thank u .. hope to know u more too :)
    i simply love ur name.. hope to hear ur voice too some time :)
    ishi, im already enjoying!! thank to u :)
    thank u .. wish to read more form u too :)


  10. welcome to the united nations of blogging. Congrats on the wedding it will be long and prosperous.

    Texas is hot like south florida.

    The flowers are a nice touch to the picture.

  11. Diya ur right...u wud need alot of LEISURE b4 heading to meet me cos Im pretty hyper and u wud have to tag along with me pretty fast LOL! HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ n ty sweetie I feel the same abt our fresh friendship!


  12. Hi Diya Welcome :)) I like you name "Diya" short and sweet.

  13. DD, you finally made it. Good to see you here :D

    Yeh Europe rocks cos of me :D

  14. Hope to know you more too.:) Divya

  15. Ello!!

    am sure the ner-vous-nees is zooped of by now...
    its an amzing experaince to be here!!
    and KeshiJI does her Fanous WC to everyone!!
    arrey.. WC!!!



  16. abhishek,
    ur rt.. the nervousness is gone!!! i feel rt at home :)