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Monday, May 21, 2007

Blog Update (Ishita)

Update day again people and this time we'll try and keep it short and sweet!

New topics starting effective 23nd May, 2007 till 5th June 2007

1. A picture to be posted by each member and explain why it is important to you (won the poll)
2. 3 tech features/ideas/suggestions to add to BUF (put up by us to get your feedback)

You can do either one of the two or both the topics. Also start voting for the new topics!

Thank you all for the overwhelming response to Puja's post…and hoping our prayers will help lil' Prachi.

Thank you again for the warm welcome extended to the new BUFers - Vishesh, Amutha, Nadya - who joined in since the last update and for your wonderful response to the previous topic!

What else is new at BUF? Read on…

>>>Check the new BUFer's page on our website (link below)

It lists all members based on their location and provides links to their profile / blogs.

>>>If you notice the blog loads faster :-) … *applaud for our tech team* … and we're also working on more ideas to improve the blog technically which is where you can help us through your posts on the second topic mentioned above.

25th May, 2007 - The birthday boy this week is none other than our very own JOHN :-) … so time to pull out your party hats and sing him the birthday song….! Wishing you a wholleeee lot of luck, happiness, joy, fun and everything you could wish for….!! Enjoy your special day! And he was sweet enough to let me have the pic below to share wid all of u. Usually he's quite hesitant to share his pics and more so have them put up as display pics or in blog posts. So here's another exclusive look at Mr J :-)

27th May, 2007 - We also have another fellow BUFer (now missing in action for sometime due to personal reasons) celebrating his first wedding anniversary. Many here were regulars on his blog. Which in it's time was the most happening blog around! Yes ppl, here's wishing Puneet and his lovely wife Archana a Very Happy Anniversary!!!

Ok ! That's it…Happy Blogging everyone!



  1. Lovely song Ishi!

    Nice new topic too...less traumatising than the last one :)

    Ideas for BUF...will think abt em soon and let u know.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY in advance to Johno! He looks GREAT in that pic.

    And HAPPY PAPER ANNIVERSARY to Pu and Archana! Wut a lovely couple!


  2. happy b'day u a gemini ha?

    and puneet happy Anniversary!!!

  3. oh my god!!! its a year already for puneet n archana?!!!

    i just cant believe it... the best thing i remember about his wedding was when it was dinner time and z00nie was so hungry! he hogged and hogged like crazy!... and archane was looking so so pretty :)))

    congrats puneet... have loads of lovely years ahead...

    mr j... happy birthday to u.. n a special thanx for all ur doing here :)))

  4. Happy B'day to me :D

    and a happy anniversary to Puneet & Archana.

  5. Happy Advance Bday MR good lookin' J.:P

    And happy anniversary to The good looking couple..;D


  6. Happy Birthday John !!!!

    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu
    Happy birthday to youuuu
    You look like a monkey and
    Act like one too.

    (clapssssssss )hahahahhaha sorry ;)

    Happy birthday to you.
    Have lots of birthday fun!
    May your birthday wishes all come true,
    Even if you have a ton.

    Happy Anniversary! to Puneet and Archana

    Another year to create
    precious memories together.
    Another year to discover
    new things to enjoy about each other.
    Another year to build
    a life rich in love and laughter.
    Another year to strengthen
    a marriage that defines "forever."


    Have a nice day :))

  7. hey johnny,
    advance happy birthday!!
    sum1 plz tell me is he really goin to be in his 40's?? cos lookin at his pics i dont think so.. i know its bad to ask ppl's age.. he he but pl forgive me ;)
    n happy anniversary puneet n archana... u both look lovely together!!

  8. many many happy returns of the day to john...

    and happy anniversary to puneet and archana...


  9. Wow..! another new topic!

    i think i gotta start digging my photo album & look for my fav photo to post it up here :)

    nice song too!

    I like the new BUFers page. Only now then i know there are only 2 ppl from Singapore & lots of ppl in India!

    Happy Birthday to John! ^o^

    Happy Anniversary to Puneet and his lovely wife Archana! ^o^


  10. oops someone's bday huh? ;) and that guy lookin' awesome on his pic. here.. awww Happy Bday John! ^_~ luv ur snap dear... have a blast! and m wishin' u all the best in life muaah! Godbless!

    Happy Anniversay to Puneet and Archana.... what a lovely couple awww! ^_~ May God showers u all the blessing, love and happiness in life!