This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Updating Sam..... (Sam)

Phew!! ok.. it's been a while. No wait... It's been a long time, since I wrote a word on blogsville. Life has been moving at a hectic pace and frankly am starting to feel a little breathless. I'll trace back six months since that's how long I have been off the map (almost). Firstly, MBA apps had started bombing. I had targetted UK and that was a fatal mistake with about 3 years of work ex (Loony, you might want to remember that!!), coz the excuse was it was too less. Anywyz, meanwhile dad shifted to Chennai, to take over a some real-estate firm. Am really happy for him as he has reached where he should have been about 10 years ago, had not played being the ideal family man. Better late than never is what I say!! :)

Finally in May, while being interviewed for MBA by a UK uni, I was offered a seat in the MSc programme. I decided to wait on it while they took their decision on the MBA. While I got rejected for the same I got the formal invitation to join the MSc programme. However, their was a catch. I had to get an academic recommendation and had just 14 days left for it to reach them. What followed a hurried travel form Pune to Sikkim, via Kolkata and Siliguri and then a dispatch to the uni. A few weeks later the conditional offer came in. I accepted!! :)

Now, if you thought the action was over then the answer is NO!! It was far from it...

The uni required my transcripts which the college couldn't dispatch thanks to the Gorkhaland troubles. On tenterhooks, I remember placing frantic calls to the Sikkim Manipal University. Finally the documents were submitted to the uni a week before deadline. All proceedings done. It was time for visa application. That meant a two week travel to Kolkata. It was while in Kolkata, that at a British Council organised pre-departure meet I came across a long lost friend. She was off to Leicester. Good!! :)

Since then visa app has been approved, last few days at work being celebrated, Gini came around to Pune for a visit and basically am busy packing bags. Oh and the internet policy at work has bit an all time low, with blogger being blocked out. Am using the client network to post this!!

Future update: 8th I leave Pune for Chennai, 15th I reach Kolkata, 1st October I reach London.
I don't know what my status on connectivity would be there so I make no promises!!
Oh, and I'm going to study at Tanaka Business School, Imperial College London

Till then everyone, take care and stay beautiful!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

An update on my life..(AmitL)

Hi,all-it's been great,reading updates from everyone on what's happening in their lives-in fact,perhaps we should have this as one of the regular topics each month,since it was fun reading about how Keshi's been feeling like a'live ornament' on a shelf(Loved that pic,Keshi),how Jitendra has been feeling happy at not having to see the 'naturally covered' Nigerians,Mich's been teaching Japanese and missing poetry lessons,21-year young Loon Gal's been working 12 hrs a day and still managing to go to the gym...awe-inspiring,all the posts.:)

By comparison,I'd say my life's just been moving along merrily,as always-the happiness being as I want it to be,the serenity being as I want it to be.i.e. me trying to control my emotions,rather than it being the other way round.
So,what's been happening since I returned from my one month sojourn in Baroda is:

- A whole pile of papers ,emails,crisis at work(amazingly,everywhere I've worked,I've seen that my work always remains where it was when I went on leave-except for maybe 5% of the S.O.S.part which gets taken care of...LOL)..but,then, that's what makes work all the more challenging.

- We had some of the most awful weather of the year- once the mercury touched 51 deg C. And, the last two weeks,it's been 43-45 deg C,with humidity levels touching 70+. It's pretty easy to imagine what happens at such times. Just imagine yourself in,say, Mumbai/Delhi- you go down for a short while,maybe to the nearby grocer, and, there's a sudden,you're left drenched n uncomfy...well,out here,we don't need the rains for this-the humidity does the job.hehe.

- I have a whole collection of books which I brought back from India-right from 2-3 Perry Masons,to Shantaram(a 900 pages or so tome,which I need courage to even begin reading-but,since it's supposed to be excellent,I'll go ahead,may be next month),the joke books (but naturally)like Then Unofficial jokebooks of Advance SMS, then, India Chalo(the book,not my slogan),Once upon a timezone,anything for you,ma'm,why men lie and women cry,Brida(Paulo Coelho)The Present(Spencer Johnson)....but,the past month was so hectic that my only spare time went in either the walks with the mp3 player providing good company,or,watching TV with mind half-closed.LOL. Can't complain,really- I'd prefer this any day,rather than sitting idle and musing.

- Watched two movies- Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na(I won't give any review-Happy,Amrita?..for those not clear about this remark,please be visiting Amrita Ma'm's blog) and Singh Is Kinng. The second one was a good timepass-right from Akshay Kumar's unique style of humour down to(No pun intended) Katrina's prancing around in minis of the micro kind. But,then, they suit her,and she still manages to smile,so,it's all for the best! The hall was also just half-full,since we(me and a friend) went for the morning show and,after a week of it's release)
-And,of course,I've been upto my favourite pasttime-reading my favourite bloggers' blogs,being in awe of the immense talent around blogworld and updating my teensy weensy blog,too,when i can!:)

I guess that's enough of an update on what's been happening in my life! And,what's about to occur-well,next month being the holy month of Ramadan out here,we(non-fasting) work 2 hrs less than normal,(Those fasting work just 1/2 day)if the previous 'rules' are followed this year too!And,all work out here slows down,like it slows down this month in Europe,when everyone's on a three week holiday) So,that's something to look forward to-catching up on reading,music,movies,health,walking,treadmilling....:)

Awaiting the next BUFer's update!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Faltering and Giggling (Michelle)

Hello everyone! The topics are perfect given the weather and a lot of people being A.W.O.L (including me). But I DO have excuse(s). I still am stuck in this time warp which only allows me to work and absolutely NOT have time for anything else other than my books.So, all that gives me all the more reason to update all you nice people that actually want to know whats up with me! :P

A BIG HEARTY HUG AND LOTS OF BEST WISHES TO ISHITA, RAJIV AND VEDANT for little ANURAJ! The pictures I saw were adorable and I can tell he is going to make a lot of girls swoon.So, Vedant has competition now.

This is one of the few days that I have gotten to view my computer screen so please cut me some slack :-( . I can tell that I really have no time cause I haven't changed my facebook display picture in over a month!! :-O

Yes, I still am teaching Japanese and I have been buried in my books cause my exams are coming soon and I must beat my previous score in order to not gouge and scratch everyone in sight.Things have also been depressing lately because I HATE THE RAINS and my favourite teacher is on leave for 3 months and I simply cannot imgaine studying poetry without her.

''Absence decreases mediocre passions and increases great ones; just like the wind extinguishes candles and the fans fire''

Me and my guy completed 2 years in July which was quite fact, I still don't believe it.Another thing that has gotten me ecstatic is how amazingly me and his mom clicked.Its like shopping sprees and hugs X 2. :D

Right now, I wish life would slow down a little and I wish I could be lying down on a hammock and sipping a smoothie :-( but I am going to make use of this long weekend coming up.I'm bringing in Independance Day in Mumbai!! Even though the weather is TERRIBLE, I shall still have fun and just relax.

Have a great weekend guys! Jai Hind! :-)

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Kitty Flying Cold! (Keshi)

This is what I'm like at the moment...crippled by a small accident and feeling immobile and quite like a live ornament kept on a shelf...

What I wanna do right now is in full freedom like an angel with no emotional attachments...

Amit I just had a shower so please don't ask me to take another one or even dream of one in this extremely cold Winter! Add John Abraham to it, I might reconsider it lol!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

August Topics(AmitL)

Hi,all...seems everyone's still busy. So,to spice things up a bit, how about this topic from Keshi:
1)An update on my life (Thanks,Keshi,for this lively will surely tell us what everyone's been up to and is/are up to!!
As part 2 of the above topic, how about continuing it with:

2)...And,what I'd like to be doing right now.(Since no-one covered that topic last month,including me)

3) And,how about this as funny 'Word'of the month: Shower: Let your thoughts run wild,tell us what you interpret by the word,what you sing in there,whether you stare at and admire yourself in the mirror,et al. LOL..of course, I was referring,innocently as always,to the current season in India- of monsoon showers.

So,who's first? Keshi,I feel!! *claps*