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Friday, May 18, 2007

Ishi...aati kya khandala? (Rajiv)

As always I will keep this short and simple. I would like to spend 24 uninterrupted hours with Ishita.

Yes I know this is about picking someone I don't know personally or rather have not met personally. But Ishita post BUF is a new person for me. Someone I am still getting used to here at home

Honestly, ever since BUF started I don't get Ishita alone. It's BUF 24X7 except when she is fast asleep and that too is something she's not getting enough of. And all our conversations revolve around BUF :P

Soon enough I shall whisk her off ... away from all of you to a place far away. Where we can spend nice quiet hours between us. I think she'd love that ;-)

So Ishi? चले हम ?

On a more serious note, like Ishi said so in her post abt meeting up John...A big BUF party would be ideal. I would love for that to happen someday :-) and get to know you all a whole lot better!


  1. rajiv is a cheater cheater cheater.. nenenenene

    he is a cheater...

    chalo now get ur ass n write a post on whom u HAVNT MET

    u breaking the RULES GRRRRRRRRRRR..:P

    u r a cheater cockkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  2. Please take her away.
    She needs a break.

    Anyways she is acting up like a mix of Sushma Swaraj, Uma bharti, Amma, Kanta Bhen and Tulsi Virani these days forming a weird moral policing brigade here on BUF.

    Please take her.
    AND get her drunk :D


  3. lol@ harje..
    u r soo right about this..
    she is with u 24/7 since soooo many yrs :P

    n u r a CHEATER angrezi nahi tho suno..
    aapko unke baare main likhna hai jisse aap KABHI nahi MILE aaj talak.. ( pls excuse my grammer) n yeah i donno bhojpuri... i need Jitu bhais help then :P


  4. @ uttsy... Rajiv has a point to make in this's beyond the topic per se! :P

    @ harjee... i cld seriously do with a drink or two or more right now!

    @ rajiv... yes puhleez take me away! maybe to sum de addiction center?! :P... thank u baba..for this @ post..

  5. Hello Rajiv

    ***away from all of you to a place far away. Where we can spend nice quiet hours between us.

    Awww..Thats so nice..

    Nice post.


  6. hmm...everyone needs a break.....i will you what...go on a trip to can be guaranteed that there won't be any internet...:)and ya maybe try white water rafting......heard from a lot of my frnds that the place is cool....and fun...

  7. a big BUF party...???
    sounds fun...
    but where will it take place? india, usa, australia or some place elsewhere? :)

  8. Yeah in another post earlier I suggest we have one ever couple of years in a different hosting country. since we have a wealth of nations represented on the blog.

  9. hi rajeev,
    sweet post.. i guess this site must be like a second baby to u both :)

  10. rajiv,

    are kabab mein haddi's aloowed,if so when do i pack my bags. all i will do is come there with you guys and chill...ha ha :)

    on a serious note,you are a sensitive person and i can see that in your words and her posts...bless you both..

    ishi,the word os leaking,you take that break gal,if u want a sitter send the kiddo here,my son and he will make a handsome rowdy team.....

  11. LOL @ Uttara and Harjee!!
    Hey Rajiv!!
    I havent hello'ed you
    heard ur interesting voice on the voice recorder!!

    After Khandal, I think its gonna be a super idea.. then we can all try and do a meet in Mumbai!!

  12. ... sweet rajiv as always!! awwwww! ^_~

  13. lolz good going Rajiv! :)


  14. hahhaha Rajivji...Ishita ko Kehne ka yeah sab aacha idea hai.
    Give me some time baby :)))

    Thats a very sweet post:))

  15. Haanji... I guess it's time and a perfect reason for a short break.