This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, March 31, 2008

April - Topics and Announcements (Ishita)

A new month and time again to write on some new topics!!!

I won't be around much this month - got my parents coming to visit and the whole house moving happening. But before I disappear yet again, let me announce the new topics :)

1. A suggestion came from Loongal...I'm simply taking the liberty to copy paste it here :P coz I don't think I can explain it better :)

"How about a little blog game where everyone writes a post for a fellow-BUFer, where he/she names a shop / store / institution / organisation/etc after that BUFer based on his/her personality and traits."

An example she shared was - "Since Michelle is such a fitness freak, someone could name a fitness centre after her called Michelle's Fitness Club (actually should be something more interesting) and then describe the place according to his perception of Michelle's lifestyle."

2. The second suggestion is from Amit and has everything to do with April 1st :D

"The last time someone fooled me! or I fooled someone!"

Happy Posting ppl :)

Ps: I didn't make a formal announcement of Suchi's B'day (22nd March) here on BUF... but we celebrated it together and had a lovely time :) ... I baked her a chocolate cake (that's her favorite) and we spent the wkend together celebrating her special day and also Holi - the festival of colors :)

This month Neha (Messy) celebrates another year of wedded bliss on 18th April. Here's wishing her a lovely anniversary! and this is also the birthday month of a BUFer who's long since disappeared but yet left us with fond memories :)... Yes Kathy, Happy Birthday girl (29th April).

For the birthday and anniversaries that I might have missed...I'm truly sorry guys. Blame it on my continued absence from the blog I miss the most!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Last time I cried tears of happiness:AmitL

The year: 2003. The month: January.

It was nearly one year since I had joined my previous company, here in Dubai, as a greenhorn, in spite of my having had a long work experience in India. (Also, within two months of joining, I’d changed my forte from engineering to Engineering-based-Procurement, which made me more of a greenhorn that first year. LOL)

My leave application had been discussed, negotiated, debated, dissected. mulled over and any other words you can think of, before it was passed. It had gone to the extent of being told ‘You are an engineer. Engineers don’t take leave’ and ‘Why 30 days? Go for ten days and come back’. But, after all the haggling, and, seeing that I remained firm to the extent of saying 'Either I go, or, I GO (forever),(In fact, this threatening was something I continued every year, otherwise I'd have grown old here and forgotten what Baroda was like) they had finally signed the application and the clearance for me to be paid my LTA.(The Procurement Mgr, the HR Manager, the Finance Manager, the MD- all signed). That was the first ‘tears of happiness’ I had in private, that evening, when I returned to the studio flat where I was staying. I know it sounds silly, but, when you have been away from your family and relatives and all, for the first time in your life, and that too for a full year, such emotions do come into play, however, err, mature you tout yourself to be.

Anyway, after days of anticipation, of shopping (At that time, electronic gizmos, gift items, et al were still not so easily available in India as they are now, in the dollar shops, the Rs 49-99 shops, and even with the friendly neighbourhood larriwallah), of numbering (this gift for this individual, et al-after all, it was the first trip back to India), et al, the day dawned. Rather, the night dawned, err, fell. I was at the airport 4 hours before the flight, and, once the entry was permitted, I spent a pleasant time doing a bit more last-minute shopping and more of window-shopping at DDF(Dubai Duty Free)(Shucks, I might as well say this- at that time, in the first year, I’d not saved much, as is normal for anyone setting up a ‘second home’ anywhere, and all this shopping had put another dent(happy dent?) into the savings.)

Along with all the other ‘mad’ people, as soon as the boarding announcement was made, I rushed with my cabin baggage to stand in the jostling crowd(Now, I don’t rush sooo much, naturally!) and heaved a big sigh of relief when I entered the plane- no-one could call me now for work-related issues(The calls had continued till the airport). After observing the co-passengers(the villager who sat with his feet up on the seat in a squatting position, for example- you get these sorts when you travel AI, even today, I’m sure), and settling down, the time flew by, and suddenly, the announcement came-‘ We shall be landing at Mumbai’s CST airport in thirty minutes…’

…and, THAT was the moment (the last time I can remember) when I had tears of happiness in my eyes. All kinds of dramatic things, like wanting to bend down in prayer on landing on Indian earth and picking up a mound of earth(Mere desh ki dharti, so to speak), shaking hands with all the passengers, dancing around at the airport to express my joy crossed my mind. (Of course, I didn’t do any of them.Or, did I??*muses* )

And, then, the plane landed.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tears Of Joy (Michelle)

This was a real toughie for me cause I'm the type that starts bawling at anything even remotely related to sensitivity/emotion.So you know what to come prepared with the next time you want to take me for a mushy movie.But since its supposed to be recent, I remember an incident that happened few months ago.

My dog, Romeo, is a huge 6 year old doberman who looks like a meanie but hes a softie at heart.He runs under sofas and beds ( with his butt sticking out) when either of us raise our voice.My cousin's cat whacked him once and hes also pretty scared of cats ever since.Hes anything BUT a guard dog.He'd rather dress up in a tutu than chase cats.

My mom is an asthama patient and she started gettting attacks very frequently everytime my dog was around her.It went on for months when finally the doctor discovered that it was because of my dog.

We had to give him away.That was the last thing that I could ever think of doing because I've had him for 6 years and even though hes huge, hes such a baby at heart! My mom's deteriorating health left us no choice and our vet started spreading the word to clients that he thought would be interested.Around 90% of the people we spoke to seemed like freakin airheads.Finally, we found someone that already has two dogs and a huge place on the outskirts of Pune.Being a doberman, Romeo needed a lot of exercise and since we don't live on a farm or whatever he can't run around without kids squealing and running into their homes like a mad bull has been set loose.I fell in love with the place when I saw it.The people seemed to fall in love with him the instant they saw him and he became instant friends with the labrador and pug that they already owned.The day he left, I thought I wouldn't be able to deal with it.But,when I saw him there and how happy he was, I couldn't help but cry and be happier that he was in a place which he loved much more.I still miss him terribly, and I know he does too.He still jumps like a maniac the times I have dropped in to visit and I know he'll always be my Romeo wherever he is.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

missing sunday!!!(vishesh)

my sunday is gone missing,
it has left me thinking.

my sunday is gone missing
i am left wishing,
that it will think of appearing;
without it our lives will miss something
that can range from nothing
to charity giving,
to everything.

my sunday went bye-bye,
now thats not fair i haven't said hi!
sunday is a special day,
like and yet unlike monday
to succeeding day.
sunday is a special day,
unlike Saturday
the preceding day!

my sunday is not there,
any one out there,
to come with me and dare,
to see where
sunday went?

sunday is mostly a holiday,
that makes it a holy day.
does an absent sunday
mean an extra monday,
that i don't want-no way.

my sunday is missing
amd i am left thinking.

here comes Amrita..

Hello friends at BUF,

I am Amrita, your new fellow blogger here on this space. I live in New Jersey and study at a college in New York City. I'm 20 and interested in English literature, more than my major which is computer science.

Usually, I can talk at length about myself, but somehow this introduction post is something awkward to write. Probably because I've been surrounded a lot by other unwanted writing assignments like emailing professors or writing cover letters for the internships I want.

My birthdate is May 21 (Gemini) and my marriage anniversary is Nov 19. I love reading and I can remember favorite songs, quotes, dialogues etc. My college is very interesting because I had to take a variety of classes like Psychology, Philosophy, Contemporary History, Art of Drama etc. Except for these classes, college is a bore. lol.

I talk to my parents in India in about two days so you can tell how much a parents' daughter I am. You will know more about me through my posts here.

Last but not the least (Oh I so hate that cliche, but continuing) I am here on BUF because AmitL invited me to join this amazing new group of people who express themselves with words. Thanks Ishi for this opportunity to blog at BUF. I am looking forward to making a lot of good friends here. I'm keeping me real name as my user name here because I want to "keep it real", New York style. :)
I also blog as Red Soul.

Current topic: My favorite time of the day

Choosing topics like this and writing about them is a very nice idea of removing the writers block. Let me see how my favorite time of the day as I write this post.

I guess it has to be the night (time of the day?). Yes, the time when I come home after a long day in the city and in college, is my favorite time. Around 11pm I come home and then there is dinner time and TV time! I believe I am a good eater, in a sense that I like to savour the flavour with each bite..

This time is very relaxing and refreshing because I get to watch my favorite TV sitcoms - Sex and the City, Fraiser, Will and Grace, Celebrity Apprentice, Lipstick Jungle, Comedy Central, just to name a few ;) .. This time is my own time, I get to paint my world with my colors, my favorite music or my thoughts - through the things I can do at my comfy little home.. I blog in this time, summing up the happenings of the day, I call home in India and speak to parents..

I love the peace of the night, and I study better somehow in that time. lol, I hope "night" can be counted as a "time of the day".

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Response to Book Review: AmitL

Hi,all. I had written to regarding the book review I'd done a few posts back and I just got this email reply,which I wanted to share with everyone:
Dear Mr Amit Loiwal,

Greetings from Qualified Learning Systems !!We express our heart felt thanks for your kind words and appreciate posting book review on the blog.Thanks once again for sharing your success story with us.We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.Together let us make our country proud.

Best Regards,

Suneera Anand
Feels good,na!!

Last Time I Cried Tears of Happiness... (Aakash)

Last time I cried tears, the
viscous trickle of molten happiness, is
a time I don't want to remember.
For I fear, that I'll think of you. That
the touch of your warm moist breath and
the smell of your skin will linger
reminding me once again
of the hungry vaccuum you left behind.
Emptiness filled with the fact
that you are not with me.

(I am silent, but I am not yet gone.)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

These are few of my favorite "times" (Ishita)

I mentioned it in my comment in Amit’s post that my fav time would ideally be mid morning! Yes it’s when I am alone and free do what I please at my own pace and in my own space … But, when I sit down to give it a serious thought, my fav time is not a certain time of the day but rather made up by moments in a day which could come up at any random time :)

What’s that you ask? Simple! It’s made up by moments when Vedant gets all cute and cuddly with me, w
hen he’s being indulgent and the times when he says the funniest things. These happen spontaneously and can make me smile just like that!

Nowadays there’s yet another feeling and that’s when I feel the lil one move in me (not kicking yet but more like a fluttering feeling...sometimes a like a nudge :P). It’s a familiar feeling that I’d forgotten in the past many years and one that has me as excited each time as I was the first time I felt it!

It’s also in time spent with R when we’re simply talking about stuff and watching a show we like or munching on our fav snack along with our fav cup of tea!

Of course, when friends drop by and time spent with them chit chatting, sharing a meal and better still when they stay over :) … more the merrier!

And having our extended family visit us!

I guess people, occasions matter to me more because I spend a lot of time by myself at home and unlike others who lead a hectic working life, I don’t crave solitude. I get a fair share of that after all!

But a few months more and I will be back to a hectic schedule…back to sleepless nights…and days!! And a long wait to a regular, monotonous schedule!

So I guess till then, I’m gonna savour every moment of my “alone” time once R and V leave for work and school respectively… :) … writing random posts, surfing good ol blogs, watching my fav shows on TV, reading a book, munching on snacks, sipping my cup of milk, playing “spider solitaire” or “scrabble”….chatting with friends online or on the phone… *sigh*…time flies right? :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Favorite Time of the day: AmitL


My favorite time of the day, is surely the first 1.2-2 hours after waking up. The main reason is, of course, that I’m an early bird(to get the proverbial worm?LOL), so, I’m as energetic at this time, as I am tired by the end of the day(sometimes). So, what makes these morning hours so memorable?

First and foremost, of course, the reason is- it’s my time. I can schedule what I want, when I want. (Just like ‘my blog’ and I can write what I want, when I want. Heh heh.
(That's the perky feeling which mornings bring)

Once the mental alarm goes off at 0500 AM or so, I wake up, do a quick , err, ‘limb check’ to ensure all systems normal and functioning like they were the day before- the arms, legs, etc( and Thank God for the same!)

At a leisurely pace, I then enjoy( one by one, of course) ½ a lemon with two glasses of lukewarm water.(Clears any irritation in the throat), followed by:

- Making tea.

- Sitting and enjoy the half cuppa tea sip-pa by sip-pa.
- Reading either the morning paper(boy, do I miss TOI/ IE out here in the mornings? Indeed I do), or a Perry Mason or a Archie Digest or a mag, while sipping tea. This is followed by:
- Continuing to read – especially Perry Mason, if it’s an engrossing part. OR
- Doing some stretching exercises OR
- If in mood(which is most of the time), I go for a nice brisk walk, mp3 player in place. Enjoy the morning sights(or, the absence of them), the reduced traffic.Flick a copy of 7days from somewhere on the route(this is a paper distributed free here, but they drop it usually outside shops). If I walk in the garden, it’s always nice to see the greenery(normal and two-legged), then, there’s this couple who always bring food for the cats that inhabit the place, there’s some people doing yoga, some fast asleep on the benches……
- Reach home, bathe, get ready- by this time, it’s 0715 AM.

- Other occasional ‘enjoyments’ during this time:
- Breakfast of upma or idli or wholemeal bread or branflakes with milk, with a fruit. (This is the only time I feel hungry during the day)
- Watching repeat of ‘CID’ on Sony TV(On Sunday)
- Checking out my blog, BUF, others, emails, news!
- Deciding to take a day off and going back to sleep!

And, that(When I leave the house to go to office), as far as I am concerned, is the end of the day, during a (working) weekday. From then to catching the bus to returning home to falling asleep, the time just flies by. ……and, then, voila! it’s a lovely, beautiful morning again!!

(Pic: E.M.E. temple, Baroda)

Add-on: When in Baroda, the additional good part of the morning is joining in the morning prayers at the serene EME temple, one of my favorite places. For more on this and other places in Baroda, see here.
Waiting for other people's 'favorite time of the day', now!Loon Gal, Keshi, Sam..everyone-perk up,puhlease!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


"3rd March was the day it all started a year ago. Where was I this time? Caught up with my life like most of us BUFers...atleast those who still get around here sometimes. Well, I can't believe I let it slip away unannounced...*sigh*

A year completed. A year drifted away...

With a wish of love and happiness for all the people who were, are and will be a part of can't help but wonder if this is simply the beginning of the end of what was once a beautiful blog to be a part of and which still tugs at my heart making me long for the people who once made it the crazy funfilled place it was...

But hey, we still have some of us who still find time to share our thoughts, lives, ideas, creativity with each other :) and I've always been one to believe in what we have rather than get negative about what's no longer there!

It takes a lot to walk past differences, to be your own person and yet accept the differences in others...for those who survive in BUF, it shows you guys are special and believe in making things...ideas,

Thank you all and although belated :)...wishing us all


Sunday, March 9, 2008

Reflections (Suchi)

A lie about that truth of life
The truth about that lie to self

A feel of those tears
The tearing feel of that pain

A sigh of relief when all was calm
The relief of sigh which I'd named mine

A life that I made all my life
The made up life I once lived in

The laughters of joy forgetting my woe
A joy filled with laughter to keep me go

All these and more, this way or that
mean the same or maybe not

I have to move on with every beat
this way or that, I've to beat defeat

Reflections of life or this is simply me but
I believe in the person whose Reflections in the mirror I see
I might be late for this topic but 'Reflections' seemed just right to come back to BUF with .....

Friday, March 7, 2008

fav time-!(vishesh)

ha well i saw time :) and well this is what came to me first:

time and life

life is embedded into time-
life is a tool in time.
life is a mirror in time.
life is an illusion.

birth and death are cycle.
life is in a circle.
everyone seeks a pinnacle.
we need to trust our miracle.

time moves.
life moves.
the end has no end.
the start has no start.
in circle ,seeking the
pinnacle is the pilgrimage.
time the static force,
is an illusion.

hmm...then i saw time of the day? still thinking which one to say ...:P maybe be the time at school spent sleeping at the last bench? or midnight football?or blogging...still thinking...


Thanks for sharing the wonderful book reviews, many different reflections and your takes on if a sunday went missing! It was fun reading it all!

New topics (you are free to add any if you think of it as a better topic)
  • The last time you cried tears of happiness (I know I'm corny and cheesy so give me a dose of your cheesiness :P)
  • My favourite time of the day

    Get creative people! Happy writing!
  • Book Review: AmitL

    'Winners don't do different things. They do things differently'.- that's the quote on the cover of one of my all-time favourite books, which I never stop waxing eloquent about,to all and sundry. There have always been skeptics who would go 'Oh,I don't believe in these self-help books-they're a load of crap', but, sooner or later,they would get back to me and say 'Thanks for recommending the book'. By a conservative estimate on Shiv Khera's website and on the cover of the book, it has sold a million copies. Now,that might be a few years' ole estimate,and,that too,of the official copy. I've seen oodles of pirated copies,in Baroda,Mumbai,et al,and,even those are best-sellers.(Quite an antithesis-a pirated best-seller!). I'm sure many BUFers must've read it too?
    On to the book: What's it about? It's about you,us,our lives,simple examples which usually don't open our eyes.It has chapters from 'building a positive attitude', to, 'winning strategies',to'what is holding us back' and, 'values and vision'(doing the right things for the right reason). Nowhere does the book say that you Must do such-and-such, in order to succeed. It moves along in it's lucid way,giving examples and letting you see for yourself, how you can be a better human being.
    Some of the quotes from the book which I found inspirational:
    - 'The foundation of success, regardless of your chosen field, is attitude.' The example is given of David and Goliath-the 17-year old shepherd boy is not scared of the giant Goliath(while all others are terrified),and says' He is not too big to hit,he is too big to miss', and proceeds to kill the giant with a slingshot.Same giant, different perceptions.
    - TQP: Total Quality People- what organisations need- people with character,integrity,good values and positive attitudes.
    (And,believe me, it makes a difference,if you're one of these people- for some time, chamchas(spoons) of bosses might rule the roost, but,finally,what brings rewards is your honesty,dedication and positive attitude-that's my years' of experience- AmitL)
    - In a positive environment, a marginal performer's output goes up. In a negative environment, a good performer's output goes down.
    (I put this one into practice wherever I work- I avoid the negative people who's main job is to crib all the time, and keep company with the positive ones)
    - People with positive attitufes are caring, confident,patient and humble. They have high expectations of themselves and others. They anticipate positive outcomes.
    (Think- how much does this apply to yourself, either at home or at work?AmitL)
    -A negative attitude causes: bitterness,resentment,a purpuseless life,ill health, high stress levels for themselves and others.
    (So,next time you feel angry or bitter,think-is a negative attitude the cause?AmitL)
    - Doing it now: Simply expressed by a short poem:
    He slept beneath the moon,
    He basked beneath the sun
    He lived a life of going to do
    and died with nothing done.....James Albery
    -Develop an attitude of gratitude. Take time to smell the roses. There is a lot to be thankful for.Many of our blessings are hidden treasures- count your blessings and not your troubles.
    (One person I can always associate with such an attitude most of the time,is Keshi- who is usually positive in all her posts, replies to comments,et al,and,still remains a sensitive human being!Thanks,Keshi,for being a 'positive blogger!)
    -Build a positive self-esteem- the way you feel about yourself.When we feel good, our performance goes up, and our relationships improve,both at home and at work.
    (Now,isn't that the truth and nothing but the truth? And,yet,we(including me) end up feeling bad/deprived/angry many times, leading to a drop in performance.AmitL)
    I think I'll end this book review now. There's so much I've highlighted in it,things which have helped me come out of the worst of moments in the past few years. There's just one last comparison which I need to mention:
    'Winners v/s losers'(there's a whole list of points,these are the ones I found best):
    - The winner is always a part of the answer. The loser is always part of the problem.
    - The winner always has a program. The loser always has an excuse.
    -The winner says' Let me do it for you'. The loser says' That is not my job'
    (Albeit, use this phrase at your own discretion at work-you could end up doing everyone's job)
    - Winners make it happen. Losers LET it happen.
    And,yes, for those of you who can't get hold of the paper copy, I do have an ebook which I can email to you. Let me know. Happy reading!