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Friday, May 25, 2007

Ignorance is Bliss!!(abhishek)

Yeah, Ignorance is Bliss, That is all I would say. No rhetoric, just that.
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  1. Hmmmmmmmm.....

  2. the left one the most naughty one is u i guess :P

    btw they r realllllly cute :)

  3. cute cute cute... whos the other kid?

  4. oh so I shoudl say


    Well yeah, Its very simple.. two kids..with gleamimg eyes, are so happy being photographed..
    Just like Deepthi's nephews!!

    Ignorance, to what lies ahead ...
    simple joys of NOW are so important, that we miss out our lives..

    Quoting my mom..
    "life is what happens while we are busy planning about it"

    To live and enjoy the NOW of live is an art to be learnt and practised!!


  5. @ Southpaw
    and @ Vishes:


  6. @ Jewel Rays

    @ uttara:

    Tks a lot

    @ Messy :

    well its me and my elder bro!!

  7. abhi - the one is my son baba,not nephew and u look cho chweet i mean so sweet and cute :)

  8. Bhaiyon aur behnon

    Main na leader na leaderain, Neta na netayeen.
    Neta to the subhash chandra bose.
    Jinki samaadhi par chadhhe the phool.

    Phoolon ka raja gulaab hai.
    Gulab teen prakaar ke hote hain.

    Ek - Jo samaadhi par chadhhte hain
    Doosra - Jo chacha nehru apne coat par lagaate the.
    Aur teesra - Jis-se gulkand banta hai.

    gulkand meethi hoti hai.
    Meethi to cheeni bhi hoti hai.
    Cheeni bade bahadur the.

    Bahadur to sher bhi hota hai.
    Ek sher ka dus mann.
    Man bada chanchal hota hai.

    Chanchal madhubala ki badi behen thi.
    Madhubala dil ki mareez thi.
    Dil ek mandir hai.

    Mandiron ka sheher to amritsar hai.
    Amritsar mein sardaar paye jaate hain.
    sardaaron par bahut pyaar aata hai.

    Pyaar to jaanwaron par bhi aata hai.
    janwaron ki poonchh ko seedha karna,
    bahut tedhi kheer ke sammaan hai.

    Kheer chawal se banti hai.
    chawal bengal mein paye jaate hain.
    Bengal mein bahut nadiyaan hain...

    nadiyoon par tair rahi hoti hai ek cheez jiska naam hai boat, ussi se milta julta shabd hai humaara vote,
    To kripya kar ke mujhe vote de ke safal banayein.

    Now are you telling me what the picture is all about?
    Or i need to upgrade to color ?


  9. Yep.. those were the blissful days. Sigh!!

  10. @ਹਰਜੀ ਪਾਜਿ::: ਏਹ ਕਿ ਲਿਖਤਾ ਹੈ ਤੁੱਸਿ

  11. @ Mr. "J"... hello SIR:: My foto is still not on the foto scroll/..

  12. Ignorance is bliss indeed!

    OMG who r these 2 cuties???


  13. its better to leave it like that :)
    the picture speaks for itself

  14. soooooo cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee:))

    Loved it :))