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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Picture - (Puja)

I took this picture today morning, wanted to post another one but hua nahi. Anyways thats my mommy, Gollu and Prachi :)).

I don't want to say anything I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH :)) and i can never do anything without my mom. Gollu is one spoilt brat... Itna badmaash hai. If by any chance if i touch his toys he will just say "Dadi ko bol dunga Ghar se nikal degi" " Mar dunga" (means I will tell Granny she is throw you out of the house, I will kill you) :)))

Prachi is like my own baby... I play with her, tickle her, hug her, Kiss her , cuddle her MMMMMMUAAAAH :))


  1. awww what a beautiful happy pic! Love it. I got to see ur mum too...she seems like a very nice lady. Tell her I said HI.

    And Prachi omg she's looking so radiant. That lil baby is a doll...huggggz to her!

    Gollu lol...he sounds like a lil terror ha....cute indeed!

    ty for this natural n shows wuts really close to ur heart Poo.


  2. say "Dadi ko bol dunga Ghar se nikal degi" " Mar dunga"
    this is cute :)

  3. bahot hi cute pic hai :)

    soch rahi thi what if both Vedant and Golu get together... baap re! :P :D


  4. @ Keshi ...So natural n shows wuts really close to ur heart Poo....Yeah i Just love them more than anything.

    Tc Sweetz Love you :))

    @ DJ - Thanks Dear n this is nothing there are loads of things which he tells.

    He will Kick me, pull my hair, sometimes even try to pull my pants hehehehheh n he never sleeps early always will run around and will sleep only after 1.00 ....bahut zyaada Badmaash aur masti hai :))

    TC Dear

    @ Ishi ....How are you? I have posted few prachis picture in my Blog Check them ...

    bahot hi cute pic hai :)- Thanks Dear

    soch rahi thi what if both Vedant and Golu get together... baap re! :P :D

    OMG Bhukamp aa jayega .... phewwwww it will be impossible to control to them and Guess what if Deepthi's son Aks also joins them ...we will keep running behind them. But it will be fun watching them playing and fighting for all the little things .... Missing my childhood days :(

    Tc Dear and loads of Love to Vedant :))

  5. now thats what i call picture perfect...look at tht cutie hes got few teeth missing hehe soo cute...and of course prachi...i wanna pull her cheeks so bad :P

  6. LOL it is such a CUTEEEEEEEEE pic!!! look at the kids .... and as Michy said .. Gollu looks so damn cute with his missin teeth .. when i was young n i had missing teeth .. ppl used to say "daant chuha le gaya kya?" .. it used to be the most annoyin question ever!!

    And Prachi .. omg .. shez such a beautiful baby ... muuuahh to her!!

    A very good pic indeed .. you're missing though lol!


  7. poo..
    that is such a cuteeee pic
    simply loveddddd it :)

    and hey give a kiss to both the kid on my behalf n dont forget the huggg :D


  8. Heh Poooooooo sooooooooo beautiful that smiles....

  9. Sweet pic.The kids are soo adorable..:D and ya mummy cute. love the way she tilted her head.:D

    Beautiful pic in all. :)


  10. I usually avoid saying it, but you have left me with no choice.

    This is so sweet!

  11. @ Michelle

    look at tht cutie hes got few teeth missing - Yeah thats all bcoz of chocalates. thanks Dear

    @ Loony

    "daant chuha le gaya kya?" ..LOL

    Thanks Dear

    @ Uttara

    Sure dear will do that :))

    @ Rajbir :))

    @ Seema :))

    @ Amy thanks Sweetz

    @ Aakash :))


    Everybody Have a mast mast weekend:))) loads and loads and tons and tons of LOVE :))


  12. Poo,

    Nice pic u posted. They look so happy! Little Prachi is so cute! Feel like hugging her...

    (((BIG HUG)))

    Sorry for not visiting ur blog lately. I've been rather busy & tired lately after i started my new job.

    No matter wat, i'll still try to squeeze out a little time to update my blog & visit ur blog too :)

    Take Care!!


  13. awww soo sweeeet... wanna kiss them like crazy till they both cry hehe lol!! :P kiddin.... i simply luv kids ^_~ and i suddenly miss Mom aww ;(;( lookin at this pic.!

    thanx for sharin dear! Prachi looks soo adorable... give my big bear hug to her!


  14. Hi Thumbee
    *Hugz* Howdy?
    You dont have to say sorry dera ..i cant understand :)) Hope you enjoying ur new Job .


    Hi Kathy

    How are you ?
    Sure will give Prachi a Hug from you :)