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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The women in my life (tulipspeaks)

Took this picture after a wedding dinner. That explains why both in saree ;)

This is not only one of my fav pic but its my sister's fav too. For those who don't know, the one in blue saree is my sis, 6 years younger than me.. and the one in white-red saree is my mommy, 26 years older than me :p

For one, they look alike. Two, they are the most important women in my life. Of course, we do fight! Which mom-daughter/sisters don't fight huh? But I can hardly imagine my days without either one of them. When I went to stay in hostel for 3 years, I make sure I never go to bed without talking to both of them - yes everyday ... although my home was only 30km away! My roomies used to make fun of me - being homesick though home is so near!

This is an important pic that reminds me of them, and it always will be.


  1. Beautiful pic indeed of 2 very beautiful ladies!

    Shows that ur heart is where ur home is Ammu. Ur a FAMILY girl, just like me. HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!


  2. Beautiful...

    Family reigns supreme. Always.


  3. ahaa...sumthin abt a sari is so alluring na:)

    they luk very nice indeed!:)...ur sis is pretty haan!

    and yes sum of my fav pics are fmly pics too...esp. of my son, neice and nephews!:))

  4. Heartwarming post Ammu.:)


    ***make sure I never go to bed without talking to both of them - yes everyday

    Thought provoking.


  5. ammuuu..

    ur mum n sis look beautifullllllllll

    its soo prettyy :) :) :)

    n wer is urs :D
    ms beauty :D


  6. cute...
    now i m getting nostalgic :(

  7. Family.

    And The Godfather.

    Arbit connect na, but thats how my mind works. :-)

    Beautiful picture!

  8. Yeah the mom-sis and the sis-sis bonding is pretty unusual. When you fight you feel like aaaah why do i have a mom/sis like this ... but then later u know these are the best parents/siblings u cud ever get!

    I miss my sister like anything (after she got married) and she misses me and mom like anythin ...

    aww u made me nostalgic :(

    anyway .. they're both really pretty ... so its in the family i see ;) all three pretty ladies ha!


  9. ... how sweet of u Ammu ^_~ give my hugss to them! awww m quite feelin' senti now... i missed my Mom soo much! its hard to be away from family naa.... wish i cud hug her right now sobssss ;(;(

    lovely post dear!


  10. LOVELY post :o)
    i could totally relate to it... with all the fights and insane love :o)

    lovely pic!

    = rich