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Monday, May 28, 2007

Once in my lifetime (Shooting Star)

when i read this topic..only one picture came in my mind....and that's for all to see above.... this is a beach somewhere in western part of Gujarat..most probably 40 kms from Dwarka(the ruling place of lord krishna). Why this is important to me? For a number of reasons..but the most relevant of all is..when i was there at this beach staring at the sunset listening to waves...i felt free and in that moment i felt that this is life worth living about for such beauty,for such happiness.It is till date the most amazing beautiful sunset i ever have seen.I think i will never ever go there again even if i get the chance coz i simply dont know the location..i was coming back from Dwarka(we had gone there as part of office trip) and as the evening drew to close..we were driving back by the coastal highway..we couldnt even see the sea was just huge sand dune on one side of the road but one of my colleagues just happened to know that there was a sea beach on the other end and just as the sun was about to set he told the driver to race at breakneck speed into the sand dune..we ran like hell up the dunes and into the beach...and the first view i got was this sunset..and it was amazing...and i was stunned out of my wits for a while..just me and the horizon before me and the vast sea....i felt thirlled,happy,scared at the same time...i dont think the picture captures it beauty..but still it is beautiful picture..and for me its a once in a lifetime moment which i will cherish forever.


  1. There r so many places like that within 100kms of dwarka, places like okha, porbandar(birth place of the mahatma), Sikka near jamnagar, Diu but its not this peacefull....

    Wonder why the gujarat govt is not so keen on taking care of these natural beaches....

    Nice pic anyways....

  2. i love the is as you say a source of inspiration...the sunset yummy!!

  3. love the serenity...just looking at the pic i know id love to spend a lotta time at a place like tht :)

  4. wow.. i am reminded of my trip to balasore in Orissa..
    amazing pic

  5. I can see my entire life in this beautiful pic...the far away sky is my dreams...the water is my my turbulent yet peaceful life...the shores is my peace of matter how hard it gets I manage to get to the shore somehow.

    Lovely choice of pic Star..ty!


  6. i luv places like this...! not just the beauty of the place but the sheer idea of solitude *sigh* ... where in dis maddening city, can we find that?

    the pic is lovely but it's in ur words that i can sensed the true beauty of it:)

  7. Sunsets are always a beauty. And its nice how the picture was captured so prettily..Really beautiful Shooting star.

    And hey been missing ya on Sb..


  8. im more of a mountain person... but id still say this pic is really beautiful... is it daman?

  9. nice pic... have been there to dwarka, a real nice place...

  10. Like harjee said, it brings back goa to me, and takes me ato a time that was spent in solitude, talking to myself only through the voies of the waves.


  11. WOW i love sunsets too :)) Wish there was a Beach in Bangalore.

    Very nice :))

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  13. ... this pic. speaks a lot awww!! ;(;( soo cool! probably a nice place to go...

    lovely post dear!!