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Thursday, May 17, 2007

What can it be? (Deepthi)

So,I love this blog and i admire most of the bloggers in BUF.However dilemma was "what to post? should i write a topic just for the heck? should i comment just for the heck and so on...

Then i started to read all the topics and realised that junta here take a lot of effort to keep in touch with each other.i mean look at you gus u do have those admirable share love,laughter,tears and stand by for each other,watch over and do much more then real friends at times.i for my self have not interacted with anyone personally.hoping i would one day....that day shall be soon.

so,can i write bout spending a day with one? can i just take time out for one? hmm impossible :)

do i write a one liner bout you guys,that would be cheating.i really do not know u guys well to write hugs and kisses and warm wishes to all.

One day,one day i am sure i will have a story to write about you and that would surely be a neat one from within...

p.s - ishi and jonny boy can we have a list of all the personal blogs or BUF?


  1. Finally somebody said what i really wanted to say....
    btw i m Rajbir and got 2 active blogs but they r visible to only the invitees so i need ur addy if u dont mind much...surely like to see u there...

  2. hey deepthi:)

    This was nice and thoughtful:)! I'm sure if you hang around here with all of us, getting to know everyone will not take time... so join in :))

    "p.s - ishi and jonny boy can we have a list of all the personal blogs or BUF?

    Like I emailed there's a new page on the website where BUFers are listed according to their location and there are links to their profiles/blogs.

    You can also click on the scrolling pics of BUFers on the side bar which links to their profile/blogs.

  3. @ rajbir:)...there see ur comment is back along with the post! *grin*

    "Finally somebody said what i really wanted to say..."

    So does this mean u will not be saying what u have to say in ur own words? m sure ppl here are missing ur posts :)

  4. @Ishita
    there see ur comment is back along with the post! *grin***I HATE those rules...

    So does this mean u will not be saying what u have to say in ur own words?****yes probably, i cant write just for the heck of it....

    m sure ppl here are missing ur posts :) ***i dont think so, u all r pretty full...:)

  5. heyy Deepthi thats so honest and so sweet. In time Im sure u'll get to know everyone here. All the best sweetie!


  6. Get on southpaw, ishita. Welsome to the site Deepthi, yes you should get to know everyone gradually by reading our profiles and stopping by our individual blogs. Everyone here seems pretty.

    thanks for not cheating.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. @Andrew The asshole
    Do not alight on a running train, refrain urself in future. Thanks.

  9. Southpaw ~ Thanks for the advice, now excuse me while I get off this train track and go back to sipping my lemonade under this palm tree.

  10. @Andrew The Asshole
    Excuse u? u trespassed where u weren't supposed to...And if it sounded like an advice, follow it for good.

  11. southpaw ~ while I'm drinking another mojito and the sound of waves crashing while I'm under my palm.... I really can't hear you any more.

    So now you can stick your head back in your train and keep driving, before the track cause and accident.

  12. :) ;) oneday you will be trying to get all the oil/cream in the world to rub on your fingers...cause you wld have written so much;)

  13. hoping to know u better deepthi :)

  14. "admirable qualities" this one stands out from the post.. hahahah!!

    Hope to see you more active in this blog Deeps.

  15. Nice Outspoken personality.:)


  16. Not just a big mouth but a SMART ASS Too!!!

  17. @ andrew ... plz reply to the mail sent out to u and revisit the rules page (link is in the invite mail u recieved)

    Refrain from commenting on the blog till u have read the same.

  18. Rajbir,
    My email id is,please, invite me, I shall be honored and bout the saying hmm well I just typed what I was thinking I guess…


    I have to check the blog list then  I need to take out 1 hour everyday and spend time with you guys for coffee. so my time booked

    I love the way your blog rolls into letters, words and then elaborate well expressed thoughts….and as promised coffee time with btwnusfrnds…

    You got a beautiful sounding name there.thnx a lot


    What is this oil trick my dear?

    I promise you will and I am hoping to know each and everyone well and do a write on the same sooooooooon


    Get here soon and we shall hang out and then I shall to ask you to make me a par of the admin team for creative thoughts!


    Lol, will not be long this weekend se kaam shuro 

    Jewel rays,

    He he I get into trouble cause of the outspoken me…and what is your real name?

    And please let’s not try and get our personal differences here. Lets try and make this a calm and nice adda just for friends and just betweenusfriends

  19. well a kind a oil massage....:)

  20. Wow
    lovely and frank post..
    yes its "Ajeeb Sa" to be able to suddenly write about some!!

  21. ... what an honest and straight from the heart post deepthi, makes u more interesting person...

    wud love to know u more!! catch ya around!