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Friday, May 25, 2007

Of Blissfull Mornings (Rajiv)

The picture above was taken in Nov last. We were on a family vacation in Goa at Cidade de Goa. This was taken from our room patio one early morning by Ishi who loved to wake up to the sound of the waves. It’s a reminder of a wonderful vacation, of tranquil days and some of the best family times we’ve had. Goa by far remains our fav place to holiday at :-) ...

To view our Goa pics slide show visit My Pics

Ps: Ishi the pic may appear large but the file size has been reduced. Just so you don't send me an email telling me to fix it *grin*


  1. Goa...

    I had a chance to spend 2 months in Goa early this year. It was the best of the times! Thanks for rmeinding. :-)

  2. wow..the pic is cool :) never knew ishi was a photographer...hello mam ;)

  3. @PS.... :p

    wah kya sincere hujbaaaand hai..lolz oooppppsss student i mean :P

    @ pic..
    lovelyy pic :) :) :) :)

    and i lurrrrbbbb that place :D:D:D

    ty for sharing it.. its awesome..

  4. Hmmm..pretty pic. Love the way its been embraced where the leaves peek out at the side. the sea. and the two little couple walking down..

    love the aura of the pic.

    ~Jewel :)

  5. I forgot to add, its unique.


  6. Looks like a magnificent place to be :-)
    I am imagining such beaches as I study for my exams... :-)

  7. I am flattered...and that's the least of what i can say here!

    and yes i know this pic is special and so was having puki enjoy this holiday with us:)

    we must do this again!:)

  8. Try saby's cuz's place next time...:D

  9. hey nice pic rajiv... never been to goa with my hubby! sigh!

  10. private and peaceful is wht the pic is...away frm the mad crwd,with few dys spent in the warmth of family and yourself...

  11. Rajiv & Ishi.. you guys definitely need a vacation.

    Me was thinking, how a couple of us from BUF meet up and plan a vacation to Goa?? ;)

  12. I've seen this pic on Ish's truly speaks BLISS!