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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Bas Ek ? (Harjee)

First and foremost let me start by saying that I smell something fishy here.

The earlier topic stipulated 10 things.

This one is about one person you want to spend a day with.

Whats with you Ishi? Whats with the Kanjoosi?

I can't restrict my narcissism to 10 things. Unless you allow sub-heads.

And I definitely can't take a pick of just one person from BUF. There are so many lovely looking ladies here. (And some less lovely but passable looking men too.)

Anyways… on with it.

I shall in all the generosity of my heart spend more than a day for BUF.

It shall be a week.

Monday – Keshi.

How predictable. But nothing better than an overdose of oomph to start the week.

Geography aside, this was one that wasn't tough to decide.

I heard this story from Australia where a world class photographer was shooting the Pallazo Versace. And Keshi walked by.

No prizes for guessing what part of the picture was in, and what part was out of focus.

Donnie (Donatella ) goes green, Group Versace screams,

C'mon you fools, you should know Keshi rules !

Tuesday – Neha C (Chhabra, not Counsel. But both work :D)

She's a sweetheart. The fact that she owes me a box of chocolates and this would be a 'mangal' day to collect them is not half the reason. Chocobox (the third 'C' twin) as I call her is definitely one of the most elusive people I have ever known.

This, will make up for it.

Wednesday – Ishi

To avoid angry glances from hubby dearest she gets Wednesday.


Thursday – Mala

I have a thing for blurry things: D

Some call it ambiguous. I call it deliciously vague.

And I will be moving to Bombay soon and this is one buffer I need ;)

Friday - Michelle

Adventure lover. Music lover. Fitness lover. Writing lover. Talking lover. Food lover.

Jeez…I'm already a lover.

Saturday - Puja

Sorry. No details here. Only for Puja to know ;)

And she can call to know more ;)

Sunday – Mr J

And finally, after having spent a week in the company of some lovely ladies I shall dedicate the Sunday to a very witty Mr J. Partly because I like the way he writes / comments. Partly because I am no sexist and do interact with men (fractionally though). And yes, a part because all women on BUF seem to be falling for this guy.

So I need to know, besides a house on a European island, dude…. What's your Mojo?

But now….. Kahaani mein twist hai !!!

If I were to spend an entire week with someone from BUF who would it be?

And the winner is…



The fact that we fight every time we talk (everyday) irrespective.

The fact that she accuses me of stalking her irrespective.

The fact that she loves the idea of me stalking her irrespective.

The fact that she is a complete kid at heart irrespective.

She is one of the best friends I made on blogland. And am immensely fond of her.

She is part reason I am moving to Bombay. Stalking her in Pune all the way from Bangalore was getting tough.

Moreover the chance to comprehensively torture her for a whole week is something I won't miss for anything.


  1. days hogaye, week ho gaya... ab bacha month n year,.. woh bhi likh do :P


    nice picks there harjee..

    n nice post :D

  2. why not take a year??i know we don't have that many ppl now..but soon i guess we will be having....

  3. yes yes uttsy and vishesh...ek year kya! Koi ek din aisa aayega when all he will be doing is meeting ppl from BUF :D

    and harjee *ahem* ...

    "Wednesday – Ishi

    To avoid angry glances from hubby dearest she gets Wednesday.


    Otherwise kya? R nahi ghoorta toh milte hi nahi :(((

    and m gonna have my eyes glued to the comments on dis post esp. from those listed here! :P

    and for heavens sake..don keep msging on msn as i am writing this. Sach saara concentration bhang ho jaata hai :D

    oh hell... leave it! Baad mei araam se aur likhungi .. hai bhi kaafi kuch bolna!

    :) luvd this post!

  4. nice post.. it was a lovely read :)

  5. that is the way to do it have a different pleasure each day.

  6. Harjee u r funny LOL!

    **No prizes for guessing what part of the picture was in, and what part was out of focus.

    hahahahaha u r too much!

    **Donnie (Donatella ) goes green, Group Versace screams,
    C'mon you fools, you should know Keshi rules !

    :) wow that was such a cool composition. I applaud ya mate!

    tnxx Harjee I'd love to meet u too. I love laughing and if I meet u I know I'd laughing every micro-second. :)

    btw why d u fight with Yash? And where is she now? I miss her.

    LOL @why not take a year??i know we don't have that many ppl now..but soon i guess we will be having....

    Vishesh u got that right mate!


  7. With so many beautiful women on the blog it does make it hard to just pick one.

    How do you become one of Mr. J's groupies?

    What's his secret to making them all fall?

  8. Oh ho ... really Staurday for me :) Thats so weet of you. I will make sure i bore you to death.:) hehehheeh

    All the days with Girls and just sunday with Mr J ....hmmmm Kya baat hai :)) Pareshan ho jaoge isliye!!!

    Have a nice day Dear and Lovely weekend :))

  9. Thats interesting. Love the way put up ya post and a day to a person.


  10. Dear buffers

    Thank you all. And I love you too: D
    I hope I can make both these dream weeks a reality.


    Dear Andrew

    Opinions are like Assholes. Everybody has one. Some use theirs to communicate.
    I could go on about how your previous two comments were disliked by many and in bad taste, but then why bother.

    This blog (as well as this post) is about friends and not beautiful women per se’.
    You got the plot but missed the point.

    Between Friends, there are no grey areas.

    Please refrain from personifying your name.
    Or stay away.

  11. They say ignorance is bliss, this post has opened my eyes now. Wow!!

    As for the ladies 'falling' for me.. lol, me thinks everyone is standing tall :P i'm the one who is falling.

    Mojo.. Sunday ko baat karenge ;)

  12. wow.. that's a pretty busy week.. :)

  13. Harjee Kapur~ Actually my comments were not personifying my name at all. I thought they were cute and humorious, but like you said "Opinions are like Asshole. Everyone has one" Thanks for adding yours.

    There is not wrong with telling friends they are beautiful. Grey area? You're being sensitive today... Here have a hug. Lets be friends.

  14. Mr J - yaad rakhna ;)

    DJ - yup. and intend to keep it that way ;)

    Andrew - Cute and humorous are subjective. Maybe you could try rephrasing your words better. 'have Pleasure' is not as good as 'Pleasurable company'.

    My hugs are expensive. But change the tone and we are friends :)

  15. lol! busy week for u hehe... goodluck!! ^_~


  16. Hmmm, so thats the pick on pics?

    But i totally agree, choosing one out of the ones here is a mean task.