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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

ideas and pics(vishesh)

So here i am again.But this one is a real tough one for me. To chose a single photo is like trying to chose the best grain in a mountain of rice.Fortunately for me few of the photos in my mobile can't be uploaded now,so the field is narrowed down.

I decided that i will not post any flowers.So before i do the pictures part of the thing,here are a few ideas/suggestions/whatever it is :-

- please update the pics that are scrolling in the side bar.

-you guys have done a amazing job in increasing the speed,but it would still be better,if the sidebar doesn't need to reload every time.

-and since it is given as 3 whatevers, try creating kinda a video page,where all of us can add our favorite videos/songs.

here go the pictures(sorry i can't choose just one,its too tough).


here is a poem i wrote about this sometime ago:-


I am a waterfall.
I fall from the sky,
deep into the soil,
hills and sands i pass-
feeling my self roar past
forests and graves to the far
of never land.Wind and I
brothers of nature brush apart
and drive through the steeps,
filled i become with vapours,
from deep within a mans heart.
I am a waterfall i reach the plundge,
I see a deep fall into a abyss past
a flicking rocks deep in to the newerness
into the journey to the far of neverland.
I am made of all the watery might of hills'
streams of me -together i become one.
I see you in awe of me,but you dont no
I fall and rise,i come again and again from
the sea and search again and again
for you my lost love.I reach home and
find you sleeping and snoring away.
I am a waterfall let us go together.
I am a waterfall let us rise higher
and higher.I am a waterfall let you be you
and me be a waterfall,let us travel faster and
faster,i will meet you oneday,remember
me the waterfall you saw.


This one's my blog's BG.It is a sunset,which i took when i visited in MUMBAI,oh ya and thew first one is called as rat tail falls,it is on the way to Kodai.


I love this one.I think it speaks for itself.And oh ya whats memorable about this,i had a dog following me so i was pretty tensed when i took this.

So thats three.I stop now ,but if you want to take a look at all my pictures visit :-

this is vishesh




oh ya i forgot this:-

this the shadow of the kalish temple in ellora.i simple can't understand,but this represents a lot to me.


  1. Outstanding poem. U are talented Vishesh. wow really.

    I love the third pic. Its mesmerizing..:D furthermore being a lover of the sky..

    The last one is artsy. i like ya eye that saw its beauty.

    Nice one.


  2. Amazing last picture! And i am myself a big fan of skylight shots, [:)]

  3. @jewel: thanks :) pictures can capture moments but the real mesmerizer is the actual sun set...:)

  4. Hi Poo, this is a nice 'between friends' blog that you're created..
    Intro from diyadear was very sweet too.

  5. the last pics really beautiful... :)

  6. hey vishesh,
    the pics r really amazing!! i liked the pic of sky best.. it really is divine!!! as if god is sending sumthing to us from the heavens :)

  7. Vish as always ur wise beyond ur years. The verse was excellent!

    **streams of me -together i become one

    love that. There's a deeper meaning to it.

    And I love all the pics u chose for this post. I love the last one the best...not only cos a dog was stressing u out when u took it :) but also cos that pic resonates HOPE.


  8. I love all the pics!!!!

    Wished i could be part of the pic when it was snapped... :(

    Nice poem too!! Wow...... wihout having to look at the waterfall, i can 'see' & 'feel' it..... :)


  9. diyadear:thanks something from heaven ha?alomost everything on earth is divine :)

  10. @keshi: thats why i joined here...wanted to be more like a real 15yr old....but guess i can't do it :) should have seen how stressed i was..i was running towards the car...and guess what a small crossing and no place to hide...i almost passed out..thankfully the dog was good and didn't come too close or i would i jumped of the mountain:)

  11. thumbee thanks
    maybe downloading one them and use photoshop or something :)

  12. I can imagine how scared u must have I was also chased by a small puppy once and I screamed like hell.


  13. I like the waterfall picture. Looks so refreshing.

  14. nice...
    i loved the sunset picture from ur blog background and the poem...
    and what's mystery behind the last picture really?

  15. I loved the pic at ellora

  16. @keshi: oh so even you are scared of dogs??

  17. not scared of all dogs...just the biting ones :) Infact I owned many dogs (including a German Shepherd) long time ago. My dad was an avid pet lover.


  18. @dj: the main mystery is why i haven't found a similar pic till is as you know a well renouned place and any photographer would love such a shot..that i think would be the main one..

    on the structure itself,don't feel something is odd about it??

    i think it makes for a good story hmm...hmm...

  19. beautiful pics and a lovely poem:)

  20. vishesh...

    beautiful pic n lovely poem.. keep writing ..

    ty vishes :)

  21. Hi Vishesh

    Cool pictures!! the poem is so nice :))

    I love the second picture the most :) very soothing

  22. thanks poo...that pic has a lot of meaning to me...its also my blog has made by blog come a far way ;)

  23. ... amazing pics. and really amazing India! luv the poem too!
    thanx for sharin' dear...