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Monday, May 14, 2007

Ode to Me™ ;-) (Ishita)

I still remember the first day I sat down to write the first post in "BetweenUsFriends". Whatever I may have been thinking right then, I never thought I would see this day. This place has grown beyond anything I had thought of and continues to grow. Requests keep coming. I will be totally honest ok. I had a lot of hesitation about taking in a lot of people here. “BetweenUsFriends” started off as just a place for getting in people I had befriended in the two years that I’d been blogging. But of course that is no longer the case.

I know that this honest confession may sound extremely selfish to many here. But I am terrible possessive about “BetweenUsFriends” – the blog. I’ve been so from the first day I started it right to this very day when we have new people joining in every other day. And ironically, I sometimes feel a little lost in the very blog that I so enthusiastically started off!! Hmmmm!! :P

That point stated, let me get to the topic…

I’ve known a lot of you for a long long time here. Some from my initial days of blogging. I have Rajiv (hubby) and Suchi (me best friend) here. I have blogger friends that I met up with last New Years Eve in Mumbai – Uttara, Mala & Puneet (U can read my post and see pics of the trip here). And then there are many friends I have made and cherished but not yet met – Rajbir, Vipul, Sudeep, Keshi, John, Amy, Kathy, Yashita, Roy, Pavan, Jitendra, Arjun…*sigh*…! Tell me how do I even think of picking just one of you???? And there are many here who I’ve just met and who I’d love to know better too!

But I guess yes…there’s one amongst all of you who I just have to meet! Someone I spend practically most of my weekdays chatting with. Someone who’s made “BetweenUsFriends” the place it is today. In fact Rajiv sometimes teases me saying I spend more time talking to this person than to R himself :P … Yes who else but JOHN!

Most of you know John right? U can’t be a BUFER and not know him! :P

I’ve known John for what now seems like ages but is infact just about a year! I got a comment from him on May 20th, 2006 (I told you a year!) which went like this,

Me™ (that was the nik he used then) has left a new comment on your post "Rains...MakeOvers & American Idol...":

Howdy!! Happen to drop here by chance and HAD to take that test on your blog. Apparently i'm a warrior and was advised to consult a paladin.

Now that i'm here, whatcha gonna do? :D

(Im sharpening my sword already)”

LOL…the funny thing is in all these months we’ve never really had a fight or even a difference of opinion as such!

I am quite a strong believer in destiny and I believe John and I were meant to be friends and when we first thought of a concept somewhat similar to BUF, I knew someday we would realize this and make it happen. It’s proof enough that I am writing this post here on this blog for all of you to read :-)

Now if you were to ask me how I’d spend one whole day with John. Let me tell you I’ve never been a planner as such. But I know that it would be a fabulous day and we’d have a whole lot of fun. I’ve warned him that I talk helluva lot, sometime I laugh way too much and I love eating out :P and I know John’s got a wonderful sense of humor, makes great conversation and time spent with him can be nowhere close to dull!!

The one thing I promise we won’t do (*ahem* get that look of your face ppl!)….lolz…! We will not talk WORK! Okk by that I don’t mean his job or my household chores! I mean we will not be talking about BUF :P … which is what we do all day nowadays! We live, eat, breathe BUF….!

BUT how I’d love to end a day spent with John….now that’s where the fun is….

I’d love to have this totally FUN party with every member of BUF! All of us in one place…partying the night away….Now that would be the icing on the cake!! :-)

What say John? :-)

The song below is specially for u!


  1. Erm... *clearing my throat* :D

    Thanks, this post is uumm.. nice!! :P

    And when it comes to BUF... it takes two to tango, guess somehow everything fell in place. And yes, best way would be to throw a big party for BUFers.. ;)

  2. Wow Ishita!:D Such a heartwarming post.:)) Great one.

    *touched my heart as i read.


  3. kudos to ya both for this space....i am loving this.....while you are at it get john a tuxedo.....with a big badge "from BUF".. ;D...

  4. :) gr8 frank post

    calls fro three cheerz for Ishi and John!!

    Like Rajiv says on the Voice box!!
    "Ishiji.. tussi tan chhan gaye hon"

    Hey Ishi its a gr8 post, we all can imagine the tonnloads of efforts and time u have spent and this is going really great...

    Hip HIp hurrah to all BUFers!!

  5. @ john ... that initial reaction to the post had me counting till...100!!!! :P

    i said all that i had to say in the post :)

    Party we will...wid the tees/caps/mugs ...blah blah :D

    BUFers RULE! :P

  6. @ amy:)... yep u have no clue how confused i'd been since this topic won the voting...I'd voted for sum other one ;-) so i cld avoid making a choice here...! But I had to be honest and admit that I just have to meet John...esp. since i spend much of days off late talking to him!!

    Some day soon m gonna meet u too *touchwood*....i wld've if our plans of going to S'pore had worked out the last time...

    but there's always next time!! :)

  7. @ vishesh:)... and m glad u're luvin it!! :)

  8. @ abhishek:)...thanks!:)...

    Hip Hip Hurrah to al BUFers is right!...everyone makes the place ROCK!:))))

  9. awww...cheers to john :) the tech stuff is very systematic and organised and totally up to date thanks to him :)

  10. i know for a fact that this post comes straight from ur heart...

    John seems like ur the nicer guy...*Wink*

    Take care and have lot of fun blogging....

  11. Rajiv: Me nice?? My first reaction to this post left her fuming mad :P lol!!

    Got to plan a visit to Delhi.

  12. ... woww! what a sweet post Ish... u two really clicked from the start na ^_^ and thats d sign of a good team... thanx for makin' BUF possible!!yeah, aside from orkut... i think i'm hooked here now hehe ^_~

    ... m simply luvin' u all guys and this space ^_~ big applause for the techy thing John and Burf and of course for Mam Ish hehe... good job guys!!muaahh...

    ... m wishin' that BUF stays 4ever lol... even to vedant and rina's next generation ^_~

    BUF'ers ROCK!!!


  13. Johno wud make very good company. I always thought of having a drink or 2 with him...:) He's got good taste in music too. And I really wanna see if he talks so much abt career when we meet in real :)

    ***…! Tell me how do I even think of picking just one of you????

    Ish I so know that...why du think I havent posted yet LOL! I really cant choose. There r sooo many of u that I want to meet :(


  14. there u go "PARTNERS IN CRIME "


    ~aap dono ki partnership salamat rahe..
    ~jug jug jiye..


  15. @ michelle:) .. Yep he's brilliant isn't he ? :)

  16. @ rajiv:) .. haan it did! :)

    John seems like ur the nicer guy...*Wink*

    i think m u're both wunderful! :P


  17. @ john:) ... u better do that! :))

  18. @ kathy:) ... yep there u see u had me nodding my head and grinning away reading your comment! :)

    I take that comparison to Orkut as a matter of pride considering the huge popularity that site has gained in the past year!!

    and oh my... WOW! the whole thot of Rina and Vedant as future BUFers is wayyyy to cute!!:))

    YESS BUFer's ROCK totally!! :D

  19. @ Keshi:)... Yep so am i lukin forward to the day I finally get to meet him!

    Isn't it wierd that i feel i know him for agesssss when we've never really met?! :P

    Judging by your post, I'd say meeting up wid Neha is a wunderful way to spend a day:)

    Sumday who knows all BUFer's may meet up?? :)))

  20. @ uttsy... lolz @ partners in crime!

    ~aap dono ki partnership salamat rahe..
    ~jug jug jiye..

    *touchwood*... aisa hi ho! :))

  21. Ishi yep...some day it mite really happen. That wud be such a BEAUTIUL day!