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Saturday, May 19, 2007

(こんにちはここに私は来る) hello here I come!!( abhishek)

I just hope i did not go wrong in the subject , coz If I did, Its Babel's Fault!

It would have really been a tough call to choose one among so many amazing People( read BUFerz) In case I knew (m)any of then prior to joining this super duper blog!

But the case is not so!! ..

So I choose to goto Japan and spend a day with "^_^"!
Yes (Li'l) Kathy!
and hope that her guy ( soulmate!!?) will not throw me back into the sea or something!!

I am sure it would be an amazing experiance to just listen to and spend a day with someone who is brought up ( and born) in Japan ( and hey!! has so many indian friends that she nearly understands most of the hindi.. wow)

Japan is an amazing country with a rich history and culture, and i am definate, it will be great to hear Kathy, where-ever we meet !!

Dunno when..

For starters lets see when the great Mumbai_buffers can meet up!!
Oie Uttara, Messy, Mala, Puneet...!!

AND hey HARjee Paaji you in Mumbai!!
Thot U were in Blore!!!


  1. Transition....
    raaste mein hoon.

    and dont worry about the being thrown back into the sea.
    the japanese in all their glory have far better ways of inflicting pain.

    the sea should be the least of your worries.

    i suggest you find a ninja trainer ;)

    Kath- you understand hindi?

  2. ooopsie..
    this Buddy ur scaring me in the first comment only!!!

  3. i always wanted to eat with chop sticks :)

  4. awwww!! first thanx Abhi ^_~ gosshh!! i'm soo surprised to read ur post! esp. the japs words there hehe! cool!!! ;)

    ... and sweetie just wanna clear things ;)... i'm not Japanese na( its my hubby) ^_~ i'm a filipina-spanish-indian by roots... mixed yeah! so dun be confused na, so me fellow indian( actually im 80% indian at heart) lol!! ^_^ and yeah i know lil hindi but not good yet(still learning);(

    ... do come here in Tokyo dear so we can have a good " Jack Daniels, Chivas Regal " time hehe... i can make some sushi's and sashimi for u too... oops u all-vegi??? sorry awww... neway, i can take u too to Tokyo Disneyland! hehe ^_^ just let me know na... or maybe if u can wait we can have a BUF'rs all members get-together in India wowwwww!! Mam Ish- Sir John hows that?? ^_~ lol!

    pheww!!! it will be a real blast ... loads of treats na!

    hope all this dreams come true very sooooon!


  5. @ harjee

    ... ahem! the guy behind the mysterious pic. ^_~ hiiii!! can i see one close-up pic. of urs? hehe... just curious! ;)

    lol @ ninja haha... it dun exist now ^_^ u made Abhi scared huh? its ok... i'm the boss and true ninja @ home!! ROFL!! so dun worry!

    ... yeah, i know lil hindi but not good yet! learning the language mostly from my friends and for listening to hindi songs...



    And I'm not even veggie :D


    You can see the close up at the global buffers meet :D

    Ishi - Christmas sounds good to make (very)'tentative' planing???


    Abhishek - Hun harri jhhandee mil gayee eh....chakk de gaddee... te khhichh de kunda ;)
    mil gaya dineyland da jhootaa :D

    par tyaari fer vi kar ke jayeen ;)

  7. I can't read the japanese script cuz it isn't installed on my comp :P hehe yayy we picked the same person

  8. @ LIL Kath!!:
    Gee tks

    Chuck JD or Chivas,

    i will have some SAKEee!!
    havent had yet!

    and oh wow on "filipina-spanish-indian "
    all the more reason to meetup! want to know..

    we can all teach u hindi little by little!!!

  9. hey abhishek..

    good pick :D she is bery bery cute :P

    n about us we will surely catch up sooooooon :)


  10. @ harjee

    ... oh u not veggie and u want to go to Disneyland too??... okkkkk! so come here na w/ Abhi ^_~ no problem w/ me hehe...
    ... global buffers meet???
    awww ok... as u wish!

    @ abhi

    oh sure... will prepare that for u!!

    @ mich

    ... it's written like this" konnichiwa kokoni watashiwa kuru"

    ... it can be "konnichiwa, ima watashiwa kokoni imasu!" too!

    thanx muaahh!

    @ uttsy

    thanx sweetie... hugss**

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  12. Wow. I didn't know that Kathy could understand loads of hindi..:D Great stuff.

    And its interesting ya choice. Abhishek!;D Hope u get to see Japan and meet Sweet Kathy someday. ;)


  13. If you do get thrown back into the sea, be sure to catch some nice fish along the way :D

    And hey you mumbai BUF's are the first to meet up huh!! Set the ball rolling guys.

  14. yep! kathy's special indeed:)

    and one person i'd luv to meet and get to know a whole lot better!

    @ kath... aah a BUFer's meet in India... that wld be super, wldn't it :)?!