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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Make way for Mr. J (John!)

Taaaaaaaadddddaaaaaaaaaa!! Finally.

I go by the nick of Mr. J a.k.a Sillygoof or you could just call me John, which is my first name by the way.

I've been blogging since June 05' but found it boring & deleted all my posts...until I moved to Austria and blogging became second nature to me.

I'm from Hyderabad and presently in a tiny island called Malta in Southern Europe, working in the new media a.k.a the Internet industry, heading the sales & marketing department while I fail to understand how my four years of education in computers helps me in my job.

You wouldn't be mistaken to call me a nerd even now, cos every now and then I venture into those password protected HR files and any issues with this website, give me a shout.

Apart from music & a bit of reading (which I do only when i'm flying), I love collecting flags and currencies of the places i've been to, appreciate fine arts (but hate the fact that they are so damn expensive), have a keen interest in technology (which will always be my first love) and go ga-ga over my Jack Daniels or Chivas on the rocks...and recently discovered that Heineken isn't bad either. But as I always say, enjoy the drink and not the other way around.

I can be friendly but it takes me a while to get comfy with people in general and i'm quite picky, but once the ice is broken with the right company, i'm pretty much easy going.

I've been living out of my two suitcases for the last two years and close to 6 years in total, away from home and love every moment of the experiences that have and will come by- the highs and lows of everyday life, which my blog aptly captures and I firmly believe in three things: A) God B) Live and let live C) Failure is when you give up instead of trying your best (sadly not many people agree to this).

Two things that make me mad outright is A) Being taken for granted (which is not what you think it is) B) When someone messes with my drink. (It's Whiskey on the rocks with 4 cubes.) Simple, yet hard to follow.. Sigh!!

There are quite a few people in here whom I haven't come across but thanks to IshiAmma, have heard a lot about some of you and it's quite nice to meet on a common platform like this, rest assured i'll pop by your place soon.

In conclusion.... that's all there is, to this humble and modest soul. Catch you guys in the next post.


  1. why am i not scrolling? and u look so adorably muaaahhhh! ;-)

  2. aa gaye aap!! :P and ipod?? what ipod??! the fabulous person that i am...i let suchi put in that hot comment first before formally inviting u...gosh u even got a *muah* :O .... and yeah m married so u don get any of that from me!!! :P

    but yeah lukin good eh ;-)

    and m yet to read the whole post...gosh! tmrw i shall comment in detail!:)

  3. Damn.. I actually wanted to wait a lil while longer than the 5 hour limit I had to see your reaction.

  4. OMG! Keshi faints!

    I finally get to see Johno? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how lovely!! HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGZ J u look GOOOOOOOOOD ;-)

    **I can be friendly but it takes me a while to get comfy with people in general

    that means u'll hit it on straight away with me cos Im not human. LOL!

    btw Johno when r we having that drink together ha?

    WC boss!

  5. hi Mr. J ... good to see u here and hope to know more about u mate... its good to meet new friend around who loves.......
    ... Daniels or Chivas on the rocks... like me awwww cooool!! ^_^

    see ya around... cheers** :)

  6. HELLO!! Mr J..:D

    I have finally seen u and Oooh La La to it!:D

    hhehee..:) I am impress with ya life ..It feels like an adventure when i read them..

    And looking forward to get to know u more..;D:D

    There are quite a few people in here whom I haven't come across but thanks to IshiAmma, have heard a lot about some of you

    Thanks to Ishi i got to know ya more too!!

    :D *big smiles*


  7. There are quite a few people in here whom I haven't come across but thanks to IshiAmma, have heard a lot about some of you***Right, heard a few things abt u as well from the same amma...:)

  8. Mr. J uff John..

    meedi full peru aimi?? John abraham kaade :p ??

    hey i have heard lots about u from our agony aunty n i guess u were here in mumbai for a while as well umm sorry u wer in goa then .. so we couldnt meet :):):)

    neva mind...

    good intro.. :):):)

  9. abaii chaala smartga unnadu..

    lollzz :p

  10. @ uttsy ... he was home hydbd!

  11. ii ammai meedi spokespersonaa??

    @abbey agony aunty .. chup karo!! lolzz

  12. Suchi: Lol!!! Good to have you back.

    Ishi: Still waiting for the iPOD.

    Keshi: that means u'll hit it on straight away with me cos Im not human. LOL Hahaha. Drinks, if only you were anywhere closer.

    Kathy: Thanks. Wow, nice to come across a fellow JD/Chivas follower. :D

    Amy: Ahhh, yeh finally, I think it took Ishi close to 4 days of non-stop pushing until I had to put up a pic. Phew!!

    Southy: I remember ishita sending me a clip of some guy singing.. that must be you right?

    Uttara: Naadi full peeru definitely doesn't end with Abraham. Lol!! Yeh was in Hyd around tht time. Ish has to be spokesperson cos she owes me an iPOD. Btw, love the 'aaa' you adding at the end.

  13. lol * sigh* @ doent end with abraham.. *winks*

    "aa" daane aadi default kada nenu ogatti chesingu mudidu

    (don't laugh)

    Y don't u get Ipod for all of us wen u come down to India next :p lolzz

    ** ishi wat say?? idea boora nahi hai na?? ..hehe

    good to know u "John Jhonny Janardhan tara rampam rampam pam.. ":p ( i aint singing the song now (kidding *winks* :p )

  14. Uttara, a few more conversations in telugu and i'm gonna forget the language too. Ok naa... Hahahaha!!

  15. helloo kabab mei haddi. good to see the face behind the man that scripts of destiny of this blog :)

  16. hey you..nice to meet you sillygoof ;-)

    you forgot to mention the dreaded cigarettes...or have you taken my well intentioned advice and quit?

    and judging by the comments above, i am not in the least surprised youre an egotistical blogger ;-) ah well, who am i to spoil your fun..

  17. then we'd have drinks in Salzburg ha ;-)


  18. :) Yeah i noticed her pushing..hehee..We need her

    And John...I am so glad to know ya betta now..*smiles* u always seem to be the mysterious guys. And i have to say thank you for putting up the pic as well..*winks *winks haha..:P

    Cheers man and have a good day!!;D

  19. ... yeah, hope we can have a toast someday w/ ... Daniels or Chivas on the rocks.... lol!! ... na Kesh??? ^_^ but m afraid i can't go to Malta or Sydney that soon so we better do it in India?? hai na? together w/ the " between friends " members wowww!! sounds coool haan? ^_~

    and hey John thanx for commentin' on my blog, was surprised to read it this morning!

    good day!!

  20. u live on an island.. damn tht sure made me jealous :)

    currency collector.. cool.. i hope we can be gud frnds so tht u can pass over some xtra items to boost up my collection :).. kidding.
    glad to a know a bit 'bout ya..

  21. hey u!!

    do u think i talk that bad or u dont understand that well!!


    ok i think its the latter one :D :D :D

  22. yeah Kath..aww and I feel like we have all met in India already...this blog is that close!!


  23. i love heinekenn.....its way better than kingfisher ..which is da most available drink in pubs in delhi

  24. Mr j..
    so finally caugt a glimpse of u.. as keshi says.. n hadnt known so many facts abt u.. this site sure sounds interesting :)