This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, May 14, 2007

It's ME (tulipspeaks)

The hardest post will be one about ourselves *grins.. May be I can start by thanking you guys for giving me an opportunity to join this wonderful circle of FRIENDS! cool stuff!!

About me.. I'm Ammu, all the way from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of beautiful Malaysia. Currently I am working as a researcher with a private university here. I've been blogging for little more than 2 years now, you may check my bloggie HERE ; watch out for posts on women, current issues and of course alots of junks there!

I'm a sensitive kinda person. Sometimes it works on my favour, sometimes it doesn't. Well.. life is not always rosy nah? I'm looking forward a brand new chapter in my life right now, complete with a postgrad qualification, new job, new friends, and who knows .. may be a new husband! Hehehehehe... but blogging is something I am not going to trade for anything in this world. Seriously.. I just love what I am doing right now.

Coming to the current topic... one person I really wanna spend a day with would be KESHI, and looks like I have to 'compete' with quite a number of fellow BUFs for that! Sex & Shah Rukh sells and now I think Keshi sells too! *get my helmet.. Kidding.. kidding.. A lovable person whom I never get tired of talking/writing about and of course e-mailing to! :) Guess others have said everything which I wanted to say about her. In short, she is a darling!


  1. WOW WC Ammu!

    guess wut I was abt to email u n ask why ur not in this blog?? I was missing u here but I wasnt sure if u wanted to join cos u were busy with ur studies too. Anyways I thought I'd email n ask u but came here first...and here u r. Im so glad u made it. Lovely to have u on board. HUGGGGGGGGZ!

    I was touched with Thumbee's and Star's posts abt wanting to meet me...and then u want to meet me too which I've already known for years...cos I wanted to meet u too...rem I even tried to plan a trip tp Malaysia just to meet u n Ghosty hehe. Well I really hope that comes true tho. ty for thinking of me here...u r so sweet.

    **Keshi sells

    ROFL Ammu! :):)

    I wanna dance with SRK btw.

    ok so when r we meeting? When r u comin to Aus on and exchange program? Cos Im dying to meet u too. We can chat, eat, drink, shop all day long while hunk-watching..and dun forget, we need to go ona harbor cruise too. So when my dear?


  2. :) Welcome abroad Ammu.:)

    Lol..KEshi...Ms Popularity!!!:P


  3. yayyy ammu is here too!!! pretty pic of both u guys ;-)

  4. ty Amy n Michi!

    LOL Amy yeah Im kinda overrated now aint I?


  5. @ Keshi

    Its a wonderful thing to be loved by so many sweets..;)


  6. lol keshi the blogger.....wonder when i will here a news channel keshi's blog today.....blah blah...

  7. ... agreed Ammu ^_~ and i think the lady dun need anymore compliments now hehe... ;) her overrated rank speaks for herself awwwwwww!!!
    luv ya kesh! hugss**

    @ vishesh

    yeah, thats the name... keshi d blogger!!!  

  8. Welcome aboard..

    Keshi's TRP ratings are at an all time high :D Now now now, if only blogsville would've been a real place, we would've demanded Ms. K pay a visit.

    Hmm, gotta think of an alternative.

  9. welcome to the blog :)...

    and keshi it is again :))

    lukin forward to reading more from u...!!

  10. thank you guys :)))) hope to contribute more to BUF!


    wht to do eh? well-liked and lovable darling. mr j is right.. ur rate is all-time high! enjoy the limelight dear!

    i'll be off for data collection in rural areas of Malaysia from June-Aug dear. Guess Melb plan have to wait for now. Thinking of a career change which may require me to land in Aust. See how things goes! muuaxxiee.

    *imagining hunk-watching with keshi at the side.. yummy!!!


  11. if ur ever here Ammu, I'd fly to Mel to see ya :)

    Johno oh alrite then LOL!


  12. n ty Kath n Ish MWAH!

    heyy Vishesh I feel like Paris Hilton of Blogville hahaha!


  13. Hi Ammu... Welcome sweetie.Glad you joined here :))

    Keshi ..i would love to meet her as well.

  14. hey ammu ni inga vandutiya.. am happy :)

    now a warm hug to u n welcome onboard hun!!

    u have also chosen keshi.. ahem ahem

    keshi ...
    y is it that only girls r choosing to meet u :P ( wats the secret like..hehehh )

    now i should say u r most happening n wanted woman amongst all WOMEN... lolz

    ROCK ON!!

  15. lolz Uttsy dun u tease me abt it...cos Harjee chose me too and he's a guy...I believe so!

    btw ur my only lessy missy na Uttsy. LOL!