This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Right gift for best Miss - Sudeep

I simply adore Calvin & Hobbes so the best gift i have received are these 2 C&H books last December on my b'day. I won't write much on this but will leisurely take the pleasure of seeing you jealous looking at the pics below :p.

Being forced by Y & I (yeah you can consider them as cartoon characters as well like C&H :D) I might come back for Miss Right as well. It is just that 'the days are just packed' :). Take care of yourself and the blog as well.

All In One (by Keshi)

I don't usually believe in having a pre-defined set of characteristics for my Mr.Right (apart from the basic requirements ofcourse - such as attraction, cuteness, hygene, music-taste, education etc etc). I believe that I'd only know my Mr.Right criteria AFTER I meet him...cos he's the only one who could define it for me. You may have a pre-defined list of what he/she should be like, but when you fall in love, none of that may matter. That's how powerful love is. However, I've come up with the following 5 my-kind-of-guy characteristics (the other 5 being standard stuff we all expect) that I found in few real guys I know:

1. Jitterbug humor
I love a guy with a great sense of humor - and that means a classy and an intelligent sense of humor. As you all know, I love to laugh and I am a complete funnygirl myself. 'LOL' btw is my fav net term (rolling eyes here). So yeah, I want a guy who can really make me laugh and one who can laugh with me.. So when I said Jitterbug humor, I meant the kind of humor that our own 'mardo wala' mate Jitendra possesses.

2. Sam courtesy
I'd like my guy to be a polite person. In other words, a gentleman. One who knows how to treat a lady. One who's not loud and harsh. Someone who listens to me when I speak. A guy who explains to me when I need an explanation. A man who respects not only his woman, but all women. So when I said Sam courtesy, I meant the kind of courtesy that our own dahlin Sam holds.

3. Pu Bear affection
I'm a girl who thrives on affection. I love to be pampered and treated like a cute lil pet LOL! Ok I promise I wont bark...woof woof, ooops! Anyways, I love hugs, kisses, sweet surprises, cute names, undivided attention, suga suga smiles and good flirting (thou shall flirt). So when I said Pu Bear affection, I meant the kind of affection that our own flirt king Puneet delivers. (damn he still has my Flirt Aid kit!)

4. z000nie determination
If I'm in a relationship, it had better be with a man with a brain that funtions a tad over the average level. I don't want to sit and provide him tissues as he tells me the reasons for dropping out of school and for never being able to get a decent job in his life. I have struggled hard to be where I am today...I studied and went to Uni, paid all my fees on my own and currently hold a good job cos of my own abilities. That means he better match up to the willpower. So when I said z000nie determination, I meant the kind of determination that our own smarty Arjun has.

5. Southy fire
In a relationship between a man and a woman, passion plays a very important part. If there's no emotional and physical attraction and connection, then there's really no relationship there. As a woman who's very emotional, I seek the best when it comes to this part of the relationship. He's got to be able to ignite sparks within my soul without being told to do so. So when I said Southy fire, I meant the kind of fire that our own stud Southy carries.

Now find me a guy with all of these 5 qualities in one ;-)

Monday, July 30, 2007

The Best Gift You've Ever Recieved (Yashita)

So I suppose not many people know me here :) And I take the whole blame for it. I have not posted since my introduction post and no, I am not going to wear you guys down with any excuses :) Anyway, my post is quite apt considering the current situation BUF seems to be in. So here's about the best gift I have ever received :

Sneha was A's very good friend. Therefor it seemed obvious that Sneha would come quite often in hostel to meet A. She would always say hi-hello to us, the usual pleasantries, chat with A and leave. I never much interacted with her and I, at first, didnt even like her. But one day I bunked one of my lectures and came back to the room. I saw Sneha sitting in A's room. I thought it would seem very rude if I just walk off from there, specially when she had seen me, without saying anything. So I went upto her and asked after her. And we generally started talking. I guess it was that moment. We both didn't realise when time flew by us! We were so engrossed in our talks that it was A's arrival that made us realize we were talking for almost over an hour!

I read somewhere that God makes us meet many wrong people before we meet the right one so that when we do meet the right one, we can fully appreciate how special that person is.

There have been many ups and downs in my life. And during one of my lowest moments, when I didn't even have the so-called friends, it was Sneha who stood by me and helped me. All the way. There were times when I couldn't understand what I felt, wanted to feel or should feel. It was in those times when Sneha understood me and gave me strength to carry on. There are many things I cherish in my life, many people. But the one gift I will always hold next to my heart is the one because of which am here today, able to cherish other gifts.

We are lucky to have a choice. We have the choice to choose our friends. And our enemies. But in the end it's not the enemies who matter. But friends.

The best gift you've ever recieved (Mala)

Helloooooooooooooo boys and girls! How have we been? (not bouncy as I can see from previous few posts, but hey….xoxoxoxox to all – there, go ahead, spread some smile!)

Now on with the current topic: The best gift you’ve ever received.

This will be really short; for the best gift I have ever received is not a tangible thing. It’s a feeling I will continue to cherish for the rest of my life, and yet I can not reveal its nature on a public platform.

All I can say is that after having coped with the lowest ebb; after having been shattered and embarrassed and lost and hurt and angered…15 minutes on June 25, 2007 has changed my life forever. And I’m happier and more secure than ever.

A handful of people might know what I’m referring to. It's the reason I've been away :-)

Peace out!

Sorry if most of you don’t approve of the cryptic nature of this post; but hey some things are better left unexplained ;-)

For those of you who wish to top this gift, please think Dairy Milk Fruit and Nut chocolates ;-) Bigger, the better….hehehhee….yeah, you heard it right…No Lindt, no Godiva…it’s desi chocolate :-)

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Between Friends - A request

I owe an apology to everyone here.

Many of you are not aware of what happened or went on in the past few days. I am not here to give an explanation or understanding of it all. Some may be more aware than others because of your personal interactions beyond BUF.

It has a lot to do with me personally and I was wrong in letting it get to me to such an extent that it played out here in the blog. Sometimes I really seem to forget that BUF is beyond me. That is one my biggest weaknesses.

And I can’t sit and blame others for the total interruption that all this has got into the pace of the blog. I should have realized the fall out of my emotional outburst. Even to say that it came about in extreme conditions seems shallow when I sit and think of how much it took to get BUF this far.

In all earnestness and sincerity, I’d like to request everyone of you to simply focus on the topics that are running and the nominations for the Admin Team.

I’ve heard from many of you and it’s been overwhelming to say the least. Some have asked if I’d be back here. I never wanted to let go like this. Yes I wanted people to help me and take more responsibility here. Everyone has a sense of belonging but I wanted people to come forward and help manage … to get a sense of ownership.

I somehow find it really tough to come back after the way I reacted. Looking at me from another unbiased person's view -- I'd question my ability to manage BUF after this whole incident.

I find it even more difficult to let go because I practically lived, ate, slept BUF … it’s like my mind and heart pulling in different directions.

It’s after the anger and hurt subsides that we start to really see reason. I am still quite emotionally worked up I guess. Time will take care of that…

But now the focus has to be in keeping BUF going. It took a lot from many of us to get BUF where it is. It cannot come to even a pause…forget a ‘full stop’ just because I couldn’t control myself or others.

So please guys… just lets move on… that would be the only thing that could get me past all this too…

Thank you …

- Ishita

Saturday, July 28, 2007

excuse me!

being the youngest member guess i to have a say!

well please will all of you get over it? the main reason i joined BU"F" was beacuse of the way it was run,now i am sorry to say i don't like whats going on! i log on and see a fight like this!excuse me people,what i all this? I though you all were friends? and do you bite at each other like this? COOL DOWN!!!! i have a question,why all this suddenly? it was running smooth and all! and suddenly everything bursts up!

one of the main reasons why i joined was because of Ishi and the way she ran the thing.Now if she is leaving,so am I. I have noticed many things,like people putting my posts into drafts and publishing thiers and all.I thought it was for fun,but now i question its real intent.Well one thing if you people are planning to say anything to me,go ahead, i don't care! but i know one thing,the founding members should be feeling bad about this,the joy i saw in their posts,was lost when more and more people came.!!!!!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Thank you... - Ishita

Too late for apologies... too late for realization.

Not for me...

For you - I don't want to take your names because it ruins the taste of my mouth.

I am breaking the one rule I sought to implement the other night when this whole thing blew up on my face. I am making this very personal.

If anyone has a right to be personal about BUF - it's me!

You all walked in and out of BUF today sensing there was a problem but u chose to ignore it.

God bless this blog...

and you all.

I didn't start this place to be trashed... Not just the ambience of BUF but me personally too.

I've heard enough today to last me a lifetime. I won't anymore.

Its very personal - yes - it doesn't get more personal than this!

Make your nominations in all earnestness and keep this place going.

I will be honest and very blunt. I don't see it surviving ...

You two did a brilliant job of making me realize I don't need to take shit (the second rule broken) and that's one thing I'll give you credit for.

Besides that you two can also have all the *explicit* words you hold so dear and true!


For all those who've seen better times, I hope you will see more here. I've met and befriended some wonderful people here. And I am hoping these relationships will sustain beyond BUF.

Don't sit and analyse my decisions. Why I chose to let some people get the better of me. Simply understand that I am human and I never made any claims to being an insensitive person.

I am very sensitive.

High time a very public blog like BUF had admins with better people skills.

It was truly FUN while it lasted... for me!

And for that I am thankful to you...


Please let me know who's been chosen to take care of admin. I will grant them admin access.

Till such time I guess every BUFer is responsible for the blog.

BUF Admin - Final Call

Hi All,

As you must have noticed, we have been looking for new BUF admins for quite a long time.

We believe it is time for change and would like to invite nominations as to who would want to take charge henceforth. Please visit this link (link to: to either nominate yourself or someone whom you think would be ideal to be the BUF admin. Admins can be chosen only from the existing set of members. As soon as we have enough feedback, we would be ready to make the switch.

We hope that you will be proactive in this regards.


BUF Team.

PS: This has to be finalised before the next update due on 4th August. Present Admin Team will be working till the 4th. New Admin Team needs to be briefed and ready to take up charge before that. Thanks.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Mr. Right is really REAL!!!(Shooting Star)

Hmm…..10 things about Mr./Ms. Right…. I have long ago chucked such a list.. but during my teenage years I did have a list and was hell bent on sticking to it…...and this is how it went….

1. My man should be tall …(atleast 6 ft.)
2. He should have a GOOD Physique…(and I mean GOOD physique)
3. He should be extremely intelligent (at least an IQ of 150)
4. He should have greek god looks..!!!!!
5. He should have blond hair
6. He should have a attitude such that people around him get nervous and shaky!!!
7. He should have an awesome jawline!!!
8. He should be extremely well qualified..should be an engineer or neurosurgeon.
9. He should be be famous
10. He should be an expert in martial arts and boxing

I used to have such fantasies about my dream man..where will I meet him…and used to talk to my friends about him…he was so real for me… day….
I was sitting in front of TV and watching this movie(actually I had started watching the movie after some time it had begun)….a song comes on…and through the haze in the boxing ring ..rises my dream man!!!!!!! Like a lone star he stands head and shoulders above others……………oh my gosh!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes……………

he was DRAGO!!!!…the Russian boxer (for benefit of all people..i was watching Rocky 4)
The incredible drago..the handsome Ivan drago…the tall drago….ohh…!!!! no one can imagine my ecstacy!!!

I dug up everything on Drago…and found out he is indeed my Mr. Right….

Actually his name is dolph lundgren, he is 6 feet 4' tall and he is a incredible actor besides being a graduate of the Royal Institute of Technology. He has a master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney , and was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology , but quit after to pursue acting. He speaks five languages: Swedish, English, some German, some Japanese and some French. Lundgren holds a 3rd Dan (3rd Degree Black Belt) in Kyokushin Karate and won the European championships in 1980 and 1981 as well as a heavyweight tournament in Australia in 1982 . He was also captain of the Swedish Kyokushin Karate team, and was a formidable challenger at the 1979 World Open Tournament (arranged by the Kyokushin Karate Organization) when he was only a green belt.

So u see dream is too high..only thing is..u gotta believe in the power of your dreams!!!!

P.S. By now all of you must have got that I am in one of those completely hilarious funny crazy moods of mine!!!!!!

Mr Right(Puja)

‘Mr Right’ is explained as an image of perfection --- Looks, thoughts, behavior, personal history, character, and everything else that completes the whole package called Mr Right or He is my Man etc .No body is perfect for sure. But the qualities what I want my man to have is. Ok here it goes.

””Satisfaction”” a must. (Can be anything and everything). I prefer a guy who'll pamper me loads, gifts (accha chalo occasionally baba ...once in a while baba !!! uff ladke bhi na ek baar gift de kar phir kabhi nahi dete !!! plssss Bhagwanji accha mr Right dena mujhe) affectionate, a massage, (huh!!!! Kab mere sapne pure honge- Full body massage chahiye. Aur Mr right se hi chahiye ) he must be a good cook(Hopefully ok m I asking for too much). He must sing songs for me, he should dance with me. Must say I am very beautiful (even when I look like a devil). He must be very passionate and expressive. He must love me so much that i go crazy. He must know how to Kiss. Must have the urge to try out new things can be anything ;-) And when I am with him…. He dare not tell me about other girls looks and figure what ever nahi tho mardungi usko I am very jealous!!!

Ok men are like fine wine they definitely get better with age. They don’t play-play around nymore. They are more serious and straight forward. I'm NOT attracted to guys who are "a bit older" Ok. Just that he must be a mature+yet+a+fun+loving+person. A great sense of humour. Ok I know I know maturity time ke saath pata chaltha hai but still he has to matured. His maturity will even show when he talks, The way he EATS. (uff Few guys eat like OMG) I mean manners. He should be mature and must understand me. …Ok I will understand him too.

Love doesn't come cheap, but it doesn't have to be shown in all the expensive ways. Ok to be frank he must be stable and secure financially. Of course, we all dream of living well, but it's a mistake to mix your expectations of love with your hopes for a first-class lifestyle. Don’t you guys agree.!!! I am not saying that when my Mr right will cross my path, I will recognize him with the size of his wallet. Not like that …but definitely he must be secured enough to take care of my basic needs. In short ….”Shortage na ho money ka” Bacchon ke liye bhi kuch sochna padtha hai na. And I love Kids so he must be ready for atleast 3 kids 2 mine and 1 adopted. (When I will marry I will make sure he signs a bond paper that I can adopt a babee…you never know Guys can change there mind anytime). Don’t ask me why do I want to adopt one kid. So he better be ready for this.

I just hate men who are smelly and untidy. Accha aab tell me U may not judge a book entirely by its cover na, but you definitely like the cute ones. So like that, Cute, handsome who can really turn heads. He should be Rough from outside but soft from inside ok I am impressed by looks, and will definitely set my standards high when it comes to physical appearance. He must be a person beautiful from both inside and out. But now a days thr are very few guys who are really genuine. (Bhagwanji ne acche ladko ka production band kardiya) hehehehhehe

Ok I think I will stop here now. My list is a never ending one.

According to me (No offence here to anybody) there is NO Mr. Right (or Ms. Right). But who truly think that they have got there MR/MS right they are truly blessed!!!! But I am not so blessed so I think the person whom I meet will love him truly regardless if he forgets to buy you a rose, forgets my birthday, anniversary. What truly matter is he offers his heart completely to me. None can ever be more Mr. Right than that!

Take care Guys and Have a Happy Friday and a good weekend.

I've finally found someone......(Sam)

That's what I'd say when I come across my Ms. Right. Should I be a little demanding or should I just relax and let nature take it's course? Wait and watch what providence has in store for me? Is my list the right one? It won't cloud my judgement and make me miss the perfect girl for me, would it? I ponder over these questions as I try to give a definite shape to a person who I believe should be my perfect one - Ms. Right. Here goes nothing............

1. Someone who can me go loony/crazy (or whatever you wanna think ;)) at anytime of the day by just saying "Hello". The rest need not be said... a look should suffice for that!! :)

2. She should be intelligent and talented enough to match up to me..... (it does get lonely at the top... :P).... so music, dance, fine arts, sports all come into the picture!!

3. Definitely should be someone having a way with words..... else she won't be able to handle my verbal assault.

4. Has got to be a damn fiery and passionate lady. Possessive too..... Just like me!!/em>

5. Should love to be pampered...... I like pampering!! So shouldn't mind if I start singing for her with a guitar and all at some god-awful time of the night.. just to cheer her up, or say sorry, or just because I wanted to say "I love you" or......

6. I don't mind shopping.. so I guess she shouldn't mind me going for a "Boy's Night Out". And I know she won't.....

7. Great sense of humour please, a pragmatic approach towards life.....

8. Has got to be a foodie.... to hell with culinary skills... one can learn that with time. (Tandoori Chicken lovers on preference please!! :P)

9. Needn't be the sporty types, just an interest would suffice.

10. Last, but not the least should be someone who would love me creeping up behind her, giving her a hug, whispering the magical words in her ears (so you see, she should love the voice too.... apart from me as a person!!), and ........... ********** sorry, dats personal :P ******** In short would love little surprises in life!!

There are lots more. 10 points ain't sufficient to describe her... though if permitted only a word would have done the job!! :P

The truth is we can imagine and list out a hundred things that we might want of our Mr./Ms. Right, but then we do come across someone, who is the perfect one and yet funnily enough they may or may not be as per the list...... It's all about understanding, love, affection, thoughts, emotions, chemistry I might add.... If you have these in place.. you have found your Right Match.

Have I found mine?? I dunno.... The quest for me is still on. Or maybe It's over... but I still need to find that out!! Oh, btw I drew up this list based on my experiences and not what I thought I desired.

And finally, always express your love for beloved as if it was the best moment, the last minute before Apocalypse.... Make that moment last a lifetime... for it's then that she'd realise how much you love her.....

Love always... for there is nothing more beautiful !!

Marooned Mumbai .. ( uttara )

Thanx you for making me the BUF'er of the week. Here is my experience when Mumbai got flooded n Marooned.

26th July 2005 was a nighmare for everyone.. here is my part of the story.. The day which ruined everything..

PS: click on the snaps to enlarge it.


The heaviest rains ever recorded in India had shut down the country's financial and entertainment capital, Mumbai.

The day when more than 1000 people were dead only 400 odd nos accounted.. and soo many injured that's unaccounted.

I was in the office that time i was in Andheri Chakala, The shortest road from there is 6 odd kms from my place the longest route through the western express highway is 20 odd kms.

My friend calls me at 1ish . and says why don't you leave office as its raining heavily and places are getting flooded already i said " ya i will leave in a while, have to do something important." We were all clueless what was the exact scene outside the office. Mumbai gets flooded but not the way we experienced.

At 3 we all decide to leave i said i will go by rick cos i donno when i will reach if i go by bus. I left office waited for a Rick for almost half an hour. I couldn't see any vehicle. So i headed towards the highway with another colleague who was staying near to my place. We reached the highway i could see hugeee traffic jam.. i somehow managed to get out of that place and head towards my home ( taking the longest route).. If i would have taken the Saki naka route i would have drowned for sure as the water level had reached 6 ft. plus land slide.. ( I gotto know this later ). I reached the highway and i could see flood .. OMG 4 ft height. my waist length.. and am like wat to do? i told my colleague lets move on no point in waiting here... we cant go anywhere neither back to office as its locked and no one had the keys.( either of us). Mind you it was pouring heavily since 12:30 pm nonstop. We knew that no rick no bus will be of any help neither trains .. everything was stranded .. It was on halt except for people who were walking up .. towards the divider of the highway as the level of the road on the sides were lower than the divider side.. if it was flooded to abt 4ft from ground level, my waist then the sides wud be 6 ft .The force of the water so high it made our lives miserable in all ways.. one had to stride through the road to even walk, if anyone lifted their leg they would loose their balance. We walked all through the highway and at vakola luckily we had to cross the bridge, the water level below the bridge was 6-6.5 ft. I could see people sitting on the bridge waiting for the rains to stop Vakola is about 5 kms from andheri. It seemed like 10 kms by then. My legs started aching. i made up my mind that i will reach home somehow no matter what. There was no electricity, no network. I couldn't call anyone ( NO ONE) . I tried the whole world, but couldn't get thru a single soul. I had all the negativity in my head wanting to know if others were ok? etc, etc. Again walked in the same water level.. people were giving a helping hand to those who were loosing control due to the water current. Young guys protecting people and telling them to mind the man hole. But, I could still see people drowning into it.. But no one could do anything with that. *sigh *

Reached bandra at 8ish ... that's 9 kms from andheri (my office), i had lost it by then .. cos the water level increased to 4.5 ft and i had been walking without a drop of water and my throat was dry. I could have gone to my uncles place but the police guys dint allow anyone to enter that place as the current of the water was tooo high n people were drowning ( i could see it with my naked eyes)." मैडम तुम्ही कश झाणार तिक्ङे ? " ( ma'am how will you go there ?) I crossed that 4.5ft water level helped few girls as they were crying out frustration and they were scared. I spoke to them said hang on there till it stops raining or till the next day. Then i moved on. My legs were all soar and i couldn't keep a step ahead somehow talking with my colleague i reached sion. It was 10pm. I had to technically walk 4 kms or so to reach home . Means i had walked 15 kms which seemed like ages. hmm my phone started ringing i felt bliss... it was my mom. i broke down completely. i was in tears saying mom i cant walk a single step my leg hurts. She said "baby i know please somehow come home we all are waiting for u." i enquired about others they were all safe. I said : ma i really cant walk i will collapse" She is a strong lady, no doubt. said" stop crying and come home" b4 i spoke to her i spoke to my bro he couldn't hear me cry told mom she is cryinggg.. and u only talk to her. I gathered all the lost "will power" and walked. The last stretch was still pathetic, the worst infact, cos i was nearing home, my legs were not co-ordinating with my mind, my legs were swollen, the current of the water was HIGH, and could see people dying, I was frustrated. I was angry i was thirsty ( only way i used to have water is open my mouth n have the rain water). I was completely drenched, shivering as the rains didn't stop for a second. In midst of the whole thing i lost my colleague also so was all alone ( couldn't find him later at all ) .

I reached home at 1:00am. The worst day i have ever come across.

Many people died, animals, house ruined, trees uprooted, cars and vehicles drowned. I should say I'm lucky to be alive after that day. Anything would have happened . It was a risk i had taken.

People were stranded for 2 days also, lot of stories to hear from many about this day. I know a friend whose house was flooded and all the equipment and stuff were ruined . and many more stories . This day seems to be like yesterday for me.

I can't even talk about the aftermath of this.. For me i was bedridden for 4-5 days. With rashes all over my body and feeling miserable.

Mr Right! (Michelle)

I don't know if 10 things will be enough, but I'll give it a try anyway.

1.I love being spoiled and pampered so he should be the type that loves spoiling and pampering me :P

2.Very creative.The little surprises and the things he says, should be very creative(even if they are cheesy lines, he should find a way to make them creative!)

3.I usually go for cute guys more than hot guys.You know, the dimpled cheek, shy types.They totally draw me.I dont know why, but it also could be because my hot guy friends have saw dust in their brains and are so full of themselves it takes more than hot girls to snap them back to reality.

4.The eyes.Thats the first thing I look at.If they catch my attention, I'm interested ;-)

5.Very possessive.I am super possessive so it would be quite a turn off if my guy did not mind me flirting with someone else.

6.Articulate.He should have a way with words.In fact, words can woo me more than anything else, so if he has a way with words, impressing me should not be difficult.

7.Adventurous.He should be willing to experiment with anything and everything.Be it places, food, music, languages...ANYTHING! Should be the type that gets a rush from doing things that aren't supposed to be done (a good guy with a hint of craziness)

8.Classy.Doing things lavishly is one thing, but not as attractive as class.A guy who knows how to do things differently and with class.So different that it leaves you stunned.

9.Our thoughts and opinions should match enough to click instantly but I would also like a bit of opposites attract into the mixture because having the same opinion on everything would be a little boring.

10.Last, but not least, he should love me unconditionally, even when I'm having a bad hair day or bad everything day and he should want to be with me all the time! :D

I've found my Mr Right, Good Luck with yours! ;D

10 things about Ms. Right (Wacko)

Aight. Let me get straight to the point.

1) S**y-naughty-b****y-h****y-trendy combo pack for me. (wonder what this combo would be called as :P)

2) Should have the perfect blend of humor and sarcasm to the core.

3) Witty and Intelligent undoubtedly.

4) Attitude which can be carried well and which suits me. (Am not talking about other men here.)

5) Should be as possessive as I am (And I bet. am damn possessive :)). But this possessiveness shouldn’t be misunderstood by giving space or whatever. Space is something which everyone wants.

6) A freaking insane with a touch of geekiness but no nerdiness :)

7) Adventurous, sporty, a hard core music fan and a social animal.(dat is Willing to party every night :D)

8) A Professional approach towards work and have a rational and balanced approach towards life.

9) Shouldn’t have a problem with my inclination towards not-so-ethical values. :P

10) Healthy enough to handle moi :P. Not to 4get, should possess looks like Josie Maran (d NFS girl), rack like Gisele Bundchen (d Brazilian super model), and have a well renowned name like Condoleezza rice.

So, that I can live my life eternally without having to do anything or look for anybody. And all the pleasures at my disposal. Yeah dat’ll be all for my Ms. Right. If love and relationship’s r believed to be made in heaven, I’ll make sure I’ll get one for me like d one described above.

I guess you might think am too demanding or whatever. I know I am. But, practically speaking a girl who’d love me for what I really am and have the capacity to understand and tolerate me will totally suffice and undermine all the qualities mentioned above. Awww am sounding soo made-in-heaven type’s naa.

P.S. I know, just wanted to tell both of my extreme cases, considering the fact I know it is virtually (in real life also :P) impossible.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mr. Right - Perfect Lover - The One ;-) (Ishita)

I'd done the "Perfect Lover' tag way back. It was my first tag ever here in blogs. So I'm going to simply *copy-paste* the tag. No not much has changed since in my *expectations* of a Mr. Right.

Some are quick to point out that I don't qualify for this tag *ahem* :D but then we're talking "Mr. RIGHT" and so yes the Perfect Guy righttt ? :P Well then that's pretty much like asking for the impossible and such a guy can exist ... in our imagination and I guess live there forever :D

Having stated that :P .... lets move on to the tag and my ideas of who'd make my "Mr. Right" (and maybe this will get R back on comment on this ofcourse)

"I've said often enough ….in the real world u write one thing & u live another!! So here goes nuthin!

1...My perfect lover has to be incredibly (and innovatively) ROMANTIC … umm not just in a veryyyy emotionally way…I’m hinting at PASSIONATE here okkk!

2...He has to luvv food…to eat…to cook!! Someone who wouldn’t mind experimenting with world cuisine coz I’m quite a foodie myself…

3...I like guys who are sure of themselves…they know what they want, how they want…when they want…BUT I like a guy BETTER when they can guess what’s on my mind?!;)…and take care of what I want, how I want…and when I want!! (And puhleez u single minded ppl there this applies to everything in life!)

4...My perfect lover shud luvv to shop / bargain…for me…! No no lemme rephrase that he shud luvv to take me shopping…I’m one confused shopper so I guess the thing I’m getting at here is a guy who is PATIENT…and CARING …and man enough to show it!

5...Hmmmm….he shud share in the housework! And in raising kids! :-) … A RESPONSIBLE guy!

6...I like a guy who can let me be who I am…a guy who can grow with me…coz I sincerely believe relationships keep evolving…ppl keep changing…nothing is constant and forever and u gotta make it work…click…all the time. There’s no place for complacency…and taking things for granted…I luvv my individual space and he shud value and trust me enough to give me my own space :) as I wld give him his…

7...Okkk…now this one is what I call my action – reaction point. I am someone who when in luvv is completely in luvvv! Sooo I expect the same…from my lover…luvv me…just me…and have eyes for NO ONE else!!! :D

8...I like a guy who can make me smile…a guy who can make good conversation…I like a guy even more when I can share my silence with him…So a cool sense of humor (*smile), intelligence (*conversation*) and understanding (*silence*) is what I look for… "

Okk now the original tag had 8 points and I covered whatever I expected in those 8 nothing more to add...

Ps: Please don't ask me how many points R matches :P ;-) & I 'll be back to do the second topic too! :)

10 things about Ms. Right (Switchblade)

Aaah…isn’t this a topic that sets all us single guys at attention? I mean there’s probably not a single bachelor out there who hasn’t already prepared a list in his mind of what the perfect girl for him should be like...

Now normally such a topic would get me recalling all the things I actually want in Ms. Right…but then again isn’t every dude looking for more-or-less the same kinda girl give or take a few preferences?
So apart from a plus points…ill also enlist some of the minus points on my rating scale…(yes I do have one…)...and all those who think I’m being chauvinistic by mentioning a rating scale…yeah right! Like you don’t have one!!

Ok here goes…its not really 10 points but who cares….

Apart from the fact that Ms. Right has to be a ‘she’….

Plus points…

1. She’s gotta be a good God-loving God-fearing Christian…She cant be Ms. Right for me if we can’t agree on the foundation of our lives.
2. We have to be on the same ‘wavelength’.
3. Ms. Right would have a zany sense of humor. I guess zany is the only word I can think of but its kinda like a combination of corny + goofy + sarcastic and a bit of the ‘ol ROFLMAO kinda humor too.
4. If she my Ms.Right then she’s gonna be a Ms. Foodie too.
5. Musical inclinations score brownie points. Minus 5 points if she likes Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys or any other cheesy American teen music act…. Metal-heads will be greeted with open arms.
6. She’s gotta love kids…
7. People say I have a weird sense of which girls are cute and which aren’t….she’s gotta be cute to me :)

Minus points…

1. If she cannot speak English fluently…
2. No one likes smelly people and I’m no exception.
3. Nag nag nag nag nag nag…
4. Replace ‘Nag’ from point 3 with ‘Yak’
5. She shouldn’t be too ‘girly’. I really cant stand girls who are too ‘girly’…everything is so cute and so sweet and so adorable….just kill me!!!
6. She’s gotta be neat and tidy…I mean at least one of us does so Id rather it be her :p

Then there are those things which don’t really matter like height, weight, color, hair length, nationality, race…. etc.
All girls are beautiful no matter what they look like and where they come from. It just takes a bigger man than me to notice the beauty in all of them...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Blog Update (Ishita)

New Topic (24th July - 4th August):

1. 10 things about Mr./Ms. Right.
2. The best gift you've ever recieved.

A few quick reminders.

The time frame for the posts has reduced because there are days when there are no posts put up.

You can do both topics. It's a sheer waste to not have a post on a chosen topic!

Some BUFers have been sent a "last" reminder to get active again. Failing which, we will have to take them off BUF.

Each One Bring One

For those of you who'd like to recommend a blogger friend to BUF, take advantage of this new initiative...

Yes for the next 10 days, we'll let recommendations work. Limit it to one blogger friend. Have them fill in the request form and the BUFer who recommends needs to send us an email informing us -

Just ensure they are bloggers who will be active here!!!

Now finally,

BUFer of the Week: And this time it's our very own "VIRTUAL GIRL" - UTTARA! :D The girl with the prettiest smile :)...she's a friend to cherish and a blogger who writes direct "dil se". There's never a dull moment around her. She's a bundle of energy and masti. Go on Uttsy, give us a post on your favorite topic... we can't get enough of Uttsy right :)))

Friends After Love (Sam)

Some say it's possible, some say it's not. My opinion is by large on the basis of the mentality of an individual and very much guided by the emotional involvement in the relationship. Again a guiding factor would be a one-way love or a reciprocated love. I guess you got the flow of my thought here. So, let me try and be clinical here (in the treatment of this topic).

1. One-way Love: In this case, what one ends up with is the guy/gal feels very strongly for the other one. Deliberates over the matter, and ends up bugging a few friends. Such is the flow of events as would have been often observed by some here, that at one point of time, the individual decides to proclaim the love that they have for the other one and finally come to conclusion. Result: "Yes"/"No". In case of a "No", one would find some sulking away to some remote corner of their immediate civilization and finally come back and join the crowd to be what they have always been. To remain friends, their relationship need to have the foundation of friendship and not love.

2. The Reciprocated Love: In this case, after things peter out, it is always difficult to be friends... or at least stay in constant touch. The reason being that the level of attachment was so much that they had never imagined life in any other shade. Some who take a pragmatic approach to life and are mentally prepared for something, might be able to salvage a meaningful relationship still. They call it being friends... somehow for me it is the remains of the love that was!!

Now the moot point is really possible to remain friends?? My answer is yes... it is possible.. but it's success is conditional!! It all depends on whether you are mature enough to deal with this new scene in your life? What was the basis of your relationship? Wonder how I can be so sure?? Been there done that... and not so long ago.. say less than a year..... :)

The decision is always yours.... the choice can be a difficult one.... but then it has to be done!!

P.S. - a hurried post.. so the thought process might appear very broken!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A non-Virtual Relationship (Aakash, Sushmita & Richa)

I have a theory that generally there are 2 sides to a coin and 3 to a story, the left side point-of-view, the right side point-of-view and the truth. What comes next is a mere example in this theory.

Disclaimer- Being the originator of this theory, the writer deserves the right to use the labels according to his volition. Every adjective has been applied after much thought, and deliberation.

The Leftist: Shooting Star (long live the revolution, and of course the Tattoos!!! INQUILAB ZINDABAD and everything of that sort)

Last Weekend richa from Mumbai came over to Delhi….it was kind of a unplanned short visit.. richa told me about it only on Friday but we both were really keen on meeting up each other..and we thought we could have a small BUF meet…unfortunately ishita, rajiv and suchi couldn’t make it as they had some prior commitments (we missed your presence guys!!) … but two people from delhi.. aakash(vyom) & me(shooting star) met up richa from Mumbai on Sunday (15th July)

It was nice time spent together…we completely hit off from the word go and dint look like three people meeting for the first time.. of course I had met up aakash before… richa was real apprehensive traveling in delhi as she wasn’t at all familiar with the place (she told me again and again on the phone that she did not know anything of delhi)… we planned up the meet around 11:30 and aakash was to pick me up and then richa from connaught place metro station…but somehow aakash got late and richa was the first one to reach CP and poor poor girl called me up and sounded so tensed!!!!!! ...anyways we landed up and parked our car and walk upto the designated meeting point and there we see this girl standing and looking warily in some direction…the tension in her eyes was palpable !!!!.. anyways she broke into this lovely smile on spotting us…and me and richa just hugged each other spontaneously ….as if we were long parted friends…and lemme tell you…I really liked her on the first instant itself….she’s so genuine a person and it shows in her lovely angelic smile!!!!! After we exchanged our hi’s and hello’s(which were rather boisterous!!)… she told us that she only had one hour to spend as she had to board train in the evening (Which was real sad coz me and aakash had planned so many things …infact we had planned to show her all cool hangouts of delhi in a nice lazy way).

We (me and aakash) unanimously decided to take her to Blues (a nice pub in outer circle of connaught place with gothic meets 70’s décor and plays classic rock & pop)…. So we hopped over to the place talking nineteen to the dozen….. and once comfortably ensconced in our chosen corner…we ordered drinks and grubs(emphasizing each time to the waiter that he REALLY had to hurry as our lady from Mumbai had to leave in an hour)…aakash with his free flow of talks and thoughts was the constant source of our entertainment and laughter….. We talked on so many things..gosh!!! .... about safety of women in the two cities, Mumbai local trains, Delhi metro, music, fashion…and so many more…………and took lots of pics …

Soon it was time leave ..but we were really having a great aakash suggested that we drop richa to the metro station (I mean right upto the platform..for those who are not familiar with Delhi Metro, even to get to the station platforms of the metro, one has to buy tickets),which was promptly seconded by off we went…upon reaching the platform..we (me and aakash) decided that since we had already bought the tickets, we might as well take the train ride with richa off we go…chatting up in the train.. once we reach the station..we decide lets drop richa to her aunt’s place (she was putting up at her mausi’s place)..and so we did…and then richa invited us into her aunt’s place.. we sit there chatting with her aunt (very nice friendly lady!!!!)…while richa is packing and now again the girl is so so tensed!!!! coz she has to pack….and eat and also talk with anyways after some time it was time to say adios…me and richa hugged again!!!...and me & aakash push off… by this time it had started raining and weather was real lovely… so me and aakash come back to Conaught Place again….stroll along the Inner Circle & the central park, enjoying the rainy afternoon and then lounge in a nice tea bar for sometime ( we were really missing richa that time!!!)..and after some time realize it’s 5 o’clock in the evening!!! we move off..and aakash drops me off to my place(by the way he’s a real gentleman!!)…

That’s my account of the exquisite day…now over to Aakash…

[At this point we will skip the stupid aakash and move straight to the account from our mademoiselle Richa!]

The Rightist: Richa (the girl who apologises for every small fault, even if the strange guy in a strange yellow shirt and stranger dirty brown chappals steps on your feet, but if Richa is there with you, she will oh-so-sweetly say ‘sorry’) I have been asked not to touch a single word of her writeup, or else she will kill me. So for her wish, (apan ko jeene ki waise bhi nahin padi hai) we will have it her way, Verbatim.

my bit too!!

" Nervous, and yes, slightly weary. On 15th July, I, for the first time, met someone directly off the net. And it was an Experience, and beautiful one :o)
Delhi, Connaught place (is that how its spelt?), metro ... and then ... Sush n Aakash!

The best part was the instant comfort :o)

With sush, thr was instantaneous hit off! I mean ... that gurl simply rocks! If she calls me genunie, gosh.. u gotta meet her up once, she is like the most natural person, at ease with herself (except wen it comes to photographs ;o) )! I totally admire the gurl :o) and since i ve been really wanting to meet her after our looong orkut convo (remember sush? ). Righto sush... waitng to meet up with you agn!

hmm... now as for aakash ;o)
he's an apparently spontaneous guy, though i do believe a great thinker and thought over person (hmmm)
he's an awesome conversationalist... and what i totally loved was the way he gets you comfortable, the entertainer for all, he makes sure the convo interests you or bends around making you yourself :o) yep, he's a thorough gentleman (in some ways NOT!) and yes, im looking forward to understanding this man of so many words!

missed ishi, rajiv and suchi greatly that day... wish it coiuld hav been all of us...
anyway, next time ish? :o)
My bit in this post is to emphasise how AWESOME these two people are!
And sush and aakash… thanks for everything, everything :o)
Cant wait to meet up again!"

[See Richa, I didn’t change a thing, including the piggy face you love, even though I meant to censor most of the stuff you have so graciously written about me. ]

The Truist: Aakash (he he he! who else!!!), also known as Vyom (for Keshi’s sake)

It was 9:00am in the morning, when he realized that he had again forgotten his friend's (who is a colleague, and a neighbouring flat resident) birthday. But this forgetting and then remembering was not new to him, and neither to the others. While he was busy kicking his head on forgetting again, the others were snoring.

So followed a quick shower and a hurried visit to the baker who said he cant bake a cake before 11:30 (which was the time he was supposed to be at CP, meeting two of his friends). And thus some pastry was bought which was engineered into a Cake (engineering degree being put to use in engineered ways :p), and along with bottles of Godafather beer (he used to call the birthday boy Godfather) that was found with great difficulty; a raid on the birthday boy's flat was made. And all this while, when the beer was being poured in glasses and a cake was cut, our protagonist was under anxiety pangs of being late for a rendezvous he had been waiting for.

And thus after a frantic call telling Sush that he'll be late, he rushes forth to pick her, and then heads for CP where stands in wait the damsel from the city of dreams, the rightful Richa.

[and now I’ll switch to first person narrative]

We are 10 minutes behind schedule and Richa who is so suspicious (read scared) of saddi-Dilli (our delhi, and also Abhi-shake’s) is standing outside the McDonalds at the B-Block in CP (and yes Richa, you got the spelling right!) I spot her from the distance, Sush says, how do I know, and I just shrug my shoulders.

The women hug, while I stand ignored (and then they speak of gender bias and all). And notes on each others mascara/eyeliner shades are swapped, while the writer tries to ignore all that goes around him.

Richa breaks the ignominous news that she has less than 2 hours. So we head off to Blues.
Mojito (Sush’s choice) and 2 LIT’s (one of which had to be changed twice, because of a Devdas’ian fly that refused to come out of the glass and rather die in it, TWICE!!!) trickled down our throats, great conversation ensued and suddenly we realized Richa had to go.

A metro ride, a little walk, a homely home, some golgappas, a very sweet maasi (statutory warning, only Richa’s maasi), many ‘sorry’s’, strong rains, a drop to the staion in a car, a goodbye, another metro ride, another walk in the central park, tea and Ghalib at the Cha-Bar later. We decided to go back.

I dropped Sush and headed back to Gurgaon on the rainy evening. The day that started riding out alone and then doubling up with scintillating Sush, to be added on by the dazzling Richa, had reduced back to the lone confines of my car. Dire Straits sang ‘do the walk of life’ and I drove on into the twilight.

Was it Virtual? You tell me.

Virtualgirl Part IV ( uttara )

Virtual to real.. yet to be real :)

Now coming to the 2nd Category.. Virtual yet to be real.. :) those whom i havnt met, but i have shared a lovely relationship virtually :)


i have a long term relation with her which is intense.. I used to read her post even before i started blog, cos puneet used to go gaga about her ..:p but then from the day i started blogging we shared our thoughts and we hit on quite well. She is the most sensitive person i have come across, reading her posts one would know her thoughts but then its restricted, we took a step ahead and took it a level above where we used to discuss things and exchange thoughts more than what is written in post and what we perceive. I have met lot of them with attitudinal problem, but never found that thing in her. She makes hell of mistakes, but i do feel free to point it out cos i know she would give an ear to me. That trust level is built over a period of time and it doesn't happen over night. I feel bad for her .. i dislike the way life treats her, but i just have to be with her tight? that's what matters than anything else. If anyone says stop talking with her, u guys think i would? NO cos i have a mind of my own and i respect her for what she is. But she does get to hear things ( nasty though) from me for her stupidity. ( :p sorry keshi ;) ).. I hope u take it in the right way sweets? ..

We have laughed n cried together .. and i can feel her when she is down or upset. Like any other real world friendship we also fight but get back with the same respect and love and care.

I would love to meet this beautiful soul sometime in my life.. i am worried about u keshi be good
love u

thank u sweets :)

i still take her as a part of BUF cos i cant just let a person go after having such an intense relationship.. I feel she is still a part of US.. :)

and amy u are a wonderful person .. i won't repeat the same thing again .. all of u know what she means to me ..:) u must have read my old post on the topic One day with someone1 from BUF...READ HERE ... :)

thank u amy :)


She is cute fun loving, bubbly and loves pinkkkk heheh..loves music.very emotional but still has her thoughts clear in her head... i yet have to know her further.. so i preserve my comments for later.. hey sweets i wil be in pune soon so i shalll meet u :p HUGGGZZZZZZ

Loony/ cheesy..

i'm soo cheesed off with her don't ask .. whenever she is here i miss meeting her.. ya.. She is full of energy.. and i feellike kicking her butt cos of her childishness.. she tries to act matured but she aint( loony: u know wat am talking abt)..
i rem one day me n keshi coned her to talk abt her love life.. tch tch tch.. sowwiiee loon :p.. i simply love this babe i donno y :p she is very bubbly i love her enthu level.. huggzz next time if u dont meet me i will be ready to kick ur ass.. :p


Friday, July 20, 2007

Not So Virtual (Michelle)

As Sam pointed out in his post, the word 'virtual' never really held much importance while conversing with anyone I haven't met or heard.It was always the connection that mattered.You may or may not connect with certain people depending or various likes or dislikes.

I never drew a line between someone I knew virtually or someone I knew in person because the only thing that separated the two was the physical form.

There are quite a few people whom I have confided in deeply, more than I have let out to my closest of friends.Some might say its easier to confess something when its not face to face, but I think it always comes down to how you click with a person.

I find it very weird when I term someone I know through blogs as a 'blog friend' or someone I have only chatted with as a 'chat friend'.We converse, share views and opinions but somewhere along the line, you do end up having feelings for the other person.You do feel for the person when he or she is sad and you do smile when he or she is happy.Sometime or the other, the person does affect you knowingly or unknowingly.

I truly appreciate many of my old friends Vipul, Loon Gal, Rohan, Keshi, Khayarti, Tanvi and Zoonie that have always looked out for me and showed great concern when I wasn't around(including sending me threatening mails demanding an explanation).I appreciate the level of comfort everyone has created over here that really makes you feel like home.

Even though I have only met one friend
in person, I do not feel the need to term anyone I haven't met till date as virtual.Your my friend, not a virtual friend, not a blog friend, but my friend.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Love is in the Air..... (Sam)

Well.... I have been in a right state ever since I have been selected "BUFer of the Week". Not just because I am so glad about it, but the more overwhelming part was I guess the special post. So, there I was clicking on the new post link at least a dozen times before I could even think of writing these lines. Sam has never been so confused.. lol....

Before getting on with the actual flavour of this post allow me to take a trip into a different world. The world of "Magic". Ah!! Do I see some of you ready to flip to the next section?? Patience, my dear friend. Last week, Harry Potter and the Order Phoenix - the movie was released, couldn't make it the first day (thanks to work timings **grumbles**), however the next day me and a few other Potter maniacs from work got together for the 8:00 pm show at a nearby multiplex - Gold Adlabs. Well... the movie was amazing, for those who haven't seen it, go get yourself a seat now..... it is worth watching... the wizarding duels are a treat. So there I was, totally into magic.... with my mind reading off spells faster than I could think of command in .NET.

And a week from that, lo and behold..... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows would be out in the market.... and all copies have been booked!!!! I missed the bus.. not to be deterred, I searched amongst my friends for a PDF version of the same - doesn't promise to be the original but at least something!! And that's how I came across my current read. Wondering how it is related to the topic. Let me fill you in.

The greatest weapon that Harry had over Voldemort was LOVE. The only thing that Voldy never had. Fear, respect, power - he had it all..... but love... NEVER!! Sad but true..... So, here is Harry - "The Boy who Lived", "The Chosen One", trying to find out how to go about in destroying Voldemort, and then there is Love which is evident through each and every action that goes on in his house - 12, Grimmaul Place. London. Ron-Hermione, Harry-Ginny, Remus-Tonks, the entire Weasley family...... The way these people go about their tasks, the reason they want the Dark Lord destroyed is nothing but the Love that they have for each other.

Come to think of it, mind you I am just thinking aloud here, but if you really having a loving relationship with the people around you wouldn't things be more beautiful?? Life a little more simpler, and more pleasant to live in?? Agreed, Love has been the cause of one the most famous battles chronicled - The Trojan War, but then..... that's a one off isn't it?? And frankly, even there hatred, jealousy, vengeance, pride had taken over the Greeks which led to the Trojan downfall. So, in the end the end is it not true, that the negative thoughts and feelings overtook and destroyed a city carved and nurtured on Love - the City of Troy. If we decide not to hold back this emotion within us, to let only the near and dear ones be subjected to it, and allow even strangers to get a feel of it, will we not make things better around us?? Who knows it might just put the smile back on some one's face at a time when he/she is in desperate need for it!!

Here is what I want all of you to do - list down the following things and let us know..... write a post (do drop in the link here though!!) or a comment... I don't care, but write. Here are the points:

1. The most lovable thing that ever happened to you...
2. The most lovable thing that you have done till date in your opinion...
3. The most lovable thing that you have seen or heard of...
4. The most romantic thing/moment you have done/had...
5. And something you'd love to do...

Think and then tell me............

Love always for there is nothing more beautiful!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some Things Don't Change (by Keshi)

When we are born we get a name to carry for the rest of our lives...and that will be our ID through our entire life. In that life, we meet many people, we form bonds, some break, some last longer, some people cheat, some stay true to themselves, some get hurt, some hurt others, some lie, some always speak the truth, some fall in love, some remain friends, some die young, some live longer, some care, some don't etc etc. That's the kind of life we all live...cos we are humanbeings and we can never run away from being human. So on the net too we do the same..create an ID and live our net lives. Friendships, infidelity, love, lust, mockery, jealousy, affection, lies, beauty, breakups etc etc they all exist on the net and outside the net too, don't they?

If we board a plane, do we become a different animal? When we are on the phone, are we any different from being off the phone? So when we are behind an ID and on the net, are we any different from who we really are? Do we stop being humans? Does our mind stop? Do the emotions take a different turn? Does the heart stop being the heart that it was before you sat in front of that PC? I don't think so. We are humans wherever we may be, whatever means we may be using to make new friends. Ofcourse people can put on an act on the net, but those who do that would be the same when they are not on the net as know, putting on an act wherever they are.

My point is net or not, people don't change. You are YOU wherever you may be. And life is pretty much the same both on the net and outside. There will always be all kinds of people and relationships everywhere. Net or not, we remain who we are.

Having said that I have to say that the net has introduced me to some beautiful souls, who are not afraid to reveal their innermost emotions and share their joy and sorrow, and be there for each other. It's a beautiful place...a world away from this world...cos we are all connected on a mental level. And thats the true beauty of Life's solid relationships. You'd realise that even outside the net, if you're connected to someone on a mental level, nothing else matters. So that means, like I said before, Life is the same anywhere and it depends alot on the individual that you are...not on the medium you use to make friends. You are YOU wherever you are.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Virtualgirl Part III (Uttara)

Virtual to real - part III ... :)


Rajiv bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ( एकदम filmy ishtyle - dharmendra ishtyle) gosh इनकी तोह अंदाज़ ही कुछ अलग hai.. :D इनकी डांट खाने से मुझे दर लगता है i still remember the 1st day of our meet. We met in the train and i was completely hyper to find which compartment they were talking about..hehehe then the whole eve was wonderful the new year eve was awesome... just me ishi n rajiv .. i have neva had a quite new year eve .. we called keshi and spoke then Preet ( another blogger) met us for dinner ..later we head to mala's place.. क्या रात थी .. एकदम धमाकेदार...

Just b4 i left Mumbai for my Delhi trip ( a day before) i got a call " मैंने सुना आप दिल्ली आ
रहे ho and where are u gonna put up? i said, "Ya i'm coming and gonna be put up in a hotel."॥ then एकदम कड़क आवाज़ में "मैं कुछ नहीं सुनना चाहता, tell ur folks you will be staying here at our place with ishi n rajiv also give them them all the nos and the address। If you even think of staying somewhere else फिर तोह देख लेना ..".. hehehhe I was left with no choice .. so said alright :). I had majour fun staying there .Ishi and Rajiv dint allow me to even feel home sick( not allowed था! ) Luckily my office was 5 blocks away from his so we used to travel saath saath main.. HMMMM woh din hai aur aaj ka din i miss it sooo much ... :) You should hear him talking ( guys he is not a phone person .. conversations करनी है तोह आमने सामने करो :P) he will talk for hours (if you have built that rapport and if he has a comfort level)... :) He is the last person to ask for favours, he will neva ask any favour for himself it will be for others ONLY so if he does it then the person is way toooo lucky .. hai na Ishi?

He is tooo good at singing .. ahem mera time pass travel करते time में सोचो क्या था?:P He is way too caring and a lovely person .. When me and Ishi were going to Mussooorie i still rem his conversation with ishi's mama who was making all the arrangements for our stay in Mussoorie, he said..." मामा Ishi आपकी बेटी है और उसकी friend मेरी छोटी बेहेन जैसी तोह आप दोनो का पूरा ख़्याल रखना" I was sitting next to him in the car and giggling away to glory... gosh i am still laughing over it now:D... Then i know how i made him go tired when we went for shoe shopping.. lol he has loadsss of patience i must say :P.. Ishi dint come as she was doing the packing stuff back at home..

The best part is he will eat the tasty yummy food n say " Ishi यार तुमने बहोत खिला दिया, अब मेरा पेट दुःख रहा है " it used to be sooo funny we used to go laughing over it..

And now my mom is his fan she will ask me almost everyday how is Rajiv.. and she will immitate their conversation which they had when i was in Delhi .. heheh

Bhai now its ur turn to come to Mumbai :D *GRINS*

Thank you for everything.. गलती हो गयी तोह माफ़ कर देना .. ( I know u are hurt with few of my acts but ho sake तोह माफ़ करो .. pls understand :) ...) Very few people who m i have kept close to my heart u are one of them ..

thank u bhaiya :)


The most bubbly n chubbly :p.. lol... I was waiiting to meet her cos she has lots of energy level in her and she keep people alive with her charm and caring nature.. she is over caring and very possesive with people close to her.. and those who mess around.. don't ask me the consequence..:P

I had one of the most wonderful time with her here in mumbai and Delhi .. We we
nt out for movies and went dancing sitting on the ishi me and Suchi used to start shaking our body sitting on the seat on this particular song " Jhoom barabar jhoom barabar.. " heheh yes that song is our song.. At the end of the movie people sitting in front actually looked behind to see who are these 3 namoonas..heheh ad the other as well.. I hope Rajiv wasn't embarassed with it :D.. i missed being there for her party :( She is someone who will give life to her near n dear ones.. and will fight for them no matter what. She is very straight forward and beautiful person. She can go overboard when it comes to caring someone.

HUGGZ sweets long way to go :)

Thank u sweety :)


she is love
ly charming and veryy sweet ..:) she can talk on n on just like US :D..hehhe and she is way too conscious about herself what she eats how she eats n all..:P.. We had fun on BUF'er meet day.. lot of food ice creams n conversationg to follow :D

I stil gotto know her further to give an elaborate comment here :)but overall she is a lovely person n beautiful in and out :) and would love to know her more...

thank u lady! :)

Vyom :

Guy who will endlessly smile.. and talk and make you feel comfortable and caring.. He made sure i ate ate and ate.. he loveeesssss ice creams :d... and a guy full of energy and enthu .. again i gotto know him further to give my indepth comment :)

Gotto know u more buddy

Thanx :)

Virtual ??(Puja)

Virtual Relation - This topic I really don’t know how to start it. So please bear with me if I say something which might sound weird to you. Oh ho app sab ke jitna aacha nahi likh sakthi plss plss bear with me.

Life is all about relationships. Family, friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives -the list is endless. Every day you come across a set of people and bond a relationship with them. Be it a chai wala where you drink ur cup of tea everyday “Dada chai dona garam garam” and one day he suddenly disappears. I am sure you will at least think and ask some one wr’s he gone ?? what happ?? Is he alrite ??? Does it sound funny to you all!!!!

The bottom line is that you, consciously or unconsciously, form a bond with people in your life.

From a simple smile to an half an hr’s of conversation, the depth of your connection may vary, but the string that ties you to different people remains the same. The need to love someone and be loved in return, to have someone to share with and be a part of their experiences-our whole life revolves around these few things. Internet is totally different ballgame. We can connect to total strangers, some of whom you may never meet in real life. Some bad some good!!!!

I entered the Net world when I was all alone totally lost no friends, heartbroken, sirf rona and just pbms pbms and pbms.

Everybody knows here that my niece Prachi is not well. None of my Real friends whom I used to hang out with, my so called close relatives!! Never did any body come forward with a helping hand. And to be frank I dint knew what to do at that time whom should I talk? Which hospital should I go? What should I do ? I felt so helpless. “”Meine aap sab se help mangi”” and its you all l who gave me support, love, prayers for prachi and gifts too. And I am out of words to thank each one of you. And I don’t want to thank anybody now bcoz we are a family now which is growing and is become stronger and stronger.

And tell me guys who will send gifts for you?

Me and keshi have a wonderful bonding with her. ”””Its not that I don’t have with anybody else …hai sab ke saath hai ””” Just listen to me ok. So I came across her blog may be November 2006. And from that it like we are Great frnds we mail each other we message each other. I can’t tell that our relation is a virtual one!!! Never will I …She is an Angel for me 

My mum always says why do want to make friends …what this chatting business??? It’s all bullshit. (Marwadi huna so pretty strict for girls here) and I used to say - What's wrong in making new friends? Maa. Don't we do that in real life too? Don't we walk across a roomful of people and introduce ourselves and start a conversation? Aren't those people strangers for us at that moment of time?

But when I showed her betweenfrnds blog and showed her how I have got the response for Prachi. When Keshi send Gifts for Prachi she was just quiet …she was in tears. So do you think I should name my relation with you all as Virtual? It’s like slapping OUR relation, making fun!!!!!

Vitual word is thr in my dictionary but doesn’t apply for everybody. It’s how you consider you relation to be. It’s how you want the relation to be. And it sometimes actually in our hands whether to have a Virtual relation, Fake relation or a Real Realtion !!!!

Besides, how real are the real relationships? (Not pointing to all the relations here)

I have been so lucky to have you all in my life. I might not talk/chat with everybody here, But the kind of bond we all have is amazing. That 1 hr of updating and reading thru blogs and little bit of chit chat are real bliss. I can be myself without the artificial barriers of looks, social and financial status and so on.

Kudos to all of us !!! :) Love you all

PS : Sexyroo dont cry ok after seeing these pictures. Prachi is doing fine. She will be undertreatment for may be life long. She can sit now :) isnt that a good news :))) for atleast 15 mts continously. She is my chottu chottu Ladoo :))

Have a nice day !! :)))