This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Au Revoir! (Keshi)

Don't ask me why, don't say I'm bad, don't say you're sad, don't say that I'll be missed, don't worry, don't bother. Thanks BUF for giving me space to write here, for giving me a chance to grow in knowledge and for giving me lots of new friends. But I must go now (not that anyone would care). But I know I will miss BUF! And goodbye my dear friends!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

india through lenses

my attempt at writing something funny and serious at the same time...:) jeez! this for a competition tomorrow..a tableau actually :)

india through the lenses
across times ages.
ruling the showbiz
and remembering our wiz.
mathematical was ramunja
and our great ruler was asoka.
more. is brila,
and beer is mallya.
we serve tea in a lotta
and most of us will be motta.

once we lived under akbar,
then under britisher ,
now we have the cricketer,
in future we will not have any pauper.
all our banks have locker,
and we will prove to the economic shocker.

we all will say tata to war
and drive away in a tata car.
we will relay through barthi,
invade through ambani
and dance through Madhuri.
Mittal will make more steel,
india's strenght is our wheel.
we will not kneel,
for we feel,
we know the right deal.

eating na parle,
kabadi hum khale re!
50-50 tasty,
20-20 we proved we are gritty.
we all feel pitty
for the nations that aren't witty.
we all know how to have looty,
we will dance to our own shruti,
for it is our party.

from the north to the south,
from the east to the west,
the mountains,the seas,
the forests will help us
flourish and become the best.
birds will build their nests,
animals can rest
when the sun dips west.

Buddha got light at gaya,
we believe in the theory of maya,
and bathe in Allahabadh at kumbhamela.
non-cooperation ended at churi chora,
frescos are at ajantha.
though we don't dance salsa,
In chennai we do jalsa.
our heart is in agra,
the world will look at us-india,
the land of ancient thought and idea.

though most are padipsu,
our interst is also there in sportsu.
sanai smashes aceu!
naraian na raceu,
shreeshant nale paceu,
Anand na chessu,
in all we can amazeu.
for future we have talents who promisu!

Our land is our religion,
India is our passion,
together we can help in the creation,
of peace
and help in the mitigation,
of violence and aggression.
peace is our mantra,
unity is our goal,
poverty will be a dream,
happiness will be our theme.

When in depression-
we turn to things which gave us salvation,
things which are based on discretion
our roots,our culture which will-
see the greatest amalgamation,
in the future will cause the greatest revolution.
the land of more than a billion
will do the herculean.

India- a name which inspires,
a name which nationalizes,
a name which dominates,
a name which Induces,
the symbol of alacrity,
a name which we salute
and which we will unmute,
through our flute,
the power of youth.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Birthday wish for Neha-Rajbir

How do you expect me to remember your birthday when you never look old...:) Happy birthday mausiiijiii...:)

Sunday, January 20, 2008


is style :)

in a smile a person expresses their whole life...i am not joking. the way a person smiles
they express what they have felt through out their life.even if they are happy at that moment or sad when the smile,behind the smile,their eyes tell you their tale.I always make friends after they smile :) It is easier to see them in their true light then.BUF :) became my friend after i saw all the smiling people here :) well i need to remind myself i am 16 a lot of times,for once i get into the grove with people,i become 6 and/or 60 :)

keep smiling .
stop whining:)
it not your thing,
it is not my thing,
it is our thing.
for it's a friend's loving :)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Word: Smile: AmitL

(Quip for pic: Let your smiles progress- from big to bigger,always)

What is there about a smile that always brings a smile to my face? As they say,' A smile is a curve that can set a lot of things straight'. And,I wholeheartedly agree. As does Keshi, who was able to nicely hide her stress behind her smile yesterday*smiles again, thinking of that post*. (She did ask for rehab recommendations at the end of the post.*grin grin*). Incidentally,Keshi, I also smile when I try to find my comment and your reply on any of your posts- there's such a long set of comments that I wish you had a 'google search' in the comments section,so I could go straight to the comment and the answer,and,then only read the rest of the comments.*smile*
I read somewhere that it takes about 20 muscles to smile and more than 40 to frown. So,why overwork your facial muscles,I always feel. Of course, if you're in the process of gymming, body building,et al, and want your facial muscles to develop as nicely as those bulging biceps, you are most welcome to frown.

But, I think a smile does more for your PR than your frown,anyday. Unless, of course, you have a Boss who says that he finds people who smile to be 'not serious' about their work.(Remember, I wrote about this some time back?I used to be totally unsmiling outwardly, and smiling/guffawing loudly inwardly,for four years in my prev. company, whenever he'd be trying his utmost to make me smile.But,then, Main Aisa Hi Hoon)
Smile also reminds me of a joke from Charlie Brown(I still love the erudite ramblings in these one page jokes)It went like this:

Linus: You're so crabby all the time you've forgotten how to smile!
Lucy: Who's forgotten how to smile?
Linus: You have! Let's see you smile! I'll bet you can't! (Lucy tries to smile.) There! See? A smile goes up, not down! You've forgotten how to smile! See? (He leaves.)
Lucy: How humiliating!
(Footnote: People, think- are you in a situation where someone could say that to you?Life's too short,folks-so,just smile and (try to)get on with life-the challenges never end,and they shouldn't!)
Some of my favourite 'smile' quotations :
-Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.

-A smile confuses an approaching frown

- Start every day with a smile and get it over with.
If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it(I do that quite often*smiles while typing*)
Always remember to be happy because you never know who's falling in love with your smile.
If you smile at someone, they might smile back.
Keep smiling - it makes people wonder what you've been up to.
- If you would like to spoil the day for a grouch, give him a smile.
- A friendly look, a kindly smile, one good act, and life's worthwhile

You know what is better than a smile, though? A genuine laugh!

And,to end this post, let me say what I always say on my blog' Till next time,keep smiling'.More in Part II(Loon Gal, hint,hint- waiting for your post on smiles before I write any further-I didn't cover all the avenues)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Make Me Smile (Keshi)

This is the last time I smiled and that was yesterday. It's the same pic I have on my blog today. When I was taking this pic there was alot of stress, pain, anger, sadness in my life but I wanted to smile anyways. A smile can hide a thousand feelings...

I just wanna take this opportunity to THANK few of my friends who somehow make me SMILE on a daily basis in BUF. I wanna say THANKS to Cheesy for always being so sensible and always bring a smile to my face. And I wanna say THANKS to Puja for never changing...for always being the same sweet friend I spoke to make my heart smile. I also wanna THANK Michi for being the vibrant one...the one who always gets me back on my toes and keeps me smiling. And I wanna THANK Amit for being the best guy always make me smile with your funny posts and with your good nature. And THANKS each and everyone here for the SMILES!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Its a curve that sets everything straight!(Michelle)

A very big HELLO to everyone! Seems like everyone has plunged into their busy worlds post the holiday season.Ah well, c'est la vie.I have been extremely busy too.I'm beginning Japanese classes so I have to brush up on all my teaching material et al.I can't believe I'm following in the footsteps of my mom (teaching).I never thought that would happen.But hey, its something I love.My friends that slack off come to me for help anyway, might as well start teaching and earn a little dough on the side lol.

Anyway, I'm all about the 'smile'.I feel like I can peek into a person's soul when I catch a glimpse of their smile.I do believe that a smile can go a long way cause everytime I'm not in my best moods and a random person smiles at me, it makes my day (provided the smile isn't creepy and isn't the i'm-gonna-follow-you-now types).Jokes apart, there are myriad expressions and million of ways people smile and I believe everyone has their own way of smiling and thats what makes it so speical! A smile can make you feel lighter in the worst of situations.

So, smile your way through 2008!

The world always looks brighter from behind a smile!

Update (Uttara)

Update Update Update !!!!!
Wishing you all ...
...Happy Lohri !!!
...Happy Sankrant !!!
...Happy Pongal !!!

Since our Ishi Pishi has been busy or rather is busy, I’m putting up the update instead her. I was in Delhi for a week and we had a long long chat over this (BUF), she is actually quite busy with her personal front, I doubt if she could give her 200 % like before. But, this doesn’t mean that she is NOT going to come back. It will take some time. So I have been told to do this ;).

Firstly, lemme also say 'SORRY' for NOT being around and I also would be on and off here for some more time. Few of my close friends here know how busy I have gotten. I’ve been touring extensively to Bangalore and Delhi. So now smile as I’ll not abscond like before “smiles” .Talking about smile and thinking about it, lemme say that the new topic or the new word would be "SMILE " and "REFLECTION(S)". So go ahead and shoot with your posts :)

Happy Blogging!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Resolutions: AmitL

I know,I know...everyone says New Year Resolutions are made to be broken. But,then,what's life without something to aim for-a target,a goal,anything which goads you to do better and better? I believe in it,definitely. So,here goes: My resolutions for the New Year:

1. Keep fit: I have an ongoing battle with the bulge, as do many people. When I decide to lose weight, I do it determinedly. And, when I find stress tiring me out,I put it on just as easily(You know what they say-at times of stress,one tends to pig out,since food does not talk back or shout). But,in the bargain,I found that both extremes are not good-extreme weight loss(the last binge lost me 13 kgs), and, weight gain,too....they end up making you feel weak.So,to strike a balance between the two- the answer- gym, in additional to walks,and also a balanced diet with less tea,sugar,et al. No worries about keeping this Resolution.

2. Read more: Be it our mags, papers, Perry Masons, positive thinking books(beginning with 'You Can Win' all over again- I love this book and reco it for anyone wanting to add some positive affirmations to his or her line of thinking), Indian authors(Been reading quite a few,lately),Archie,Tintin.

3. Related to reading: Write more- Letters To Editors, was a part of my life in the nineties,and,I guess it's never stopped being a part. Been writing to only Weekend(Local mag),Filmfare,and a few others.

3. Conversely,reduce dependence on TV as an outlet for leisure- it becomes too addictive.

4. Music- besides the 'music to walk fast by', include all kinds of music-be it Indian oldies,Indian 'newies', Pop,anything with a nice surely does calm down even an already calm person like me.

5. Blogging and blog-surfing: Keep it at a regular level-it's become a part of my life,so, can't imagine being drawn away from it this year or in the coming years.

6. Compliment, appreciate and do acts of kindness to people around me- at least once a day, and,maximum,throughout the day. And,this is something BUFers excel at- complimenting and appreciating,I mean-that's why it's so nice to be a part of 'BUF world'.Conversely, if the compliment doesn't come, keep quiet,rather than being vitriolic.

7. Brush up on my vocabulary-I feel it's at a low ebb,courtesy the lack of use out here. Reason?People sometimes don't understand simple language. (Imagine communicating with a plumber in terms of ' you coming coming?water dripping dripping...)

8. What else? Those are the main resolutions,I guess! What do you think? Will I be able to keep them?

Cheers,everyone,and good luck with all your resolutions!

Ishi, time for some new topics,na?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A Fresh Start (Keshi)

I hope that year 2008 will be a fresh start for the whole world. I hope that people learn to live with one another without killing each other. I hope that people realise that peace is the only way. I hope that people see that war and violence don't bring solutions. I hope that people learn to be people. HAPPY AND PEACEFUL NEW YEAR TO THE WHOLE WORLD!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year (tulipspeaks)

Hope everyone is fine in BUF!. Been a while since I posted, but couldn't resist letting go 2008 without a New Year wish and my resolution for the year 2008. This was posted in my blog as well.

1. The robbers to be caught
4 months already since we got robbed in broad day light and there is still no news about the bloody robbers! My #1 wish for the year 2008 is for them to get caught - dead or alive!

2. The car
Been a year since I started planning to change my car. This year, I wish that plan will materialize.

3. New hairstyle
For 4 years, I have been sporting a straight rebonded hair. Guess it is time for a change. How about long locks with sexy curls? ;)

4. Some new gadgets
I am not crazy about the latest gadgets that hit our market. It's just that my phone is getting old, and I have started to feel ..well... a little embarrassed showing it to anyone now. And I want a simple mp3 player - just to accompany me when I go for jogging/walking.

5. Lose weight
I need to shed 15 kg to be back to a healthy weight! I don't know how I am going to push myself to do it, but I have to.. somehow!

6. An overseas trip
I don't care where.. but I just wanna get the feel of going to another country. Of course, going to the place in the postcard will be what I really want :P

7. New boyfriend.
The last 3 years have been wasted. Don't wanna waste another precious year in my life for anyone now. I better start looking for a bf now! Any volunteers eh? ;)

8. PhD
I will be resigning my job very soon. It's a important decision which I really have to take in order to fulfill my life-long ambition. Pray for me, okie?

9. New blog
I will be launching a new blog on shopping every soon. Every girls' dream blog!

10. New self
I want my life back... promise it will be all new!

Happy New Year to all!