This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Fortnightly Update (Ishita)

Okkk guys … time for the fortnightly update again. I thought I wouldn’t be around to put in the update this time coz my pc crashed :( (Blogged about it here). Anyway, using my cousin’s laptop to get here and put this up! I also lost a lot of files…including the one with birthdays/annivs *sigh*…so please guys take the trouble to send me all that again!! All communication related to this blog should be sent to our new email id

Firstly thanks again for putting up your postsAmy, Mala, Uttsy, Rajbir, Suchi, Rajiv, Keshi, Kathy, Yashita and John! Ofcourse, I put up mine too! This Friday (tomorrow) is the last day for this topic @ ‘Blog Review/Recommendation”, so if anyone of the others left…has a post to put up please do so asap!

I hope u guys remember the rules..esp. the one which says u can’t go missing for more than 3 weeks at a stretch! That obviously means you can’t skip two topics in row!! So all u guys who missed this topic, you all better put in posts in the topic that’s coming up effective this weekend! :P this message is specially for Pavan, Sudeep, Puneet and Arz000n!

Not many got back to me with new topic suggestions. So you just have to choose from the ones we put up each time in the poll counter. This time out of the four topics which have featured….@ “Travel Experiences”, “Your weird hobby”, “Share a recipe” and “Dating Fundas”…we got max. votes for “Dating Fundas” soooo….get going and share your dating funda’s ppl :-) … that would include stuff like what you think would work to make a perfect date or talk about your dating experiences, share music u used to woo your love, messed up dates, things that are a definite no no…and yeah your idea of a perfect date! And who you’d like as your date etc etc….!

Oh yeah keep in mind that music in the post shouldn’t auto play or loop!! :)

All those ready with your posts for “Dating Fundas”, please start posting this Saturday onwards! It would help if not more than one post is put up in a day….so if u see one already in, then try and wait till the next day….unless of course u won’t be able to get back for a while and just HAVE to put it up that very moment itself! :)

And start voting for the next set of topics…@ “My kind of music”, “Your weird hobby” (this almost won the last time, hence here again), “10 things you should know about me” and “My favorite holiday”.

We're also sending out new invites to a few people who have shown an interest in being part of this blog…You’ll soon know who! (Keep guessing if u wanna!)….and of course they will start of by putting up their intro posts and start of with whatever topic is on at that point of time….

If you any of you know of people who wanna join in, please let me know. And for people who get here and visit this blog…if u have questions, email them to and we’ll get back to you.

Coming Soon: Oh yes, for all existing members of this blog....John's working on a badge to link up to this blog :) ...plz pick up the code and flaunt it in your blogs! Lets show off guys! :P

That’s it guys…Have a great weekend! And Happy Blogging!!! :)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Iyer Education anyone??

The profile reads as Our Vision is: To take you I, Iyer, Iyest...

If you looking for some laughs, then i'd suggest this blog. I Iyer Iyest.. indeed!!


The Link

Forgot.. kindly excuse.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

From the Favourites...(Yashita)

Recommendation 1: If you want to read stories. Different stories. Read Coffee & Stories. You'll be going back for more once you visit this blog. Beautiful stories, absolutely wonderful writing, full of unexpected twists... this one blog will have you hooked!

Recommendation 2: Read Life and more. A personal favorite!

Birthday Wishes :-)!! (Ishita) - Glitter Maker

22nd March

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings,
On your birthday each year.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who’ve enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"

Poem courtesy: Joanna Fuchs

Ps: Ideally I would've liked to put this post up at midnite :-) but I don't want to take a chance (what if I fall asleep?! or my connection goes off?!?!) here it is now :-)!! and yes the song has changed to“Too late Too late” by Jojo. Happy Listening :-)...

Sayesha's World! (Kathy)

I want to make review of one blog that very close to me eversince.... Sayesha's World close to me because it's my daily dose, aside from other blogs that i used to read everyday... i've been her ghost reader for sometime coz i can't even write comment for her coz i'm feelin' shy :) knowing she has huge fans around her and would you believe that even hubby used to be her avid fan?... yeahh he is! ^_^ I dunno her personally but she makes everybody feels close to her . She always entertains her readers with her unique style of writing, expect long post that you will read but when you started reading , you'll surely forget the time coz you'll enjoy it up to the last and end up hooked already.... yup esp. with all those hilarious stories , that you will giggles (actually laughs) all the time. She usually writes about her life, love, friends, family and all things that happening around her. I know some of you here knows her already coz we sometimes bumped on her blog ( Puneet and Sudeep) ^_~ even before. She's a very smart and beautiful lady, always full of life , very intelligent too ( shes wrote's a book for kids) and as far as i know she's a co-editor of one company in Singapore. She has also her travel blog named Hopscotch where she takes you to every country she visited , with all those amazing pictures and awesome captions. Check her out guys.... she's simply adorable!!!


Princess Poems (Keshi's Blog Review)

Hi guys, I'd like to recommend Aish's blog at as a great read. She doesn't yak like me - she just writes beautiful, graceful and amazing verses about nature. Every post is about something from nature and how it applies to us in real life. Her words are so beautiful and the pictures are so soothing to the mind. Definitely a must-read when you want some peace, quiet and harmony for yourself, away from the clutter of the rat race and away from claustrophobic people. She is not a regular blogger but her posts will stay in your hearts and minds for a very long time. I find her blog and posts very neat, and an avenue for self development and spiritual growth. Do pay her a visit sometime. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

If I Survive this, I will be back! (Rajiv)

The blog I am reviewing has this line on the header..."There is so much to tell you" and you bet she has...always! The blog is called "Ishi's daily dose"
This is something really new in my wife's life which I think is good because she is back to her usual routine. The only differece being a shift from a Diary to an e-world diary. Isn't it cool? The world has come so far with new technologies.

The positive thing is that she is blogging in a language that she is comfortable with and so am I, in other words in Hinglish. I also like the music she puts up in the blog.

Why am I reveiwing her blog and why this particular one amongst the many she has? I dont read any other blog/s besides the one's she has...Ooooppps Suchi's too....both sit on my head :P. Well, also because when I am at work, I can get there mid afternoon and read up about what's going on at home.

Do I need to write negatives? I'll be dead either ways...if I dont write I will be killed and if I do then also. But since this is a review I am ready to face any music which may come my way.

1. Why do you have to share everything with the world? Diaries are meant to be more personal.

2. You need to put a new picture in the profile...U look as if u have put on 100 kgs:P

Its a pity that I have to review only one Blog because now Suchi is going to pour that coffee which she is making for me...over my head!! But I must say though Suchi doesnt get there often she writes from her heart.... :)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Definitely Not a Recommendation :P (Suchi)

WARNING: This is harsh and only the blogger / blog reviewed is free to take offence!!!

Oh my my I have waited for this moment for so so long :)

Well, this is the time to review blogs and write things which are nice and be critical, so that they can be used to improve. But people, here am I tell you about a blog which you should NOT go to…… I have nothing against that person as I don’t even know if he (I assume it’s a man) is for real.

As a matter of fact a link to this blog also would be breaking one of the most important rules of this blog which says “Pornography and explicit language strictly not allowed”. So I thought I should warn you all about NOT visiting this space, since I believe we all are like minded people here and would not like to know about some jerks jerky statements.

In short, the blogger thinks no end to himself, there is excessive and unnecessary misuse of the F word and not to forget that the blogger considers himself to not only be a blessing to mankind but also the only one left for women. GOD bless those women who associate with this low life virtual so called conceited loser!

I do not expect any of you to visit this blog but if you do, and then you are free to differ from my opinion. No offence taken.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Recommend than review !! { Uttsyy .. :) }

Hey Hi All!!

Now its my turn my turn :p .. YEYYY !!!

My blog review ( nahh!! its not review ) i would recommend, if i say review ( its a very nasty word for such a great writer, it's a crime!!). We all have read his comic somewhere or the other. His blog is very inspirational, optimistic, and he is loved by many, be it a teen / young / old people with any profession... He can put a smile on your face with his cartoons.. am talking about Scott Adams and his cartoons DILBERT :D ( i can see u guys go grinning *winks *) I got his link through Mala.. He had written an article how he lost his voice ( can u imagine not talking :O .. DAMN!! * those who know me will say y i wrote this damn !! :p ) I WILL DIE!! .. but the irony is that he was way to optimistic and worked hard to get his voice back.. Read the story here, you will know what i mean !!!

Keep Getting Inspired!!!

Happy reading!!
Have a Gr8 weekend guys!!
PS: Please click on the pic to enlarge it.

Music anyone? (Ishita)

Like a typical Gemini, I couldn’t decide on any one blog to review/recommend! I admit a lot of the blogs I read are the ones in my blogroll and probably some that most of u get to often too. I must’ve mentally reviewed a whole lot of them and then it struck me suddenly that while I do get through this whole lot and some new ones every other day, there’s been one blog that’s been around in my list of fav sites and helped me a lot in something I usually spend a lot of time indulging in…besides blogging/chatting! I’m talking about music of course … what were u thinking??! :P

Since I do download a lot of music and that’s how I have this crazy collection (by that I mean music of every genre/era)…I know of and keep looking for sites to get good music from. And I’m sure u guys know plenty too :-) (hint: tell me all about them!) But by far I love bollywood music. And yes, there are several sites to get music from but we’re talking about blogs here right?

And that’s why I must mention this blog…the title is self explainatory… Download Hindi Songs” ! I get here pretty often to get hold of latest hindi music :-) or simply to read about music (what’s come in and any other trivia). What I liked most about getting to this site was that I got to download a pretty nice software to convert my music files to mp3 … which I’ve successfully used to convert sound clips recorded on my cell phone (that’s the N91) and songs downloaded from this site too! Works like a charm…easy and uncomplicated which is perfect for a non techie like me!

The owner of the blog has several blogs mostly related to bollywood…haven’t been to those that often though. His profile says “A non-Indian who loves Bollywood movies and music just as much as any Indian; that's me, DJ! I have been into hindi music for quite some years, and have watched numerous Hindi movies…” and that’s about all I know of him. And yeah I know he’s violating copyright laws etc…

But who’s complaining right? Not I for sure :-) so long as the songs download and the links aren’t broken! I just need the music (sue me l8r!)

Though yeah I’d have preferred a better template and thought of leaving a comment there suggesting they could get in touch with John here to get a few tips!! :P

Edit: A friend pointed out sumthin I goofed up on :( ... so this to point out the disclaimer that I coneveniently missed reading on the above mentioned site. It goes as follows....

Important Disclaimer:All the songs on this blog, for which download links are provided, are already available on legit and legal India based websites for FREE. So we are not breaking any copyright or other relating laws by compiling those songs and poviding them here. None of these songs and MP3 files are hosted on this server.

*sigh*....sorry I missed that! :(

But hey good now I know better :) :P

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Compulsive Confessor - Blog Recommedation (Mala)

Smart, sassy, in-your-face. That’s how The Compulsive Confessor delivers.

This blog is sure to be a hit with the girls for the chicklit value that it brings. And guys – well, guys have a habit of being a Peeping Tom. Which guy wouldn’t want to read a hard-hitting lady, who has no qualms about declaring and then publicly celebrating the day she lost her virginity :-)? Who wouldn’t love reading the girl who calls a spade a spade, and has no emotion that she keeps hidden from the world?

The confessor has an excellent hold on her language and expresses her
emotions/viewpoints in a very convincing manner. You like to read her because you will relate to what she writes – at some level or the other. And if you don’t, well, you’re just fooling yourself.

She is my daily dose of page 3 gossip ;-).

And I would like to consider this post as a recommendation rather than a review.

My Blog Review-Poo (Jewel Rays/Amy)

The blog that i decided to do a review on is by the author POO I just got acquainted with her blog recently and i have to say the thing that draws me back to her blog Image Hosted by ImageShack.usis because the author is honest, real and not afraid to show her emotions.And that little something impressed me much cause not many will be bold enough to actually flaunt their emotions out in the open since sometimes image seems to ring louder than just being honest. I guess its a struggle.Thats the main thing that attracts me to her blog.

Things featured on the blog would be mostly about the author's life, her ups and down, her inspirations & thoughts etc. Another interesting factor about this blog and the author is after a moment of speaking out, crying out and releasing out on a post. She never fails to find something like the lyrics of a song, articles or whatever to get her back on her feet again. And that positvity draws me on and also she is a sweetheart as a person. That makes it altogether better.

There are many blogs that i adore but i wanted to do something that does not belong to any of us. ya know something out of here..:)

Note: This is just my opinion.Urs may vary..;D

I used to visit a blog i really love on fashion,shopping,clubbing,life but i lost the link and connection with it .:(

Have a great weekend all!!:D


Fortnightly update for all (Ishita)

Okay all aboard here...Sudeep and Yashita got their intro posts up yesterday...finally!!! Thanks everyone for accepting and being a part of this blog!!! All the links to the intro posts and profile/blog links have been updated (the pics may change once I hear from u all). The poll counter is work in progress as I'm still waiting to get a reply regarding topics. Hurry guys! and also waiting for the reply to the mail requesting B'days/anniv/blog birthdays etc and my request for your pics...

And now we can start off with the new topic "Blog Review" (I'm still working on mine!) Anyone who's ready with their post can put up their post...please don't wait for me.

We have Mala doing the book review every month (first one is due on 15th April). If anyone else is interested in the same, please coordinate with her so we don't have dates/books clashing...

Hoping by next weekend we can decide on the next topic to blog about :-)

The first birthday (I think) is on 22nd March... Suchi's ! :-)

My Poem blog anniversary is today - 16th March :-)

Looking forward to reading your reviews!!! Get started everyone...!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Best For The Last? :P (Yashita)

1st all sorry for being so late and for keeping you all waiting:P I have been blogging for a year now. My blog started as a result of pure ennui. But now it has become more than that…a place to meet interesting people and a wonderful platform where friends can come together and have some fun…which is precisely what this blog will be for me…a place to hang out with friends:) But not everyone here knows me:) so lets correct that, shall we? Okay, to start things I blog by the name of Yashita:) and I work in an IT company and so far am loving my work:)...which is also the reason for being so late:( I love books…any genre! So am pretty excited about reading book reviews here and hopefully will tell you all about my favourite books too. I love arguing and argue for fun…but it’s not devoid of any logic:P and looks like am in the right place:) Other than that love cooking and occasionally I dabble with colors too. Among the things I hate, insincere people and hypocrites would rate pretty high:)
You must be wondering what’s with the pic of a girl sitting next to a window? Lets just say people find me “mysterious” (even friends who know me...and Sudeep,Ishita and Keshi can confirm that:))…so that’ll be my excuse for not putting up my pic:)...please accept:( But hopefully that will be remedied soon in the future:) since am learning photoshop! I have a habit of talking and this is starting to reflect in this post…so before I start babbling about the terrible road traffic here in Pune, I’ll cut this post short:) and hope we all have some good time here on this blog…and just between us friends, I am terrible with post titles:)

Mr. Late Latiif.. nowadays? (Sudeep)

I know Ishita will agree with the title but it is not that I am always running late and though I love running and don’t mind being late, it was my reluctance to join in coz Ishita told me the names of people (in this grp) I had never/rarely heard of so I was like how it will be Betn Frndz?. Later I came to know that Zoonie baba, Yashita, Keshi, Kathy, Puneet, Suchi were already here along with Ishita and Rajiv.. so thinking that I already know almost everybody here and just a few unfamiliar faces/voices here I am. I am not at all averse to meeting new people but surely take my own time to call someone a friend.. until then all are just acquaintances. So all those who don’t know me yet, please don’t feel bad coz you are the only fortunate ones over here.. but just till date. MUAHAHAHA!!!

To start off with I am a mechanical engg. graduate working in an IT company (actually we don’t have anything to do with IT yet we call it IT.. gr8 aren’t we?) where except google and wikipedia nothing is accessible on the net. So my regular blog has now become regularly irregular. I don’t know if I should be ashamed/amazed that instead of telling you about me I started talking about my work place coz this is the place where I spend 12-13 hours of my day (working *ahem*). I write my posts in office during my breaks, mail it to my gmail id and post it later from home (thanks for the compliment you just gave me though a standing ovation would have been better.. chalo next time). I am a huge fan of Calvin & Hobbes (Yashita stop your giggling! :P) and I make it a point that every post of mine has a related strip of C&H; but that will be only for my space and not here. Also I am an avid fan of collecting gorgeous beauties to adorn my desktop (Zoonie stop drooling :D). I don’t call myself a bookworm but I do read a bit and love going through Greek and Roman mythology. For virtual friends I am a nice guy but not all my real life friends agree to it and I agree with them (but you can stick to the former notion :D). Sports is one of my passions and I feel sad to confess that I can’t play cricket :(. I guess this much is enough for the first post and we will get to know more about each other as time passes by. So thanks to Ishita for inviting *cough* threatening *cough* me to come over here; looking forward to have a great time here with each and everyone.

This pic is an old one.. the idea to put an old one is to hide the fact tht I am getting bald.. he he he. Well seems that those who made me remove this pic frm my blog missed it later so using the same. Now you can proceed with your blog review posts.. sorry for the intro delay : n the look of the blog is awesome.. gr8 work!

P.S.: Some of the rules in the side-bar are hi(t)larious.. :P

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I, Me and Myself (Suchi)

This is something I have really being doing in the recent past, i.e. talk a lot about myself. Born and brought up in the Indian National Capital and worked couple of years in Bombay. I am a well bred blend of a Mumbaikar and an attitude filled Delhi-ite who loves to speak in both the Bombaiya as well as the typical Hindi. Have been blogging for a year now, though I am yet to hit a half century also; all thanks to time and net accessibility constraints.

I am pretty temperamental and stupidity irritates me to the core. Trying to be a bit more patient and sure to be successful soon. :)

Things I love include family, someone special, friends, career, coffee, ice-cream, dark chocolate, dogs, soft toys, the colour pink and so much more.

Amongst the things that I hate, hypocrisy, meanness, male chauvinism, lying, insincerity etc. tops the charts.

I have the knack for languages and somehow manage to understand them if not converse. FRIENDS happens to be my favourite TV show and often stay awake till wee hours of the night or wake up early to watch it. I love traveling and meeting new people especially if they hail from a very different background.

I hope this will be fun and I can get here as often as my schedule permits. Would love to get to know all of you a whole lot more!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Make way for Mr. J (John!)

Taaaaaaaadddddaaaaaaaaaa!! Finally.

I go by the nick of Mr. J a.k.a Sillygoof or you could just call me John, which is my first name by the way.

I've been blogging since June 05' but found it boring & deleted all my posts...until I moved to Austria and blogging became second nature to me.

I'm from Hyderabad and presently in a tiny island called Malta in Southern Europe, working in the new media a.k.a the Internet industry, heading the sales & marketing department while I fail to understand how my four years of education in computers helps me in my job.

You wouldn't be mistaken to call me a nerd even now, cos every now and then I venture into those password protected HR files and any issues with this website, give me a shout.

Apart from music & a bit of reading (which I do only when i'm flying), I love collecting flags and currencies of the places i've been to, appreciate fine arts (but hate the fact that they are so damn expensive), have a keen interest in technology (which will always be my first love) and go ga-ga over my Jack Daniels or Chivas on the rocks...and recently discovered that Heineken isn't bad either. But as I always say, enjoy the drink and not the other way around.

I can be friendly but it takes me a while to get comfy with people in general and i'm quite picky, but once the ice is broken with the right company, i'm pretty much easy going.

I've been living out of my two suitcases for the last two years and close to 6 years in total, away from home and love every moment of the experiences that have and will come by- the highs and lows of everyday life, which my blog aptly captures and I firmly believe in three things: A) God B) Live and let live C) Failure is when you give up instead of trying your best (sadly not many people agree to this).

Two things that make me mad outright is A) Being taken for granted (which is not what you think it is) B) When someone messes with my drink. (It's Whiskey on the rocks with 4 cubes.) Simple, yet hard to follow.. Sigh!!

There are quite a few people in here whom I haven't come across but thanks to IshiAmma, have heard a lot about some of you and it's quite nice to meet on a common platform like this, rest assured i'll pop by your place soon.

In conclusion.... that's all there is, to this humble and modest soul. Catch you guys in the next post.

Jewel's in the House. Hi Everyone!:)(Jewel Rays/Amy)

ok here i am finally..i was thinking screw the picture i will just use what i have..

Hi everyone, :) and yeah for some reason i am feeling shy..heheha!

Ok here i am kickstarting ma introduction..

Well hey, i am jewel rays aka Amy. been bloggin for about a year and 4 months. I am turning 24 years old this June 2007. An indian by race coming from an inter-cultural family background. (meaning a whole lota mix). I work in a publication + media industry functioning in the finance side of the company. Thats right ladies and gentlemen, FIGURES!! :) I was born, bred and raised in Singapore. :) And i love it here.

What else...

Hmm..okay maybe there is something u should know about me. I know quite a few people around blogville but have never gotten very personal with anyone. I know quite a few who are wonderful sweethearts. And i thought maybe this whole thing "between friends" is a good start to punch myself out of the box and get some substance out. Hope it works out.:)

The Blogworld has been a wonderful place that i have been dwelling in for awhile. And i love the people that i have met.They have been my strengths, joy,inspiration, fun and a good time out..I do think about them when i am out.:) I adore u guys!!:)

I just want to say thank you to ishita for inviting me over. *flashes a smile*.

Some things u should know about myself will be:

Hmm...I can be pretty drama? I'll leave the rest for u to decide..


P/s: Bear with the quality of the pic. See things get blurry when u enlarge it beyond its size. yeah ta ta..

Thanks all!!

And once again HELLO EVERYONE! :D

Coffee with Friendzz (Puneet)

Ooh .. Do I really need an Intro Post.. ‘Ya Naam Hi Kaafi Hain’…
Ooops I can hear people saying…. Come On Puneet… at least leave your Attitude now … You are married ;-)

So here I go…
I’m Married…
I mean … I’m Puneet… recently married
I hope you can consider 10months to be recent… if not … tough luck…

OK… Enough of Flattering…

A special thanks to Ishita for coming out with such a beautiful concept of ‘Between Friends’ … and thanks so much for the invitation… I’ve been specifically told intro is must and was emotionally blackmailed to put the intro fast…

To say the least… this is Puneet from Puneetdreamz… yeah the guy who owns the blog that was alive and rocking till last year… and then he woke up only to find his most cherished dream coming true… so the blog went for a sleep :-)

I consider myself to be smart… cute… charming… confident… somewhat intelligent… with a sweet smile… expressive eyes… and a healthy flirt (now don’t ask what that means)
I don’t care what people think about me… but do take into consideration when they say I’m handsome and sexy… ;-)
When it comes to looks… I consider myself only second to my wife…
(Oh gosh... I feel I can go endless … this is what they say… shameless self promotion)

A day dreamer… and some one who strongly believes in his dreams… and Luv chasing them… Friendly and trustworthy if I like you… But I don’t trust people easily…
At times very moody… short tempered (although I don’t burst out so easily) … a bit egoistic and arrogant if I don’t like you…
Carry attitude just to the extent I feel its necessary and love people who know how to carry attitude without being snobbish… although off late I’m practicing modesty…
(Okie okie… I’m Kidding )

I’ve got a special love towards figures… professionally I deal with financial figures…
I love to drive cars and ride bikes… Love to write shayaris and poems… Love Cricket and Chess… Love to play computer games…Love Movies like crazy… Love Indian sweets… Love to play pranks… and Love to be Happy (which I’m… I think most of the time)

I guess that’s it from me… to call something as Re-Introduction…

Hoping to be fairly consistent here :-)

Ishi… this is the fastest I could manage ;-)

Introducing Miss.Mess (Keshi)

Hi guys I'm Keshi. When you see my pic here you'd go 'oh it's Kesh....yawwwn...that yakker of a Blogzilla'. Anyways this space is a great magical idea guys, and thank you for having me here. A place where friends meet, interact and grow, just WOW! Well what can I say about me, I'm just a hyper-active blogger in the beautiful land of Blogville. What do I do for a living? I'm an IT Consultant (how else could I be blogging 7/5 without getting fired?) but hey don't leave yet! I'm not boring at all - ask any insane blogger out there. What kind of being am I? A perfect creation of imperfection which indicates God was trashed when He designed me. I'm quite sensitive so handle me with care please. I can also be quite gutsy (go figure!) so be prepared for some ballsy darts coming your way. The Male species say I'm hot blah blah blah, but could you believe it I'm still a spinster, foot-loose, fancy-free and all that. Not that it's a bad thing cos I'm bored with men and their babyish psychology anyways (I can identify some rotten tomatoes coming my way but I do have a metal shield here so spare yourselves the energy guys). What do I love the most? MUSIC. She is my best friend, my medicine, my sunshine and what-not, cos she's unconditional and cures me instantly - and she's a SHE for a reason that you might have to figure out. Few other things I really love about this world...ocean, smiles, guitars, hugs, coffee, people, my car and my momma. Sho fizzle catch you laterz then!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Z000n Bug!! (z000nie)

Well, finally I’ve decided to release my photo on this blog and its right next to this post, except that I don’t wear goggles and roam around naked in real life. But I believe we all are matured by now, and will not be ashamed to view my snap with our family and pets around.

Blog happened to me more than two years back, when I got bored of constantly gazing at the ceiling fan all my weekend.

"That's it, enough of all this bull-crap, I'm not born to look at the ceiling-fan", were my exact words, "I'll start a blog instead."

Since then I’ve never looked back or on the ceiling and have managed to find a person inside me that was trying to find an escape for a long long time. Farting didn’t help him it seems, so I started writing.

While basking under the rays of blogging, I managed to take some time out to meet fellow bloggers under the name of “BLOG MEET”. Trust me, its nothing but five hours of sense-less ramblings with free Sprite, beer, vodka and ketchup along with Nacho’s sponsored by GOD-Knows-WHO!!

I’ve met couple of them introduced below already and I’m planning to post - in detail running into multiple parts- about how the meeting went, but in some other post. I don’t want them to steal my thunder in this one.
SPECIAL NOTE TO Uttssy & Mala: I’m extremely sorry guys, you’ll throw sandals and beer cans in my direction, once that post is out.
NOTE TO ISHI: Thanks for inviting me, and now aren’t you glad that we didn’t meet in Delhi? Else your name would have appeared in the special note above.
I’m not a people person, which means I prefer not to meet people in person. Especially when they meet me for the first time and go ahead to the extreme of touching my nose and say, “Dude, your nose is way too big. And what’s up with your eyes? And your hair?”

And then without warning – I’m sorry if you don’t like violence – I just go ahead and punch right on the face. This has happened almost all the time till now. Glad that I haven’t been to any blog-meets (if there is such a thing here in UK), else the local newspaper would come out with headline –

Brown Asian male punched a white guy on his face, without reason.

As you might have guessed from above, I’m not the kind of person anyone would love to meet and spend time with. That’s why I fall under the category of mysterious person, whom many are trying hard to poke and get some knowledge about.

I think the mystery about me will slowly unfold in my posts to come on this blog, very much like the movie DA VINCI CODE, except that in DA VINCI you had TOM HANKS, but here – feel extremely lucky when I say this- you’ll have to tolerate ME!!

Thanks for inviting me on this blog and cheers to all you fellas!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

uttssyyy ( uttara ) *smiles*

Ok guys.. am here.. ( Do i have to Introduce myself?? huh ?? i thought i was famous !!... lolzz )( ye mujhe koi intervirew session lag araha hai " say something about urself" )

Now this is the worst thing, to write about myself.. i hate it.. BWAHHH ( agar nahi likhi tho meri agony aunty mujhe kacha chabadegi ) .. shhh don't say this to her (Prays to god !!!)

hehe .. ok coming back to my Introduction..

I was born in this world called blogworld on September 20th 2005.. :) am only a year and half old.. lollzz its been a nice journey till date.. knowing people, interacting with them have been a good experience.. and the journey will continue( donno till when )

I'm very talkative, can make people's mood in no time, love music, dancing, i always wanted to learn playing guitar and learn salsa( i donno when this is gonna happen )
I guess am quite approachable person, and people can bank on me when they are in trouble.. till dat i have not disappointed anyone .. :)

I have been working since my college times . i have handled all the functions in my organisation, be it sales, finance, client servicing, HR .. etc.. ( WHOAAA!!! )
I love interacting with people, i'm no nonsense person, quite straightforward and blunt at times..:)

Can i stop this "I" "I" "I" now? i leave others to say about "ME" *GRINS*

BTW did u guys know i have met most of the bloggers.. :p and they are my real friends now ..:) :)


Ahem.... It's meee!!! (Kathy)

Hiiiii!!! ^_^ awwwww ....i need to write down something here before Ish give the sweetest tiger look for me like what i always do to Rina when she ignores what am sayin' lol!!:) kiddin' muaahh! Well, when i first recieved the invitation message... i was like huh...?? I think this is Ish simple way to wake me up for bein' in " deep bloggers block " mode coz she knows that my two other blogs were already abandoned for several months and i think this time i have to update regularly here at least or else...... ?? i'll be dead haha... ;) okkkkk!!!

Well, I am Kathy .... i have been blogging for more than a year now... yeah, actually i'm pretty active for straight one year (till last july) and after that i suffered " acute lazy syndrome " ^_^ and not fully recovered till now so its like i do it when i feel to and not if i don't hehe... yeah, i'm a typical taurean... luvs readin' astrology and all kinda stuff , haan m a frikkin' dreamer and definitely believe the magic thing called " soulmates " truly exist in life. :P actually i've already found mine but still searchin' for some LOLZZZ!!! just kiddin' :P i know , i know ..... i have to shut up my mouth now else..... somebody gonna get hurt real baaaaaaad!!!! haha.... ^_^ m a lil sensitive and moody too, but few sweet words and hug from u * wink* can bring back my smile ^_^ I admit, i'll never win a tactful award, i hate rush, i hate changes, and dun tell me to get ready for 15 minutes to go w/ u somewhere ;) or else i'll shout and tell u to go alone either :P ... and when m chatting w/ u dun say the word " what else??? " in between talks lol... dun ask the reason why? i just hate that! :) Aside from all, i'm also a busy Mom which m forgetin' too sometimes hehe... LOL!!! ^_^ i love listening to music and googling anything , every single word that comes up on my mind ( yup i love Mr. Google) coz he nevers argue w/ me lol! ^_^ Buggin' my friends is one of my hobby too so be ready hehe... dun worry i won't call u at 3 am. to ask u a name of one vegetable that i can't remember hehe... ^_^ but trust me, i can assure u that i can be the sweetest friend u can have around awww ^_~ okkkk enough na... lol! :P

See ya around guys.... hope for more exciting talks w/ ya all! hugsss.....

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Eleven Things. (Mala)

Hi, I'm Mala. I have been blogging since, umm, let's see, 2002, I think - almost 5 years. But every year sees a new blog. Because I get bored of my old blogs, or I get angry and delete them.

That's the first thing about me. I get bored/angry very easily.

I am quite a private person and a total homebird. Or so I thought -- until I left my home city and family to experience what people term 'independence'.

That's the second thing about me. I am an independent girl surviving in the jungle of people, called Mumbai.

I miss home - not. Surprising but true. Earlier I used to cry even at the thought of leaving home for a day. And now it's been close to a year since I have been away from home, and yet not been homesick.

That's the third thing about me. I am a emotional-fool-turned-toughie. Some even call me rude/indifferent. But, really, I'll lay my life for people I like. And that's not many.

A typical weekday is spent between office and home. A typical weekend is spent in company of my friends, most of whom I've come to know through blogs/chat. Where? Mostly at some beer bar (even though I don't drink), ogling at goodlooking boys (which is a rarity).

That's the fourth and the fifth things about me. I work hard and I party harder.

And the sixth thing. I have lots of friends.

And seventh. I frequent clubs.

And eighth. I don't drink.

And ninth. I like goodlooking boys.

And tenth. I think goodlooking boys are a rarity.

And, yeah, see that red, blurry thing down there? That's me.

Why is it red and blurry? Don't ask me. I don't like being questioned.

x-posted to my other blog:

Main Hoon Na ;-) (Rajiv)

Hi! I am Rajiv. Most of you know me as Ishita's better half ;-) which of course I am. But that aside, I am told that I am fun to be around but let me warn you that I do have mood swings...Don't worry, you'll get used to that because when I want to have a great time I ensure everybody around me has a fabulous time too.

By proffesion, I am a buyer working with an International Buying House. I am also the all rounder at home...I cook, I clean, I wash, I dust....You name it, I've done it...and I do it!!! (Ishi will vouch for it).

My perfect evening would be at home in the company of people I love, having a good meal and watching a good show or cd (I keep collecting movies...that's my hobby). So if you guys wanna join in any friday or weekend evening, you're free to come join us!

An Introduction (Pavan)

Hi I am Pavan, I have been journaling for as long as I can remember, i have been blogging for about 2 and half years,but stopped totally for this past year. This is an attempt at some sort of come back... I have always been pretty expressive my whole life and usually have a developed opinion on almost anything. I am really open to peoples views on any topic. I am a Doctor by profession, not married yet nor do I have any kids, but I am excited to see what is to become of this blogg. It could be quite interesting, I always live by the saying you get out of life what you put in, and if people are enthused about doing it, this could not only be fun, but we might all be able to help eachother, so let the blogging begin.

Get Set Gooooo!!!! ........!!! (Ishita)

This is my 4th blog and I've been thinking of getting this started for a long time now. Basically I wanted to share this space with like minded friends and make it a common space. Honestly I don't know what shape it's going to take and where it's going to head eventually...maybe utter chaos :P but well, for starters I'll throw open a topic and set the ball rolling as they say!

Since this is the first post...lets just start with a familiar topic "I, Me, Myself" ... so people who get here know who's who here! :) and the other topic for the coming week is "Review any one blog you visit frequently"... the idea is to do it like a proffesional critic :P... ya ya, I know it's safer to stick to blogs that don't belong to the people who're gonna share this space with but there's no rule limiting ur scope...u can pick and choose any blog you wanna share here with us!

This week : I, Me, Myself!

I am Ishita ... Been blogging for close to two years here. Besides that :P , I'm a FTM (full time mommy!) who quit work to take care of my son. I'm fond of writing (obviously) and reading. Music is on all day at home. I don't watch a lot of TV ( I don't get a chance to!!). I'm extremely moody...which can work well sometimes or be a disaster most times! I love getting to know people and cherish my friends and my family. Sensitive, emotional yet practical, funny yet serious, talkative yet quiet...I'm an ideal study in contrasts...! And if that hasn't got u certain...Yes, I am a GEMINI! Born in the hottest month in this country (India) on 20th June! Which year u ask? Hah...!

My music pick: Afterglow By INXS (featuring JD) ...


Okkk... U can be as creative as you wanna be and as boring as u choose to be :P... while describing yourself . Just remember to keep it short! That's the one golden rule...all posts have to be short n sweet/spicy/informative/interesting...blah, blah! :) will help :) ... esp. when u're writing about urself!!!! Also feel free to start a new topic...and any new ideas. Put in Music u like too but any music in the post should not autoplay/loop!

One last thing, when you put in your intro post...plz use the label "first post"...besides that you can use any other label(s) you wish to! The idea is to have one common label...

Lastly all those who've signed up, puhleezzz put up ur intro posts asap!!!! *RIGHT NOW*

Coming up Next (This is for the week starting 19th March) : "Blog review"