This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, April 30, 2007

Blogathon (Mala)

For me, blogging started as a hobby five years ago. At the beginning, I used to make additional effort to make the posts reader-friendly, catering to the reading public. At some level, after a while, it started to choke me. There were a lot of pretensions and I could never be completely myself. The realization of others scrutinizing every move repelled me. I created and deleted a number of blogs. But I was never at ease. Those days, there was no way I could restrict people from visiting my blog. Finally, I discovered livejournal, where I could restrict readers, screen comments, and a host of other features. My posts then started to become more and more personal in nature, and one page posts got reduced to one line. It became a way to relieve daily stress.

But I was noticing a pattern. There was hardly any ‘fun posts’ on my LJ.

That’s when I got an invitation to join betweenusfriends. It gave me a platform to write things other than my daily life. It helped me explore topics I could never post in my personal blog – there was no need for it there. Needless to say, I started enjoying the opportunities to write about topics defined by public. I had thought this very thing would restrict my writing because I wasn’t really choosing my topics. Others were choosing it for me. But, I have to admit, I have been proven wrong. The topics have been entertaining, invigorating, and original.

Another great thing about betweenusfriends is that it invites ideas from its members and implements the same. When I fleetingly suggested a book review column, I never knew that betweenusfriends would also give me the platform to play a critic – by allowing me to review books on a monthly basis. It might sound funny but somehow I felt like somebody pampering me by allowing me to do whatever I want.

It’s been a great ride so far and I hope it continues to be the same way. Looks like it will – with more and more talents joining every month. Here’s a baby that refuses to stop growing. To me, betweenusfriends is the Complan baby : P

I wish betweenusfriends a long stay and immense popularity – wide and far. It rocks!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Blog Update & Announcements! (Ishita)

To celebrate the launch of our own brand new website :-), we've decided to run a Blogathon starting 30th April 2007 to 6th May 2007. All members have to put up a post about "Between Friends" with links to both the blog and the website. The post should be about their experience with "Between Friends".

Those members who do not have public blogs, can put up their blogathon post right here on "Between Friends". This is specially for members like Mala, Rajbir and Puneet (who has not been updating his personal blog off late)

We hope most of you have had a look at the new site. Please make a note of the "Rules" put up there as we've made some changes and expect all members to adhere to those.

The new badge for our website is ready and the code is available in the new website. All members have to flaunt this badge in their blog sidebar!

Feel free to leave your feedback in the feedback section in the site or you can email us the same.

We had asked for your list of blogs (from your blogroll or any other favorites) to include in the Blog Directory section of the site. Hoping you will all email the same to us!

The new topics for the following two weeks are,

1. Share your recipe (all about food!)

2. 10 things about me (all about you!)

And you can start posting from 30th April 2007 (MONDAY).

As the header above says "Do Not make any new posts till Monday" ... Please read the header whenever you get to the blog for important news/updates/information related to the blog and members.

And here's wishing our very own dear Kathy the best BIRTHDAY (29th April)ever!! ENJOY!! :-)

The song playing is specially dedicated to her. It's in her list of fav videos..."One sweet day" - Mariah Carey... in her words... "one of the very few songs that simply touched my heart ..... cant explain but i always felt something special when m hearin this song..... just like that! ..... its beyond words....ahh!! leave it ..... "

And last but not the least a VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Aiz for nominating "Between Friends" for the “Thinking Blogger Award”. Here's the excerpt from the post "Thinking Blogger…"in her blog,

"Between Us Friends - gets the next award as it made me think why didn’t I start a friends’ blog as soon as I started a group for friends. *sigh. Here it goes for them who have made a wonderful place to share things between friends which involves posts on different topics and views of different people from different walks of life."

Now if we choose to participate in this we need to follow these rules,

1. If, and only if, you get tagged, write a post with links to 5 blogs that make you think,
2. Link to this post so that people can easily find the exact origin of the meme,
3. Optional: Proudly display the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ with a link to the post that you wrote (here is an alternative silver version if gold doesn’t fit your blog).

Well, everyone how about sharing your list of blogs in the comments to this post so we can put up a common list by the weekend? :)

hindi music.. any takers??? (Messy aka Neha)

when it comes to music i have got eccentric tastes... thats what my hubby keeps saying... he can't bear my kind of music... well... i guess hes not all wrong... he says i live in a different era when it comes to music...

my kind of music belongs to the old hindi classical genre... be it mughal-e-azam or baiju bawra or even pakeezah... i have loved them since i was a kid... this is the kind of music that i love... whenever i am upset or down these are the songs that lift my spirits high...

in the recent lot i like strings... they sing such beautiful songs... my favourite being the one from zinda... 'yeh hain meri kahani'... im sure many of you have heard this one...

sufi is another kind of music i love... be it the latest 'maula mere' from the movie anwar... or the best of all... nusrat fateh ali khan... the master of all sufi singers... i feel the best of all his songs is the one called 'meri tauba'...

and these days im listening to the songs of namastey london... 'chakna chakna' is a fantastic number (tried uploading the video not happening! someone do it for me :p).... if u like punjabi numbers im sure u would like this one...

someone else i love to listen to is bryan adams... its actually very difficult to choose which one is his best... other songs i love are...

unchained melody
hero - enrique
paint my love - MLTR
nothing compares to you
truly madly deeply - savage garden

n last but not the least... i love all the romantic songs of yash chopra... be it kabhi kabhi or silsila.. im a big big fan... i keep telling my husband... if u ever want to seduce me... sing 'kabhi kabhi' for me... :p

(any idea how to enlarge these pics?... i've been trying to do so since an hour! i give up!)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

"sa re ga ma" 'or' "do re me fa" (uttara)

Inner Me... :)

His angel eyes wanting to sing and to be loved every moment n saying,' right here waiting for you', can give up on anything even if the world ends nothing else matters, no matter what he will go through the pain of november rains... I hugged him n said i just died in your arms and wanted to turn off the lights n waltz on unchained melody and reach cloud no.9 :). His assurance by saying' here I'm 'made me feel blessed, i could melt in his arms which i felt illegal then. I wanted to scream out loud, but held back thinking hey you! whenever wherever you want me i will be there without any objection, please don't bother baby! I could see heaven in your eyes..

He could see me smiling in the dark and whispered your so beautiful you are my layla. Tears rolled my cheeks and he said cry baby cry you are the black magic woman of my life. That night every little thing mattered. The night went on endlessly, I dint want it to end .. I said, 'Love is you , love is my life, love me endlessly right here right now, i was crazy for you'.

Words cannot express the feelings :) It was erotica ;)

Ahem ahem...

"musiccc makes the people come together yeahhh"

heard this line somewhere right?? yes none other than my fav Madonna.. :) The kind of music i lovee whoaaa i thnk i have a never ending list... All ears for it ;) Music is something i can't live without.. can hear music even without any system on.. its inside my mind u name it the song keeps playing.. i really don't need an MP3 or an Ipod :) yeah its true.. My minds goes humming when i have nothing to do and when i don't talk :D ..

My type of music...

I simply love Ghazals!! I dont need to be drunk to hear this.. i simply love Jagjit Singh and Ghulam Ali ... :) They have the depth in their voice.. I have attended Jagjit Singh's concert it was Superbbbbbbb no words to describe him ..

Bryan Adams.. he rocked the show here last year... yepieeeeeeee yes i had been for his concert... :D this was my birthday gift for myself ..hehe

Shakira... she rocks!! She floored all the guys and girls ;) when she was here in mumbai yeah another concert i attended :D

next concert is gonna be Aerosmith and am gonna attend hope they come to MUMBAI !! i missed Iron Maiden :( , Enrique Iglias, Deep Purple, Michael Jackson, etc etc.. :( i feel really bad for not attending due to some stupid circumstances here then :(

anyway... to go on with music.. another Legendary is Kishore Kumar !! Pheww he is awesome he and his songs can make u smile,laugh, sad... etc etc his songs are full of emotions... Hats Off !!

Ballamy Brothers, Kenny Rogers, John Denver... etc etc... yes u got it right Country :) They are lovely too .. ahem ahem

I also like listening to Devotional songs :D yes i hear them almost everyday morning by default my mom puts it on :D

Apart from the above... i like Celine Dion, Eagles, GNR, Deep Purple, Nirvana, Michael Jackson, Dire Straits, Santana, etc etc etc ( many more )... Loads of Hindi as well.. WHOAAA... complete music maniac :D :D :D

I have a whole list u don't wanna get bored hai na??

Music is what i breathe :) :) :)... any genre will do rock, blues, country, rock n roll, hip hop, ragae, R&B, etc etc...

PS: gimme the name of the songs which i have put up as a story... *winks*


Current Music: "Bad Girl" - Madonna ;)

Welcome to Planet Harjee (Intro)

I'm late again.

A thousand apologies to all stake-holders of this blog. And another thousand for not being able to put up an Intro post even after the numerous reminders.

You see life for a copywriter (who has just been introduced to the term 'global hiring freeze' when asked for helping hands), living alone and away from home, addicted to aloo parantha and reduced to idli and sambhar, is not a walk in the park.
And if you add to that some very persistent (3 calls a day) and talented (emotional blackmail) parents who are determined to change my single status, it gets nasty this cocktail I tell you.
Time to read, let alone write seems to be a upgraded to wish-lists now.

I do not know what to say about myself. Besides the fact that I usually say what I think.
Just that at times (more often actually) what I say exits my mouth leaving two huge feet inside.

To some degree of variation, one may say I am an idealist.
But then again, I have reason to believe otherwise.

The rest, my friends, you shall have to find out for yourself.

Hopefully life will simplify over the next few days and I shall get to subject all of you to more of my verbosity.
Just one thing though.... please don't send me any messages or reminders to shut up then ;)



Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Death by Metal (Switchblade)

I'm a metal head to the core…I love my music and I love it heavy. More specifically I love Melodic Death Metal, which is a sub genre of heavy metal characterized by sweet guitar riffs, atmospheric sounds and more often than naught, deep growling vocals. Of the many notable bands that play this genre of music I’m most enamored by Insomnium, Blood Stain Child, Mors Principium Est and Dark Tranquillity.

That’s not to say that I don’t like slow songs…its just that I outgrew them several years ago. Starting from my early days when I rifled though my mom’s old Abba and Engelbert Humperdink cassettes to my real music awakening with Linkin Park and The Prodigy, I’ve heard most of the music types out there. Somehow nothing appeals to me more than death metal.

However listening to death metal has always had a certain stigma attached to it…A friend once asked me if I get aggressive and angry whenever I listen to my music…on the contrary I actually find it soothing and a great way to unwind.
Theres nothing like a double bass beat with a twin guitar attack and good bass lick to calm the soul and transport you into headbanger's heaven.

Insomnium – Mortal Share

The lyrical themes of Melodic Death Metal are mostly expressionist and are much more ‘user-friendly’ compared to the satanic/anti-Christ themes that black metal songs usually revolve around. Safe to say I’m not into black metal and I wonder if their moms know what they’re up to!

Now it seems that not a single day can go past without my music…I even listen while on my hourly bike ride to work and back thanks to my I-pod.
What more can I say? Abba put it best…”Thank you for the music…for giving it to me” \m/

Monday, April 23, 2007


I have a new job.
Please sing the 'Congratulations' song for me :P

Care for some Mozart's Balls? (Mr. J)

I just realized while writing this out that if I put aside my twice a year visit home, then it's been quite a long time since I took a vacation. But on the other hand, the places i've lived at and been to pretty much makes up for it even though it was just plain business all the time.

Salzburg beautiful salzburg.

Living here for a year I must say that i've fallen in love with the city, country and the culture. Having been to a couple of places around Europe, I think i'm justified to say that Austria is perhaps one of the most cleanest countries in Europe.

Salzburg, situated on the border of Austria & Germany, is more famous for Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the lesser known Josef Mohr and Franz Gruber who penned the 'Silent Night' song, and not to forget- The Sound of Music.

It is indeed a sleepy city with an easy going, laid back attitude. Locals say that this is one of the reasons why Mozart later moved to Vienna. You cannot miss the huge, always snow capped Alps and the beautiful Salzach river that runs through the city. Surrounded by three mountains from the Alps- Untersberg, Monchsberg and Kapuzinerberg.

A 30 min. train ride and you are in Munich where the world famous Oktoberfest is held every year.

The scars of WW2 still remain and can be seen in the well maintained bunkers, the occasional discovery of an unexploded bomb and so on. Infact every Saturday at 12 noon, the bomb sirens and the bunkers are tested, just in case.

Apart from the usual, Salzy is also quite famous for Swarovski and RedBull. If anyone does happen to visit Salzburg or for that matter Austria, you cannot miss the Almdudler (for non alcoholics), Austrian Wiener Schnitzel and Stiegl beer.

In case you are still wondering about the title of this post, believe me- Mozart's Balls are really tasty.

Also known as Mozartkugel, this chocolate got the dubious distinction of being called Mozart's balls since A) it's named after Mozart and B) they are all round.

And no, I didn't come up with this term. Honest!!

And lastly, The Salzach river. The place on the other side of the river is Germany.

Music And Cherry Blossoms Festival .... (Kathy)

Music, music... yeah definitely we can't live without it ^_^ ... i like almost all kinds of music , depends on my mood. I'm fond of love songs especially those theme songs of my fave movies ... yeah, i usually fall in love with the guy in the movie and to the song itself. ^_~ lol! hehe! But at times i feel like listenin' to some soothing songs too.. like of Enya, sounds of Kenny G. and Christopher Cross. For chillin' times i do listen to Cranberries, Dido , Switchfoot and to some RnB's... like Pharrell, Black Eyed Peas and luv to dance to the songs of Shakira and Beyonce. And speaking of ROCKs!!... it shud be Nirvana, Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Creed, Green Day, Limp Bizkit, Guns N Roses also Nickelback and Simple Plan ^_^ How can i forget? i'm crazy listening to Indian Music now too.... be it Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam... yeahhh sometimes i dun have any idea what i'm listening to ^_^ hehe but i think it's not the lyrics or the meaning of the song... it's the heart and how we appreciate the song itself na.... coz i think i can relate more of the sounds... i love the sounds of tabla and other Indian instruments. Yup i love to listen to sounds of guitars too, ukulele and lots of others . Hubby actually play trumpet and my lil princess Rina started learning to play drums (japanese drums) she's attending lesson for that for a month now. So wherever i go i have music around me ^_~ ... and i think it's a part of our everyday life. No Music... No Life!!!

Cherry Blossoms!!! (Spring)

Cherry Blossoms (Sakura) season.... it's the time of year that you can see such beautiful flowers (pink and whites) all over Japan. People usually go to parks, shrines and temples with family and friends and hold a "flower viewing party" known as hanami (花見). Hanami festivals celebrate the beauty of sakura, and for many, it is a chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful view. Hanami custom in Japan dates back to many centuries ago...... ( click the pics. to enlarge)

... Do listen to this japanese song titled "Sakura" too ( by* Moriyama Naotaro) and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms video as well! ^_^

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Kind of Music (Mala)

Though I'm no music connoiseur, I have no qaulms in admitting that nothing relaxes me more than good music.

I cannot tell a country from a folk, classical from a new-age, a rap from a reggae, a blue from a jazz, a rock from a metal...but it's the sound I sway to.

And I'm biased to the sounds of Enya and Enigma. I believe their genre of music is better known as 'new age'. To me, it's the haunting undertone/overtone that rules the roost. The numbers are haunting, yes, and yet peaceful. I actually find myself being teleported to a different world when I'm listening to either of them. And their videos are better made than everything else. The naturalist in me finds immense joy in the beautiful, picturesque locations where these videos are shot. Some of their numbers have hymns interspersed from Asia and Europe...'The Child in Us' is one example of what I'm talking about. They sound so pure. And it always amazes me when I see foreign bands using Sanskrit hymns in their numbers...somehow a feeling of pride comes over me.

I do not know how to embed videos here; but had I known, I would have dedicated 'The Child in Us' or 'Caribbean Blue' to everybody in this blog.


(song added on mala's behalf:)!)

Music is what feelings sound like... (Yashita)

Am back and back with my picture and my favorite music!

And the night shall be filled with music,

And the cares that infest the day

Shall fold their tents like the Arabs
And as silently steal away.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Like books, I don't listen to any one particular genre. I can listen to any kind of music. Music is music. Be it rock, blues, jazz, instrumental or hip-hop. But if there's one song that is my eternal favorite, then it has to be November Rain. And anyone who knows me knows how crazy am about this song. So, here's November Rain for you people to enjoy :)

Saturday, April 21, 2007

soul gatherings - senses of her soul (Messy aka Neha)

(this post was written by me last month after my trip to matheran which is my favourite place in the world... it is a hill station near mumbai n i love going there... for more details read here... i am not describing the place here... but what i felt when i was there... hope u like it)

i am her soul… her essence... i live within her... but sometimes i tend to wander around... looking for things that touch me... intensely... passionately... just to see the effect of the events happening around her... how they touch her mind... her body... i look closely at people... at the emotions people try to hide... or the emotions they try to show... trying to decipher them... she doesn't realize what i am upto... but ofcourse that doesn't deter me... i go from place to place with her... gathering things for myself... gathering special moments... special people... special thoughts...

this time i don't move out... this time i am within her... just concentrating on her... her senses... her perceptions... but i realize thats not possible... i feel the vibes of people around her... i feel the aura of things around her... she isn't bothered... she is too busy riding... too busy loving the feeling of it to think about others... busy to such an extent that she doesn't realize the pain she is going through... (the swollen fingers and a deep wound on her ankle where the saddle kept hurting her)... that is the time i take over... i feel things for her that she doesn't comprehend... i take over her consciousness...

sound... i dont like loud sounds... i like soft music... i like the swishing of the flowers more than the howl of the wind... but today it is different... shes galloping... there is no sound in the woods other than that of the two horses cantering to nowhere... or maybe somewhere... i don't bother where... and then i hear the sound... a loud sound... which i generally don't like... but as i said... today is different... it is the sound of the wind in her ears... so loud... so deafening... so blatantly ear-splitting... but still musical... so very symphonic... in harmony with the galloping of her horse and her body... it feels like an orchestra playing... is it the philharmonic playing???

sight... all she sees is the riding track... the horse... the saddle... and nothing else... she doesn't see the animals scurrying away from the galloping beasts... i see them... she doesn't notice the look of awe on the face of other riders... i notice it... she doesn't survey the woods and the valleys around her... i survey them... she doesn't visualize herself on her horse... speeding to nowhere... i do it... i see her clearly... like the way you watch a ballet dancer performing... is she swaying to the music of the philharmonic??

taste... what do i taste here?... the wind in her mouth... she has this inane habit of parting her lips when she is riding... ofcourse she doesnt realize it... its not made up... but i notice it... as i feel the taste of wind in her mouth... cool... refreshing... tempting... and then there is this other taste... mud... the red earth blowing freely... clean earth... delectable earth... tasty earth... the taste remains in her mouth forever...

smell... i smell the balmy wind... i smell the pure clean air... i smell the naturally aromatic mud... i smell the acidic odor of the horses... the sour whiff of her perspiration... i breathe in the aroma of freshly fallen leaves... she doesn't heed them... i take them with me to bring them back to her when she is not there anymore... it will stay with her forever...

touch... i feel her touching the wind... or rather the other way round... the wind blowing on her face... the enticing touch... the feel of the saddle where her thighs touch it... the feel of the stirrups under her feet... as she rides ahead unheeded... the caress of her hair blowing wildly... and the contractions and expansions of her horses muscles... the feeling that was long forgotten... the feeling that had come back... the feeling that will never be lost again... the touch to be savoured all her life... by me.. her substance... her essence... her soul...

Friday, April 20, 2007

Music and Holiday (Poo)

Music and traveling (Both are close to me)

Music is one of the greatest gifts of all. It asks nothing in return. The sounds of the rain slapping on the ground, that's music to me. Music filled with romance which gently pulls u close, and you begin to dance whether you are alone or lost in the crowd. Music has a special place in my heart. I share secrets with music… Music that I can relate to can be anything actually Rock , Hot, pop, Sexy, Slow, Ghazals. I am very emotional person so lyrics of the song is off course important to me that can show my emotions. That’s music to me. Music is like freedom for me that can take away all the tension from me (at least for sometime). Music takes me beyond my creativity and imagination. Music is the food of all my moods. I Like Shakira, Nirvana , Jagjit singh, etc

Music is perfect and I know it’s good for me ^o-~^ and you.

Holiday (Company expenses) ;)

I loveeeeee to travel. My London trip was one of the best trips. I was away from home for the first time in my life for 6 months and did loads of masti(Hum wahan jage bhigad gayee) London is so beautiful, the tube stations, the ice creams, the wine , the clean roads , the London eye, Madam Tussuad's, the parade, the queens place. I saw snow for the first time in life in London. It was not heavy one though but the sight was so beautiful. Then the journey from London to Scotland OMG!!! it was so beautiful, the mountains the fresh air, the black water lake. I can’t even describe it in words. Then the needles trip , the beaches there are only filled with pebbles there is no sand and clean blue waters. The pebbles in all different types, shapes and colors. I almost landed collecting so many of them.

Its special because i was in love for the first time( Many stories to share)!!!

I can go on and on and on about my London trip. And I don’t want to bore you to death phewwww!!! I would love to go there again !!!

Have a great weekend :)

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Air Guitar Brawls (Jewel Rays)

I like music that turns me on. Don't have a particular music that i would die for. But i know i like rock or punk rock for that matter cause of the style of Image Hosted by ImageShack.usmusic and the air guitar jumps that they always give at certain parts. I love how they leave me in suspense by stopping for a while and than hitting it off again with an air guitar jump with their guitars swinging off,the way they strum(hot!), a head bang and screaming into a mic fearlessly without worrying abt how crazy they look like. Thats the type that makes me roar and wanna rock on! The type where passion exist, orginality stays, melody rings and lyrics makes display. I like the type that rocks, ministers and gives my body, feet, brain and all a trigger to just give a big loud roar. Basically i like to rock. If there is something u should know about me, i am a big fan of gigs. I go for them. I watch them and i rock with them. If we are talking abt alternative music. Than i would go for a gospel form that sometimes feels like a safer touch for my soul. It drives me crazy when they throw their guitars, swing it, jump with it, hit the drums like they own it. Thats the type that triggers me off. Rock on! I love to see passion rocking from within as they rock their piece out.But bad thing abt me, sometimes i just don't care who the artist are when i find a piece that makes me eat my heart out.

I am a lover and appreciater of all kinds of music. You can give me a piece you make and i will tell you the good points about it and the bad points if there is a need. Be it classical or whatever piece. I can appreciate them all
Image Hosted by or at least i try.I am not professional i just go by instincts or feelings basically. And i am not always accurate. Note that please. Between if there is another thing you should know about me. I used to write songs and get my mates to work out the chords. Thats right. My melody, my lyrics and they work it out. Between i've dump that for a few years now. Hope it comes back to life. Picked up guitar but stopped due to work commitments . Instruments i want to pick up are keyboard ,guitar and a little drum. I know how to play these instruments here and there though honestly they can't be compared to even the child who is in grade 1. I am at the sucky stage right now. Caught my love for music when i was in school. Got a bunch of friends who loves to dance etc. So yeah there u go i am a sucker for dance music as well. And for dance i go for latin songs, reggae, remixes, hip hop, house music or just plain pop. Anything that gets me down on the floor. I fancy sexy dance too and i am a fan on latino songs that makes ya hips don't lie. Of course, i can't beat the eva great Shakira.She just rocks.

Yeah these is me for now. I love music of all kinds and especially those that brings me high. As long as it turns me on, touch my heart , make me smile etc. I am on high. In fact, all types have done that to me. Things i look out for when i see a song is the lyrics, singing and the melody more. The music, lyrics etc has to find a place to identify with me. That would catch my attention more. And also one last thing, being apart of a church music team has actually cause me to go beyond just listening. Lets hope i can be apart of writing and developing some of my own. I doubt it now. Just hope it springs up.And one more thing, if there is something i don't want get too much of it will death music or superb hardcore though i can tolerate some. Alrighty all, thanks for spending some time reading all. I hope its not too long.

And here to all. Some feel of ma type of music. This is one of ma fav bands. They are called "The USED" Lurve Them.:)

This one is slightly more hardcore. Just a peek for u guys on the

And this is one of my fav song by them.:) More mellowed than a brawl but lurve it!!

Rock on!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ye Hai Mumbai Meri Jaan (Ishita)

This was a tough choice. I’m quite passionate about both music and traveling besides blogging of course:p (why else would I have 5 blogs!). But my taste in music can be gauged by the kind of music seen and heard in all my blogs and so I will blog on the topic “My favorite Holiday”. Here again I have a long list but Rajiv’s already shared the Goa experience, used the best pics in his post and posted links to all the posts I've done on Goa/Khajjiar/Chail!!!

I’d love to write about my trips in the North East, Sikkim, Bhutan but that was years ago and I don’t remember details and have just some memories…not enough to make a post out of. So I’ll share what I had written about my first trip to Mumbai. I admit I’m cheating here coz this part of the post from my blog
“ishita’s main space” dated 29th Dec 2005 written a month after I made the trip! It’s rather long sooooooo please please let this be my one exception to the rules in place!! *pretty please with maple syrup :)))* Editing the post would take away the fun of it…kya kare?!

“Ever since I got back from Mumbai (my first trip ever there)…a lot of people ask me about my impression of Mumbai and I do end up talking a lot about it!! I guess the city does leave a lasting impression…ummm…good and bad both. Part of the reason why I didn’t write about my trip to Mumbai earlier was coz I was making up my mind about whether I liked the place or not! And to put down the negative aspects would mean another serious fight with Suchi (my best friend!)…she completely loves the city…!!!

My first impression of Mumbai is it’s crowded…so sooo sooooo crowded!! Everywhere u go there are people…people…and more people. It’s overwhelming to say the least. Yes I know the statistics…and I know people who live in the city love it despite the sheer number of people on the streets. The second thing that struck me is that unlike Delhi localities didn’t seem quite defined. Couldn’t figure out when one ended and the other began…the whole city looks the same?! Ummm…though u can’t miss the difference between what one in Mumbai calls town and suburbs! And yeah new Bombay….hmmm!

Then there was the horrific experience of the local train! Less said the better…though I know when I talk about it; it amuses people around me a whole lot. I’d just quote my cousin on this “You asked for it!!” (Coz I kept cribbing ek baar toh jaana chahiye!)…. it was truly scary and I’m sure I’m never going to get on one of them ever again! But I do feel mighty brave for attempting to be on one during peak hours! Esp. since I’m the type who never gets on to a bus in Delhi…well not since I finished college anyway!! And for all the people who told me that “trains are crowded in Mumbai but men are decent”… I know for a fact u never went on a train ever (for the women) and for the guys…you’d never know!!

There was this funny experience with ATM’s…every time we looked for a particular bank ATM we’d never seem to find it and when we did finally and got the desired amount out, we’d see ATM’s of the same bank in every damn place!!!!

I think my “most fun” moment was when I was cribbing away about not seeing a single movie personality…or for that matter a TV personality…ya ya…u may say u don’t give a shit but I know u expect to at least see them in a normal state somewhere in the city! Well one night, Suchi, Rajiv and I were having ice creams at naturals…I forget the name of the place…hill road I think…and ohh yes I must say... another big positive the ice cream there is yummmm:-) (Though I’ve always maintained…mother dairy ice creams are the best!! But then I’ve always been very pro dilli!)… Anyway back to what I was saying. So I cribbed and R says ishi turn around… ??? "

**To know which celebrity I saw...plz get to the link given below and read up. The post is way to long :)... Leave your comments here btw and not there :P … easier for me to reply!”**

Watch a youtube user's perspective of mumbai in the video below ....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Headbangers Ball (Mr. J)

This music is my time
To relax and rewind
I'll be brutal with truth
And i'll be honest with my soul
Be the pile of trash
A bum picks through to get a bite to eat
I'm filthy
I'm horny
I'm dirty, nasty, dirty

~ M- 80, Paparoach.

From NIN, Maiden to Slash, Ozzy to Manson, Metallica to LinkinPark, Ill Nino to Drowning Pool and everything that comes in between... Ozzfest can smack the life out of Woodstock, this is my kind of Music.

Call it noise, rock, metal or whatever... pump up the volume and pass me my JD , cos the truth is... Love it or hate it, you gotta live with it.

Musickness (Keshi)

I have a permanent illness. It's called Musickness. But like other sicknesses this one doesn't make me feel makes me feel real good and it feeds my emotions. If not for music, by now there would be roses growing over my grave. Yes, it's true. Cos music on many occasions have saved my life and my sanity. Music is also my best-friend. Cos she doesn't expect anything in return for what she gives me. She's unconditional and she is there for me any time of the day, without any complaints ofcourse. This is unbeatable by any human. Whenever I feel down, music comes to my ears and changes my mood...and tells me that I'm not the only one. Therefore I thank God for music and for giving me the sense of sound!

The kind of music I like is not limited to few categories. I like ALL kinds of music from Grunge, Slow Rock, Pop, Heavy-metal, RnB, Rap, HipHop, Alternative to Country! Oyeah I like Music for how I can relate to the rhythm and the lyrics of the song. Language isnt a barrier either. But I have some favourite bands such as Nirvana, GnR, Evanescence, The Rolling Stones, Dire Straits, The Eagles, Men At Work, Mercury Rev, Robbie Williams etc etc. And I like some one-hit-wonders too :). It doesn't matter who sings as long as the song connects with my emotions. And I like the fact that different people can derive different meanings from just one song. That's cos music is universal and it reaches into the soul and connects with you.

I own an iPod, a car with a CD-player, a powerful stereo at home and a very musical mind. What else do you need to live life to the fullest? Without a song or a dance, we are nothing!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Family bonding in Goa (Rajiv)

Firstly, I must apologise for not getting here often. I, of course, give all my valid reasons to the wife here! Ok now about the topic(s) this week. I choose to write about "My favorite holiday".

I've been on many trips around the country and out. I've also been organizing my company's annual trip for the employees for the past 4 years and have taken people to Corbett, Pushkar, Khajjiar and recently to Chail (You can read up about the last two trips in Ishita's blog).

But my favorite holidays have been the ones I have had with my family and of those the best by far have been our two trips to Goa. The first one was back in Nov 2005 with Ishita. At that time we left Vedant behind. We stayed in South Goa at resort named "Old Anchor" and had a relaxing time. But hearts of heart we missed Vedant and while in Goa, we had already decided to make yet another trip in 2006 and take him along too.

We made the second trip in October 2006 and this time we stayed closer to Panjim City at a nice resort Cidade de goa. We chose this place as the sea here is not as rough as the one's in South Goa or North Goa beaches and would be ideal for Vedant to play at the beach. He however preferred to be in the resort pool!

The time spent there was truly memorable and fun. Personally I feel Goa each time has been a new experience and I can see myself going back there over and over again with my family. But I have a feeling Ishita is now eyeing foreign shores and would like to explore the beaches of the South east asian countries or make that long awaited trip to her see her brother's family in the US.

You can read up her posts on both the Goa Trips we've made here
and here....and see the pics in her blog "My pics"

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Beginning to ramble.. (Neha C)

Finally :)
Though I have no idea about what I'm going to write!
To think of it, its been ages aince I really wrote.. i'm actually ashamed of my last few posts.. they've just been so nonsensical.. it's almost like iv forgotten how to write.. if i knew it in the first place that is :D

Well, Neha here.. the second by that name here I think.. not a'm a lawyer, just startd working a few months back and since then I've just not had the time to do anything that I want to..

I'm a very impatient person, n i get bugged easily.. I don't think I'm a very tolerant person.. i speak out and at times it hurts ppl.. but i cant stay quiet if i see soemthign which is not right.. and i am a bit of a rebel.. I hate to do things just because I'm supposed to or just because everyone else is doing it!

I'm verry emotional, laugh and cry equally easily.. get very attached to things.. am very possessive too. I wanted to be a lawyer because I truly believed in justice.. freedom, rights.. but for now I'm stuck in corporate law.. still unsure of whether i should continue or move on to the real thing..

Not an easy person to noe.. u got to keep asking me stuff if u wanna noe anything about me, cause i dont talk even though iv been going on and on here.. :) and therefore.. very few people in this world know me really well! I can talk to just about anyone and be friends.. but i take a lot of tiem to open up to anyone..

Thanks ishita for inviting me here n making me a part of this place! I hope to contribute :) even if its all ramble ramble..! :)

PS. I use too many smilies in my posts.. always! :)

Adding my pic here :)

The Elixir of Life - Music (DJ)

I feel music is the only language that is spoken at every corner in the world. People, no matter how disjoint cultures they belong to, always share at least the thinnest link of music between them.
Music is one of my ways to vent out my feelings at times. My penchant for music sprouted right from my childhood and it had a great influence on the way I grew up. I do not classify music according to genres. I believe there are only two types of music - Good & Bad. Good music is something that is pleasing to hear, whereas the other one is not.

On composers:
Some of my favorite composers are - Vangelis, Enya, Yanni, and A.R.Rehman. I believe they are on an altogether different wavelength which is incomparable with any other entity in the same domain. I love classical pieces of Beethoven, Bach and Mozart; and of course not to forget the '4 seasons' by Antonio Vivaldi! I love to close my eyes and relax to the soprano sax and clarinets of Kenny G also.
Am a big time fan of old bollywood film music too. Songs from RK's movies are especially worth a mention here.

On singers:
I think Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was the best vocalist that ever walked on this earth. After all, a person who can sing in almost five octaves does bear some special gift from the almighty, isn't it?
Lata Mangeshkar, a living legend, is another such goddess of music. Besides, I also admire the voices of Jagjit Singh, Kishore Kumar, Enya, Harry Bellafonte, Shankar Mahadevan etc.

To sum up, if I compile a list of my 10 most favorite songs, it would look somewhat like this:
1. Afreen Afreen - NFAK
2. Chariots of Fire Titles - Vangelis
3. Carribean Blue - Enya
4. Spring - Vivaldi
5. Aria - Yanni
6. Return to Innocence - Enigma
7. Kiya Hai Pyaar Jise - Jagjit Singh, Chitra Singh
8. Kingston Town - Harry Bellafonte
9. When you say nothing at all - Ronan Keating
10. Mere Naina Saawan Bhado - Kishore Kumar
11. Yaad Kiya Dil Ne - Hemant Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar

See guys, I already exceeded the maximum limit I had set; and I did not even cover what I like most. So in conclusion, such kind of list of not possible for me. Music is to sit back and enjoy; a comprehensive favorites list can never be scribbled down :).

On an ending note, I also play keyboard since quite a few years now. But since I did never received any professional training at music, I play by ear and I never managed to read music notes. Here is a song that I had played and recorded recently on my digital keyboard. It is from the movie Fanaa and it's a semi-original :) composition of Jatin Lalit. Comments and criticisms, as always are most welcome. With Love!

powered by ODEO

Eragon - Book Review (Mala)

Eragon is an enchanting, fantasy novel tickling your imagination.

One day, Eragon, a poor, young farm-boy finds a mysterious, blue stone, while he goes out hunting. Dazzled by the brilliance of the stone, Eragon goes to the colony market and tries to trade it for food for his family. However, nobody believes him or stone and Eragon is left with the stone to last him a lifetime. A lifetime, during which the blue stone hatches into a cute, little, adorable dragon. A dragon Eragon can communicate with – telepathically.

Eragon decides to name the little dragon as Saphira – because of its Saphire blue color. Eragon and Saphira bond – at a very different level.

But all good things must come to an end, or at least be disturbed.

The evil forces of Galbatorix, Razac, set out to find Eragon and his prized possession. Eragon and Saphira get away, but not without paying a prize – death of his uncle, his guardian.

Who is Galbatorix? Who is Razac? Where do they come from?

As disjoint as it may seem, Galbatorix is the last of the Dragon Riders (remember Sauron of the LOTR?) and it’s his destiny to find the dragon egg. His servants (deja vu: Dark Riders of the LOTR), including Razac, will help him find his destiny.

Not one to be defeated by evil, Eragon, accompanied by Saphira, decides to hunt down the killers of his guardian. Brom, the village storyteller (think Gandalf), joins them in their endeavor. The trio, on their journey, encounter humans, dwarves, elves and Urgals. Every day is a struggle with newer challenges facing them.

Whether Galbatorix is successful in finding his destiny, whether Eragon saves the world from evil, whether Saphira proves to be Eragon’s lucky charm is what the book, Eragon, is all about.

While reading Eragon, you will find a hundred overlaps with the Lord of the Rings. And like the LOTR trilogy, Eragon is Chris Paolini’s first novel of the Inheritance trilogy. The second book, Eldest, is out in the market, while work on the final book is underway.

Riding high on the success of LOTR, Eragon is all set to release as a film.

Go watch!

Personally though, the LOTR magic cannot be recreated. The book did not do it, the film won’t either.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Dating….A primal practice (Switchblade)

Since most of my esteemed co-bloggers have written volumes on contemporary dating dos and don’ts…I decided to take a different look at the dating scene altogether and postulate the dating habits of Neanderthal man. Not much is known of our supposed ancestors let alone what they did on the special night…hence all the data and ‘facts’ published here are quite open to discussion.

Being a Neanderthal on a date brings in a lot more complexities than one would imagine…

First question that arose was what to wear on that special first date? For them its wasn’t as simple as popping into the nearest mall and picking up a suave ensemble…our ancestors would have to hunt down their evening wear. Luckily they weren’t too spoiled for choices…it was either bear, wolf, or dog. The upper strata of prehistoric society could even indulge in the luxury of saber-tooth and wooly mammoth skins. For underwear, wild cats were usually hunted because of their soft hide that gave just the right amount of comfort and support…. and lets face it…even Neanderthals knew better than to be caught wearing dirty underwear on that special night.

Being presentable to the ladies was also a major concern among prehistoric men. Some learnt the hard way that Eau d’ Skunk wasn’t exactly the best perfume to wear. Most men would rub flowers on themselves to get rid of offensive odors (Showing up on a date with flowers for in your hand finds its origins in this practice).

Asking a girl out wasn’t too hard for them though…it was only a matter of spotting the girl you like and knocking her out with a blunt object. The girl was then dragged to the man’s cave. The few hours of unconsciousness that followed gave the man just enough time to set up the candle-lit dinner table.

Dinner preparations were also quite simple with the more resourceful men using the meat from their recently killed clothes as the main course.

The conversations around the dinner table were sadly quite limited, as the concept of a language itself wasn’t very well developed. Through grunts, groans and gestures the man would try to wow the lady with tales of his hunting exploits.
If the lady was impressed enough then the man would get 'lucky' and would have himself a girlfriend. Subsequent dates would not involve as much preparation or the use of blunt objects.

If however the man were to fail, it would mean a few more days before he’d have another passed out dame in his cave with a big leg of boar roasting over an open flame.

Its only through these primitive practices that us contemporary men have come to perfect the art of dating over the years. Herein ends this brief peek into the dating lives of our Neanderthal ancestors.

A bit of bragging (DJ)

Hola people! [*Drumrolls* and *Bugles*]

Thanks for letting me in this wonderful community.

This is DJ (Dharmesh Jani) here from California, USA. I am a graduate student in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering, which I am gonna leave pretty soon to join the microprocessor leaders again as a researcher.

I have been into the blog zone since the last four years; but used to write under hidden covers without my identity being exposed. Since the last six months or so, I started to post with my name (after an inspiration from someone though).

A die-hard Calvin and Hobbes fan as I am, I also hold interests in philosophy, fiction literature and most prominent of all - music. I like playing piano and reading books for a pleasant pass time. I can characterize myself as little bit possessive; excessively impulsive, emotional and passionate; slightly careless and one who follows his whims and fancies.

Let me cut down this intro here; but I'd make sure you come closer to me with my future posts.


PS - I do not know any more Spanish than the first and last words here. :)

Friday, April 13, 2007

disastrous dates (Neha / messy)

i am wondering if im too late for this post... i should be ashamed of being so late (but id blame it on my conked off pc)... especially from someone whos older than most of you... and so u would guess more experienced... but naah... that would be wrong... dating was a big no no for me when i was in college... well even after that... so not much experience there... sigh!

that brings us down to some snippets about a few dates i know of... again i won't get into the nitty gritties about the fundas of dating... we got some super cool ones from the others... so what i would like to blabber here are the dates gone wrong... yeah the disastrous ones... (utsys just given her version)... i give some i know of...

mehal... one of the hot chick at this place i used to work... all the guys loved her... but she loved someone else... they were planning to marry by the end of the year... but that didnt hamper her from flirting with the others... and one day she decided to date one of our managers (prashant)... we had to attend a conference and after that they were supposed to meet up... unfortunately her boyfriend turned up to surprise (!!!) her... wham... off went the date... but prashant was still waiting for her (most people didnt own cell phones then)... mehal being mehal thought of a plan... i was forced to go with her (and of course her boyfriend accompanied us) to where prashant was waiting for her.. duhhh uhh.. double date... and that too with prashant... errr not my kinds... but i had to grin n bear... i would have rather gone dating secretively with a nice hot guy!!... things are better left forgotten!

the other date is worse... i had this friend who met up with this girl for the first time... now this friend of mine is a sweet guy with loads of big bucks... so he took her to a fancy restaurant... he ordered for champagne and all the nice romantic things you do on a first date... the date was going fine for a while... but then sometimes things have to go wrong!.. destiny i would say... end of the evening and time to leave...

the girl says, "hey dont u think this is a sheer waste of good food?"

my friend, "what are you talking about?"

the girl, "errr... why dont we just pack up the leftover food and give it away to the dogs."

whoaaaa... first date and ur thinking of dogs... my friend was so put off by this... he never asked her out again!.. id say a date gone to the dogs!!! (winks)

but then guys... a date gone wrong isnt always bad... i'd like to quote deip (aka wordsmith) on his take on first dates...

if the first date is perfect; the relationship will most probably be a disaster

(errr deip... what about the first date being imperfect?? any quote on that?)

so guys be positive and date on... someday somewhere ud meet the right him (or her) ... till then its 'date' time folks...

laterzzz all
ps : hey ishi... thanx for the dedication... thats a wonderful song... love it... :)... ohhh this is so wonderful... im out of words!

<Drumroll> Introducing....

Switchblade or as my parents christened me,Royston....You can call me Roy though.

First off methinks this blog is a great idea and whoever thought it up is quite brilliant...<winks at Ishi> Thanks for the invitation!

Thats me and thats not my bike

Now a little about me. I'm a true blue Goan born and brought up in the Gulf and currently working in an IT company here in Pune. Im a Christian, an audiophile, a horror movie buff, a totaly foodie and also an avid gamer.
Been blogging for about a year now... and miles to go before I sleep, and miles to go before I sleep....oh yeah...I'm a terrible poet too.

That's all for now...I'm sticking to the short and crisp posts rule. More about me through my posts.
I'm planning on having a great time sharing my views here with the rest of y'all...Cheers!

dating vating (*uttara*)

After soo many posts about dating fundas lemme come up with a live experience of one of my DATES!! * winks*

Me n this guy decided to meet sometime (1st time).. i usually work 6days so end of the week am literally DEAD! so we decide on time n place, it was a Saturday Mocha Bandra 5:00pm ( Saturday its a so called half day! )
Lemme introduce him .. He is a script writer for movies and quite a good poet n musician as well... He has written a hindi movie and couple of serials in bengali not an old guy though! just a beginner... he was a Journalist before this..

now getting back to the date.. :p

He was a minute before i could reach.. waiting at the entrance.. when he 1st saw me i could see his eyes scanning me top to bottom (looses his brownie points) I showed as if i dint realise it...then he compliments me (doesn't gain brownie point :p) i smile at him :) say "Thanx"then we proceed into Mocha, trying find a place to rest our behinds, fine we got it.. i couldn't believe we wud get one easily as it was a Saturday eve! Later we order something to drink i order my Fav Tobelorone shake ! he ordered plain cold coffee.. We hit onto a conversation about his work, his experience with Sanjay Dutt, Arshad Warsi, n woman woman woman...( i gotto know wat his mind set is like) he was looking for a new comer actress for his new scheduled movie i asked if i could help him in finding one there ! lol

later was my work a bit of my likes and dislikes ( i din't talk much ) wat he does in spare time etc etc.. it went on quite well ( conversation !! :p) .. After sometime he goes on n on n on praising me how HOT I'm, how sexy, curvy body... blah blah blah ( * the brownie points goes to negative tick tick tick tick .... *) my interest level is going down..
another thing wat he said was," i will write a movie forecasting u, but the movie will be based on Lesbian " i was like GRRRRRRRRR in my head but face smiling and told him "Don't U ever think of that buddy "

Don't laugh u guys !!

Also had the audacity to ask me about my S** life i said it is rocking y? then he was on n on about his... lol ( am like thinking he is one DESPO on earth )

guys i was really angry by now...lolz
anyway.. he came out of his tight schedule so i reminded him about his tight schedule while he already went into his dreamland and dreamstreet within no time( don't ask me wat he was doing there ).. after showing my bitchiness.. we bid bye bye.. he pecked on my cheeks! ( nah i dint ) He was like lets meet up again i simply smiled and left ...
later he messaged me telling me to come out of my Parvati Avtar.. i said I'm like this only !!


U guys would have made out how you should behave with a woman on a first date .. right?? lolz
now here are some Do's n don'ts i won't keep this long Most of them have given few already these would be add on's...

fundas for girls:

1)Be yourself, don't empty ur makeup kit...
2)Feel fresh and don't look like u have done some hamaali job ( labours) Even if u are tired cover it up :)
3)Shampoo your hair well and leave your hair open if u feel u can manage it w
ell ;)
4) Please try and compliment guys and don't wait for them to do it first ( no books says that guys should do it first ) but don't overdo it ;)
5) Look into their eyes n talk.. ;)
6) Be polite and not loud !
7) Don't yap much give guys a chance to talk ( look who is saying this
8) Don't crib & don't be fussy ( it can be on anything place, food, ambiance.. etc etc )
9) Don't talk about yourself all the time and pls don't talk about your ex's
10) Don't throw major attitudes and don't act
11) Please wear something nice and pretty outfit ( in which u are comfortable) .. and not the one u wanna literally seduce the guy and leave him high n dry types !
12) Have some good sensible conversations, don't start bitching about the whole world!
13) Be a little coy and don't behave like a tom boy!


Guys please don't scan with an xray eyes wen u meet her .. lols or dont come up with DDLJ dialogues.. n with all the sweetness in world like... sweety pie, dahling, hun, all sugary sugary words..... bhai diabetes ho jayegi ladkiyon ko ! show some attitude man!

I think my list of Do's n Dont's will go on and on

The end!

PS: sorry for a long post !

Saturday, April 7, 2007

It goes beyond the Lines (Jewel Rays)

Dating. An interesting, fun and beautiful process of getting to know someone and allowing ya love detector to test if there is any potenital in this lady/guy.A time Image Hosted by ImageShack.uswhen we get to know each other's interests, dislikes, personality and outlook in life. I guess first impressions counts. But i think dating which often leads to a relationship if the detector deems it right goes beyond the first few good looking shirts he wore and his irresistably well styled hair in the few dates that passed us by. Not to say that looks, hygeine and a good impression does not count at all. I believe they do and are infact also big contributors when u finally made up ya mind. I mean after all you don't want to be attracted & be with someone without good hygeine once you make up ya mind. Sex appeal does matter much..haha..:P

I guess apperance has a limit that does not depict as much. But what that person carries within his thoughts, attitude and heart goes a longer way than his outside.As for me, one of the irresistable things in a man would be his charisma, his ability to communicate on various topics ,humourous,listener, down to earth nature and yet a strong mind in what he believe in are the magnets somehow. (There are more to include but i will just note those above for now. And it would be nice to know abt u as well.:) I think through this it would give us a chance to discover if a person is on the same wavelength as us and if he could possibly be a strengthImage Hosted by to us if dating takes off big time.However, its always good to keep ya options open until the time is more ripe and settled inside.U don't want to get all caught up in cloud 9 and make a decision towards wat u are feeling at that moment at that time. I guess getting to know someone is not in a day or two but it takes quite a while.Its a really great time of discovering that special someone.:) And when u feel its
right, the feeling is wow. The first few dates are always on the lines to impress one another on our good ethics, appearances and personality much that is if we have a good one. But when the stars start to draw their lights, the moon fades its moonlight and when ya feet starts to feel the hard cold ground. Its the within that goes a longer way that what was displayed outside. Character plays a big part and so does the little things that draws you to him much. :)

Dating, a moment to be grasps much. Its a real beautiful time of our lives. The good and the bad ones.Something to laugh with our friends abt or go doe eyed at times. Just one caution, do not get too caught up too fast.And when the dating process forms a stronger bond with both hearts just note the statement below if things blossom to white bells that ring out loud.

"Make sure you guys see eyes to eye on what makes a partnership that would last and compliment both lives and hearts."

And here to accompany my post the song.

"That don't impress me much - by Shania Twain"

Have a good weekend all.:)

Thursday, April 5, 2007

50 First Dates (Keshi)

The title of this post is a name of a movie. Why I chose that is cos each new date (whether it's with the same person or not) should be fresh and feel like your very first date...don't you think so guys and gals? Ok now I have been on few dates myself and to be honest I had so much fun whether the relationship blossomed or not later on. My idea of a first date is to HAVE FUN. Alot of guys and gals go on a date picturing a wedding some day, a white picket fence, babies, changing nappies, growing old together and retiring with that person. Well it's great if you find a partner like that but lets just not have too much hopes in the first date itself. As men and women, we need each others' company and it's great to just enjoy the few moments without bearing too much hope and expectations. Well that's my idea of a first date anyways. If things go well, then let's get on the second date. If not, well it's great we met and had some fun!

Some thoughts to ponder upon:

1. Girls just dress to the occasion and place. If your date is a dinner date at a fancy restaurant, then dress elegantly (not over the top though). If you're date is a movie date, then casuals. If it's a bike-riding date, then shorts and sneakers ofcourse. Do not over/under-dress. It's very important, unless ofcourse the guy is a loner with a mortifying dress sense!

2. How do you choose where/what to do on your first date? Well if you were given the honors, then select a low-key activity as the first date. Even a simple walk or a coffee date would do for starters. Don't go to an expensive and heavy Opera night on your first date itself unless ofcourse you want to bore the dude to death.

3. Who spends on what? Well I guess alot of us keep thinking about that. It aint the money but there's something call dating etiquette. So I'd say, if the date involves expenses, then share the costs. Go fifity-fifty. Don't sit there and expect the guy to pay for you (those days are gone). Show that you're aware of that thing called 'sharing' and being 'independent'. it aint only about that, it's also about being fair.

4. Do I kiss him or do I wait for him to kiss me? First of all, did you have a shower and brush before you left home? If the answer is YES, ah ah you aint allowed to kiss him yet. Cos do we even know if he showered and brushed before he left? LOL you can't ask him that, but when you look at him and talk to him, I'm sure you can tell. I'm an old-fashioned girl. I like to take it slow. So unless I'm in some lusty period of the month and wanna grope him like a tigress, I'd wait for a few more dates to be kissed. But that's just me :). By all means go for it if you think it's right for you. But whatever you do, please don't sleep on your first date, eeeeks!

I'd have to stop it here before I end up writing an epic on Dates. So guys and gals, the idea is just have fun, enjoy each others' company and take it slow. Guys, you don't have to pretend to be a manly MAN and girls you don't have to pretend to be a womanly WOMAN. Just be yourselves. There's nothing more attractive than being the individual that you are. See yous laterz!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Ishq Vishq Pyaar Vyaar ;-) (Ishita)

A lot of gyaan has been shared on dating fundas….Can I add more? Nope coz everyone’s covered most of the points anyway! But okk lets go ahead and make this post a little different :). I’m going to talk about dating but NOT first dates….

But before I do that I have to say I think the most vital point made in most posts is being “comfortable” with yourself and with your date. It’s obvious we’re on a date with X Y Z coz he/she is interesting to us and we want to get to know them better. And he/she agreed to be with us coz well the same thought was running in his/her head….so why try and be something we’re not?

Back to the kind of dates I’d be happiest in … not first dates but with someone I may have been with for sometime…

Of course presuming the guy is my dream guy ;-) … yeah he could be as real as my hubby or as unreal as the dreamiest guy ever born! Mera choice hai bhai…

I’d luv a date which would last through the day and ummm…yeah the night. And if alls going perect...I'd want it forever! Doing all the mundane things like making……good conversation (get that look off your face heh!), having nice meals…one definitely a home cooked one (I guess that would ideally be dinner *ahem*)…music is an integral part of a home date…so that’s gotta play in the background….soft and soothing :)

Well, cooking together can be crazily romantic and more so if both share the same passion for food as much as they do for each other! So pick out some recipes to try out…

Watching a good movie (a common choice) together is a fun thing to do too…arguing over which one to watch can be fun too esp. when u get to make up soon after…

Ever tried reading a book together? :) It’s the most relaxing thing to do and one can that sometimes lead u to some of your most satisfying conversations…debating the merits or demerits of books and movies is a nice way to even check out how alike you are or not! :P

Hmmmm…or you could try dancing together :)

Did I mention you should try and turn off your cell phone?!? Or keep it on silent? :) Now that’s a big turn off @ receiving a call in the middle of a nice dinner, movie, conversation and err… everything else u might be indulging in :)

I guess the point I am trying to make here is the kind of time you spend with your date. By that I essentially mean quality time. One can stay busy at work through the week….work can overwhelm us but when you do get that time with your special one, make it truly memorable. One can shut out work for a while…I am sure :)

If time permits, get away for couple of days. There’s nothing more romantic than being with someone in an unfamiliar but beautiful place…two’s always company with a couple who’ve been dating for a while and three’s always a crowd! The “meet in an open place” works well in first dates but is a total NO in the kind of date I’m talking about :) …we certainly don’t want any company!

I prefer the quiet kind of getaways…where I can do most of the things I mentioned above. Ok maybe not cook but order room service instead :P … but for some people, getaways could involve a lot of outdoor activities too….adventure sports, trekking/biking together…anything works so long as it leaves you with memories to cherish!

The whole point is doing things together. And sometimes just being together and not doing anything at all…have u ever shared each other’s silence? Where you know you’re just happy being there and ditto for him/her… it's bliss :-)…

I guess when u follow all the dating advice given for the first dates…in the previous posts and you do end up with that special someone, my points would work for u guys/girls too :-) ...If you were to ask me how to define a perfect date? I'd say it's perfect when at the end of it, I wanna be with the person again...and again....and again ;-)

That’s it for now…long post I know! :P… But I’m off for the 3 day weekend so I won’t be getting here till Monday! Enjoy your holidays ppl :-)