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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Get Set Gooooo!!!! ........!!! (Ishita)

This is my 4th blog and I've been thinking of getting this started for a long time now. Basically I wanted to share this space with like minded friends and make it a common space. Honestly I don't know what shape it's going to take and where it's going to head eventually...maybe utter chaos :P but well, for starters I'll throw open a topic and set the ball rolling as they say!

Since this is the first post...lets just start with a familiar topic "I, Me, Myself" ... so people who get here know who's who here! :) and the other topic for the coming week is "Review any one blog you visit frequently"... the idea is to do it like a proffesional critic :P... ya ya, I know it's safer to stick to blogs that don't belong to the people who're gonna share this space with but there's no rule limiting ur scope...u can pick and choose any blog you wanna share here with us!

This week : I, Me, Myself!

I am Ishita ... Been blogging for close to two years here. Besides that :P , I'm a FTM (full time mommy!) who quit work to take care of my son. I'm fond of writing (obviously) and reading. Music is on all day at home. I don't watch a lot of TV ( I don't get a chance to!!). I'm extremely moody...which can work well sometimes or be a disaster most times! I love getting to know people and cherish my friends and my family. Sensitive, emotional yet practical, funny yet serious, talkative yet quiet...I'm an ideal study in contrasts...! And if that hasn't got u certain...Yes, I am a GEMINI! Born in the hottest month in this country (India) on 20th June! Which year u ask? Hah...!

My music pick: Afterglow By INXS (featuring JD) ...


Okkk... U can be as creative as you wanna be and as boring as u choose to be :P... while describing yourself . Just remember to keep it short! That's the one golden rule...all posts have to be short n sweet/spicy/informative/interesting...blah, blah! :) will help :) ... esp. when u're writing about urself!!!! Also feel free to start a new topic...and any new ideas. Put in Music u like too but any music in the post should not autoplay/loop!

One last thing, when you put in your intro post...plz use the label "first post"...besides that you can use any other label(s) you wish to! The idea is to have one common label...

Lastly all those who've signed up, puhleezzz put up ur intro posts asap!!!! *RIGHT NOW*

Coming up Next (This is for the week starting 19th March) : "Blog review"


  1. It's finally here. Wow!! This is going to be FUN.

  2. awwwww what a place!!! ^_^
    kinda cooool! ... okie! i'll be back to write something here, muaahh! ;) thanxxx!


  3. @ uttsy & Kathy:)... Thanks for joiningggg!!! now ladies lets see ur intro post...!!!! :)) waitinggggg!

  4. Ish sorry i deleted Rina's pic. na... she's quite shy when she saw it hehe! hope u dun mind...

    enjoy weekend! muaahh...

  5. Thanks for inviting me...see how formal i am...dar lagta hai...darna zaroori hai...aur jo bhi pati bolta hai ki usko uski biwi se dar nahi lagta to woh apne aap ko bewakoof bana raha hai...

    This is a great job u have impressed...why now...i am always.

    Did u see my post....join me there

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  7. @ kathy:)...that's alrite sweetie:)...give her biggg warmmm hugggg from me!:)

    have a gr8 weekend too!:)

  8. @ rajiv (poo!)...:P ... u're most welcome! daro daro...issi mei tumhari bhalaai hai *ha ha ha ha*

    yes i know...m quite impressive :P ... but bolte raho feels good to hear it!

    yaa...i commented there continue wid this!


  9. ok i can't believe i am in

    :) Thanks Ishita..

    O k u will have to wait a while for my intro. It should be up by next weekend..:)


  10. @ amy:)..heyy!! glad u got here!:) and noooo amy don't make us wait that long for the intro post!!!...wanna get started wid the new topic asappppp:P ...hurry!

  11. MWAHHHHH Ish! U look lovely in that pic.

    **the one golden rule...all posts have to be short n sweet/spicy/informative/interesting

    LOL ok so Im out of this then. I mean SHORT? cmon!


  12. @ kesh :) thanks baby!:)....

    try try...keepin it short...i know it's tough coz m not exactly known for keepin my posts short either :P

    sent u the link again....sooo join in fast! :)

    and lets see ur intro post....fasttT!!! :))

  13. lol I did that post in like 2mins. I hope u like it. This is this blog to death.

    tnxxx hun!

  14. btw I kept it short...much much shorter than!


  15. @kesh:) 2 mins ... is that a record kesh?:):P

    yep show them to keep it short n crisp and yet say everythin u wanna :))

  16. well Im actually trying hard to keep my posts short, even in Viva Forever blog. Well this is good practice, tnxx babez!


  17. thanx Ish for makin' this things possible... soo happy to see u all here and to be connected like before and that too meetin' new awesome friends around! muaahh....

    ... but hey, i think sudeep is missin' here?? what happened? he's not on orkut even, tried callin' him too but he's not reachable most of the time? awww that busy bee is soo mean ;(;(.... say hi for me if u get the chance to talk to him na! thanxxx...

    good day!!


  18. @ kesh:)...thanks! but "keeping it short" needn't always work here...esp. when u got important stuff to get across! and as for ur blog posts..luv them just the way they are!:)

  19. @ kathy:)...aah kathy but if everyone didn't get here the idea wld mean nuthin na so gotta thank all of you for making this possible:)...u've all been very encouraging and wunderful!!

    Sudeep will be here soon...I am hoping he'll have his post up by tdy latest...besides him I'm waiting for yashita (of "voicesatthewindow" fame) to get here!

    Once they get here, all intros are taken care of and we can start posting on diff topics...and make the pace of the blog faster..!


  20. hey you and share birthdays...grt start to knowing each other..........

  21. hey u share ur bday with my moms. n my hbbys is on the next day :)
    so the month of celebs is comin soon.. enjoy!!!

  22. Heh Isitha thanks for inviting me in...I did view a few pics of your and let me tell you, you are a very beautiful mom....

  23. Hi,Ishita..just read your intro post...As I was reading,I felt quite certain about u being a Gemini..and,rightly's amazing,how people soo closely match what their sunsigns say they should do..hehe.:)And,wow.I didn't know BUF began this year,I'm not Toooooo late in joining..tks for having this grreat idea.:)

  24. Good job.. I liked the idea.. I came here through KAthy's blog...
    Keep writing,