This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Not Just a Picture (Ishita)

My favorite pic is nothing extraordinary in terms of “photography” but it has a lot of sentimental value. Read on and you will know why. Some of you who've been regular readers of my blog will remember this :-)

There’s this tree outside the window in the room where my pc is in and where I spend most of my time. Not a big huge impressive looking tree as such.

The tree goes all bare right about the end of winter. Then couple of weeks later, I love to watch the tree come back to life…new leaves…that fresh look!

And then through out summer it keeps the harsh sun away from my room…just as it lets in the very same sun light stream in and keep me warm when it’s cold... :-)

Like a good friend teaching me how sometimes we need to shelter others and sometimes we need to let them grow and bask in their glory. Much like I’d like to be for my baby as he grows up.

I’m quite sentimental about this tree having lived in this place for almost 14 years now and watching it grow from day one. There was a time when the management of our apartment complex was toying with the idea of cutting down some trees and putting in new ones…in a bid to improve the landscape. My tree (yes I call it mine!) was part of this whole demolition bid but I would not hear of it! That was few years ago and she’s still standing (yes I think of the tree as a “she” :-)!)

A funny incident with the tree was when our downstairs neighbor’s help ( a young guy of about 15-16) would climb the tree and impersonate a monkey to keep my son amused (Vedant was about 2 years old then)…it would make me laugh too…

Beneath the tree is a bench…a place Rajiv and I would sit and talk when we dated :-) in the past and where, now, my son sits and has picnic lunches with his friends…

Well, now my tree's getting new leaves and seems to have grown even more since last summer…and as I sit and write this post for her, I can’t help but smile…watching her outside my window... I
n all her Glory… (pic taken in 2005)...The same tree again…but this year she’s looking bigger and with the most beautiful blossoms on her ! *smiles*

More personal pictures in my pic blog "My pics"


  1. @ vishesh... and that's all u noticed...interesting

    @ harjee...housing society ka aangan is more like it!

  2. What a pretty tree to identify with. so many memories and moments shared with.

    A beautiful post Ishita. And its amazing how ya neighbour climbs that three and amuses Vedance with his tricks.:D


  3. Its amazing how certain things become an integral part of our lives in the course of time.....

  4. wow!!
    Just like I ( or most of us) yearn to go back to the playground / Skool/ Neighbourhood where we grew up!
    to relive that lovely relationship with the environment!!

  5. Ishi I rem u posting abt this tree long time ago in ur other blog. Lovely tree full of dear memories.

    To me this tree resembles Ishita...a beautiful mind that sprouts new leaves of hope in every soul that comes across her. She may sleep in dark Wintery weather but in beautiful Spring she is reborn with fresh hope and full of life. She has been giving me shade and smiles when I was weary and lost...what more can I ask from a friend!


  6. ishi,i am gald u fought and had her sty.We have a school in our area it is called "chettu kinda school" literal transalation in telugu means the school under a tree.It lived for 76 years.they cut it dwn just the other day.wish i was there to stop it...tht is why iam glad u stood by her...

  7. hey u wont believe this... but theres a tree right outside the window of my bedroom n i always tell people who come to visit me that its 'my tree'... i too love watching it bloom into its yellow flowers... just a few days back i took a pic of it whn the leaves were lush green.. m waiting for it to flower now... then will post the pics on my blog :)

    im glad u saved her ishi... way to go girl... i too would never allow my tree to b cut!.. it hurts me when during ganpati festival my tree's branches are cut to allow for lighting! how awful!

  8. woh beetain din yaaad hai.
    woh pal chin yaad hai ...... lalallalal


    ahem ahem.. nice pick sweety :)

  9. WOW ishi ...i never thought of just small little things.

    The tree is beautiful and young :))

    Lovely dear!!

    Memories are made in the mind,
    and there if you search, you will find.
    There in the mind, so many things,
    so many memories it brings.

  10. I hope your tree will keep on growing and blossoming for many decades to come.

  11. fortunate enough to have such memories... :)
    hope it stays forever...

  12. surprisingly i can't view the pic! :(


  13. @ amy :) ... yes it's always the memories that make a pic or song special. Atleast that's the way it is for me:)! Now Vedant's old enuff to scamper up the tree... lol

  14. @ rajbir:) ... yes we tend to take things like this for granted na till such time that we move away... then we realize it's the lil inconsequential things that we miss *sigh*. Hope u're having a pleasant trip :)

  15. @ abhishek:) .. yep true... much like what i told rajbir above... we miss these things once we are away..

  16. @ Keshi:)... ahaa.. u rem this post! :)

    oh wow @ the comparison:) ... very touching indeed:). Thanks Kesh that made a beautiful dedication and i feel truly special :) and i guess it takes a special person like you to make me feel that way :)!

  17. @ Deepthi:) ... yep so am i glad i did! :)

    oh....that's a pity..*sigh* :( why did they cut it down but?

  18. @ messy:) .. yaa yaha bhi they trim the tree every spring but I keep a strong vigil :P

    Do share pics of your tree and maybe when m in mumbai next, I'll visit too and see ur tree :)

  19. @ Uttsy:) .. thanks baby:)! when u get here we'll sit on the bench below and do a lot of chit chat :P

  20. @ Poo:)... it's the lil things in life that do matter na :)

    chotti chotti baaton mei khushi milti hai :) ... things that we usually take for granted otherwise...

    thanks for those lovely lines :)

  21. @ dice:) Thanks! m hopin d same too:)

  22. @ DJ:)... *touchwood* hope more memories are built arnd that tree!:)

  23. @ Tulip (amutha) .. yeah i don show it either :( blogger doesn't like me !!

    But in anycase the content rather than the pic is what makes the post special :)

  24. Yeah, i m having a blast...:)

  25. ... what a lovely pic. sweetie! i luv the color greeeeen too awww!!
    soo soothing to look at it!
    tahnx for sharin'