This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Posts I missed:My favourite post: AmitL

Today's the last day to post on 'posts I missed', so, here goes:

I've been blogging since Aug'04, so, I have a number of posts that I consider my favourites, but, it was this one(it was split into two, so,I've done a bit of editing to make it one post) that caused a 'khalbali'(sensation) amongst the regular bloggers in those days. So, without much ado,here goes:


(This post dates back to year 2004)

Thought for the day:Don't tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.

When one blogger meets another blogger,is it a blog meet?Technically,yes..So,finally,me and Manubhai decided to meet, since,for the past few weeks,we had been planning and planning,but,my workload didn't allow me. This time round also,we nearly cancelled it..why?Manubhai said' I'll call at 430 PM', and we'll go for a coffee...turns out,he fell asleep,and forgot...:)So,at 700, I SMSed him' Is it 430 yet?'....Immediately he called and turned up at 730, which was a twilight zone time,not coffee,not dinner time...

So,we drifted around Karama in his car,talking about bloggers and blogging..what a tete a tete that was(No,no repeats of which bloggers, which of their pros and cons(?) were discussed- that's privvy conversation, and might or might not be appreciated...ho hum.....)however, as a teaser, some hints:
We did discuss things like:

A is the friendliest blogger around

B is such a lively blogger

C is a bit too big for his/her boots

Isn't D too chaalu for words

Isn't E the cat's whiskers(Err,no,not those exact words)

F is the one having two blog identities

Will G ever grow up

Isn't H's writing ever so more mature since he/she got married

What do you think of the way J keeps cribbing in each post

When do you think K will return to blogging, in his/her own impeccable style?

Did you ever read L's adult blog?Isn't it a bit too much?Won't it be banned anyday,in UAE?

Even M's blog is like that,and since it's got graphic paintings, it's already banned.

N is the youngest blogger, yet see how well he/she writes each week.

Did you ever see O's pictures through the link on his/her blog?

Did you know that the blogger who comments with the name'………' is in reality no one else but P since he/she is a shy person?

I pity the poor guy who marries Q….he'll have to buy bales of cotton for his ears, to just keep his sanity while she keeps chattering away.

Talking of marriage, do you think R is any less? He'll drive his mate crazy with his nonstop bantering.

Hey, do you remember S' s blog? He/she was just too raunchy in some posts and some real life family/friends came to know of the blog…so, now he/ she's writing with another blog identity, aptly titled '……….', for want of anonymity. (*Silence, while other person notes down the blog title*)

My first favourite blogger was always 'T'. She used to write about her work/studies/home so nicely. Other person: Really? I must check out her blog again.

Did you know ' U' dabbles in the occult and has a dazzling yahoo groups page for the same? (Brr, went the other…noted down the blog id, just the same)

Did you know 'V' has a penchant for '18+' blogs?? Other person is astounded.."What? seeing her serene writings, I would never have believed it.

"Did you know 'W' was caught blogging at work, and was given a memo to stop, or else…….? That's nothing… X was actually caught chatting with 4 bloggers at work. YMming is banned there, ever since.

Y is really 35, but, on her blog, she displays her age as 25….Other : (Astonished): Really??But, I've seen her snaps…she looks more like a 30.

Z: is the only blogger whose blog helped cure my insomnia problem?…Other: LOLs….You too?
Every time I have that problem, I do the same thing..I visit that blog and fall asleep right at my PC table.

At the end, Addendum/Note: All Bloggers Names and Identities have been changed, and the initials in no way reflect the initials of these bloggers or their blogs. They are also changed for our well-being and to protect our lives.

I think we are missing out 3-4 other people, Manu,u know.....but,well, it can always be refreshed next time we meet, which as we were talking yesterday, should be quite soon, during the 'watching of the...............'..errr....details kept secret, as of now....
(End of post)
So,what do you think? Does it prove that men also gossip,occasionally?Grin grin.

Aftereffects of this post:
-Most of the Dubai bloggers called us to ask which ones they were,with threats of 'we'd better be the good ones,or else...'.

-I was bombarded on YM and MSN with bloggers who were in touch with me, asking more 'juicy details'..hehe.

- On second thoughts, I think it's time to have another such fun tete-a-tete session,but,with a regular blogger or two or three.Err,Keshi,are you game?:)

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Latest Post(Poo)

I am feeling very embarrassed for not being around. Its just that I cant access the blog from office, and sometimes when i can access i get scared to login to Google. (manager)and by the time I come home I am so tired. Ok Poo is giving excuses. Sorry!!! So I am sorry Guys. Will make sure I just don’t leave BUF like this.

I have a Good new to share with you all. Few of the BUF members already know about it. Guys I am getting married:) My parents are just waiting for me to be home. (Mujhe bhi jaldi jana hai). His name is Satya Khanna :) Ok can say (Love + arrange):). We are very close close friends from last 2yrs. So finally decided to tie the knot.

One of my Latest Post.

Love in Dark.

Your blood crystal and your lips are cold, and shining in the glow, but it comes from within. You are nothing but you, you are everything that is best in you and nothing that is bad. You glow with the desire to do all that you find to be good; so that you throw off sparks and glitter in the night.

It is only at night, because the night is the time to be most alive. It is at night that thoughts come together and blend in different colors; it is then that I suddenly understand, I see, I comprehend exactly. I am here and I am present in the very now, in what is happening, every glimpse and every glance catches my eye and I laugh; I laugh and laugh, for there is nothing to be sad about.

Turning off the light, let me hug the dark; it's in the night that I see u, that I shiver with the knowledge of having met u, a dream that I build out of my own fantasies and shadows.I need u to know me and so I know u, and it is u who gives me the strength and show me how to proceed.

It's a world of my own making. I see you every night, but you don't know it- I dream of you and ur smile. It is not a dream but a unfulfilled desire; I create it for myself and you come and help me complete it.

It's everything that I want and that I am when it is dark; it's only then that I can think and that I actually see. I know things at night that I don't know in the morning and I have to struggle to find them again. I prefer the night because then I needn't even look. It is reflected, then, and shines on me, and I simply take in the glow and shine. I construct it in my mind and then I see it with my eyes; And there I am forgiven, and loved and when I sleep u protect me. I dance all night with you.

I am alive now, and I am dancing, and soon I will be dragged back down again, but for now, for these few precious moments, oh, how alive, and how deeply felt!

I Miss you!!

hello everyone!!

hello everyone!!!

been like a century since i posted here!sigh! at last got done with everything,to return here.Its always easier to post in some place in which you know ,you can make it snappy..but here i like to give my posts the kick,for well this is BUF.

i have about missed a couple of months,so i don't want to choose a topic and write on it....i think i will well try something new..

ha!wait i found out i have missed this,how blogging has changed my life.

well on a long shot as i have already mentioned it has helped.(Now don't ask whats this new idea of long shot!well i think long ranger,or on the whole,it is i mean here.)

i owe my good engleesh to eit!well m english was what shall we say,not thre yet,still gasping for water.
Then of course it has been a place where i can talk freely and well just post my poems :)

I have met a few well rather everyone i meet here is interesting...Get to know things...

got the idea of 6 degrees...well kinda there is to much to say about it...

i mean all you can say is the earth is spherical,and to try and describe every inch would take a millennium!

well will be around here from now (hopefully)!!


Friday, September 28, 2007

The "hereafter" on BUF (Ishita)

Like I’d mentioned in the last post, 30th is the last date for me to decide “what next on BUF?" Sadly I didn’t get any feedback from many of you besides the assurances of being regular here. Anyway, I’ve made up my mind after a lot of thought in the last one week. Since I’ll be busy through the weekend, I’m putting this up today. No posts anyway besides Amit (thanks Amit)

Here are the changes on BUF effective today.

1. Admin as such ceases to exist. I’ll come around solely for the purpose of checking if anyone’s shown an interest in joining this blog and take them in. Is there anyone else handling this? No.

2. BUFers are free to choose their own topics. Blog on any topic. Just try to space out your topics so they don’t clash with anyone else’s.

3. Comments will be open to all and not just blog members.

4. There’s a b’day / anniversary list on the side bar (the one’s I know of that is! *working on it. May show up next week*) and in future, anyone can choose to do a dedication (or not) as per their discretion.

5. There will be no response from the team id so do not address mails to that id. If at all there’s anything urgent to be conveyed, use the comments section / Shoutbox or if at all email me on my personal id.

But before any of you opts for that last option, I’m off blogs and won’t be around BUF much either. Though yes, reading blogs is like staple diet for me. Can’t live without that, so will be around commenting off and on :)

And I’m done now guys! Have fun blogging!!! BUF will survive or crash depending on the level of interest shown by all of you so well, it’s your call now :)

::: I have a song to dedicate to all of you btw. It's simply a movie I grew up watching and turn to when I'm feelin a tad bit sad! My time pass movie :P … happy listening :)!

Have a good wkend!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Posts I missed: My kind of music(AmitL)

Since I now have an extension of a heaven(read: BUF team) sent opportunity to write on posts I missed, I’ve been pondering over the next one from the set of topics. Today, it’s the turn of my kind of music. (Buck up, I said to myself, you still have three more days to cover three more topics. Let’s see,let’s see)

‘Music has the charm to soothe the savage beast’, as the saying goes. Well, I hardly(rarely?LOL) classify myself as a savage beast(And, I hope, none of you bloggers classify me thusly, as well), but, well, music does have the charm to calm me down in the worst of situations, provided I force myself to listen to it in those situations, without throwing the music player out of the window.(Just kidding- I don’t have such a violent temper…grin…or, do I?*muses*)

Honestly speaking, silence is the best kind of music, I feel. But, this is on those rare occasions when my mood is totally oriented towards a craving for silence. Quoting from an article I once read, “There is silence before and after music, and there is also silence within music.”…err, that one confused me also. So, without much ado, let me go down memory lane with what has been and is ‘my kind of music’....

I think the current collection in my Creative(aptly named.grin) mp3 player says it all. What’d you say to a combo of:

Allah Bachaye(PKSE), chand sifarish(Fanaa), dus bahane(TS), Ek Dilruba hai(Bewafaa), crazy kiya re(dhoom 2), bad boy(PKSE), beedi(Omkara), kitne bhi tu karle sitam(Sanam teri kasam), soni de nakhre(Partner), aaj ki raat(Don), Jaane Jaan dhoondhta(Jawani Diwani), Ek sanam chahiye(Aashiqui), Pehle pehle pyaar ki(Great Gambler), Gum hai kisike pyaar(Rampur Ka Laxman), Dancing in the dark(Bruce Springsteen), Musu Musu(Shaan), Dholi Taro(Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam), Sajnaji vaari vaari(Honeymoon Travels PL), Patel Rap mix(Bali Brahmbhatt), The Reflex(Duran Duran), Ladki kyon( Hum Tum), Nazar ke saamne(Aashiqui), Tera Chehra(Adnan S), Tu meri zindagi(Aashiqui), You are my Sonia( K3G), Nimbooda(HDDCS), Koi nahi hai kamre mein( Dhoom), Paathshaala(RDB), O maajhi re( Khushboo), Shakalaka baby(Bombay Dreams), Let the music play(Shamur), yeh ladka hai allah( Hum kisise kam nahin), dum maro dum(hare Rama hare Krishna), Jeene ke hain chaar din(Mujhse Shaadi karogi), Chak de phatte( Khosla ka ghosla),....and, additions still in progress. (Keshi, if you want to listen, let me know..I'll send you links)

(Clarification: The pic below is not me or any of my friends.LOL)

You’d say’this is crazy’, like the guy to the left seems to be saying….yep,and that’s what I think my choice of music can be, sometimes…but, believe me, it’s still a nice selection to hear when going for a long walk, morning or evening. Each one has a tune of it’s own, a nice beat of it’s own.

And, how about jingles you cannot get out of your mind sometimes, like:(Please click on them and let me know whether they stuck on your mind too)

The Hindi jungle book jingle.
The Malgudi Days jingle.

English oldies: Right from the Beatles (Favourites: Paperback writer(but naturally), from me to you, love me do, hard day’s John Lennon’s ‘Starting Over’ and George Harrison’s ‘Got my mind set on you’. ), to ABBA(Voulez Vous), BoneyM(Rasputin, Hooray hooray it’s a holiday, to name a few), KC and the sunshine band(That’s the way..).

Amongst the Hindi oldies: Kishore Kumar, Asha, Hemant Kumar(Occasionally)…
English ‘new’ies: Some of the Crazy Frog songs, for one.
Hindi ‘new’ies: As mentioned above, and, a few more, including A.R. Rehman(not all).

Basically, I think anything with a nice drum beat to it, is likely to be a song I like. But, ask me to sing along, and I’d go,err, mute…perhaps it’s coz I’m too conscious? Or, whatever..perhaps I’m afraid the cockroaches and ants(Nee, no goats or cows in the house to chase away, you see) if any(We had pest control done in advance, you see) would run away to the neighbours and harass them. LOL..

Anyway, so, that’s my kind of music. Tra La La La La.
Before I sign off, going slightly off track, here's a song titled 'curry and rice girl'that had me ROFLing.Hope you enjoy it,too.

Till next time, happy listening.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

T(e)antalizing Topic of my choice(AmitL)

Oh,wow…being selected BUFer of the week’s such a thrill, I haven’t got over it yet. So, here goes a post of my choice. Hope you like it:

Do you remember the song(Inane lyrics, but, still…grin..translated to the best of my abilities for Keshi)

Ek Garam Chai ki Pyaali Ho(Let there be one warm cuppa tea)
Koi Usko Pilaane Waali Ho ( A lady around to help me drink it(ea))
Chaahe Gori Ho Ya Kaali Ho(Let her be white or black)
Seene Se Lagaane Waali Ho( She should be capable of hugging me)

(Crazy, says Keshi-wait till you hear some other songs of this sort from Bollywood, Keshi)

So, anyway, I thought it’s high time that I shared my experiences with my favourite drink- tea. So, here goes an educational, yet funny look at cha cha cha.

Does anyone really dislike tea? That warm,tasty,ubiquitous ‘cuppa cha’. In Dubai,be it 0530 AM, or 1130 PM, I/ you can see people proudly clutching that thermocole glass filled with chai in one hand, the second hand on their waist- I guess it probably gives them a sense of having conquered the world, and they feel that they are holding it’s most prized possession in their hands.

Remember the song’ Main aur meri cha(a)i aksar yeh baatein karte hain(Me and my tea-we often talk..)…ok,ok, that’s not the song…that song is ‘mein aur meri tanhaai aksar..…’

Some drink with a slurp(I tried,to see what pleasure a slurp of tea gives, but, couldn’t-how can you slurp when you are using a thermocole glass and not using a saucer?),some drink it in one gulp,some take their time,perhaps more than lunchtime,and enjoy every sip. The standard variety of tea available here is bifurcated into dip-dip/Lipton, Suleimani (Tea without milk), saada(Plain) which is the regular tea. (I’m not mentioning the with/without sugar variety).

Then, of course, you can go into a restaurant and try out green tea, herbal tea, etc. And, there’s the supermarkets, where you get a further variety of teas to suit all tastes, including rose tea, lemon tea, chocolate tea(UGH), et al.
In our office, I see Green, Mint, Camomile, Four Red Fruits(Yes, that’s the name), Earl Grey. (There’s also around 10 varieties of coffee, which seems to be quite popular Down Under, but that’s a post for another day(I work in an Aussie Co’s Dubai branch))

And, don’t forget the various brands, from Lipton to Brooke Bond to Twinings to ?? In fact, here’s a link for tea varieties. LOL…it says there’s something called Chai Tea as well. It says ‘Chai, pronounced with a long "i" as in the word tie, is the actual word for tea in many countries. Chai tea is quickly becoming extremely popular in the West as people are becoming exposed to it as lattes in coffee and tea houses. ‘And, there’s a recipe for making chai latte, too.

Tea gardens: I’ve seen only the ones in Kerala, and they were awesome, to say the least. See pic on left- Munnar tea estates.

That’s as far as Dubai is concerned. Gujarat(India) is, of course, is another unique case.

Tea here is:
- Normal, with milk and sugar OR plain with milk n sugar OR Golden(named so due to the colour) OR Masala Chai usually served at most of the tea larris.(See typical pic)
- Served in cups and saucers, so that people can come closer together, by sharing a cuppa(Doesn’t matter if they’re rich) drinks from the cup, the other slurps(And, I really mean SLUUUURRRRRPPPs) from the saucer.
- Drunk in different positions, besides the traditional sitting at table. It could be drunk sitting on the ‘jhoola’ (Swing) which is traditional in Gujarati families. Or, sitting on the ground, in a squatting position(Most workmen sit that way). Or, sitting with a stick in one hand(Like our building watchmen in Baroda do). Or, sitting in lotus position with the feet tucked in. Or, standing(When at the roadside dhaaba, on way to work from one city to another, with an abject lack of time).
- Used as a common medium to ‘relate’ while striking many office deals, during day or night.Like, "Let's settle it over a cup of tea".

I also love to drink tea from the railway station, which comes in an earthen mug, lovingly called a ‘kullarh’. Thanks to our Honble Railway Minister, this mug is back in vogue.

As for me, tea always used to be a favorite for me, right from school days, but, I'm now down to just a max of two cups a day.(Couldn’t relate much to coffee, somehow). Mornings always begin with a cuppa (!/2 a cuppa without sugar, in these days of dieting ). There was a time when I would begin the day with a small kettle(around 4-5 cups) full of tea. (ARGHHH- Can’t imagine how I did it, now). Of course, I haven’t really experimented with chai,nee,tea much…except for the regular variety. Probably because the taste of the other teas is usually bitter-er than the regular Lipton-types.
Still on teas, there’s a leisure website called’’.

There’s also the famous gesture from shopkeepers in Baroda,when they ask you if you’d like some tea. They shout ‘Do Chai laana(Bring two teas), and wave their fingers in a ‘V’ sign, to and fro. What it really means is ‘Do chai mat laana’(Don’t bring two cups of tea)- this customer is just passing time. So, you're kept waiting for the tea which never comes.One of my cousin's couldn't believe it,and I had to prove it to him in one of Baroda's best garment shops.

There’s some suggested funny phrases I found on a website, related to tea, which go thusly:
- Tea Bag(n): To dip your nutsack into someone else’s mouth... in a tea making process
Did you tea bag your girlfriend while she was asleep.
- Tea Bag(n): The bag you use to make your tea... not something perverted at all
I made tea with a tea bag this morning... (Nee,this wasn’t an ‘A’joke...LOL).

Whew-this post has made me long for a cuppa tea,even though it's nearly 0900 PM...excuse me.Anybody wanna share?

What else? Am trying to think of more 't(e)a-ntalizing topics'.All I can say is If you liked this post idea, don’t ‘tea’se me, just say so in the comments. 'Tea'll next time, byee and cheers!

Party time! (Chain Story Part..errr..VIII) (Silvara)

When he arrived at his apartment, a party was in full swing. He gaped in shock to see people streaming in and out of the doors, glasses in hands and silly grins on their faces. He felt a tugging on his sleeve and saw Miss Piggy leading him into the crowd.

"Excuse me. Sorry! Pardon me" he muttered, as he weaved through the party all the while trying to keep an eye on Miss Piggy's rapidly retreating back. As he looked around he saw a few familiar faces. Kermit was in deep conversation with Johnny Depp, Beyonce was shaking her booty on the dance floor with King Julien, while the cast from Harry Potter swayed to the music, eyes closed, microphones in hand.

"This is just CRAZY!" he thought, all previous notions of getting cozy with Miss Piggy vanishing. "I gotta get outta here!".

But before he could leave, a glass of bright purple liquid was thrust into his hand. Feeling rather thirsty he took a sip, and was surprised to find it tasted a lot like strawberries and cream.

Suddenly he was overcome with an uncontrollable urge to get up and sing. He walked over and snatched the microphone out of Hermione's hand. standing on a chair, he opened his mouth to belt out his favourite number, when....

Monday, September 24, 2007

The usual "Update" & some stuff to think about... (Ishita)

First things first, WE WON!!!!!!! India beat Pakistan by five runs in a thrilling final in Johannesburg on Monday to win the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup. CHAK DE INDIA!!! What a match it was - thrilling till the last over and to say that my heart skipped a beat many times over would be an understatement. I'm glad I have to type this out because it's difficult for me to speak at length - I screamed myself hoarse. I'm thrilled to bits - this was the best ever I've felt in ages. That would explain why I'm here past midnight sharing my sense of joy and excitement with all of you!!!!

Well, now for the usual Update...

I'm sorry I've been caught up with stuff and missed putting in an update. And Abhi and Sam haven't been around too. Anyway, better late than never right? :)

Umm.. ok.. Uttsy gave a nice wake up call there in her post and I hope it gets everyone back and posting here. Speaking for myself, I've been off blogs. That has a lot to with my diminishing drive to blog plus time constraints but of course, I'm trying to keep BUF going! Fact remains though that BUF works only when the people who chose to belong here show their enthusiasm. That sadly has been lacking off late :(

Anyway, without further ado ... as stated in the last update by Sam,
the new set of topics started on 20th to continue till the 30th. Now we wanted to give everyone a chance to post on any topic they might've missed out on. Please refer to the sidebar section named "post tags" to know what were the past topics OR read up old updates :)

For those BUFers who've done ALL the topics, they can do a post titled "BUF - In my opinion" which could talk about your personal experience with BUF/BUFers, your ideas on how to make BUF better, etc etc. I think this one would help us get back on track too.

I'll be very honest in saying that my lack of enthusiasm is more of an after effect. By that I mean, that seeing just a few handful BUFers around and the majority off this space,
makes me wonder if "BUF" is going to end up as yet another group blog that's fading into the oblivion.

I know for those who get here regularly, hearing me say this may sound harsh. I know I owe it to you guys to not be so unemotional about BUF but I have to tell you all that it's not easy for me to even start speaking about this. So try and understand why and what I'm trying to say...

The plain and simple truth is - I'd rather BUF ended abruptly in it's zenith than die out like it is

Or the next best alternative is to come up with some drastic changes so that those of us who give so much of ourselves in it...make it special and better than ever!

Give me time to think this through. Meanwhile let me know what you all are thinking too...we're in it together and I am clearly telling you guys that I cannot do this thing alone - change it or sustain it or simply let it be!

And yes, even if I do have help in managing the so called "admin" stuff - the blog doesn't work because of the timely updates, the frequent mails or the interesting festures, it works because of the people who blog here and interact with each other on a frequent basis!!!

The next update is due on the 30th and this time period will be crucial in deciding on the future of BUF.

There are no birthdays/anniversaries this week or next. But yes,

BUFer of the Week - Amitl, one of our newest members :)! He alone has kept the pace of the blog going with his sheer enthusiasm and interesting posts. It's a sheer joy to see bloggers like Amit who not only walk into BUF to be a part of the whole place but also bring in a consistency and excitement with his love of writing and communicating with us all. Amit I guess you know that the BUFer of the week gets to do a post on any topic of their choice, so looking forward to reading your special post! :)

My Best Friend..:) (Uttara)

Topic which i lost oops i mean i didn't write on!! :D

my best friend..

i got 2 whom i would introduce here in a while.. but b4 plunging into that i wanna ask you all why there is sooo less people around here? Is it the attitude saying lets others do it 1st? or you all need a whack on ur backside or is it that you guys want attention and 'asking' oppps sorry ! 'begging' you all to put a post and be here.. I understand people are busy but its hard to believe that all are busy at the same time! what happened to the sense of belongingness towards this place? I think all of us have lost it ... And all the emotions were FAKE i guess.. if you guys think its NOT fake then prove it.. don't ask me how?.. you guys know it well..

Its 24th today and the new topics haven't been updated.. *sigh* guess all are banking only on ISHI ! Isn't it SAD?

Alright coming to the topic.. my best friend One who has been my childhood friend Kavitha :) and the other i met during my college days Jigisha ..

let me go one by one...

Kavitha : who has been just like me types.. we have laughed, cried, fought, done all the masti on earth and we are an open book for each other.. I cant hide anything from her neither she.. We relate so well that people around us always wonder what exactly happened :P

I have sooo many memories bound within me right from our childhood till date.. life is such a journey it got us apart she is settled in Cochin now.. and we crave to meet and have our fun time.. *sigh! We fight on every small thing and next moment we would behave as if nothing has we party whenever we meet :D "girls party ;)" and and and and... lot many secrets to let out:p soooooo SHHHHHHHHHHH! hehe

Jigisha : If not for her i wouldn't have been a It's all her nagging that i used to sit and study in the reading hall and finish my portion:p. Else i would be gallivanting around with all my other friends in the college:p She is my college friend i met her at NIIT and then realised she was from the same college.. it was a funny incident .. anyway.. she recognised me as i was a hoo haa girl i mean famous in the college befriend with many.. she is just opposite! but our lives have been in similar lines so we hit on well... She is just 10 days younger to me but, when we meet she is the boss:P.. If i say no then god only can save me:p..heheh sometimes am scared of this woman.. cos she will go ballistic on my stupid acts, even after knowing this well.. at times i will do it purposely :p. With this woman .. my mom will trust her blindly b4 she even listens to!!

With both i have different relationships yet soo true and pure .. i can trust them blindly w.o a blink of my eyelid or second thought!

They both have been with me during my thick and thin i owe them a lot.. but, in friendship does give and take matter?? at least with these 2 it hasn't that's the best part in the whole relation..

I'm blessed to have them in my life !


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

10 things..about me...ahem..AmitL

Remember I was rubbing my hands I glee yesterday? I just picked the second topic that caught my,err, attentive eye. So, at the risk of sounding pompously boring or boringly pompous, here goes:

10 things about me: ( Some things might be slightly repeated from the intro post)

  1. I’m a typical Piscean, in the real world at one moment and floating off into a dream one the next.(When the going gets tough, the Pisceans get dreaming, as they say.)
  1. I usually suit the 3 Cs to a, err, T: Calm, Cool, Collected. Not much really ruffles my feathers, err, hair…but, then, perhaps it’s because my hair is somewhat curly and I never let it grow beyond a month’s growth. (I admire ladies n gents who keep long hair for this reason).
  1. As they say, when I’m calm, I’m calm. But, when I’m angry, it’s disaster…I better not reveal much about ‘those’ angry moments. Luckily, the anger doesn’t come out on people, but, more on myself and my,err, things….(Tsk, now, don’t go getting ‘A’ thoughts, I simply refer to belongings).
  1. I was earlier a total introvert. Since I came to Dubai, I’m more of an extrovert. From a quiet Engineering guy to a Purchase guy who talks to around fifty people a day on an average, it’s been quite a transition.
  1. I still take a bit of time to get used to people, unless, of course, they’re blog pals(Like the DBM pals I’ve met)…in such cases, it’s like I’m meeting LLF. (Long Lost Friends)…though, compared to the rest, I’m still ‘The Observer’.
  1. I love to walk…though the weather here till now was preventing me from long walks.(Sultry, hot). Now, with the weather changing for the better, it should get to be more fun....observing passing pulchritude, also out walking, is just a bonus.grin.
  1. I’ve done two massive diet programs. The first one helped me lose 16 kgs. (That was through Personal Point, in Baroda and I was their role model for ‘before’ and ‘after’ ads in TOI and Indian Exp. Grin. I had all kinds of people calling me to ask whether the ads were genuine. And, you thought it only happened in ads?). The second diet was last year, when I went on a total veggies n fruits diet, clubbed with hour long walks n exercise…that one lost me 13 kgs. And, some of it’s come back, coz I was feeling weak, this time.
  1. I love music- be it ole Hindi or new Hindi, movie or pop. And, ole English and (some) new English..depends on my mood. I’m constantly changing the songs on my mp3 player, to avoid ennui setting in.
  1. I love favourite subject, right from school days. Sometimes, I wonder if I wouldn’t be happier if I’d mastered in English instead of Engineering?
  1. I’m a total some of the other BUFers are…if I see someone else doing a bad job, I prefer to do it myself, and then tell them that’s how it should be done. Make that, perfectionist and neatnik- can’t work/eat/sleep if the surroundings are not conducive to neatness.grin.
  2. Oops…that’s it…Just one day more to ponder over posts I missed…*goes off to (a)museland*.


A Steamy Encounter...(Keshi)

He stared at Ruhi in total disbelief. Then he walked away without uttering a single word and in sheer sadness. Suddenly he sees Miss.Piggy from The Muppet Show walking towards him! He wonders if this is for real and Miss.Piggy keeps crashing down towards him and she ended up in his arms saying 'I'm the one for don't need that two-timing Miss.Doggy, you have me baby!'. And then she kissed him passionately on his lips and sends him into a frenzy of lust. Miss.Piggy, though she's chubby, owns a pair of juicy lips that made him see stars (in a good way). He was on the ground with Miss.Piggy on him smooching and saying sweet-nothings. Then he suddenly got up and suggested that they should go back to his place in North Sydney LOL!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Memorable(Train) journey

Can you imagine me rubbing my hands in glee? Why? Simply because the BUF team has given the freedom to write on past topics. Pity I noticed it just now, with just two days to go.So, without further ado, let me go to the first topic that caught my eye.

Memorable (Train) journey:

Have you heard of a train journey making a sick person better?This incident happened some(many?) years back.(Really jogging my memory for this one) I was in Std VII. And, in an ‘ill’ state. Ill as in, no doctors could diagnose what was wrong since three months, the fever et al just wouldn’t subside and things kept getting worse.

Trains and visiting Delhi were(are?yea, except the time factor) one of my favorite pastimes. So, on my insisting on going to Delhi, the doctors finally agreed, saying that the change of scenery might do me some good. I insisted on going by Dehradun Express, which takes around 24 hours even today, to reach Delhi, from Baroda. The longer the journey, the better, was the logic.(Arghhh…I just cannot imagine that today, when time seems to be at such a premium)

So, anyway, the day dawned, and, we reached the railway station, with me feeling slightly better already. Waiting anxiously, wondering whether the train would ever roll in, checking the signboard every few minutes, biting my nails till their very end(That’s not really a memory, I do it now when in India, so, I assume I did it then..grin).

Hooray, finally, the announcement was made and the train came in, and, as usual, everyone thought it would leave without them, so they rushed to the entrance of the coaches-err, second class, of course.( In those days, even looking at an AC/a 1st class coach was sheer torture, since it was beyond our reach) Anyway, even this excitement did a bit of good for me, and a faint smile came on my face after months, making everyone with me smile as well.

Finally, the train left the station, and in what seemed like less than fifteen minutes, it stopped. Voila- I was thrilled..the first station had come already and I had to get off and check it out, despite protests from everyone. Samlaya, Champaner, Derol, Godhra...I had the 'Latesht' timetable in my hands and, would proudly announce each station which would come next and say ‘tch tch’ by looking at my watch and commenting whether the train was on time, much to the amusement of my family and those around. (I think the drivers of such trains keep a lookout for a house on the way,and,if they see it,they stop.)

Then, of course, all along the way, the delicacies of the main stations had to be tasted, be it the bhajiyas of Godhra or the pedas of Mathura or the tea and spicy sev at Ratlam, to name a few. This, of course, besides the normal goodies from 'sellers' who’d keep wandering into the compartment with fruits and toffees n all. Thankfully, my family put up with my shenanigans, all in the hope that I’d be on the road to recovery, if I was allowed to do what I wanted, within limits.

Night time- we unrolled the huge(now extinct) bedrolls we’d lugged with us-cozy things they were, definitely, and I had a nice sleep(I think- no real memory of that)

Finally, nearly sixty or so official (And, nearly half of these, additional stops) stops later, the train rolled into New Delhi railway station, where my relatives were anxiously waiting, wondering whether I’d still be feeling ill. Imagine their surprise- when I got down looking fresh as a daisy, they asked ‘Were you really ill, Amit?’ In fact, my parents looked more tired and worn out than I did. Hehe….

BTW, if you don’t believe that such a long train journey exists even today, check out the link. . The train number is 9019. And, even today,it has sixty stops between Baroda and Delhi and 96 stops between Bandra and Dehradun. Perhaps we should reserve a coach in it one day and travel between end destinations(Wacko would surely agree). Only for BUFers and their spice, err, spouse and kid(s)...quite an interesting picture develops…*goes off into his Piscean dreamland*. Cheers!

Monday, September 17, 2007


He hurries towards his home to collect his travellers cheques.

But on the way he saw her with another Man!! Yes it was she, the woman of his dreams, but holding hands with another man, who looks more or Less like a gay!!!

Ruhi looks at him and trys to talk to him "You, you are, you're a great deal too good for me, and I'm so grateful to you, and so proud and fond of you, I don't
know why I can't love you as you want me to. I've tried, but I can't change the feeling, and it would be a lie to say I do when I don't"...

PS : How are you all? Sorry to be away from here for a long time. I am back :)

Sorry Guys if i have messed up the story. Feel Free to edit!!

Book Review - That Thing Called Love (Sam)

Have you ever thought about falling in Love during the rains? At least the rainy season. When the mind races over different matters as you are stuck in a rain induced traffic jam.... and your mind actually wanders freely into zone you had hitherto not visited.. at least for some time.

It was in one such monsoon that Mayank Sahai, that Mayank met a lady who seemed to fit the bill of his idea of the perfect woman, though he had got engaged to another lady a few weeks back. He went after her even though she was married and finally realised his folly when his contact with the lady was destroying her once strong now fragile relationship with her husband.. to be finally irreparably damaged. Then there are Mayank's colleagues, who have their own set of problems and equations to deal with. Anil and his equations with his wife, which take a turn for the better only after a drastic incident. Vishal's infidelities catch up with him just when he had turned new leaf and decided to be loyal to his wife. Tina the receptionist has a dark secret to hide...... And they all have the Mumbai monsoon to deluge them in their emotions. How the monsoon takes along these characters along with it to reach their true self is what makes the reader to stick around till the last page. Every one has a past that mould one into what they are today.... sometimes...... more than they would ever acknowledge.

I could have told you so much about this book... might have revealed the story. But then, I want you to undertake this journey on your own. Go ahead get the book NOW!!

Happy Reading!!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

(abhishek) Part VI

Rubbing his eyes, as he awoke, realising he is on a stretcher inside a moving abulance; he saw he was alone, un-attended.

He rose to check, if he was off his hallucinations and was happy to see a driver, who told him, he is waking up from a snake bite medication.

On the humble request, when he was dropped back at the "Rajiv Chowk" Metro station subway; he recalled the hustle and remembered about his flight to New York for his new assignment.

He started recalling, how, he had downed too many tequila shots; thinking how he will be able to forget the so many wrongs that happened in the last three months, including Marieka.

It was all because of that sick job, his devil boss had raped away his talent; which ended affecting everyone in his life.

The cell phone vibrated in his blue jean pocket, " Sir , I have am outside your house with the travellers cheques"

1. Sorry folks, I am finishing in six lines only, gotta rush
2. and sorry again for not being around for quite a few weeks, i was busy with a job change
3. Hello to the wonderful new BUFers: Amit, Darshik,Silvara!!
4. Lets take this forward people, lets fly him away to brightness

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fear (Diya):Chain Story Part V

He could feel the chain saw slicing through the air aiming for his head.. In horror he closed his eyes and crouched down..In his head he heard a loud sound of the weapon jamming his head and then redness all over.. But slowly time tickled and he cud feel the perspiration running down his right temple.. That meant he was still alive.. He felt confused.. He tried to hear what was going around, scared still to open his eyes..He could hear the crickets chirping, no rain nothing.. He dared to open his eyes.. only to be swarmed by blinding while light...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

What the...(Michelle): Chain story part IV

Was he going insane? Was this mental conflict driving him to insanity?

His favourite fictional character of all time was right there in front of him! He suddenly felt immense happiness. He forgot all his worries and starting singing and dancing to the ever famous ''I like to move it move it, I like to move it move it''. He moved closer to those big huge fun filled eyes motioning King Julien to join in and before he knew it, King Julien pulled out a chainsaw from thin air, threw his furry little head back, screamed and spoke with an evil glint in its eye.

''I hate that damn song'' said the lemur

[sorry it seems like more than seven lines because of the picture =]

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dilemma( AmitL ):Chain story part II

Even as he was mulling over whether he should begin walking, he heard a rustling in the bushes near him. Shivering slightly, he said 'W..w..who's there?'...Silence. Mustering up courage finally, he decided to walk a few steps further . Hardly had he gone ten steps, and, the rustling came again, slightly louder this time.He looked back longingly at the brightly lit thoroughfare,knowing fully well that he had to go further without turning back,if he wished to remain alive. Finally, he decided to face the' intruder' head on, and he barged into the bushes. Nothing could have prepared him for............

Dilemma (Sam)

The streetlights were not too bright. They never really were, but then somehow he found it to be too dim today or was it his eyes? He looked straight down the street. It was a long walk ahead. Nothing to take him to the end of the street! He had to take the walk alone. And on such a dark and stormy night it seemed to be an ominous task. But somehow, the thought of taking this walk seemed to fill him with a dread and he wanted to go back to the brightly lit thoroughfare which had people milling around in a world of their own. Somehow the very thought of going back seemed to offer him comfort and the security that he sought. But then can he go back? Was going back really safe?

Monday, September 10, 2007

Blog Update!! (Sam)

Hello BUFers,

We do hope all of you are in high spirits and your health is fine. Now since this is an update, we'll dig straight in. Here goes:

BUFer of the Week: A lot has been said about her, and a lot many like her and appreciate her. And frankly, few are there who have not been charmed by her exuberant spirit. So people, the BUFer of the week is none other than the lady with Mesmerizing Eyes....... Messy!!!!

Now Messy, you have the option of putting up one post entirely of your choice. So go ahead and shoot!! It's been a while now girl!! :)

Topics (10/09/2007 - 20/09/2007): Chain Story - This time around we don't have a topic in mind. What we have is another go at story telling. So, ink up your pen and think of some really nice story to write. A twist here, is it's got to be a chain story (just like last time!!), but you have to take the story forward within 7 lines. And please adhere to it. Anyone can start this story, so please check the drafts before you start writing.

The existing rules still apply.

Coming up Next: Now after we are through with the story, the poll counter won't come up as we want to, let's say, clear out the back log. For more information on that, check the sidebar "topic announcement" corner!!

We believe, we haven't missed out any birthdays/anniversaries during this time period. In case we have please notify and we'll update things accordingly.

And Abhi, the latest link between Mumbai and Delhi in the recent meets, it would really be great if you could share your experience during those two days with all of us here.

Till Then
Stay Beautiful and Happy


Team BUF!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Never Get Enough, Its The Sweetest Drug(Michelle)

My addictions cannot be shortlisted, so I'll emphasize on my most dominating one.
Everyone has aims in life.You reach them, you don't.Some go all out, some give up.
I've always been addicted to have something to aim for.I love setting certain obstacles for myself
and love testing myself as to how long it takes me to overcome them.It doesn't always have to
be something that I NEED to overcome, its often just the high i get going through all that pain
and finally accomplishing something i set out to.I know it might sound very eccentric, but the minute one thing is accomplished, i set the bar
higher each time and only those that know me really well know what I put myself through.

When I was on my whole diet spree when I had few kgs left to shed, I used to enjoy looking at
my friends stuffing their faces with fatty goodiness and refrain..and they found it SO weird how I put something I would probably sell my soul to eat in front of me, stare at it, but not eat it.

Or how I knew I just had to prove some people wrong when they thought I could never do certain things on my own.It took a lot of hardwork and sleepless nights yes, but the satisfaction I felt when the result was achieved was something I can never explain.

Every success, got me drawn further, got me addicted to being more determined and every
failure just made me push myself one step further till I got it right.
A couple of years back I wasn't half as determined as I was now.Yes, certain events in my life
did trigger this unusual need to put myself through hell to achieve things I don't even require but its made me a stronger person and the look on peoples faces that never did believe in you is
quite worth it :-)

Theres a lot I have to achieve as yet, there are a lot of people I have to prove myself to and you
know what? Despite doing things I would never imagine sometime back, I still have to prove a lot of things to myself.This time, it will take more determination and a hell lot of time!
I've never been patient.But surprisingly, slow and steady did the trick.

Determination gets me on a high.I love being addicted to think that nothing is ever
impossible.I'm addicted to pushing myself more and more even if you think you can't go
further.Because when you achieve it, irrespective of whether you wanted it in the first place or
not, is ecstasy.

My new addiction 'latest' (Uttara)

Blogging and addictions .. don't they go hand in hand?? :) for lot of them it does .. Since i believe in destiny and also believe what happens is for good so blogging has done a lot of good to me as well.

And you will find how blogging has changed my life by meeting all the lovely people
here, here, here and here :p

As far as addiction goes... one wants to do something new, so they go ahead and try it, once they like they get a hang of it which in due coarse becomes a habit and then they get addicted to it. Isn't it?

So in every stage one gets addicted to something or the other .. it can be right from riding on someones back as a toddler, to eating chalk as a kiddy, to being a cry baby, to having some hobbies, to smoking as a teenager, to drinking, to doping, or anything for that matter.. Its just about trying new stuff liking it and loving it so one gets addicted till he/she doesn't get bored..

So let me talk about my latest addiction.. :D (i can see all eyes open ..:p) alrightoo..

Since a long time someone used to kick my butt so that i hit the gym not f
or someone else but for my own good.. ( do i have to say who?? ) I used to fall sick often, so one fine day i decided to chuck everything and joined the gym, also go regularly whether i reduce or not.. It keeps me healthy no matter what .. basically mentally than physically. I know lot of them are figure conscious. Believe me i was never. But, i know how it feels to be thin as i was never this fat/obese :(. So whats the harm in getting back to what I was 3 years back :D

I took gymming as lets try attitude.. now i like gymming and am addicted as well .. WHOAAA! I can't believe this.. Now, I'm gonna get back to what i was initially * fingers crossed* :p

If i go on with my list about addictions it is gonna be way toooo longg a post:p.. and i don't intend to come up with parts 2,3,4... lol so just to put this thing short in a nut shell and not make it long :D( prays*) :P I donno if u call them as addictions.. but here is the list :)

  • I don't expect much (very rational word) from anyone
  • I like to be independent * fingers crossed*
  • I like to put a smile on people's face... what the heck ? it doesn't cost me a penny right? I love it though :)
  • love making friends .. I can befriend within no time :) Depends on my mood :p
  • ....... and of course blogging.. even though i slack in this :p

Remember!! keep smiling always :) u won't put on weight for sure *GRINS*

Here is my fav no. from the movie "Rocky" :).. so buck up guys :D

Have a gr8 day :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Of addictions and changes... (Ishita)

For me both topics are related. As of now my current addiction is blogging. Quite obvious from the sheer number of blogs I have. But before I make a mention of how blogging has changed my life, I must mention that I have another strong addiction and that is music and dance. Not any particular genre of music. Anything that appeals to me :) and dance would be the same. I would love to formally learn a dance form and maybe I will in time. So far doing the Shiamak classes last year was thoroughly enjoyable :)

Blogging to me, as Keshi mentioned in her last post here, is all about expressing myself.
I've never had a dearth of friends around me. Making friends in diverse age groups, places, etc came naturally to me. Blogging was firstly to express myself and the friends made via blogging was a pleasant addition. Ever since I quit work after Vedant was born, I found myself with less time to go out and socialize. I was quite fine with being home and spending all my time with Vedant. But once he started school, I was left with time in hand and that's when blogging happened...not suddenly but gradually. I wasn't too confident of what I wrote so sharing it in a public forum kind of scared me.

Initial comments on my posts gave me such a rush and for roughly a year I was caught up in the whole blog hopping/comment leaving spree. In time, blogger friends became longer virtual. In time my fascination for writing for an audience waned. My posts became more personal. I moved to a pvt. blog because I didn't think personal expressions should be out in the open for the world at large. That is my personal opinion which others may not necessarily agree with.

If I've met some wonderful people here and made some friends to cherish for a lifetime, I've also come across people who've been totally opinionated and ready to drag people down. Virtual life is much the same as our day to day win some and you lose some!

I can blog about anything and everything and I do. I didn't think I did a good job with poems or fiction but I tried my hand at those too. I still don't know if friends are being kind when they appreciate all that but once in a while when a total stranger comes and leaves a comment appreciating what I write... it does brighten up my day. Ironic isn't it? That I have more people interested in my personal jottings rather than my creative works :) ... I guess people find the whole process of knowing someone through their daily musings, a lot more fascinating...I know I do for sure :)

Blogging has made a huge difference in my life...the change is not only in the way I express myself but in the way I relate to people around me. I could share a lot of joy and fun times with everyone but I kept a lot of pain and hurt away. Blogging helped me rid some of that fear of sharing pain. Not totally but I can get myself to trust some to have the ability to understand me.

Most importantly, Blogging at BUF has taught me lot! A whole lot of good and a smattering of bad :) ... and even in the bad, there was a lot of learning to take away. The most important thing I learnt was "acceptance" - of others, of my faults and of varied opinions. And another thing I have learnt is - sometimes reacting instantaneously in a disagreement gets us to a point of no return. It gets really late to go back and undo any damage that's done! So I try now to wait till the anger ebbs before stating my point :) and oh yes, funny thing is I didn't lose it (my temper) as much before blogging :D... talk about getting expressive!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Story Of An Addict (Keshi)

Guys I'm addicted to Cocaine...LOL ok kidding! Cmon you all know I'm such a Music-freak. I can't live without basically I'm addicted to my iPod and stereo. They are my life-support system. My other addiction is the Beach. The waves does it for me...I can be really down but when I watch the waves with my feet in the water, all my worries have suddenly been washed away. Well I'm sure you've heard enough of that addiction too :). So let's just say Music and the Beach are my highest addictions that were born with me and would most certainly die with me some day. That means, these 2 addictions will always be with me no matter what, and without them I'd be dead (and that's me in the pic pretending to be dead).

Now for a bit of information for all of us. I once did a post on this subject in my blog. Read here for an indepth take on this subject and a bizzare list of addictions that some people suffer from, such as being addicted to People, Alcohol, Gambling, Self-harm, Hate, Religion, Internet, Work, Video games etc. The truth is you may be having one of those addictions too...could be even without your own knowledge of it! Now when you read that post, don't worry too much if you have one of those addictions too. Keep in mind that for it to be a serious and unhealthy addiction, it has to dominate your daily life, be negative and harmful to you and/or others, and you have to be powerless when it comes to controlling it. So if your addiction doesn't fall within that description, then you have nothing to be worried about. Chillax ok!

Now there is another serious addiction that Keshi lives's called Expressing. I'm addicted to expressing my feelings in the open, being honest with just about anyone and being who I am no matter what. Simply put I just can't hide my feelings. From my childhood, I have been a girl who expressed her heart out without fear. I remember when I was about 4yrs old, I told my dad's 30yr old friend that I wanted to marry him - yeah just like that. Another day, when I was about 3 or 4yrs old, I told my dad and friend to shutup or I'll shoot them both - cos they were making too much noise talking. Then when I was about 6yrs I went to see a doc with my dad for some tonsils issue. I told the doc "doctor if you can't really do anything about my tonsils, don't waste your time checking me...let it just go away". The doctor smiled and told me "You couldn't help saying that could you Miss.K". In school too I was very good at expressing myself and teachers always loved my work (not bragging here). So yeah, no wonder I grew up to be a blogger who writes about every feeling she has to deal with. That's why I'm addicted to blogs too :). Cos I love expressing and reading how others express their feelings about almost anything. So there you go...I'm addicted to communications of the heart, thus giving a voice to my heart.

I could only say that my addictions have been a benefit in my life so far, and that I'm richer for having them as my cravings.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Here's to....... oops am confused!!! (Sam)

Ah!! finally a topic that has left totally confused. Now when we talk about addiction we can be talking about so many things. It can be something as simple as chocolate (quite materialistic there!!) or something as philosophical a thing like truth. Right? So, when I sit down to jot down my addictions, it seems like I'm addicted to too many things. Hmmm..... where do I start? Childhood, teens, youth or current days?? Blimey!!!!!


I remember how I loved to try out weird things. Climbing tress, scaling walls, water pipes, stealing fruits from a neighbour's tree... yup!! you got it right i was addicted to being mischievous. And that's how I was growing up till I chanced upon sketching and crafts. picked them up and went after them with a vengeance. Scouts was next to follow. Gave them all up by the time I was 13. Scouts, 'coz of academics, crafts.. lack of patience, arts... still on but in a very remote manner.


Now, was the time to pursue tennis and cricket. Started coaching in tennis, and went about it in an on and off fashion till I passed out of school. My obsession with music started during my late teens when I got approached by a friend to form a music band with me as a lead singer. Used to bunk lectures for the practice. Were on for about a year before college took us all in different directions. It was in college, that life took a different direction. Addiction was Music and sports. Somewhere along the line I had dropped fine arts... let's say ethics mattered a lot to me!! My new subject of interest was the human mind.

Youth and current days:

Well, this is were the lines blur out a lot.... Music and sports remained till I graduated. From then on its been only music, till I started blogging. The closet writer decided to come out into the open, and since then nested comfortably in front of a computer I have happily punching away my thoughts. And my latest (and most important) addiction... well.. she is seated comfortably in her office in a not so distant land, frowning at the monitor as she prepares a report and wondering when I'd call her.... and smiling at times (the reasons vary... so can't say!!)

In between, I have remained thoroughly addicted to friends. Yup!! it matters a lot to me. And the funda of living life King Size!! yeah.. no matter what you do, one should never forget to enjoy!!

My addiction is LIFE!!! I wanna live it up!!