This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Race to Cash... (Sam)

Don't go by the name!! Honestly, can anybody race to cash??? Ummm.... well.. I think you can. No come to think of it, Race and Cash individually were really awesome movies. Okkk.... not so much for Cash, which was just about OK.
Other wise what does Race signify?? Competition?? Or your ancestry?? To me race reminds of nothing but some power packed cars and bikes. Vroooooooooooom!!!! hehe... to each his own I suppose!!!
Cash... ah well!! that which we seek so much in life. Some say it isn't important to them and yet you'd fine them hankering for that rise or for that extra 5 bucks the cabbie asked for dropping them off some remote corner of the city or may be while tipping the waiter after a good meal!!
Frankly is that all cash reminds me off?? May be... I guess after some insight into the ways of the world I can safely vouch.... "Money matters honey!!"
And yeah, in case you haven't heard the title track of Cash, do listen to it. The song does hit quite close to home there!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

May: Topics: Suggestions: AmitL

Hi,all-how about these topics for May?

- The best compliment(s) I ever received and gave. And, The worst brickbat I ever received which helped me grow.


- Word: Race


- Word: Cash
(Inspired topics,courtesy Bollywood, but, what do you associate immediately with these two words?)


- My 'Crowning Glory' day


- Instant Messaging and me


Opinions, please,people!And, if acceptable, POSTS, please,people! ROFL-you may consider this my first post,on all the topics together!!:)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Laughter Yoga Institute (Keshi)

Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Dr.Amit's Laughter Yoga class!

As they say 'Laughter is the best medicine'. If there's ever a place to laugh and feel lighter and relaxed, it would have to be Dr.Amit's Laughter Yoga Institute (click on the link to check out his humorous site too). Dear friends, you have made the best choice ever. This will be a life-changing experience for you and it'll make you a more positive and a less stressed being on Earth. This fantastic new revolution to soothe your body and mind was founded by Dr.Amit (Phd in Laughter, Lmcd, Frls, Blc, Lght, Lch, Llc etc etc etc). Dr.Amit has studied Laughter for many years and has come to the conclusion that in this day and age, Laughter is a much needed 'exercise' in everyone's life. But it's sad to realise that not many people want to laugh these days, and they spend only about 5mins per day to even try and smile. According to Dr.Amit, Laughter improves blood circulation. A regular 20 minute laughter session can have a profound impact on our health and wellbeing. Laughter is a gentle exercise. It fills your lungs and body with oxygen, clears your breathing passages and exercises your lungs. What other way can be better and enjoyable than this to improve your health? So stop frowning and whinging, come to Dr.Amit's Laughter Yoga Institute and go singing and laughing! Cos,

Laughter is the best medicine!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mala's Glass Boutique (Messy)

mala.. the girl with a lovely smile... everyone here knows we meet up once in a while... and whenever we are at a barista or a restaurant or a cafe shes always looking for lovely glasses... well shaped glasses with coffee or hot chocolate or maybe some mocktail in it... she insists on clicking pics of the glasses whenever she likes something...

so i thought why not give her a glass boutique??

(ps... i know i havent been around for ages... but its just a phase in life where i dont know what inputs to give in here... sorry ishi...

and thank you for my anniversary wishes... its going to be 7 years of blissful living...)

pps... ishi... your query is answered...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gaming Machine(Michelle)

Only two people have posted on the game suggestion? Tch Tch *shakes head*.So, my computer almost died which is why I haven't been around much.Anyway, the game thing sounds fun so I'm going to give it a shot.

Loony's London Couture

I'm high on fashion, she is high on fashion.Our very own Loon Gal has amazing fashion sense and her clothes just keep me bawling and calling her all sorts of names cause all the stuff she has is just so pretty! My friends, here in Pune, love her sense of fashion even though they don't really know her and we often sit and admire and drool over the stuff she puts together( That doesn't make us sound very good does it?) I personally think she'd do great in the couture field.She'd put Valentino out of business.May it be boots, dresses or chuddidars.This girl is top notch! ;-)

Silvara: Howdy Partners!

Hello BUFers and the world!! It’s been a while again since I last posted and the guilty feelings have been gnawing away at me for so long that I HAD to see what had been happening. Since I last dropped by And what do I find when I take a peek but a whole new template!! Very nice…I like pink – it reminds me of fairy floss and we could all do with a bit of sugar in our lives.

Been looking at the topics from the last update and the last time somebody pulled a prank on me (despite it NOT being April’s Fools) was this morning when the cafĂ© where I get my morning coffee told me that they no longer served skinny lattes!! While I was hyperventilating at the thought of having to go full-cream (it’s not that big a deal but you know me – I like to exaggerate just a teeny bit) the guy serving me just winked and said he was Just Kidding. I have to admire his balls though. Joking with me before I’ve had my caffeine fix and ABOUT my coffee was a very brave thing to do. He is lucky he didn’t see my baaaad side :P

As for the other topic on the last time I cried tears of happiness…well….it might get a little too intimate for this blog and shoot the rating up to saying ‘WARNING: Mature Content’ but then I could just say it and all the people who blush at the thought of an orgasm can go giggle away.

Anyways….moving on.

In my life – I finally started my new job at a huge firm and have been on training for the last MONTH. That was boring as hell for the most part but every day we got a catered lunch that consisted of different varieties of gourmet sandwiches which was fine for the first few days but eventually we got sick of the sight of bread and different insides. And I have finally discovered Friday Night Drinks which makes for very interesting times.

I have been devouring books by the dozen having discovered my local library (I moved suburbs after I got married) and have been amazed again and again with the calibre and intensity of Indian authors. I have read most of the books written by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni, Amulya Malladi, Anita Nair and have discovered and fallen in love with my homeland all over again. I have read about NRI’s looking for love again in India (so Indian chick lit lol), heartbreaking stories of the Partition and massacre at the Golden Temple in Amritsar (which caused me to bawl like a baby), and stories of brave women breaking the mould of a ‘good Indian woman’. So it’s hard to pick just one of the books to review but the current one I am reading - ‘The Sari Shop’ by Rupa Bhajwa is very good and I might come back with that one later.

So this is my quick update on love, life and blogging….

Keep coming back y’all…!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The BUFer game:AmitL

Hi,Vishesh-a big smile at your reminder for posts!! It seems that people are busy with year endings, exams, holidays……!!!! Come on, guys and gals, wherever you are, on your hols or on duty, I’m sure you’ll have net access, na? Penning a few thoughts is always a great change from the routine of work/study life . At least, I find it so! J:)

I thought and thought- which fellow BUF-er to pick? Thought about character traits- of everyone I’ve met via BUF- Ishi, Loon Gal, Mich, Vishesh, Raj, Sam, Uttara, Silvara,…… ran (read)through people’s ’10 things about me’. And, expectedly, came up with one logical answer-Keshi. It reminded me- that although everyone here is a good,nee,great friendly friend, character traits cannot really be judged unless you’ve me that person or, the person writes from the heart, about everything, like Keshi does.

So, what’d I name after Keshi?

The Institution: Keshi’s Friends’ Society (KFS, in short-does it rhyme with a food chain?*muses*).

What’d it have? All kinds of sections, to match everyone’s mood! For example, I can think of:

The Friend’s Lounge at the entrance, where Keshi, the happy proprietor, would be sitting on a special heart-shaped chair with a big smiley painted on it, feeling thrilled to be welcoming everyone!( and tiring out her voice box in the bargain. grin)

The Music Lounge: On the left side, would be a soundproofed room containing 8-10 music systems with Bose headphones attached to each one for everyone’s dreamy listening pleasure. The wide variety of music choices would be of the kind that Keshi loves, but, yes, also all other varieties as well, since she never imposes her views/songs on anyone and is happy to let them choose their favorites.:)

The Bloggers Lounge : Would be a section with a multitude of computers, all net-connected. Where people could blog to their heart’s content. The home page would be Keshi’s blog, but naturally. And, Keshi’d soon have to remove the ‘comments moderation’ part from her blog, since the comments would be flowing in at 100 per minute. (I think they flow in at that speed even now!grin!)
There’d also be an ‘updated blogs’ 42” plasma screen on the wall, showing a list of the latest updates on Keshi’s friends’ blogs.

The Photography Lounge: Where all of Keshi’s albums would be on display- pics of her with her favourite people, favorite bloggers, favorite kids…. There would be a ‘Friends’ wall’ as well , where visitors to KFS could put up their authgraphed pics, as well! For those who did not bring their pic, thoughtful Keshi has made arrangements for a ‘quick pic’ (Jhatpat Photo, as they call it in India) cubicle. The wall would have to be extendable, of course!

Just when you are feeling that you have entered heaven and could stay in this cozy place forever, you’d come to the exit door, saying ‘Thank you- do come again’.

Keshi, err, any additions I should have made?:)

PS People have been known to exit, and reenter once again from the main door, since they cannot bear the thought of leaving such a nice place.

Till the next post, Cheerios!!Awaiting some posts from everyone on the April topics, now!

Smitten Kitten (Keshi)

Saying a little Hello...making some noise...taking a small peek...of a beautiful sight.

Hope everyone is keeping well. HUGZ!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

excuse me

its been more than a week since anyone posted! excuse me! anyone planning to post?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

amit ambani anytime anyone anywhere advertisment

so i become the first to take the "game" :) seems quite fun.(Amit hope you like this).All of Amit's post have some interesting joke/pic,so basically everyone is attracted to it.he also seems to be every candid and comes up with the goods,he also has a style for telling his stories/anecdotes.even when i am busy with exams,his posts get me here and also the frequency of his posts here is amazing :) hmmm....what else ,i think thats about it....:) amit ambani anytime anyone anywhere advertisment

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

AmitL The last time someone fooled me

The last time someone fooled me was in the nineties. I used to write very regularly to magazines and newspapers, and enter lots of contests. So, somewhere or the other, my name and address would crop up in a magazine/paper, and that is what started the ‘ how someone fooled me ‘ saga. (That was the first and last time --that I’m conscious of..otherwise, every time I buy something, I can’t help wondering about it’s real cost and how much we’re being fooled, by paying much higher, when buying it..LOL)

There was this guy, who turned up one fine morning at our ancestral home. He claimed that he had come from Mathura, worked in the Railways, and was in Baroda for the admission of his son in Medical or Engineering. He projected himself as a regular reader of my letters and claimed that he’d also written to me once(There was no email then). But, since I used to get oodles of letters from penpals and radio stations, I didn’t recall anything. Being the polite guy that I was at that time, I also agreed with him and said that I had indeed received the letter.(Had it been today, I’d have just said, ‘No, I didn’t receive anything, I don’t know you.LOL). And, then came the whammy- he wanted some financial assistance in order to secure the admission, since his wallet had been picked on the way in the train. He was willing to leave his Railway badge as verification, if I wanted. Of course, being Mr. Gullible then, I glibly said, ‘No, no problem’ and gave him the 200 Rs. He was asking for. He went off singing my praises and thanking me profusely.

Imagine my surprise when, two days later he again turned up, saying that they were asking for more money. And, another 3 days later, he again turned up. After 5 such visits and Rs. 1500 later(That was quite a big amount, then! Bigger than it is in today’s inflationary times, I mean!) from him, I began to suspect a rat and just told him that I didn’t have any more to give him and he should look for help somewhere else. So, he went away, giving his address, etc, so that we could be in touch in future.

And, that was the last I saw or heard from him. I did drop him 2-3 letters, asking him to return the money, but, there was no response. I could imagine something in a bubble going ‘Hee Haw Hee Haw’ , the way it does in ‘Chhupa Rustom’ or comedy movies.

Well, the conclusion was ‘ You live and learn’.(It's better that way than to cry over spilt milk,na?)
Incidentally, this reminds me of a RJ’s joke played on someone, two years back.

They called up this poor guy at 700 AM (We were in a Co. bus, enjoying the dialogue). It went something like this:
RJ: Hello! Is this Mr…..?
Mr. J(Let’s say): Yes. Who is this please?
RJ: We are calling from Dubai customs. We have been keeping some people under close observations since some time and it has been observed that you have been purchasing large amounts of gold recently.
Mr. J: (Light panic in voice): Who? Me? Not really. I’ve just been purchasing a big of gold.
RJ: Don’t lie. You have been observed closely and you have purchased more than ‘a little’.
Mr. J: (Feeling trapped): Well, you see, I am from India. I am a poor man. But, in my country, the dowry system is there and I am purchasing for my daughter’s wedding as I have to give it to her as dowry.
RJ: That may be so, but, we cannot allow you to take this much gold out of the country. We know exactly how much you have purchased.
Mr. J: (Now, in slithery form of voice, but, displaying full panic mode): Look, can’t we settle this in some way? I can meet you and we can reach a settlement. I just have to get this gold sent to India. I did not know it is illegal to buy so much gold here.
RJ(Now, bursting out laughing): Mr. J, you are on Radio. Your friend, Mr…… wanted to wish you ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘WE WISH YOU A HAPPY BIRTHDAY’.
Mr. J: (I could imagine him crying tears of relief): Hahahahahahaha. Thank you.
Someone sent me the first April Fool joke of the day. It’s an email titled’ 101 ideas for 1st April’. When you open it, it says ‘This is one of them. Remaining 100 will be mailed later!’
Cheers!Happy April Fools' Day!And,many more to come!