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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ditzy Irreparable Curious Element = Dice

I always felt uncomfortable when seminars, classes or meetings started with:

“Alright first of all, we all should get to know each other. Introduce yourself and tell us something about yourself."

“Something” is always so vague. And on the same time that something has to be a little bit insightful but not too deep as we do not want to skitter into some sort of soul striptease.

I mean none of my fellow students/ colleagues/ humans could judge me of too revealing if I inform them that I like pistachio ice-cream. But that would sound weird, wouldn’t it? “Hello, my name is Dice and I like pistachio ice-cream.”

So you go with something safe like “Hello, my name is Dice, I moved from Germany to Hong Kong ca. 3 years ago. I'm a non-smoker.” Then I sit down, relieved that I did not misspeak and barely listen what the person next to me says about him-/herself.

As you can see I suck at introducing myself. So the next BUF topic “A picture to be posted by each member and explain why it is important to you” comes in handy. A picture says supposedly more than 1000 words. And maybe you, the sharp-witted bloggers that you are, can make out my character.

O.k., here's a picture of my husband, me and my sister, in which we are moderately gaga… which is actually a state we are unconsciously always in.

I feel most comfortable with people that like my sister or my husband do not take themselves too serious… and have gnomish laugh, are attracted to good food and tend to annoy their loved ones with tomfooleries. Hence in front of people like that I do not have to keep up the façade of being sensible, sane or sapient (And yes, I like alliterations. 100 points to the reader who concluded that.)

So, I guess this picture shows my comfort zone and my preference for cropped jackets. Yap … … … … well, I must go now. In my timezone it’s time for lunch. Actually, in my timezone it's always time for lunch. Hehe.


  1. WC Dicey! :)

    ** guess this picture shows my comfort zone and my preference for cropped jackets

    I guess it shows that ur comfort zone is also FAMILY. Nice pic there.

    Hoping to get to know u more.


  2. This post sure is dicey :P

    Welcome to BUF..

  3. welcome aboard...i know i hate introing my self is confusing what you are supposed to besaying...

  4. Welcome Dice! The picture reminds me of my day out with my friends :-)and my boyfriend it looks like u guys had a great time whenever it was clicked ;-) cheers!

  5. Welcome Dicey..:D

    I liek Pistachio nuts and have tried the ice cream before.:D

    ;D Enjoy ya stay on board.

    Love the first pic.;)


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  7. And another attempt at alliteration allows almost anyone an arena for everything. :-)

    The first picture is really nice, leaves a lot of room for curiosity.

    And curiosity never killed the cat, the speeding car did. :D

  8. welcome to BUF dice...hope u have a funtime here! blogging and making frenz :)


  9. hi dicey..
    nice intro post.. yes we do know that ur in the cool comfy zone ;)

  10. welcome aboard...
    ***in my timezone it's always time for lunch.***
    hmmm... thats a good zone to live in... :)

  11. Welcome to the family, Dicey!

    The first pic is wonderful.. Wat were u looking at?? HeHe.. Seems pretty interesting....


  12. Thanks all, I'm starting to get comfy and arranging my cushions.

  13. Welcome aboard dicey....

  14. welcome to the comfort zone in the world of web my dear..and yes pls arrngs those cushions in a circular way.we all all sit out in the night with a chilled beer and have a great conversation!!!what say fellow burfers....

  15. Dicey, it is
    (I mean she is)
    I mean..
    hee hee.. well "D" , the world of words is sure quite powerful.
    Now living in HK, i am sure you would not have missed how "the phonetically challenging Mandarin " can lead people into trouble!!

    Super kool to have you here( I am still reading the 2000 words between the two pic..)

    The first one is very interesting, you seem to be wearing some kind of uniform!!

  16. Welcome Dicey:))

    Loing forward to know you more :))

  17. hello Dicey ^_~ welcome here on BUF... nice pics. u have there... i suddenly remember the view from Tokyo Tower lookin at ur pics. ;)

    ... hope to know u more dear!
    see ya around!


  18. Nice pic there :D

    And a very warm welcome to you too ( though am newer than u are ) ;p