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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Memorable(Train) journey

Can you imagine me rubbing my hands in glee? Why? Simply because the BUF team has given the freedom to write on past topics. Pity I noticed it just now, with just two days to go.So, without further ado, let me go to the first topic that caught my eye.

Memorable (Train) journey:

Have you heard of a train journey making a sick person better?This incident happened some(many?) years back.(Really jogging my memory for this one) I was in Std VII. And, in an ‘ill’ state. Ill as in, no doctors could diagnose what was wrong since three months, the fever et al just wouldn’t subside and things kept getting worse.

Trains and visiting Delhi were(are?yea, except the time factor) one of my favorite pastimes. So, on my insisting on going to Delhi, the doctors finally agreed, saying that the change of scenery might do me some good. I insisted on going by Dehradun Express, which takes around 24 hours even today, to reach Delhi, from Baroda. The longer the journey, the better, was the logic.(Arghhh…I just cannot imagine that today, when time seems to be at such a premium)

So, anyway, the day dawned, and, we reached the railway station, with me feeling slightly better already. Waiting anxiously, wondering whether the train would ever roll in, checking the signboard every few minutes, biting my nails till their very end(That’s not really a memory, I do it now when in India, so, I assume I did it then..grin).

Hooray, finally, the announcement was made and the train came in, and, as usual, everyone thought it would leave without them, so they rushed to the entrance of the coaches-err, second class, of course.( In those days, even looking at an AC/a 1st class coach was sheer torture, since it was beyond our reach) Anyway, even this excitement did a bit of good for me, and a faint smile came on my face after months, making everyone with me smile as well.

Finally, the train left the station, and in what seemed like less than fifteen minutes, it stopped. Voila- I was thrilled..the first station had come already and I had to get off and check it out, despite protests from everyone. Samlaya, Champaner, Derol, Godhra...I had the 'Latesht' timetable in my hands and, would proudly announce each station which would come next and say ‘tch tch’ by looking at my watch and commenting whether the train was on time, much to the amusement of my family and those around. (I think the drivers of such trains keep a lookout for a house on the way,and,if they see it,they stop.)

Then, of course, all along the way, the delicacies of the main stations had to be tasted, be it the bhajiyas of Godhra or the pedas of Mathura or the tea and spicy sev at Ratlam, to name a few. This, of course, besides the normal goodies from 'sellers' who’d keep wandering into the compartment with fruits and toffees n all. Thankfully, my family put up with my shenanigans, all in the hope that I’d be on the road to recovery, if I was allowed to do what I wanted, within limits.

Night time- we unrolled the huge(now extinct) bedrolls we’d lugged with us-cozy things they were, definitely, and I had a nice sleep(I think- no real memory of that)

Finally, nearly sixty or so official (And, nearly half of these, additional stops) stops later, the train rolled into New Delhi railway station, where my relatives were anxiously waiting, wondering whether I’d still be feeling ill. Imagine their surprise- when I got down looking fresh as a daisy, they asked ‘Were you really ill, Amit?’ In fact, my parents looked more tired and worn out than I did. Hehe….

BTW, if you don’t believe that such a long train journey exists even today, check out the link. . The train number is 9019. And, even today,it has sixty stops between Baroda and Delhi and 96 stops between Bandra and Dehradun. Perhaps we should reserve a coach in it one day and travel between end destinations(Wacko would surely agree). Only for BUFers and their spice, err, spouse and kid(s)...quite an interesting picture develops…*goes off into his Piscean dreamland*. Cheers!


  1. haha i love the way u write!! and it just goes to show, that sometimes that the cure for the biggest of things is just some time off from our 'hectic' schedules(i bet dealing with class 7 studies was considered hectic for u then) but yeh...u needed a breather and u got one..looking forward to more posts u missed out on! ;) cheers!

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  3. I believ ya!!

    here you go ... did u read my account??

    Click here

  4. yeah train journeys r lovely..even though can be hectic at times.. i love indian railways!! :)

  5. Hi,Michelle...tks for the comment.Hehe..yes,time out from hectic schedules,is the solution to many problems,I agree.

    And,yes,again,might be the strain of studies at that time was too much..grin.

    Am debating on the next post I missed out on..maybe later in the day today?:)Cheers.

  6. Hi,Loon Gal,tks for believing me..grin...and,yes,of course I read ur account..didn't u see my comment?and,you didn't reply to it?*sighh*.

  7. Hi,Diya,yesss...hectic,but,fun nevertheless.:)Of course,comfort levels are much better now,even in 'unreserved',with cushioned seats and all...earlier,they used to be wooden seats..err,Should we say 'three cheers for Lalooji'??:)

  8. count me in for the journey.. im all set with me bags and baggages... :p

    nice post amit.. was fun reading...

  9. Cool post Amit :) Ur a great writer...u make it really interesting.


  10. i just reminded u coz .. it was abt dehradun express too :D

  11. lol and y wudnt i agree...
    i hafta suffer such atrocities every damn time i travel from dehradun to takes around 36-40 hours! phew!

    and am so bugged of it now that i eventually hafta travel to delhi first and then take something from there..eww

  12. Hi,Messy...tks for that comment..and,glad to see one person's all ready to fly,err,travel.:)

  13. Hi,Keshi...tku soo much...u inspired me to select the next topic which I missed,now.:)Cheers.

  14. Hi,Loon Gal...Yes,I know...I had a big smile on my facing when re-reading the post again,seeing the number of stations you mentioned.:)

  15. Hi,Wacko..U travel D'doon to Cal??40 hrs?WHEW....I'm sure the Delhi route must be sheer bliss,by comparison.:)