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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Posts I missed:My favourite post: AmitL

Today's the last day to post on 'posts I missed', so, here goes:

I've been blogging since Aug'04, so, I have a number of posts that I consider my favourites, but, it was this one(it was split into two, so,I've done a bit of editing to make it one post) that caused a 'khalbali'(sensation) amongst the regular bloggers in those days. So, without much ado,here goes:


(This post dates back to year 2004)

Thought for the day:Don't tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and let them surprise you with their results.

When one blogger meets another blogger,is it a blog meet?Technically,yes..So,finally,me and Manubhai decided to meet, since,for the past few weeks,we had been planning and planning,but,my workload didn't allow me. This time round also,we nearly cancelled it..why?Manubhai said' I'll call at 430 PM', and we'll go for a coffee...turns out,he fell asleep,and forgot...:)So,at 700, I SMSed him' Is it 430 yet?'....Immediately he called and turned up at 730, which was a twilight zone time,not coffee,not dinner time...

So,we drifted around Karama in his car,talking about bloggers and blogging..what a tete a tete that was(No,no repeats of which bloggers, which of their pros and cons(?) were discussed- that's privvy conversation, and might or might not be appreciated...ho hum.....)however, as a teaser, some hints:
We did discuss things like:

A is the friendliest blogger around

B is such a lively blogger

C is a bit too big for his/her boots

Isn't D too chaalu for words

Isn't E the cat's whiskers(Err,no,not those exact words)

F is the one having two blog identities

Will G ever grow up

Isn't H's writing ever so more mature since he/she got married

What do you think of the way J keeps cribbing in each post

When do you think K will return to blogging, in his/her own impeccable style?

Did you ever read L's adult blog?Isn't it a bit too much?Won't it be banned anyday,in UAE?

Even M's blog is like that,and since it's got graphic paintings, it's already banned.

N is the youngest blogger, yet see how well he/she writes each week.

Did you ever see O's pictures through the link on his/her blog?

Did you know that the blogger who comments with the name'………' is in reality no one else but P since he/she is a shy person?

I pity the poor guy who marries Q….he'll have to buy bales of cotton for his ears, to just keep his sanity while she keeps chattering away.

Talking of marriage, do you think R is any less? He'll drive his mate crazy with his nonstop bantering.

Hey, do you remember S' s blog? He/she was just too raunchy in some posts and some real life family/friends came to know of the blog…so, now he/ she's writing with another blog identity, aptly titled '……….', for want of anonymity. (*Silence, while other person notes down the blog title*)

My first favourite blogger was always 'T'. She used to write about her work/studies/home so nicely. Other person: Really? I must check out her blog again.

Did you know ' U' dabbles in the occult and has a dazzling yahoo groups page for the same? (Brr, went the other…noted down the blog id, just the same)

Did you know 'V' has a penchant for '18+' blogs?? Other person is astounded.."What? seeing her serene writings, I would never have believed it.

"Did you know 'W' was caught blogging at work, and was given a memo to stop, or else…….? That's nothing… X was actually caught chatting with 4 bloggers at work. YMming is banned there, ever since.

Y is really 35, but, on her blog, she displays her age as 25….Other : (Astonished): Really??But, I've seen her snaps…she looks more like a 30.

Z: is the only blogger whose blog helped cure my insomnia problem?…Other: LOLs….You too?
Every time I have that problem, I do the same thing..I visit that blog and fall asleep right at my PC table.

At the end, Addendum/Note: All Bloggers Names and Identities have been changed, and the initials in no way reflect the initials of these bloggers or their blogs. They are also changed for our well-being and to protect our lives.

I think we are missing out 3-4 other people, Manu,u know.....but,well, it can always be refreshed next time we meet, which as we were talking yesterday, should be quite soon, during the 'watching of the...............'..errr....details kept secret, as of now....
(End of post)
So,what do you think? Does it prove that men also gossip,occasionally?Grin grin.

Aftereffects of this post:
-Most of the Dubai bloggers called us to ask which ones they were,with threats of 'we'd better be the good ones,or else...'.

-I was bombarded on YM and MSN with bloggers who were in touch with me, asking more 'juicy details'..hehe.

- On second thoughts, I think it's time to have another such fun tete-a-tete session,but,with a regular blogger or two or three.Err,Keshi,are you game?:)


  1. ive never had a blog meet :( and yes, i always was convinced tht guys r highly capable of gossiping :P

  2. Hi,Michelle...never had a blog meet?You don't know what u've missed..:)will post about that one day...and,let's plan one,one of these days.

    Also, haha to your saying that you're convinced about guys n gossipping.

    I'll wait for the rest of the comments,then,reveal a mini secret.:)

  3. heheh this was a great post. I believe that guys are bigger gossips than women any day! :P

  4. I've never even met a single blogger in real :*( :*( :*( :*( :*( :*( :*( :*( :*( :*(

    And boys talk this much? NEVER KNEW!


  5. Hi,Silvara...grin grin..U're convinced now,huh?:)

    There's something I forgot to mention in the post..err,I'll mention it shortly.

  6. Hi, haven't?Whew...why?It's great fun.And,reg. boys talking so much..well,you live and learn,na?hehe.Tks.

  7. Good work for your blog meet.
    Good luck
    Thank you

  8. Hi,David..thank you..I visited your blog,too..sadly,it's totally in Portuguese,so,I'd need a translator to understand it.Nice pics,yes..Do be back here more often.