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Saturday, September 15, 2007

(abhishek) Part VI

Rubbing his eyes, as he awoke, realising he is on a stretcher inside a moving abulance; he saw he was alone, un-attended.

He rose to check, if he was off his hallucinations and was happy to see a driver, who told him, he is waking up from a snake bite medication.

On the humble request, when he was dropped back at the "Rajiv Chowk" Metro station subway; he recalled the hustle and remembered about his flight to New York for his new assignment.

He started recalling, how, he had downed too many tequila shots; thinking how he will be able to forget the so many wrongs that happened in the last three months, including Marieka.

It was all because of that sick job, his devil boss had raped away his talent; which ended affecting everyone in his life.

The cell phone vibrated in his blue jean pocket, " Sir , I have am outside your house with the travellers cheques"

1. Sorry folks, I am finishing in six lines only, gotta rush
2. and sorry again for not being around for quite a few weeks, i was busy with a job change
3. Hello to the wonderful new BUFers: Amit, Darshik,Silvara!!
4. Lets take this forward people, lets fly him away to brightness


  1. niceee...and i like the name marieka :)

  2. Nice Kahaani mein twist...I think the next writer will have his task cut out for him.:)Tks for the welcome, Abhishek.

  3. hey ambulance.. that was well put. :)u r bringing it back to reality..gud gud.

  4. @ Michelle:
    gee thanks.
    In fact I know a german by that name, Tall , gori chitti..
    she was in India for some work and her friends dressed her in a saree, she looked damn pretty!

  5. @ AmitL:
    yess boss that is part of the task.. to make it tougher for the next!!!
    and leave the audience puzzled!!

  6. @ Diya:
    yeah need course correction , even i life .. all the

  7. thank u for the welcome sir... and wat a twist... reel se reall waapas... nice nice one buddy...

    lets see who will pick up well frm here ;)

    darsh :)

  8. @ Darshik:
    Cheers Pal!
    ur always welcome!!

  9. WB Abhi!

    **It was all because of that sick job, his devil boss had raped away his talent; which ended affecting everyone in his life

    LOL is this wut YOUR boss is like Abhi?


  10. @ Keshi:
    nono rey!!

    its better here ( i hope... :P...)

    howz it
    lets get some life back here yaar!!!

  11. hey abhi nice take on the story... too good... and does raise a few questions abt the happenings... answers to which lie with the next writers...
    gear up fellas!!!