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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Posts I missed: My kind of music(AmitL)

Since I now have an extension of a heaven(read: BUF team) sent opportunity to write on posts I missed, I’ve been pondering over the next one from the set of topics. Today, it’s the turn of my kind of music. (Buck up, I said to myself, you still have three more days to cover three more topics. Let’s see,let’s see)

‘Music has the charm to soothe the savage beast’, as the saying goes. Well, I hardly(rarely?LOL) classify myself as a savage beast(And, I hope, none of you bloggers classify me thusly, as well), but, well, music does have the charm to calm me down in the worst of situations, provided I force myself to listen to it in those situations, without throwing the music player out of the window.(Just kidding- I don’t have such a violent temper…grin…or, do I?*muses*)

Honestly speaking, silence is the best kind of music, I feel. But, this is on those rare occasions when my mood is totally oriented towards a craving for silence. Quoting from an article I once read, “There is silence before and after music, and there is also silence within music.”…err, that one confused me also. So, without much ado, let me go down memory lane with what has been and is ‘my kind of music’....

I think the current collection in my Creative(aptly named.grin) mp3 player says it all. What’d you say to a combo of:

Allah Bachaye(PKSE), chand sifarish(Fanaa), dus bahane(TS), Ek Dilruba hai(Bewafaa), crazy kiya re(dhoom 2), bad boy(PKSE), beedi(Omkara), kitne bhi tu karle sitam(Sanam teri kasam), soni de nakhre(Partner), aaj ki raat(Don), Jaane Jaan dhoondhta(Jawani Diwani), Ek sanam chahiye(Aashiqui), Pehle pehle pyaar ki(Great Gambler), Gum hai kisike pyaar(Rampur Ka Laxman), Dancing in the dark(Bruce Springsteen), Musu Musu(Shaan), Dholi Taro(Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam), Sajnaji vaari vaari(Honeymoon Travels PL), Patel Rap mix(Bali Brahmbhatt), The Reflex(Duran Duran), Ladki kyon( Hum Tum), Nazar ke saamne(Aashiqui), Tera Chehra(Adnan S), Tu meri zindagi(Aashiqui), You are my Sonia( K3G), Nimbooda(HDDCS), Koi nahi hai kamre mein( Dhoom), Paathshaala(RDB), O maajhi re( Khushboo), Shakalaka baby(Bombay Dreams), Let the music play(Shamur), yeh ladka hai allah( Hum kisise kam nahin), dum maro dum(hare Rama hare Krishna), Jeene ke hain chaar din(Mujhse Shaadi karogi), Chak de phatte( Khosla ka ghosla),....and, additions still in progress. (Keshi, if you want to listen, let me know..I'll send you links)

(Clarification: The pic below is not me or any of my friends.LOL)

You’d say’this is crazy’, like the guy to the left seems to be saying….yep,and that’s what I think my choice of music can be, sometimes…but, believe me, it’s still a nice selection to hear when going for a long walk, morning or evening. Each one has a tune of it’s own, a nice beat of it’s own.

And, how about jingles you cannot get out of your mind sometimes, like:(Please click on them and let me know whether they stuck on your mind too)

The Hindi jungle book jingle.
The Malgudi Days jingle.

English oldies: Right from the Beatles (Favourites: Paperback writer(but naturally), from me to you, love me do, hard day’s John Lennon’s ‘Starting Over’ and George Harrison’s ‘Got my mind set on you’. ), to ABBA(Voulez Vous), BoneyM(Rasputin, Hooray hooray it’s a holiday, to name a few), KC and the sunshine band(That’s the way..).

Amongst the Hindi oldies: Kishore Kumar, Asha, Hemant Kumar(Occasionally)…
English ‘new’ies: Some of the Crazy Frog songs, for one.
Hindi ‘new’ies: As mentioned above, and, a few more, including A.R. Rehman(not all).

Basically, I think anything with a nice drum beat to it, is likely to be a song I like. But, ask me to sing along, and I’d go,err, mute…perhaps it’s coz I’m too conscious? Or, whatever..perhaps I’m afraid the cockroaches and ants(Nee, no goats or cows in the house to chase away, you see) if any(We had pest control done in advance, you see) would run away to the neighbours and harass them. LOL..

Anyway, so, that’s my kind of music. Tra La La La La.
Before I sign off, going slightly off track, here's a song titled 'curry and rice girl'that had me ROFLing.Hope you enjoy it,too.

Till next time, happy listening.


  1. Amit u seem to hv a WIDE variety of taste in music, which is great! Cos Im just like u...I may not u'stand some languages, but what matters to me is the music. If the melody connects with my soul, then we r set :)

    If anyone listened to my iPod collection, they'd think Im bipolar...cos I hv opp extremes of genres, such as hard rock to! And I hv Hindi, English etc etc.

    Music dun care abt where u come from...she only looks for your soul. thats what this proves!

    And if not for music, I wudnt be alive!

    Wonderful post Amit!


  2. Hi,Keshi...hey,I'm sooo glad to find someone else having a wide variety of taste in music..normally,people prefer only one type of music-rock,rap,ghazals,etc.:)

    Ah,you do listen to Hindi music too..nice.:)

    'And if not for music,I wudnt be alive'

    So true..same's a part of what makes life beautiful.:)

    Cheers and tks,Keshi!

  3. really really wide variety of wonderful post...u really put a lotta effort into it :) cheers!

  4. Hi,Michelle...tks..:)yes,wide variety of music..I sometimes wish I could squeeze time into my schedule to be able to listen to more of it.:)Cheers..

  5. Oh Yes I know your song choice, and you tend to pick up catchy songs for ur walks.. remember the "soni de nakhre" and "chorre ki baatien" I suggested you for ur walks!? LOL.

    Its great to see you here on BUF. :)

  6. Hi,'re soo right.:)I love catchy songs for my walks...and,ur suggestions are always welcome.grin...

    Now,when are you joining us at BUF?:)