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Monday, September 10, 2007

Blog Update!! (Sam)

Hello BUFers,

We do hope all of you are in high spirits and your health is fine. Now since this is an update, we'll dig straight in. Here goes:

BUFer of the Week: A lot has been said about her, and a lot many like her and appreciate her. And frankly, few are there who have not been charmed by her exuberant spirit. So people, the BUFer of the week is none other than the lady with Mesmerizing Eyes....... Messy!!!!

Now Messy, you have the option of putting up one post entirely of your choice. So go ahead and shoot!! It's been a while now girl!! :)

Topics (10/09/2007 - 20/09/2007): Chain Story - This time around we don't have a topic in mind. What we have is another go at story telling. So, ink up your pen and think of some really nice story to write. A twist here, is it's got to be a chain story (just like last time!!), but you have to take the story forward within 7 lines. And please adhere to it. Anyone can start this story, so please check the drafts before you start writing.

The existing rules still apply.

Coming up Next: Now after we are through with the story, the poll counter won't come up as we want to, let's say, clear out the back log. For more information on that, check the sidebar "topic announcement" corner!!

We believe, we haven't missed out any birthdays/anniversaries during this time period. In case we have please notify and we'll update things accordingly.

And Abhi, the latest link between Mumbai and Delhi in the recent meets, it would really be great if you could share your experience during those two days with all of us here.

Till Then
Stay Beautiful and Happy


Team BUF!!


  1. Thanks for the update Sam! :)

    And congrats Messy...can't wait to read your special post!! :)

    lukin forward to see who gets here to start off this topic ??!!

    And to read up abhi's description of the two meets... :)

  2. congratulations to mausiiiijiii...:)
    As far as this chain story thing is concerned, consider me out of this thing, i m really sick of repeatative topics even if the story's different the concept remains the same.

  3. Congratulationsssss Nehzzzz... Mujhe pata tha ek na ek din.. tu mera naam roshan karegi... lol... itna acha likhna maine nai sikhaya hota toh . .. .. .... :p

    Awwww!! Messy you truely not only Mesmerize people with those hazel eyes but with your words and attitude too....

    hugssss... miss yaaa :)


  4. Congrats Messy! Ofcourse she's our darling girl. The purest one. I always associate Messy with simplicity and elegance...she's so graceful.

    Cant wait to see how the chain story goes this time...I can rem how tragic a turn it took last time. LOL!


  5. Hi,Sam..thanks for the update..congrats to Messy for being BUFer of the week.:)*goes off to ponder over chain story and check drafts*

  6. pehele comment karna tha.. ye khl nahi raha tha..

    ab chalo better late than never:d

    congratssssss neha my sweetheart :)

    i already read ur post irs SUPERBBBBBBBB!!