This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Monday, September 24, 2007

The usual "Update" & some stuff to think about... (Ishita)

First things first, WE WON!!!!!!! India beat Pakistan by five runs in a thrilling final in Johannesburg on Monday to win the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup. CHAK DE INDIA!!! What a match it was - thrilling till the last over and to say that my heart skipped a beat many times over would be an understatement. I'm glad I have to type this out because it's difficult for me to speak at length - I screamed myself hoarse. I'm thrilled to bits - this was the best ever I've felt in ages. That would explain why I'm here past midnight sharing my sense of joy and excitement with all of you!!!!

Well, now for the usual Update...

I'm sorry I've been caught up with stuff and missed putting in an update. And Abhi and Sam haven't been around too. Anyway, better late than never right? :)

Umm.. ok.. Uttsy gave a nice wake up call there in her post and I hope it gets everyone back and posting here. Speaking for myself, I've been off blogs. That has a lot to with my diminishing drive to blog plus time constraints but of course, I'm trying to keep BUF going! Fact remains though that BUF works only when the people who chose to belong here show their enthusiasm. That sadly has been lacking off late :(

Anyway, without further ado ... as stated in the last update by Sam,
the new set of topics started on 20th to continue till the 30th. Now we wanted to give everyone a chance to post on any topic they might've missed out on. Please refer to the sidebar section named "post tags" to know what were the past topics OR read up old updates :)

For those BUFers who've done ALL the topics, they can do a post titled "BUF - In my opinion" which could talk about your personal experience with BUF/BUFers, your ideas on how to make BUF better, etc etc. I think this one would help us get back on track too.

I'll be very honest in saying that my lack of enthusiasm is more of an after effect. By that I mean, that seeing just a few handful BUFers around and the majority off this space,
makes me wonder if "BUF" is going to end up as yet another group blog that's fading into the oblivion.

I know for those who get here regularly, hearing me say this may sound harsh. I know I owe it to you guys to not be so unemotional about BUF but I have to tell you all that it's not easy for me to even start speaking about this. So try and understand why and what I'm trying to say...

The plain and simple truth is - I'd rather BUF ended abruptly in it's zenith than die out like it is

Or the next best alternative is to come up with some drastic changes so that those of us who give so much of ourselves in it...make it special and better than ever!

Give me time to think this through. Meanwhile let me know what you all are thinking too...we're in it together and I am clearly telling you guys that I cannot do this thing alone - change it or sustain it or simply let it be!

And yes, even if I do have help in managing the so called "admin" stuff - the blog doesn't work because of the timely updates, the frequent mails or the interesting festures, it works because of the people who blog here and interact with each other on a frequent basis!!!

The next update is due on the 30th and this time period will be crucial in deciding on the future of BUF.

There are no birthdays/anniversaries this week or next. But yes,

BUFer of the Week - Amitl, one of our newest members :)! He alone has kept the pace of the blog going with his sheer enthusiasm and interesting posts. It's a sheer joy to see bloggers like Amit who not only walk into BUF to be a part of the whole place but also bring in a consistency and excitement with his love of writing and communicating with us all. Amit I guess you know that the BUFer of the week gets to do a post on any topic of their choice, so looking forward to reading your special post! :)


  1. I think I need to say "Sorry" for being out of BUF for sometime ... but to be honest the story one was really boring and i cudnt help not writing anything.

    Anyway ... congratz Amit for being the BOTW !

  2. SORRY Ish! I was away cos of my studies...I cudnt handle 2 blogs..I mean my blog and BUF. SO I wasnt ard here all that much. But from today I will be ard.

    I guess BUF misses u too...cos u were ard alot and kept the place alive. Since u took some time off, everyone else kinda got into a laid-back mood too. Somehow I hope this post of ur's wud bring bak all the BUFers back into action.

    Congratts Amit! Looking forward to ur post :)


  3. ha ishi

    i think i am back over here keshi it is tough trying to post in two blogs...i have been updating only one of my blogs....

  4. Heya - I know the feeling - with a lot going on in my real life (2 months before my wedding!!) and being in India for 3 weeks without reliable Internet, I've been finding it hard to commit to my own personal blog as well as BUF.

    But I did make a commitment to it and I try never to back our of a promise, so will try and post and comment much more frequently lol.

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  6. Hi Ishi

    Sorry..... proper attendance aab se !!!


  7. Firstly, YES,WE WON..and,what a cliffhanger of a match..reminded me of Chak De India,and,then,seeing SRK at the end of it,was like watching the movie repeated again.

    Oh,wow..I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this,the BUFer of the week?That's really an honour.Thanks soo much, made my day...and,now,I'm off to work on a post of my's half ready,so,I should be able to post it tomorrow:)

    Also,tks,Loon Gal and Keshi for the 'congratz'.:)

    Back to the update-Ishita,you said it right-better late than never.In just a few weeks,I know, I can't imagine BUF ending anytime.I'd love to send in a few ideas,if you don't mind...should I email them?

    And,puhlease,don't let the drive to blog diminish,coz,it's not just blogging,it's the zeal to express one's thoughts which will diminish...(At least,that's what I feel) :)...what can I do to convince you?*muses*.

    Incidentally,I mentioned this honour and BUF in my latest post,with an invite to readers who'd like to join in.Let's see.

    Lastly,imagine me rubbing my hands gleefully again,coz the d'line for writing posts we missed is 30.09,and,not 20.09.(which appears on the top).


  8. hip hip hurray to india!!!! we rock..n congrats amit :)

  9. Sau mei se Asi baimaan... Fir bhi mera Bhaarat Mahaaan... Jai Hind... LOL ... Guys... i cudnt believe every catch, every bowled and a RUN OUT of the match and I kept asking myself... AREYY IS THIS THE INDIAN TEAM OR ARE THESE PLAYERS FROM 'MY' LOL THE AUSSIE TEAM .... :p Way to go India .. Mugambo Khush HUa >:)

    AMIT SIR!!! starting se ... from the start jab maine aapke saath entry maari thi na BUF mei... Tabse I am telling you are SIR!! Kya kala hai likhne ki.. waaah... tabhi hi pata tha... ki if it was not for Mr. Javed Akhtar toh aaj humare priya AMIT SIR hote woh shikhar pe... Congrats budd.... way to go... you are the BUF'er of the week... aur in tht week whn India has done something good :p

    Buf'errss missed ya.. lekin ki kara busy hu.... so bloody busy..

    - Kesshi... I am too busy handling Shane Warne's wife yaaaa... You knw she is going through a bad time :p LOL ... J. Howard has better guards for his body :p hehe

    - Ishi ... celebration ho gaya ;)

    (psst - i almost wrote a post here)

  10. Hi,Diyadear...tks.:)

    Hi,Darsh..don't you feel that our team won coz the oldies were out of it??

    Tks for the praise,but,I sense a bit of criticism in your witticism when you make a compare to Javed Akhtar..LOL...anyways, tks for making me smile.(Had a tiring day at work today).

  11. arey sure not... oldies hote toh we could have helped other teams to win easy na yaar..... wat Amit sir u bhi....

    areyyyyyyy how cud u say criticism in my pyaar bhara commment huh.... I will get into a Munnabhai mood and give u 2 kaan ke neeche :p lol... (ssshh sorry jst kidding)

    Akhtar sahab... mera toh kaaam hi dosto ki muskaan se shuru hota hai :)


  12. Hi, said it-yes,we would have displayed our traditional friendliness,by not insulting our hosts in their country,by making them win,had the oldies been around.

    No comment about the seem to be quite a fan of Javed Akhtar..u writing a script or something??:)

  13. yes amit sir.. toh kya... our great oldies are jst to generous mate.... :p

    i m writing a script yes.. bt not like javed bhai... he is legend yaa...

    i m jst helpin my bro for his movie man... nothin much :)

  14. Hi,Darsh...there,you see..I just knew u're associated with script-writing,in some way.:)Need any help,with the mirch-masala??:)grin