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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Latest Post(Poo)

I am feeling very embarrassed for not being around. Its just that I cant access the blog from office, and sometimes when i can access i get scared to login to Google. (manager)and by the time I come home I am so tired. Ok Poo is giving excuses. Sorry!!! So I am sorry Guys. Will make sure I just don’t leave BUF like this.

I have a Good new to share with you all. Few of the BUF members already know about it. Guys I am getting married:) My parents are just waiting for me to be home. (Mujhe bhi jaldi jana hai). His name is Satya Khanna :) Ok can say (Love + arrange):). We are very close close friends from last 2yrs. So finally decided to tie the knot.

One of my Latest Post.

Love in Dark.

Your blood crystal and your lips are cold, and shining in the glow, but it comes from within. You are nothing but you, you are everything that is best in you and nothing that is bad. You glow with the desire to do all that you find to be good; so that you throw off sparks and glitter in the night.

It is only at night, because the night is the time to be most alive. It is at night that thoughts come together and blend in different colors; it is then that I suddenly understand, I see, I comprehend exactly. I am here and I am present in the very now, in what is happening, every glimpse and every glance catches my eye and I laugh; I laugh and laugh, for there is nothing to be sad about.

Turning off the light, let me hug the dark; it's in the night that I see u, that I shiver with the knowledge of having met u, a dream that I build out of my own fantasies and shadows.I need u to know me and so I know u, and it is u who gives me the strength and show me how to proceed.

It's a world of my own making. I see you every night, but you don't know it- I dream of you and ur smile. It is not a dream but a unfulfilled desire; I create it for myself and you come and help me complete it.

It's everything that I want and that I am when it is dark; it's only then that I can think and that I actually see. I know things at night that I don't know in the morning and I have to struggle to find them again. I prefer the night because then I needn't even look. It is reflected, then, and shines on me, and I simply take in the glow and shine. I construct it in my mind and then I see it with my eyes; And there I am forgiven, and loved and when I sleep u protect me. I dance all night with you.

I am alive now, and I am dancing, and soon I will be dragged back down again, but for now, for these few precious moments, oh, how alive, and how deeply felt!

I Miss you!!


  1. Thats beautiful Poo !!

    So when is the D-Day? :)

    Wishing you all the best! You're going back in December rt?

  2. Hi,Poo..hey,hearty congrats at the News.:)When's the Big Day?Where?Planning to call all BUFers?Grin.

    Re. the post..very cute..err,is hubby-to-be also a reader of BUF?:)Cheers.

  3. im so so so happy for u sweetie! hope im invited :P

  4. Thank you Guys :)

    off Course all the BUF members are invited. No doubt in that :) Aur sab ko zaroor aana hai :)

    D day has not been decided by def in jan 2008 :)

    Thank you again Guys :)

    have a great weekend

  5. yeyyy CONGRATTS!

    but u already told me this :) so I knew it b4 hehe.

    U hv been so quiet for so long n I worried abt ya. But u emailed me on wuts going on so yeah, no worries Poo. Atleast u keep in touch when u get a chance, and thats great.

    Some others hv disappeared altogether...:(

    I read this post in ur Blog. Superb number!


  6. Congratulations! Isn't it scary?? I'm freaking out at random intervals but I can't wait to get married!!

    I know the feelings u have written about...sigh.... :(:( Miss my Boo as well

    Fantastic post :)