This was a wonderful space to hang out in and share our thoughts! But now we've all moved on and simply left our memories behind :-) ...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

hello everyone!!

hello everyone!!!

been like a century since i posted here!sigh! at last got done with everything,to return here.Its always easier to post in some place in which you know ,you can make it snappy..but here i like to give my posts the kick,for well this is BUF.

i have about missed a couple of months,so i don't want to choose a topic and write on it....i think i will well try something new..

ha!wait i found out i have missed this,how blogging has changed my life.

well on a long shot as i have already mentioned it has helped.(Now don't ask whats this new idea of long shot!well i think long ranger,or on the whole,it is i mean here.)

i owe my good engleesh to eit!well m english was what shall we say,not thre yet,still gasping for water.
Then of course it has been a place where i can talk freely and well just post my poems :)

I have met a few well rather everyone i meet here is interesting...Get to know things...

got the idea of 6 degrees...well kinda there is to much to say about it...

i mean all you can say is the earth is spherical,and to try and describe every inch would take a millennium!

well will be around here from now (hopefully)!!



  1. Hi,Vishesh..welcome back..:)It'd be grt to read about the 'works' that kept you busy and that you got 'done with',finally,you know..grin.:)

    A big LOL at your "i owe my good engleesh to eit!" Indeedy...blogging does change one's English,too,I know.:)

    Cheers,and awaiting your next post.

  2. @amitl: lol :) guess what i am out of days for 2 days :)

  3. hey Vish u hv been missing for soooo long from BUF? U were busy I hear. Well arent we all? LOL!

    Anyways nice to see u bak. :) WB n HUGGGGGGGGGZ!