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Monday, July 23, 2007

Virtualgirl Part IV ( uttara )

Virtual to real.. yet to be real :)

Now coming to the 2nd Category.. Virtual yet to be real.. :) those whom i havnt met, but i have shared a lovely relationship virtually :)


i have a long term relation with her which is intense.. I used to read her post even before i started blog, cos puneet used to go gaga about her ..:p but then from the day i started blogging we shared our thoughts and we hit on quite well. She is the most sensitive person i have come across, reading her posts one would know her thoughts but then its restricted, we took a step ahead and took it a level above where we used to discuss things and exchange thoughts more than what is written in post and what we perceive. I have met lot of them with attitudinal problem, but never found that thing in her. She makes hell of mistakes, but i do feel free to point it out cos i know she would give an ear to me. That trust level is built over a period of time and it doesn't happen over night. I feel bad for her .. i dislike the way life treats her, but i just have to be with her tight? that's what matters than anything else. If anyone says stop talking with her, u guys think i would? NO cos i have a mind of my own and i respect her for what she is. But she does get to hear things ( nasty though) from me for her stupidity. ( :p sorry keshi ;) ).. I hope u take it in the right way sweets? ..

We have laughed n cried together .. and i can feel her when she is down or upset. Like any other real world friendship we also fight but get back with the same respect and love and care.

I would love to meet this beautiful soul sometime in my life.. i am worried about u keshi be good
love u

thank u sweets :)

i still take her as a part of BUF cos i cant just let a person go after having such an intense relationship.. I feel she is still a part of US.. :)

and amy u are a wonderful person .. i won't repeat the same thing again .. all of u know what she means to me ..:) u must have read my old post on the topic One day with someone1 from BUF...READ HERE ... :)

thank u amy :)


She is cute fun loving, bubbly and loves pinkkkk heheh..loves music.very emotional but still has her thoughts clear in her head... i yet have to know her further.. so i preserve my comments for later.. hey sweets i wil be in pune soon so i shalll meet u :p HUGGGZZZZZZ

Loony/ cheesy..

i'm soo cheesed off with her don't ask .. whenever she is here i miss meeting her.. ya.. She is full of energy.. and i feellike kicking her butt cos of her childishness.. she tries to act matured but she aint( loony: u know wat am talking abt)..
i rem one day me n keshi coned her to talk abt her love life.. tch tch tch.. sowwiiee loon :p.. i simply love this babe i donno y :p she is very bubbly i love her enthu level.. huggzz next time if u dont meet me i will be ready to kick ur ass.. :p



  1. Hmmm..Uttsy.

    I am speechless.

    Thank you so much sweets.


  2. perfect ending to wonderful series!! wodnerful!!

  3. Yes keshi is one big emotional Ladooo :))) She is one of the sweetest person i have ever known in my life.

    Oye Sexyrooo wrs you today ? Hope you doing fine ????

    Amy is a sweetheart. She is so beautiful and she is a cool girl.

    Michelle....Is a a very sweet person. N i like the way she writes.

    Loony.... I need to know you more sweets :))

    Uttsy - beautiful post :))


  4. can see how much kesh and u have shared... and the kind of relationship u've built up :)... a relationship is fun when all is going well but the true test comes in times of trouble and differences.. when ppl walk past it all and stay true, surely that makes it special :).. stay blessed both of u..

    and yes mich and loony are two ppl i'd luv to meet up too...bumped into them enough on chat ... then blogs and then orkut :D... bas ab bahot ho gaya we need to sit together and have lotsssa FUN! :D


  5. Ok first things first! I think i commented here, par kahaan gaye. :(
    And then what pictures re! Breathtaking!!! Just like the wonderful people you mention here!

  6. Uttsy this was a very pleasant surprise to come bak to blogville after 2 horrible sick days. ty so much HUGGGGGGGZ!

    **She makes hell of mistakes, but i do feel free to point it out cos i know she would give an ear to me.

    yep...that kinda friendship dun happen between everyone. So this means we r BONDED for life now :)

    Im glad I met u too and I must thank Pu Bear for that...cos I met u thru his blog. Rem all those crazy days LOL!

    Amy, Cheesy and Michi r now permanent dwellers in my heart.

    tnxx Poo, Ish n everyone else here MWAHHHHHHHHH!

    Lovely post n tnxx again!

  7. And Uttsy tnxx for the call. I hope u got my txt.

    Poo I was unwell for 2 whole days...Im better now. Didnt log on to the net at all...I was on bed like I was near-death LOL! :) HUGGGGGGGGZ!


  8. Ahem ahem...i see my partner in tent, i see my angel Dylan here, fishhy's here and cheesy as well....:) and keshi, see i told u not to go out of the tent and see u were stung by those mosquitoes,dont blame them ofcourse...:P

  9. Southy so it wasnt u who was Mr.Virus? :)


  10. How come am reading abt myself here today!!??!?! lol .. omg i didnt knw u are so cheesed off with me!! *cries her eyes out*

    lol am sorry babe ... it wont happen next time !!