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Friday, September 28, 2007

The "hereafter" on BUF (Ishita)

Like I’d mentioned in the last post, 30th is the last date for me to decide “what next on BUF?" Sadly I didn’t get any feedback from many of you besides the assurances of being regular here. Anyway, I’ve made up my mind after a lot of thought in the last one week. Since I’ll be busy through the weekend, I’m putting this up today. No posts anyway besides Amit (thanks Amit)

Here are the changes on BUF effective today.

1. Admin as such ceases to exist. I’ll come around solely for the purpose of checking if anyone’s shown an interest in joining this blog and take them in. Is there anyone else handling this? No.

2. BUFers are free to choose their own topics. Blog on any topic. Just try to space out your topics so they don’t clash with anyone else’s.

3. Comments will be open to all and not just blog members.

4. There’s a b’day / anniversary list on the side bar (the one’s I know of that is! *working on it. May show up next week*) and in future, anyone can choose to do a dedication (or not) as per their discretion.

5. There will be no response from the team id so do not address mails to that id. If at all there’s anything urgent to be conveyed, use the comments section / Shoutbox or if at all email me on my personal id.

But before any of you opts for that last option, I’m off blogs and won’t be around BUF much either. Though yes, reading blogs is like staple diet for me. Can’t live without that, so will be around commenting off and on :)

And I’m done now guys! Have fun blogging!!! BUF will survive or crash depending on the level of interest shown by all of you so well, it’s your call now :)

::: I have a song to dedicate to all of you btw. It's simply a movie I grew up watching and turn to when I'm feelin a tad bit sad! My time pass movie :P … happy listening :)!

Have a good wkend!!


  1. Hi,Ishi,I'm really sad,reading this post...please,please,reconsider your decision...

    I sent the suggestions too,on the Team id-couldn't do it for two days,owing to something or the other(But,no excuses)

    BUFers, join me- convince Ishi to continue the good work.

    And, let's decide to post regularly....Keshi,Uttara,Wacko,Poo,Darsh,Michelle,..where're u guys?Hurry up.

    Keep the home fires burning,as they say!..I'm defi with you.

  2. BTW,thanks for this song...I luv it..saw the movie(Grease) back then in the '80s.:)Fell quite in luv with Sandy's(Olivia NJ,I believe,right?) looks,then.:)

  3. @amitl
    dudeee..your posts surely rock and I can see you all over BUF these sorry i havent been commenting much cuz of some time constraints and me having some crucial exams coming month...

    tc aight..

    and far as being active here is concerned, i guess i really dont have anythin to say to it..!

  4. Ish here I am even on a weekend...isnt that a total surprise! :):)

    hey I may not post here all the time (unless when necessary) but Im always checking up on BUF. Whenever Im in my blog, I always hop over to BUF to say HI and to check out wuts going on. Its lovely to see this post of ur's...and I love that song alot...tnxx Ish!

    Wuts next on BUF? hmmmm u want us to suggest some activities is it? Ok let me think abt it n come back ok. Im sorry I didnt suggest any last time...mebbe I got carried away with some other stuff at the time.

    Im sad u dun blog often but Im glad ur gonna be ard anyways. TY ish n HUGGGGGGGGGGZ!

    c u soon!

  5. areyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yeh sab kya hai yaar... kabhi kabhi log busy ho jaate hai n time for bloggin nai rehta... lekin people time and again wud love to blog and will always keep comin back to BUF cos it has PURE frnds and nice people...

    yeh sab kya hai ishi.. y off blogging yaar... kya ho rha hai :(


  6. Hi,Darsh,I can't stop grinning at your last word(kati)..I'm sure you meant 'katti'?I'm sure this encourage Ishi to rethink her decision.What do you say,Ishi-did you smile too?

  7. amit sir... ekdum katti hi bola hai maine... and if ishi hasnt smiled yet then thakur ko aur bhi tarike aate hai mu khulwaane ke (to smile re) hehe ;)

    arey ishi fishi.. life bohot short hai.. kaahe complain and loose a little of wat we have and have developed...

  8. Hi,Darsh...I thought so...:)

  9. This is sad... but then guess it was coming!! let's try and revive it!!