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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

10 things..about me...ahem..AmitL

Remember I was rubbing my hands I glee yesterday? I just picked the second topic that caught my,err, attentive eye. So, at the risk of sounding pompously boring or boringly pompous, here goes:

10 things about me: ( Some things might be slightly repeated from the intro post)

  1. I’m a typical Piscean, in the real world at one moment and floating off into a dream one the next.(When the going gets tough, the Pisceans get dreaming, as they say.)
  1. I usually suit the 3 Cs to a, err, T: Calm, Cool, Collected. Not much really ruffles my feathers, err, hair…but, then, perhaps it’s because my hair is somewhat curly and I never let it grow beyond a month’s growth. (I admire ladies n gents who keep long hair for this reason).
  1. As they say, when I’m calm, I’m calm. But, when I’m angry, it’s disaster…I better not reveal much about ‘those’ angry moments. Luckily, the anger doesn’t come out on people, but, more on myself and my,err, things….(Tsk, now, don’t go getting ‘A’ thoughts, I simply refer to belongings).
  1. I was earlier a total introvert. Since I came to Dubai, I’m more of an extrovert. From a quiet Engineering guy to a Purchase guy who talks to around fifty people a day on an average, it’s been quite a transition.
  1. I still take a bit of time to get used to people, unless, of course, they’re blog pals(Like the DBM pals I’ve met)…in such cases, it’s like I’m meeting LLF. (Long Lost Friends)…though, compared to the rest, I’m still ‘The Observer’.
  1. I love to walk…though the weather here till now was preventing me from long walks.(Sultry, hot). Now, with the weather changing for the better, it should get to be more fun....observing passing pulchritude, also out walking, is just a bonus.grin.
  1. I’ve done two massive diet programs. The first one helped me lose 16 kgs. (That was through Personal Point, in Baroda and I was their role model for ‘before’ and ‘after’ ads in TOI and Indian Exp. Grin. I had all kinds of people calling me to ask whether the ads were genuine. And, you thought it only happened in ads?). The second diet was last year, when I went on a total veggies n fruits diet, clubbed with hour long walks n exercise…that one lost me 13 kgs. And, some of it’s come back, coz I was feeling weak, this time.
  1. I love music- be it ole Hindi or new Hindi, movie or pop. And, ole English and (some) new English..depends on my mood. I’m constantly changing the songs on my mp3 player, to avoid ennui setting in.
  1. I love favourite subject, right from school days. Sometimes, I wonder if I wouldn’t be happier if I’d mastered in English instead of Engineering?
  1. I’m a total some of the other BUFers are…if I see someone else doing a bad job, I prefer to do it myself, and then tell them that’s how it should be done. Make that, perfectionist and neatnik- can’t work/eat/sleep if the surroundings are not conducive to neatness.grin.
  2. Oops…that’s it…Just one day more to ponder over posts I missed…*goes off to (a)museland*.



  1. hey nice knowing so many things abt u.. i love english too.. my fav subject in school too. but sadly its stuck at that school level ;)

  2. WOW Amit u look GOOOOD! ;-)

    Ur alot like me. btw Im such a perfectionist too! omg it's actually a pain in the ass. LOL! Cos if something's not right, I so wanna make it right and that leaves me exhausted!


  3. heeyy we have the weight thing in common...i lost 13 i wasn't on any diet program as such just worked out a lot and avoided junk food hehe and i must say u look VERY VERY familiar

  4. bhala ho aapka... I have 2 piceans already living wid me... "my mom and my bro"... i know it alll. ... hehe ... ekdum to the point every point you have said :p


  5. Hi,Diyadear..tks..nice to know that you love English too...:)

  6. Hi,Keshi...*blush blush* at the first comment.:)

    Yesss..being a perfectionist can be a pain in the wrong places many a times,but,then,I do get a sense of satisfaction at a job nicely done,at the end of it all..I'm sure you do,too..right?:)Cheers.

  7. Hi,*shakes hands*-another 13 kgs weight loser..yes,I agree-working out and avoiding junk foods is the key.:)

    Re. me looking familiar..think,think...and let me know.:)Cheers.

  8. Hi,Darsh...grin..bhala ho aapka know,I've noticed-Pisceans do go with their sunsign traits a lot,and,that's a fact..hehe.:)Say hi to my fellow Pisceans.

  9. hey people..
    y is the story not moving??/ ishi com'on u can continue on that one :)

  10. Losing so much weight .. is so muchhh inspiring ... i wish life wasnt such a bitch for me !

  11. Great post to know more about you lol. Sigh - I need to lose 5 kgs before end of November and I'm struggling... :( No junk food and working out - doesn't sound so hard. But I have no willpower :(:(:(

  12. Hi,Diyadear...yes,I was wondering the same.:)

  13. Hi,Loon's quite simple..want some hints??

  14. Hi,Silvara...hey,willpower comes,if you have a goal in front of you.:)