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Friday, September 7, 2007

Never Get Enough, Its The Sweetest Drug(Michelle)

My addictions cannot be shortlisted, so I'll emphasize on my most dominating one.
Everyone has aims in life.You reach them, you don't.Some go all out, some give up.
I've always been addicted to have something to aim for.I love setting certain obstacles for myself
and love testing myself as to how long it takes me to overcome them.It doesn't always have to
be something that I NEED to overcome, its often just the high i get going through all that pain
and finally accomplishing something i set out to.I know it might sound very eccentric, but the minute one thing is accomplished, i set the bar
higher each time and only those that know me really well know what I put myself through.

When I was on my whole diet spree when I had few kgs left to shed, I used to enjoy looking at
my friends stuffing their faces with fatty goodiness and refrain..and they found it SO weird how I put something I would probably sell my soul to eat in front of me, stare at it, but not eat it.

Or how I knew I just had to prove some people wrong when they thought I could never do certain things on my own.It took a lot of hardwork and sleepless nights yes, but the satisfaction I felt when the result was achieved was something I can never explain.

Every success, got me drawn further, got me addicted to being more determined and every
failure just made me push myself one step further till I got it right.
A couple of years back I wasn't half as determined as I was now.Yes, certain events in my life
did trigger this unusual need to put myself through hell to achieve things I don't even require but its made me a stronger person and the look on peoples faces that never did believe in you is
quite worth it :-)

Theres a lot I have to achieve as yet, there are a lot of people I have to prove myself to and you
know what? Despite doing things I would never imagine sometime back, I still have to prove a lot of things to myself.This time, it will take more determination and a hell lot of time!
I've never been patient.But surprisingly, slow and steady did the trick.

Determination gets me on a high.I love being addicted to think that nothing is ever
impossible.I'm addicted to pushing myself more and more even if you think you can't go
further.Because when you achieve it, irrespective of whether you wanted it in the first place or
not, is ecstasy.


  1. "there are a lot of people I have to prove myself to.."
    hm? seeking approval from others? Not always a good idea. :)

  2. **Every success, got me drawn further, got me addicted to being more determined and every
    failure just made me push myself one step further till I got it right.

    I like that abt ya Michi. At such a young age, u know what life is all abt.


  3. jitendra,

    not even the ones that matter?

    thaks keshi :)

  4. *claps*.Michelle,that's one great addiction-Never get enough,keep aiming higher.Each step up the ladder,counts,definitely.Tell me about the diet part someday,na?It'd be great to compare notes,I'm sure..:)Happy pushing yourself for the next 'addiction'.

  5. Very very well written hun ... you're a wise girl .. and I feel really dumb in front of you!
    Hats off to your will power and determination ... i wish i was even 25% of what u are!


  6. amit,

    haha sure i'd be glad to let you know how the diet went :) and thanks :)


    and you what i need to learn from u? how to take things positively and not let it bring u down

  7. As far as i m concerned u r addicted to music, u r highly addicted to chocolate and the thoughts of having kebab in the midnight and u r super addicted to ur shower...:D

  8. god, i wish as determined as u r wen it come to controlling the diet and thus shedding the kilos.. am to chubby/fat.. sheesh!!! :((

  9. if i cld get u to part with 1/10th of ur determination ... i could start doing things right and achieve all the things I set out to do but more often than not give up midway coz I simply can't sustain my interest or.... keep myself going!!!! hmmmmm!!

    this is quite an inspiring post I must say...

  10. southpaw,

    lol yes music has always been an addiction but this is something i'm even MORE addicted to :P as far as chocolate...i devoured almost a whole chocolate trouffle cake today and the thot of chocolate makes me wanna barf :P and showers oh yes...what would i do without them?!! :D


    dont worry...if u want me to be ur 24 hour dietician id be honored just let me know :P

    hehe thanks just hits u sometimes u U HAVE TO!!

  11. You are Awesome!!! So much determination behind such a lovely face. :) rare rare!!!

  12. thanks aakash thats really sweet :)