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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Party time! (Chain Story Part..errr..VIII) (Silvara)

When he arrived at his apartment, a party was in full swing. He gaped in shock to see people streaming in and out of the doors, glasses in hands and silly grins on their faces. He felt a tugging on his sleeve and saw Miss Piggy leading him into the crowd.

"Excuse me. Sorry! Pardon me" he muttered, as he weaved through the party all the while trying to keep an eye on Miss Piggy's rapidly retreating back. As he looked around he saw a few familiar faces. Kermit was in deep conversation with Johnny Depp, Beyonce was shaking her booty on the dance floor with King Julien, while the cast from Harry Potter swayed to the music, eyes closed, microphones in hand.

"This is just CRAZY!" he thought, all previous notions of getting cozy with Miss Piggy vanishing. "I gotta get outta here!".

But before he could leave, a glass of bright purple liquid was thrust into his hand. Feeling rather thirsty he took a sip, and was surprised to find it tasted a lot like strawberries and cream.

Suddenly he was overcome with an uncontrollable urge to get up and sing. He walked over and snatched the microphone out of Hermione's hand. standing on a chair, he opened his mouth to belt out his favourite number, when....


  1. LOL Silvara I loved it!

    **Kermit was in deep conversation with Johnny Depp

    hahahahaha! I mite spike Kermit's champagne and get him to move ova...cos we r talking Depp here right!

    Loved the humor in this...u wrote a brilliant subsequent chapter to mine WELL-DONE!


  2. haha this is byfar in my opinion, the best part of the story :P so whimsical and imaginative! lovin' it!

  3. LOL..Silvara,this was a great idea...clubbing all the characters who'd been visible on the way..just imagining the scene made me laugh...

    Awaiting the next addition,folks.:)