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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dilemma (Sam)

The streetlights were not too bright. They never really were, but then somehow he found it to be too dim today or was it his eyes? He looked straight down the street. It was a long walk ahead. Nothing to take him to the end of the street! He had to take the walk alone. And on such a dark and stormy night it seemed to be an ominous task. But somehow, the thought of taking this walk seemed to fill him with a dread and he wanted to go back to the brightly lit thoroughfare which had people milling around in a world of their own. Somehow the very thought of going back seemed to offer him comfort and the security that he sought. But then can he go back? Was going back really safe?


  1. ooooh... this has quite an eerie feel to it!

    I wonder...what next?.....

    btw i think u and DJ were writing the first post for this topic simultaneously... I hope he gets back to revise his post and make it a continuation of this...

  2. I agree with Ish...eerie! quite nicely done Sam...

    lets see wuts next...:)


  3. ah!! sorry abt dat aakash!! Ihad tried it out earlier.. adn ti was 7 lines there... dunno wot happened here!!

  4. I think we should limit it to 7 sentences! Lines are too subjective.

  5. considerin d fact that a day went by with no one takin d initiative to get this started, sam's start can be an exception to the 7 line limit....BUT going forward, lets try and stick to the 7 line limit :) ...

    guess that's ok?

    g'nite all...

  6. and oh yes, if ppl get to drafts and see DJ's post there... FYI that is not a continuation of this story... but a story he had hoped to get started but Sam got here first, sooo....well then whoever wants to get in second, plz feel free to do so!!!! :)

  7. I loved DJ's story a lot.. read it .... it's cool.. got that red indian feel to it pretty nice!!

  8. sam..

    this is a nice start :).. donno wer this is leading now:p

  9. Ekdum Ram Gopal Verma Start hai baba... Whooooooooom .... ;)

    "i wanted to comment this b4 my post, par dude waqt mere haath mei na tha"

    cheers ;)