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Monday, September 17, 2007

Book Review - That Thing Called Love (Sam)

Have you ever thought about falling in Love during the rains? At least the rainy season. When the mind races over different matters as you are stuck in a rain induced traffic jam.... and your mind actually wanders freely into zone you had hitherto not visited.. at least for some time.

It was in one such monsoon that Mayank Sahai, that Mayank met a lady who seemed to fit the bill of his idea of the perfect woman, though he had got engaged to another lady a few weeks back. He went after her even though she was married and finally realised his folly when his contact with the lady was destroying her once strong now fragile relationship with her husband.. to be finally irreparably damaged. Then there are Mayank's colleagues, who have their own set of problems and equations to deal with. Anil and his equations with his wife, which take a turn for the better only after a drastic incident. Vishal's infidelities catch up with him just when he had turned new leaf and decided to be loyal to his wife. Tina the receptionist has a dark secret to hide...... And they all have the Mumbai monsoon to deluge them in their emotions. How the monsoon takes along these characters along with it to reach their true self is what makes the reader to stick around till the last page. Every one has a past that mould one into what they are today.... sometimes...... more than they would ever acknowledge.

I could have told you so much about this book... might have revealed the story. But then, I want you to undertake this journey on your own. Go ahead get the book NOW!!

Happy Reading!!


  1. Hi Sam howz you? hmmm Book seems like it i one of those stories ...something like Ghar Ghar ke Kahani :P

    **Every one has a past that mould one into what they are today.... sometimes** This is so true.

    have you read The Kite Runner? Heard it is very nice. Gng to buy it this weekend.

  2. i hate rains! and i hate rainy season!!!

  3. srry i just read the first line of ur post lol ... rushing for work

  4. Lust can look like Love, and confuse ppl...thats when all the tragedies happen. Nice one Sam.