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Friday, July 13, 2007

Virtualgirl Part I ( uttara)

Virtual to real...

phewwwwwww kahaan se chaalu karu I have been blogging since almost 2yrs ( approx) but i have friends who are beautiful souls and a beautiful person in and out..

now am thoroughly confused where /whom to start from/ with.. lol fine i will go alphabetical wise first category is those whom i have met personally .. and second would be whom i have known since longggg and the relationship i share with them...

Category I

Bloggers i have met in person :D ( alphabetical wise)


A complete Bizarre .... A gizmo i will call . When we all meet he is complete rocking and takes off on his stupidest jokes.. but still we laugh guess we are nerds :p. He is verryyy emotional and innocent to an extent and a homely guy. I always threaten him saying let us all girls come to your place and meet your mom, he almost faints listening that.. Bolega ( says) "meri maa mujhe bhaksh do" ( spare me ). He has promised he will do a belly dance for us ( all girls) .. lol ( Gosh am laughing crazily here now)..

A guy who will stand by friends at any given point of time and is a pizza freak I also call him a glutton :p he is tooo sweet person and a gr88 friend :)

thank u pal ! :)


Wahhh inke baare main kya bolu ( what should i say about her) .. I have known her closely for the last one month, she is very sensitive yet bold, very caring yet distinct, I always wanted to have a sis in my life she has taken over that place completely. I adore her patience level but if she looses her top no one can say a word.. lol. and she is straight to the point no nonsense material . No one take her for a ride and play with her emotions.. The day its clear then the person looses her forever.. so guys don't fool around with her. We had a beautiful time when I was in Delhi and my Masoorie trip .. We hogged like no tomorrow, we went gallivanting to all the places ( sigh no hunk there) hahhahaha.. we trekked, we went for sightseeing did lot of shopping and yes lot of yapping was a part of the whole thing.. right from the time we sat into the bus from Delhi till we were back. She is more than what she portrays.. I also remember the 1st day i met her way back in Dec i dint even know her i mean heard n spoke only twice and we hit onto conversations as though we were long lost friends ( thanx to rajbir).. heheheh *winks* and the best part is we relate so well with our lives ( love life i mean ) .. hehehhehe shhhhhuuuu :p It takes a lot for a person to understand be in same wave length or know where she is coming from.

Her family means a lot to her she is very sensitive and lovable and a lovely woman. A simple thank you is not enough for all the care she showed me when i was there. i respect her and love her ...

I was lucky to have been with them during the celebration month .. her B'day and anniversary.. heheh they rocked B'day was at Jeoffery's :p oh my my kya TP kiya humne... and then was Anniversary ( pal pal dil ke paaas tum reheti hooo " hehehe ) *winks* guys now guess who sang this song and for whom... ahem ahem

kya ishtyle tha wahhh !! i loveeeddd it completely... cos am both inhouse party person n complete social party person.. wowwwwwwww :) But haan next time we are gonna have a rocking dance party wheneva we meet *grins* Thank U sweets ( koi galti ho gayi tho maaf kardena ) mujhe pata hai aapka dil samundar se bhi bada hai..hehhehe


phewww we just end up hogging when we meet..:D... She is smart, intelligent, caring, it takes time for anymone to break the ice with her, as she is approachable yet reserved. She is Bindaas and fun loving.. She is way to conscious about everything and her existance.. phewww she is tiny viny girl who is mostly dressed in Jeans n Tee with hell of smarty looks and pretty hates doing any kind of make up :p a tom boyish cute girl.. hehehe..She write so well i wish i cud write like her *sigh*.. i knew her theough preet i mean official introduction . we chatted for a while then got bored and went quite . after few conversations here and there she said she is coming to mumbai for 2 days so we had a bloggers meet :) this is almost 1and half yr back... we met she refused to talk.. lol gosh i was like ye waise tho chup rehenewaliyon se tho nahi hai fir kyon chup hai ? khair koi baat nahi.. we spoke we did lot of masti ate ate and later after few months she came to mumbai again and she said i am putting up in so n so hotel i said shut up n come home.. lol ( dar gayi :p) and came home stayed with me for 3days we had loads to talk n yaped the whole night.. hehhehe (aise hi thodi na mujhe basanthi bulate hai sab? lol) she went bk i was like awww chali gayi meri rani ayegi kab wapas.. and then after few das she is like bombay main job mil gaya n am like woooooooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooo hehehe she came down since then we meet quite regularly . we shop, we roam under the hottt sun , get drenched in the rains have ice creams during winters.. :D :D :D she is like a part n parcel of my life now.. ( hai na rani? )

One day i rem we 2 dint have anything to do and we went roaming all over the world with no goal in life.. just travelling whole of mumbai.. goshh kya din tha woh!! lolllzzi will be with u during your thick n thin sweets hugggz!

thank u my sweetooo rani :)

PS: i have divided this post in 4 parts else the readership here will go to nil in few days.. lol, so with special permission from the Admin i will be writting on this topic in 4 parts.. hope you all enjoy :d


  1. Alrighty then i shall bother my judgemental germs after u r done completely

  2. wowie :D ... gonna get back and put in my lambaaaaaaaaaaaa comment!!

    luv ya babeyy

  3. hey.. luks lyk I hafta wait to put in teh comment!! make it worthwhile uttsy... just kidding!! :)

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  5. Wow uttara ...Awesome post :))

    There are two post here today (Rajbir and urs) and both the post are just smiply beautiful. "Itna pyar hai"

    Rajbir ka jab post padha ...rona aagaya and when i was reading ur post ...I was like "How lucky you guys are" :)) You know most them so well and they are so close to you.

    Ishita :)what i think about her is very very strong but at the same time is very sensitive and this is known only to them who are really close to her.

    Mala :) No doubt in this, she writes so well.

    Uttara agar mein aapke jitna bhi aacha likhon tho woh bhi badi baat hai mere liye.

    I am waiting for ur next three posts :))

    You rock sweetie.

    TC and Have a nice weekend :))

  6. @rajbir...

    u already know most of them sweety :D.. so ur germs have got activated long back:d



    yaar jaldii aaooo :d


  7. No no the germs r resting right now

  8. @sam..

    yaar koi aur line nahi mila??

    i donno wat u waiting for?? if it aint worthwhile please move on...

    thank u

  9. @poo...

    poo thank u sooo much for a lovely comment.. :)

    **There are two post here today (Rajbir and urs) and both the post are just smiply beautiful. "Itna pyar hai"

    pyaar hai ki pyaara hai?? lol

    humdono ke beech main tho haihi..:p

    *You know most them so well and they are so close to you.

    yes they are close and are a part of my life :)i would seriously wanna know u more and meet u someday baby :)

    ***Ishita :)what i think about her is very very strong but at the same time is very sensitive and this is known only to them who are really close to her.

    good u take her as a close friend she is a jewel to treasure :)

    **I am waiting for ur next three posts :))

    na re i dont write like keshi, mala, raj, ishi or anyone here am ekdam duh write wat i feel.. just straight from heart..:)

    and wait i will come with those soon :)
    hope u feeling good?? :d

  10. 4 parts!!! Lady you rock!

    And you are so friendly, i am surprised you think you'll make do in 4 parts!

  11. hey uttara.... am sorry.. if dat comment hurt u.. was just kidding... did read it all.. and wanted to give a consolidated comment!!
    anywyz, here goes.. so far, it's been really beautiful... and having had some experiences (though not as cool as yours!!), i can really imagine the smile on your face when you were writing each and every word!!
    U r lucky.... and a wonderful person.. stay like that!!

  12. hmmm... i noticed hog more than anything ;) looks like there are a lot of hogs in here...i am in the right place...the youngest hog i guess :)

  13. awww...nice idea to put it into parts...really warm post sweetly describing ur relationship with the three :)

  14. ahem ahem..
    louvvvely post uttara!

    so kool to get such wonderful friends virtually and dheere dheere it seems as if dey becomin d priced possesions of ur life

    i totally agree wid d "no nonsense" part with ishi..ive experienced it! :P

    i like d way u put up ur feelings

  15. U write from ur heart...spontaneously! There lies the charm in your posts. It's like the way you are - warm and leaves me smiling.

    Thank u baby for the way you make me sound ever so special but I wouldn't account for anything if I didn't have a friend like you to appreciate me and seek me out as a friend.

    That's whats been the best ever about this so called "virtual world"... it's coming across people like you who walk into my life and make me value myself.

    u r indeed my *soul* sister .. said it wen i first met u and convinced of it even more now :)

    stay beautiful :)

  16. nice post. uttsy.. will wait n read ur next 3 parts :)

  17. waah kya baat hai .. admin ki approach hai LOL

    mast hai ... very nice pics .. esp ur one with z00nie ... (i think he'll mind u puttin his pic) .. and ur one with ishita ...
    lol z00nie se ab main bhi belly dance karwaaoongi .. stupid guy came to london when i was in india! lol

    n well ... i wanna knw abt ur love life now lol .. ure a very chhupi rustam .. merese toh sab pata kar leti hai .. bt u dun tell abt urself grrrrrrr

    accha i gotta run now .. waitin for rest of the parts to come!


  18. Uttsy it's good to see u made alot of real-life friends after having met on the net. It's amazing isnt it.

    I hv known Ish, z000nie and Mala from the beginning. I dun think I need to repeat...everyone who knows em know that they r hearts made of GOLD.

    Lovely pics too!

  19. Bloodyhell! i tried my best to activate my judgemental germs, but cudnt...I dont know abt the first person u've mentioned here...
    Ishita...well i m glad u found a soulsista in her and a friend in mala...most i can say is God bless u and ur friends!!!!